Thank A Giver Day 2018

As the president of Indiana Tech I would
like to take a moment to say thank you for all you’ve given to the University.
Whether that gift has come in the form of your time talent or treasure you have
impacted our students and our university in a profound way. As you will hear our
students and staff say throughout this message, we could not do our work without
you. Your gift has impacted the university but maybe more importantly it
has impacted each of our students. You have made the distant dream of going to
college a reality for a first-generation college student. You’ve provided
state-of-the-art facilities that foster a learning environment for our students
to discover themselves and their passions through their studies. You’ve
provided cultural events that have enriched their lives and deepen their
understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live and the people
that they share it with. Indiana Tech provides learners of professional
education prepares them for active participation, career advancement, and
leadership in the global 21st century society, and motivates them toward a life
of significance and worth. You and your support are molding the minds of
tomorrow’s leaders and for that we thank you. I think it’s important for donors to
know that they can direct their gifts to specific initiatives, or programs, or
student organizations and as a faculty member and advisor I’ve been able to see
at least two groups benefit this year from donor contributions and the first
group that I was part of was the Shakespeare class and that class goes to
Stratford Ontario to experience world-class theater and that trip does
cost extra money for students and so donor contributions make it possible for
them to go in otherwise they would have been able and the second group that’s
benefited from donors that I’ve been a part of this year is a National Society
of black engineers but they also travel the regional and national conventions so
that they can build professional development skills
some technical skills and this money makes it possible for them to go. so my freshman year I remember there was a student org Fair and it was like right
there in the Commons and there was a bunch of table set up and there was all
these clubs going on and then I looked and I saw I saw NSBE I was the first I
was probably the first place I went it’s like National Society of black
engineers I put my name on the signup sheet and sure enough I was in a meeting
on Monday I have found me another family as far as resources at Indiana Tech I
try to use as many as I can so the tutoring center is actually a
really great resource if you’re stuck in a class or there’s something you don’t
understand you can find someone for almost any class and they’ll be able to
help you and help you walk through the problem I also love the labs at Indiana
Tech because of all the state-of-the-art technology they have that’s only
possible thanks to all the people actually donate money all the givers
that we have at Indiana Tech. People who did donate to us I appreciate a lot
they’ve done as far as the new facilities that we’re gonna be getting
or currently have. So, as an alum I wouldn’t mind donating back I know how
much the past alum donated for us for me to have what I have
so if I had an opportunity to thank the donor I would tell them I appreciate
they’ve done for me and for you know the community of Indiana Tech we’ve done a
lot of far as you know remodeling facilities here and adding new ones and
I find it helps us a lot overall we could benefit from that so I would just
thank them for all they’ve done. Being an alumni from Indiana Tech mean something
special to me because I made a commitment to come here and I saw it
through and not everyone gets that privilege and I would give my time money
anything I have to Indiana Tech because they made me who I am today. Thank you
thank you thank you thank you so much Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much, thank you! Thank you for all you have done to make our university thrive, not only are your
gifts providing our students with endless opportunities your gift is
shaping the world thank you for your generosity.

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