Tesco's Community Food Connection 4th Anniversary

places like this are really really important because people need to feel that we belong before Tesco's invited us to come we had to purchase all that ourselves then things that we could do were very very limited and now we can offer choice it's just something really positive to help families and individuals in the community Craig has been so committed all the way along we saw on a day-to-day basis how much we were wasting and that has dramatically reduced now we know exactly where it's going to do over a hundred thousand meals it's just fantastic and we are unbelievably proud food is a great way to bring communities together and it really is a LifeFlight of some people colleagues should be very proud of the amount of meals that they've provided to ribs by an audio organization as they're connected it's certainly not just support from the community food connection it's been a great relationship that's been created between Tesco and the community it's not just a for years and we close the door kind of thing this is just the start if there's there's so much more that we can do which is great we are genuinely thankful for what Tesco's have done for us because they've made a difference here

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