Tenzin Kunsel speaking at Youth Empowerment Forum, West Coast Picnic 2019

some of our distillate I mean they West Coast pick Nikki she gets her man and did she tell you know what the ammonia yahushua Chicago – I mean I don't win it and of gives a lot that the agent and that he frantically singing like the distance she gets on that occasion she and she who come down with this really really should result in even some metadata la Habana stone egk nomination she so my topic is how to bet music has shaped my life so just a brief introduction of my childhood so it was born in me by the way South India in 1994 and I first stepped onto stage five years old and I wasn't singing then I was just simply dancing with my schoolmates and then I moved to New York at the age of nine in 2003 and in 2003 was the first time that I performed on stage by myself and I entered the competition and singing and I actually won initially I wasn't actually planning on entering the competition but because I was going to try the school at the time one of the music teachers encouraged me to enter the competition so I guess this is the launchpad of my singing career this is what I performed for as olena's the 14 Donny mama at Madison Square Garden on September 25th 2006 and from then on I was invited all over the US including Portland and Seattle and over at various places in Europe as well and all those traveling I consider in benefits because of Tibet music and so from all those traveling I developed a love for traveling and exploring different cultures at such a young age and I don't think many Tibetans get that opportunity I also developed a personal skills at a young age so having to deal with adults at such a young age was a very it was a gift later in life it also exposed me to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy to one of my first teacher busy busy life is over there and I'm very happy to see him it's been quite a long time [Applause] and also singing motivated me to improve my Tibetan having to copy down lyrics also having opportunities to do interviews with Voice of America I'm sure many of you guys have seen some interviews of me my early interviews are embarrassing it's really horrible my Tibetans life and of course but that was a very eye-opening moment I recognized that if I wanted to be a public figure within the Tibetan community I must learn how to speak Tibetan at least as much as possible because um well it looks really bad when an interviewer is asking you questions in Tibetan and you can't really answer so another the best thing that I've ever received from Tibetan music is the platform to promote change and the fact that whenever I speak there are people that are listening and I think that's really really important and I'm very thankful for it so the other thing I want to talk about is my struggles of course balancing school and music is definitely one of them I didn't really experience this when I was really young you know going to primary school and secondary school but once I entered college this was quite a struggle it was hard to keep up with schoolwork and dependency but not to say that you can't do both I'll also talk about that a little bit later I also developed insomnia and anxiety at my preteens not many people know about this I don't know if I can really truly blame it on Tibet music but I didn't develop these things and also dealing with pressure and stress and I think everybody feels this way pressure to conform to gender roles personally I love motorcycle I love lifting I love climbing I love flying and all these various things that are considered too masculine I guess by some so that was quite hard for me when I was younger but not so much anymore also a pressure to uphold Tibetan values and I think everybody can relate to this Tibetans have a very strong I guess values that everybody wants to uphold and yet people judge each other and I don't think that's a good thing to do for youngsters I think you should encourage youngsters to explore more learn on their own and create values that are universal and then pressure to excel in school I don't think I have Jake's that one the pressure to be a role model was one of the biggest thing that I had to work on when I was young especially because I was young and I was looking up to other role models and it was the pressure was quite large when I had to be a role model myself so more about balancing academic and music I guess everyone can sort of especially because we're having the West Coast picnic and there so many sports that we are participating in I guess balancing academic and sport balancing academic music balancing academic and social work any of those things might apply to universities first thing is to know that you can do both of course I talked about how during my college years I struggled a bit and one of the things that I did do was to take a break from music for a little while and I think that is okay to do you can take break from academic Genea you could also take break from music or sports or whatever in the main theme I think that is okay to do you should always be in the seat of being challenged so what I mean by this is oftentimes when I felt at the pressure that I had to hold all the seven values and Tibetan music and also be you know excel in school there was a lot of pressure but I felt that being challenged men that we were doing something in life that was worthy and so I I welcomed the challenge and when you succeed a challenge you persevere it really gives you a confidence that you didn't have before in ruse you can prove to yourself that anything is possible and that if you just push through to schooi Presidium for the other so what i mean by that is when I was studying I I did I did a double degree in biochemistry eighty physics to UMass Amherst and when school was very very stressful and I had lots of work to do and I couldn't even be clearly at some point I would use music as an escape and you were to believe me of all the stress and I could breathe again and vice versa whenever I would travel to India and do music for months and months on suddenly I had this urge to go back into the lab and you know put on my headphones and work alone so yeah I think it's important to use one of the other as Arif also I think often times whenever you feel this pressure and you feel as though you can't achieve your goal I think one of the most important thing you can do is stop and ask yourself why you're doing it in the first place and remind yourself and we established those goals and motivations and lastly looking back at your accomplishments to regain strength strength and motivation to continue so with all these struggles and trying to figure out how to balance everything one of the most fortunate things that I was able to get through music was to be able to perform for all these amazing routines and early on in 2008 and 2009 and so that above two pictures I was not practicing with and I was going through a lot of things but yet it did make it infant and I think that's quite important because later as I started to perform more and as I struggled into transitioning into adulthood I had really great teachers like me who would say kids evolution kept me very sane and I think Buddhism was one of the most amazing thing that I received because of Tibetan music being exposed to that music and following through with it exposed me to the Dharma and now I guess I will talk a little bit about how did Dharma help so as I got more and more interested in Dharma I think it gave me the ability to see different perspective to be grateful for what I have and I'm sure it's we talked about the precious human life and within that there's many aspects of the precious human life so you've been thinking about those things make you feel very grateful and unfortunate also not to take negative things and events personally because there's always deeper and deeper reason with those things not just the outer so the thing that's making you feel so negative about it also to react to emotions in a very constructive way so not to just take your emotions and then act upon it irrational utilities to ask yourself like why are you feeling these emotions and how do I react a constructive way that helps also to measure my accomplishment by my effectiveness to help other people so speak about this a little bit more later so also to practice tolerance and develop understanding towards those with different opinions and way of life that speaks for itself I think that's very important to do another thing is to develop self compassion and self confidence I think many of the panelists can agree that job to be successful you know you sort of push yourself and sometimes you you know you expect so much more from yourself and you feel like a failure because you want to there's the more you achieve there's more to do so I guess it's hard to have some self compassion so supporting things again I guess what I want you guys to take away from all of this is to measure your accomplishments by your effectiveness to help others so what I mean by this is when you wake up in the morning you want to sort of motivate yourself to get up and do things I don't think your motivation should be I'm gonna go to work today because I want a Porsche I'm gonna go to work today because I want to be successful so I can have the husband and children and house and all these things I don't think you should be motivated by those things what you should do is when you wake up in the morning morning the first thing you should say is how can I be effective to help others and how to help others what can I do to make others happy and if you ask yourself that every morning that you would definitely do something that you are passionate about that you are happy about and once you're passionate about something you automatically get good at it because you love doing it and you will spend all of your time trying to do those things and therefore people are going to value how well you do and how passionate you are about the things that do go you will be successful and then the more telling of the car in the house everything will just come automatically you shouldn't be motivated to get those things but however they will come to you if you do what you want to do and if it's motivated by helping others so these are the few things that I have done that made me happy and that made me feel accomplished in my life the picture above is wonderful 2018 this recently finished I did a concert called who sells concert for compassion and that money that we raised we were able to build a therapy pool at one law school then all the way to the right was the first time that I went to buy literally after eight or nine years and I went to all people's home and the money that I had raised of singing I went and don't you live there all the way to the bottom left is TC barrage for 2014 where I want to speak about hiv/aids and sexual health too I think about 16 or 17 years then middle is baby off again I just went there for a day to spend time with them and donate a few yeah a few money that I got from singing and all the way to the bottom right is one let's go 2014 where I volunteered for about a month teaching provide some crafts and music so these are the things like if you join and I hope you guys will find something [Applause]

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  1. You are a Tibetan Singer, what is the reason for speaking in English.
    Is this because you are living in foreign.

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