Tennessee Community Forms Human Chain to Protect Family From ICE Arrest | NowThis

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44 thoughts on “Tennessee Community Forms Human Chain to Protect Family From ICE Arrest | NowThis

  1. At first glance, the thumbnail looked like the lady was winding up with a bat 😂😂😂 or is it just me?

  2. Well if it is that easy to go to the States with out proper paper work i am leaving Canada and just going to go where ever i feel hmmmmm Utah here i come …… cause my leader Truduh sucks ,, he gives money to Terrorists groups …. see you soon America …. bringing my Guns to …..

  3. Wtf is wrong with people. They are here illegally, been thru the court system to plead their case and were denied. Leave. Re apply and earn your citizenship. It's not that hard. All those morons circling the car should be arrested for obstructing these agents jobs.

  4. That is what you call a neighborhood. They look after each other I hope every single one of em have a beautiful life ❤ We need more love & protection from one to another ❤

  5. i see uneducated low income trash who deserve to be slapped with obstruction of justice charges. Coming here and applying for every welfare and and entitlement program they can get there hands on, and working a labor job where they get paid under the table where they can collect tax free money all the while claiming all these programs is not fair to the American tax payer.

  6. So people form human chain to illegally stop police from arresting illegal immigrants leaching off of society.

  7. Yeaaaah I want the whole wide world to live here. If your a poor white in Eastern Europe stay there only non whites are allowed and you must hate white people and American history that’s a plus.

  8. The blacks don't care about the Chinese or Muslims being DEPORTED but when it comes to the Hispanics they complain because the Hispanics are provided the Blacks with Illegal DRUGS

  9. Deportation should be based on merit. See how they’ve been living. If they’re law abiding good citizens then let them stay.

  10. If those agents are legit they're just doing their job. As far as that goes, those people seemed like nice people just like the rest of us and are doing no harm which is cool, but if they are illegal they got to go sorry. Most live off of our taxes and multiply like rabbits to exploit government programs. If you wanna become a citizen here go for it, but do it legally and contribute just like everyone else.

  11. this is truly amazing to watch I pray that this reaches every person that needs to see this I can't believe my eyes

  12. now these are human beings we need more of us we need to stand up we need to create the chain if even local law enforcement are saying no problem here then what's the problem these guys are intruding to an innocent family that has caused no harm to anybody I pray for this family and then everyone involved including ice that God May soften up their heart

  13. Do they understand they can all be arrested for preventing? Wether the person being arrested was guilty or not.

  14. Fake news, no ICE agents were involved on this fabricated activism issue. People trying to get attention.

  15. If the government is already preparing their rats…we should start preparing our dogs…get ready America…something big js coming and I'm afraid.

  16. I can’t find any comment that doesn’t have a reply that puts hate. No matter how hard I try I don’t have faith humanity. If you don’t like the comment then don’t put hate. If you think they are ignorant keep those opinions to yourselves. I’m not taking a stand here but stop fighting. This times like this I lost my faith in humanity. If you are gonna pull the “Freedom of speech” card then you really are desperate for attention. Sure it is your right but it doesn’t become your right when you spread hate. We all have our own opinions that what makes us unique so respect those opinions like a decent human being

  17. What would’ve scared them away is a prayer-chain with hymns singing aloud too! Great job community 😄

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