Tender Love: Zatara’s Sexy New Go-Fast Dinghy! // Liveaboard Families Part II (Ep 84)

previously on sailing Zatara after crossing the Pacific Ocean we arrived in French Polynesia we explored the mountainous Marquesas and the tropical to emoto's we met several other kid boats and made some new friends while having a blast we also sat down and had a chat with a fellow sailing family and got their perspective on what it's like for them to take their family around the world we didn't want to grow up too fast we're just getting closer and closer to their friends and spending less time with their family we had a lot of Tears from me and from them it's been the biggest struggle for us as parents because you're overseas and doing all these amazing things and you're learning things you change as a person every day my fixed friends are my family like these are my best friends now out on the surrounded by be screaming the line that I just I'll let it float away that is all away that is old hey guys today we're gonna talk about go fast dinghies well we ended up getting was a four point two meter high fill ocean master and the reason we got it one that has a flat bottom in here and it's aluminum hull with tubes on the side we went the 60 horsepower Honda engine it's worked really good it's the high thrust model and it's got the prop on it so it gets out of the hole good it doesn't go as fast but it gets out of the hole getting in Hall a family and all the scuba gear around and everybody I mean we've always got boatloads of people on it as you've seen in previous videos I went with the center console boat because I like when you're driving long distances I like to be able to sit forward and drive and get where I'm going and the other reason I went with this type of center console is I wanted a chartplotter with a fish finder and a depth finder on it and that makes it real good when you're navigating and looking for places to anchor what you're doing how you're doing it and so that's that's what we put on this boat the other thing we like about this boat is its wide its birthing city and it's actually less weight than the last boat that I had now when it comes to go fast dinghies there's always an argument having a small dinghy so you can Beach it and you can get off to mediate this this boat right here you wouldn't really be able to get up on a beach and the tide go down you'd be waiting for the next tide to come in unless you had about 10 strong guys to lift a 600-pound boat off the beach but we never need to beach it anyway we always tie up like right now we're tied to a palm tree and we're just drifting out into the water and that's how we're doing it and it works great one of the things that we installed on the boat was this turbo swing it's this silver thing around here it goes around the back of the motor and it folds up to like this and two things that thing does it's the neatest thing I wouldn't have a boat without one it's turbo sling it's called turbo sling it protects your boat motor and your cowling from getting banged up when you're at the dinghy dock or when you're around other boats or when you're just sitting there dock nobody can hit your motor and all that kind of stuff number two is you hook your ski rope right here and it's also your tow bar so you can pull your skiers or your wakeboarders up right behind your boat excellent piece of tech on a boat excellent piece of hardware wouldn't own another ding you without a turbo sling so once again guys check those out if you can get them on your boats they're one full of little pieces to half and like when we're lifting our boat up in choppy water and it's between the hulls the boats doing the hit and they'll hit the back of the cowling and this all gets cracked well with the turbo sling on there that keeps this from hitting the fiberglass on the inside sugar scoop and it comes right up and no damage to the fiberglass on that on the on the catamaran and no damage to our engine Hall this this particular Dean you've got Tim gallons of gas and it burns about it going about 18 knots 20 knots over the top of the water it burns about 8 liters an hour and so we got about a five-hour range on the boat if you're gonna buy a thing you buy the biggest thing it the biggest motor you can buy and you'll never be stuck on your boat while everybody else is sitting there in the tough water you can get out to where you want to go just the other day I went eight miles all the way to the pass and back and did it in no time at all whereas in my old dinghy I wouldn't have dared to do that and nobody else would have either we switch 10 miles in about 25 minutes and our being awesome we're just a dump trash it's like a mini man just a dump trash to get groceries just can't say enough about how glad I am to have a bo y'all remember me suffering with that little 10 foot nine and a half horsepower dinghy last time and I'm sure when L do a flashback to that and you can see some suffering going on there there's been zero suffering in the new high field boat this is the go fasting I wouldn't have a different boat if you paid me once again go with the biggest you can possibly stand I don't care what anybody else says you won't regret having plenty of horsepower and you won't regret having a dinghy that's big enough where you can do what you want to do when you want to do it hey Darryl what time is everyone thinking of leaving at the moment well you know keep an eye kind of a rain arrived at a conclusion that seahorse came over and said they're going to and so you know Keith he's like you know close anchor right now but I think I got him to delay like 40 minutes or so just looking at the weather this morning and me the bad days now pushed out further to it looks like Sunday this coming Sunday is gonna be the worst over yeah that's exactly what I saw kind of make sense to maybe zip down to Park naraba today and spend the blow down there okay we'll have a chat here but I think we're of the same mind over okay yes so we're sitting here yeah very Roya we've got a weather window right till about Wednesday and then this all gets nasty red how much wind is that 27 knots of wind but we don't want to see stayed out there from that is gonna be horrendous so we want to be tucked in somewhere we don't would be sailing we in Fire Island for a week we should be a fogger alle for a week cuz it's Monday yeah there might be internet there somebody said that they're super some kind of rumor about a good internet I mean the waves are gonna be on the half quarter port quarter so it shouldn't be too rough today we'll go to so we'll go from radio roya to Fokker rava and hopefully we can get in the south past we time it right and we'll go through there and we'll come over here and we'll weather that blow right here in this corner so we were last time yeah no this is there's markets of stories with about dr. peppers there all kinds of stuff that's where we met whiz okay so here we go at 172 miles really 33 hours I'll be there tomorrow morning get on about all boats so you've got people are agro or in last place at least the end would take six miles back oh my gosh lady star oh yeah they're like this we do Schmo I don't know whether go on Komori seahorse bow and weeds minister doesn't have an ass we're in the lead what's all that let's farm we're in the lead C or C or safar hey that I feel like you know that my right side and anybody else out there listening am i right starboard side navigation life I agree – might be where you're okay preciate that information yeah we're probably gonna throw down here a little bit – she'll get all nervous yeah well out where the Sun Goes Down here we'll start it right out and I'll put a target on you try to keep track nasty warning Bethan eat breakfast I gotta figure really takes so much pink cake and I didn't get any sleep last night I was up and down all night long winds were up Minster down main was fog and wind change directions rough night jack nearly ran into whizz you nearly ran in well he's in front so what is that – right away but still well nobody just doesn't know what there he comes down and gets me he doesn't steer the boat out of the way just freezes up but he doesn't know what to do I am Jody Monday the steer is my boy and he just gets rang off the tires tarah with no reason hey we got extra bago so they know we're gone – the cars pass yeah good do you make it home to see yours no you know you just have trouble with it they is just before dark maybe he was messing with us wrecked his radio because I can see you right before dawn you sure that wasn't vote you receive one in the north pass because we need some groceries we would have gone to the South past we thought it might go over rough but now looking at it wouldn't be rough but we need some eggs and stuff for breakfast Sakuraba is an atoll which is surrounded on all sides by coral reef with a pass on each end to enter and exit the market is at the north end while world-class diving and kiting is at the south end I decided to play a little boat chicken it's where it's where suppose you like going towards each other basically whatever chickens out first is that so so we decided that going a little downwind and then so you chicken you play game yeah I look good and our lives will just turn down a little bit and I'm like fine established our reputation is cowards maybe should t-bone them our fridge is getting kind of bare yeah full-on condiments one of it I still have a few meat so we have some good meals that I can make but all the good stuff to go with everything is gone like like cheddar cheese yeah cheddar cheese sour cream we have no fruits or veggies except what's in cans I have one of my favorite recipes here chicken taco soup that I love that everybody in the family loves except for Anna and Finn because phen doesn't eat anything basically but this size just lots of beans in it and corn and onions and some canned tomatoes and then a couple of chicken breasts and then you just simmer it for about three hours and then shred the chicken and the key ingredient for this soup is this stuff hold on Paso taco seasoning mix or Lowery's I think makes it maybe McCormick they typically make it in a packet and that's just what makes it really flavorful and eat it with some chips because we do have a few tortilla chips left but not very many they're going fast so breakfast has been really hard we really don't have anything left for breakfast can't wait till we get to ABBA in an hour or so and get some more groceries it's 20 meters deep here so we need to have about I like that five to one out which would be 100 meters chain but I'm gonna give that n is deep so and I got 5 6 th chain after all us cruisers raided the market for eggs veggies and baguettes we walked half a mile to get some Internet the next day we made our way to the south end the raba to find a good Anchorage to ride out the heavy winds that were headed our way hey guys we just showed up here at baccara the south pass we come down here to anchor in the south guess it's the south east northeast corner of the of the atoll to wait out a blow there's a big blow system coming through here it's gonna be a lot of wind well not a lot of wind 20 to 30 knots maybe 35 knots wind it's a good place to anchor and wait that blow out also gonna be diving with the sharks in Focker Ave South Pass on the first full moon of June which is the group responding but while we're waiting on that blow to come through it's time to sit down with another sailing family from New Hampshire with two teenagers on board and figure out why they decided to go sell around the world with their kids so with a sailing vessel or go and we're on a leopard catamaran it's a 48 foot catamaran there are four of us my name is Jason and my son is Torsten who's soon to be 16 now my daughter Simone soon to be 14 and my wife Lisa we hail out of New Hampshire and we picked up a button in Florida and we've currently sailed into the South Pacific we started our planning about eight years before the trip started so what eight years before the trip we you know we were we actually built a house and the Builder went bankrupt in the middle of building the house and we were living in extended stay hotels and after a while we realized that the kids actually you they do fine with just a single drawer of toys so after that we like what else can we do yeah so we figured it was just kind of it was a freeing moment to realize we didn't need all of our stuff we kind of took it as an opportunity so we started taking the sailing courses and we got the kids scuba certified as soon as they were old enough and I did first-aid and we all got ham radio licenses like we did a lot of planning and plotting as well as saving up which is a big part of getting ready to go sailing in 2017 we got the boat in kind of the fall of 2017 is when we got it we moved aboard we left Florida and of 2017 and we'd be going ever since I think one of the biggest things is the little bit of shock when you tell somebody we're buying a boat we're going sailing around the world and they're like wow you people are crazy that's you know the school did the same thing the schools like that's incredible you guys will never do it but nice of you to talk to us and we did it we lift before we started the kids were full-time in regular public schools over the first year we were aboard the kids did an online charter school but we knew that the internet was becoming less and less available as we moved along so but the second year we got booked school and the children and have done Simone was in mostly calvert classes Torsen does a school called Keystone in addition to that we'll add a couple of electives that we do on our own the most important thing for me is that I want my children to be at the same level of playing field as anybody else's when they approach that air that that age right 18 19 when you're sort of heading off to college so I want them to be ready that they could apply to Harvard or they could go and become an electrician a mechanic in Ursa it doesn't matter I just want them to have that lever I don't want don't want them to be disadvantaged in any way I don't them to say well you know I cruise for the last five years and now there's no way for me to get into university know you've crews from last five years you can go and cruise for the next 20 years if you find a way to do it or go and become an extra plumber go and become a doctor I really don't care doesn't whatever you feel is whatever you feel drives you it's good for you that's all we care of well it is very different living this built life and I honestly have to say that I like this much better than being in Normal School back in New Hampshire here you meet kids from all over the world not like you'd be able to do in Normal School yes I miss my friends from home and yes I feel like I'm missing out on some things like my friends Racing we went to Washington DC on a field trip and yes I missed out on that but instead I got to come to the two Moto's I feel like it's a pretty fair exchange you know like every boating family you start off with this dream and the streets gonna be like we're gonna sail we're gonna go and when you get to reality things break you know I loved I'm gonna digress a little bit but you I think most of us have seen the movie the margin and how how he survives up on Mars and how Mars is such a hostile environment the ocean is the same environment you know rust rusts you cannot stop your salt rut everything rests so there's a lot of upkeep so we've had a couple setbacks sort of slowed us down we initially had a two-year plan we're thinking of extending maybe to a three maybe even longer so slow first year really getting into cruising really getting into different places struggling with internet not that important we do have booked schools and you know I think both kids would like to have a little bit of time in a physical school so maybe we'll try to stop somewhere be it Fiji New Caledonia Australia New Zealand again and see if we can get the kids into a school just so that they can have a little bit of the sort of actual feet on the but on feet on the ground kind of attitude of being school and see what it's like and then we may continue maybe up into Indonesia or something like that love to do a circumnavigation but that's certainly longer down the line thing that we pretty much found out pretty quickly is as a bokken you make friends quickly or you don't make friends so yeah I thought about this earlier as well so in Santa Marta we had there was this family boat and we didn't know if they spoke English or not and so it was unfortunate but eventually after like a week of time that we kind of just like didn't talk with each other at all we finally got together and it turned out that they were such nice people and so we realized after that tour sand I had like a little talk about it and we were like why don't we just meet everyone if they don't speak English well too bad we really communicate but you can still play with everyone and I just when I can swim and have fun you whoreson you know in The Gambia some little French boys like mimes playing tag and he played Tiger on the dock with them I left in there to watch over the fuel back and you soaking wet playing with all these so this is this is obviously this is like one of the million dollar questions and I I live by the simple principle in my life of hunger you must be hungry whatever you want in life you must be hungry if you're not hungry you'll never be successful so you always have to be hungry for what you want this life is not easy it's not easy to go and say we have to buy food to last us a week two weeks a month it's some of these some of these decisions are pretty difficult and we have to schlep it back on our bags to go and take your kids out of a perfect environment with beautiful schools and wonderful friends and and sports and teens both the kids do karate they're both black both they swim for the state of New Hampshire Aaron is great to take them out of that and say we're going someplace foreign where you don't speak the language there are no doctors you know we're on our own that's a challenge but we are we as a family we are hungry we're hungry to meet new cultures meet new people you know we constantly as cruises we're meeting totally different diverse people all the time who share different values and who share different goals in life this is what makes life exciting this is the hunger so the challenge that we experience is to take our kids out of the norm and everything that's easy and put them into something hard knowing that we are hungry for more we'll go and succeed there are some issues you know they don't have the possibility to have you know the kinds of relationships that they might be having if they were in high school because there's just a very slim picking of available you know kids the same age most the kids are quite a bit younger but they I mean the thing that I find is stashing really about cruising kids as they are so engaged with kids of all ages theirs doesn't matter if the kids are ten or sixteen all those kids they're jumping into the water together they're playing together basically they're so accepting of other kids I find it extraordinary yeah I think that you know if you take a look at your house if you had a regular house you have a regular house and that house needs certain maintenance on it and maybe you get to a stage where you have a lawn service it comes to cut the lawn any other a snow services that snow removal when you're on a boat everything is you nobody else cares nobody else cares about any if you drift your anchor and you got to see nobody cares so all this work is done by you so it's a parent you can't take on all this work there are four of us living on this boat four of us must contribute I'd say that our number one challenge is getting everybody to do a piece of their share so the share actually ties into a lot of bird maintenance so we scrape the holes we polish the stainless steel we clean we white we wash down then internally on a daily basis we have washing the dishes doing the laundry putting stuff away sweeping keeping your rooms clean probably more than regular stuff the people on land also deal with that tends to cause the biggest rifts in our family is that you didn't do it you're supposed to do it I'm too busy doing school no you're not you're listening to music and it all ties back around it's not all roses it's like it's like living on land on steroids it's you know because you have Paradise archaea and stuff has to get done inside and that's it can be challenging sometimes there are stresses about are you doing the right thing for your kids but in the end I feel like we're 18 months into this trip and I feel like our kids are at least as far ahead as they would be having been at home and they've gained some other skills independent learning and building it up to changes that they wouldn't have gotten if they were sitting at home plus they've gotten to experience other culture and see parts of the world that you know very few people get to see and so I feel like the pluses far outweigh the minuses and if it's a lifestyle that you're considering it's one we would recommend extremely highly advise that is much more for you know teenagers my age find a way to live like don't you can't just like play play games online it doesn't work like that because that's only connection to the real world that we have at the moment is like and also just adding on that point quickly also in like last last year like before we left there was supposed to be a field trip that was going to like nature's classroom and it's funny because a lot of kids in my class were like I really don't to go because I don't want to lose my snapchat streaks there life is possible teens without the internet and there are things that are even better than the Internet so believe it in me you may not believe it's true but it is possible to live without the internet and kind of fun yeah if there's a way that you can find out how to download music for example that instead of streaming it when I was in Windham there was always pretty much readily available in it so I could go to a radio or Pandora something Spotify something like that and just stream music for free scientific I had to figure I had to like find find ways had the subscriptions if you're into that or loopholes like in terms of service and stuff like that to figure out how to get internet to get songs you know it's it's a good life it's a it's a happy life and you know when we started we said okay we'll do two years and now we're all pushing to extend it so I think it's you know it's worked for us oh thank you guys so much excellent thank you very much guys we hope you enjoy the interview with Argo stay tuned next week and see if we survive the blow and if you like our show please hit the subscribe button share it with your friends hit the like button tell your friends and family about it and guys I look forward and we look forward to seeing you guys out there on the water you

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