Temple City Dental Care’s Membership Plan for Uninsured Patients

Hi. I’m Dr. Jack Von Bulow from Temple City California the owner of Temple City Dental Care. And I’m Denise Williams-Jones. I’m scheduling coordinator at Temple City Dental Care. You know what I heard through heard about Kleer through AACA American Academy of Clear Aligners. We had used in office plan in the past and it failed miserably. We had all the greatest of intentions but we couldn’t administrate it effectively and then I’ve heard about it. Basically you guys pitched us in no less in the Bahamas and I reacted to it. A colleague of mine Brian Wilk basically told me it’s the best thing since baked bread and so I was sold on it. And that’s how it happened. Well first of all I have to say our patients really love it because we have a lot of patients that don’t have any insurance and so it’s really nice when presenting treatment to them if they don’t have insurance. It’s another financial way that we can present treatment and give them options. Our patients love it because they’re able to keep it in-house, they’re able to get their work done and what we do is we choose to give them the 20%. The most on their treatment. So they really love it. We have quite a few patients that use it and I love presenting their because they sometimes think that they can’t do it and when I present that as an option their faces light up and they see that there is a way to do it.

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