Teen vandals trash shopping centre forcing staff to fear for safety

A shopping centre worker said she is scared to work at night as vandals continue to target stores Jacinta Corbett told the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin she was sat huddled in the shopping centre toilets, in Queensland, on Thursday night with colleagues as young teenagers allegedly wreaked havoc at the nearby Donut King   When she walked out, food had been thrown onto the floor and coke bottles were scattered everywhere  Signs and plastic food trays were also tossed around, and chocolate sauce was pumped all over the counter top     Teenage vandals allegedly terrorised shop employees on Thursday night, leaving them scared to come to work A 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy have been charged after breaking into the Donut King at Stocklands in Rockhampton (pictured) Horrific pictures show chocolate was poured on the counter and floor, while coke was sprayed all over the floor Ms Corbett, who works at the Optus store in the centre, tried to call security, but said the line had been disconnected  She shared shocking footage of the scene to social media, and some commenters claimed they did not go to the centre anymore out of concern for their safety Ms Corbett told the Bulletin the only thing employees could do was shut the doors and hope they weren’t spotted RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Tonnes of ‘toxic’ sludge and plastic lined with MAGGOTS are ‘African’ thugs linked to Menace to Society gang terrorise. Share this article Share ‘The worst part is, the poor lady that owns Donut King has now lost stock, will have to spend time and money to clean it all up, but the idiots who cause all the mess just run off with probably zero repercussions,’ she said ‘It’s getting so bad that it’s dangerous to work til 9pm.’Life is too short for you to be scared to walk to your car ‘ A spokesman for Queensland Police told Daily Mail Australia a 13-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy had been charged with breaking and entering  ‘We will allege they have thrown a number of food items over the counter and on to the floor,’ he said    Jacinta Corbett (pictured) said she was afraid to work at night, saying ‘life is too short for you to be scared to walk to your car’ 

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