Ted Cruz: US companies shouldn’t be censors for Chinese communists

98 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: US companies shouldn’t be censors for Chinese communists

  1. Of course companies shouldn't garner for China. Yet, sadly, they have sold out to them by giving them jobs to make their products for us consumers so they'll cater to them as long as they keep getting the money for cheap labor.

    If they were in the U.S it would be a completely different story.

  2. Assange, 48, faces extradition to the US over allegations he conspired to break into a classified Pentagon computer and could receive a 175-year jail sentence if convicted.

  3. It's about time you figured it out. I purposely push the fold daily. To see how the algorithms work. It's fun. Mention China. Instintly shadow banned. If an American gets close to China Alex Jones. Banned. China needs to be permanently banned from all interaction with America. Asap

  4. Chinese domestic affairs are none of our business any more than China has any right to dictate American social policies.

  5. I live in Hong Kong. For a long time, I didn't know whether it was true or not what western media said about how China mistreated Tibetans and Uighurs, but after experiencing all the riots and fake news reported by the western media about Hong Kong , I have come to realize that 99% western media are fake news creators.

    Hong Kong people enjoy freedom of human right a lot more than Americans do.

  6. They shouldn't be censors for any country or corporation. It's a publishing platform they are not responsible for the content that is put on there by the people using it. That's their protection.

  7. It’s all about the money!!!!!
    They don’t care how they get it !!! And as long as they get away with it or you let them !!!! It’s hypocrisy at it’s best !!!
    Shame on big tech and our government !!!!

  8. China has a cruddy and crooked administration. But the problem is that American companies want way to much money for their products. So most people buy things made over there, because our companies are to greedy.

  9. One more difference of the Damecrats way of looking or viewing policies, as to party forming views. The idea that the constitution is a living document, gives the founders no credit for any intelligence at all. This become evident, when they reject exterior documents that, explain reasons for statements and sections in the constitution. Federalist papers the letter to family and friends these, things or paper are not considered or, flatly dismissed. This all come on the heals of the times, that we are in no context generation. Someone said in my hearing he is a contextual fool, without context there is no understanding at all.

  10. Boycott NBA! NBA becomes the another mouthpiece of Chinese Communist Party. US citizens must dump their products! Many citizens are not aware of CCP set up many private companies to raise capital for the CCP's military expansion.

  11. Can't blame China for acting according to their communist script. Blame the business corps that HQ in US (for all its perks) while sucking on a communist money teat. Boycott their products!

  12. China didn't lose their mind, they leveraged the power greed has given them over the weak minded.
    Sad day for these overpaid steroid pustules…..fame has led them to believe they are better than us.

  13. Another thing to considered, if we are concerned with life and rights, why did we ,allow or promote acceptance of any products at all. As trump shows economic power is greater by far, if we are not in a position this, it can not be done. The solution maybe not to reject products ,but not to except it national “as to even allow to come the United States at all” if products are not produced humanly. By the way the federal government was to only be able to do three things at all, to regulate international products into the nation was one of these things. Or international tariffs

  14. Hong kong belong's to china PERIOD , you can say whatever you want , Trump is doing his bit bt the test of the world have to come together and maybe STOP all business in hong kong , that way the chinese have no footing in the world , it will soon give hong kong a voice !!!

  15. Perhaps it would be helpful for all of Americans to stop buying the products made by these companies. Think about it these companies could be manufacturing their products here in the United States and employing American workers. However they much rather employ the Chinese workers, that work for practically nothing. In reality they only serve themselves and their corporate greed. It's all about the money and who cares what anybody thinks. Very sad situation and they supposedly represent us ??

  16. EVERY SPORTS PERSON IS A CHEAT , they work for their owner's , or , and the bookmaker , they do what their told , they have NO VOICE just like hong kong !!!

  17. I believe that the Americans are going for a poo sponsored by people outside of America and implemented by the Democrats these people committing treason and wishing to create a civil war in America bring down the people of America take away their wealth and seize the assets for other people outside of America it is all a part of agenda 21 30 along with the UN Convention for a world government and the carry out AXA genocide against those who opposed their rosine

  18. It should be illegal for American companies and sports teams to accept money from China.they are a foreign powe,r and that money is used to undermine our country. Accepting money from China or other foreign countries that undermine ours should be considered treason.

  19. Wisconsin's a great example with the Apple and China company who throwing farmers and elders from their homes ….that they worked hard for…

  20. So Ted Cruz had Asia travel with droppings at many place's. USA companies must move out of China and NO business with China.

  21. The world is beginning it descension into hell on earth bc Nemesis the destroyer is finally making itself known… The money and govts will totally collapse. Nothing will save you except Jesus, water, food, and faith. Good luck! ​@​

  22. You Americans complain China because China has some better technology than USA. It will have more. Yes Cruz is a loser who
    Shouldn't interfere with China business.

  23. Sadly things will get worse with china. Companies around the world are bending over to get in china and dont care about morals and principles

  24. all company’s that engage the public via forums and communication between people should be subject to the first amendment or face massive taxes.

  25. Don't Shop China!!! China is One Big Prison Colony!
    This is why people in Hong Kong are fighting to never be extradited to Mainland China, it is the end of them!

  26. If the Chinese communist leaders were a noble people there would be a chance for a negotiated settlement with Hong Kong. But they are not! Their ancients were far wiser than today's generations. Ever since that first-degree murderer Mao took the helm the once great and noble Chinese have turned to the devil himself, while in their ignorance deny his existence. Today, they are liars, thieves and murderers. I deal with the wicked spirit of belligerence every day. And this class of men never back down. Their own ideology is their god that always betrays every noble virtue.

  27. The corrupt Communist China want to eat the cake and keep the cake, too bad you lost both, under the real Yankees President Trump. Give them hell Chief.

  28. You must respect and obey the most glorious nation in China. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We are Chinese the smartest, strongest and greatest race.

  29. These greddy globalist benefits a lots from communist China, that why they are kneeling to them, too bad, New Shariff in Town.

  30. Hong Kongers are up against evil but they keep coming at it. Makes me wonder if America could muster more than half our citizens to stand for freedom and justice

  31. Hollywood are crooks. That's why you have people like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel lying to the american public saying that Trump absolutely had illegal act with Ukraine even though the phone transcript does not show it. Trump is hard on China, Hollywood's money pool. Hollywood is an enemy to freedom and America!!!

  32. The fact is American voices are being supressed in America. This NBA thing is just a trailer. I am sure Chineese money is being poured into the traitors and this is causing a lot of unrest in USA. We now know for a fact that this happned and happening in Australia.

    The reason is China acts as one unit, one company – Air China Ltd., Alibaba Group., Huawei etc. acts as China's sister concern. They ultimately report back to Chinese government (A word of caution, currently top four banks in the world are Chinese). But, USA is a collection of Multiple companies- Apple, Google, Nike etc. These are small companies compared to China being one company.

    The solution seems to be that all US companies that do trade with China should form an union and sit with Trump ASAP and come up with a unified strategy for China. This Union should have a Strong Research team to understand how China is operating and how to handle them. Did you see how I mentioned Trump and not government officials. This is because, after Trump is gone, Americans will probably not have another leader who will be willing or capable enough to take on China. Reach your president. Request him to unify the companies to have a common strategy against China.

    Chineese fist has already reached American socio-economic lives. Clock is ticking. Act fast or be slaves.

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