Team National Review – Why Most People Fail to Make Money with Team National

Hi, it’s Neil Ball again from
. Today I’m going to review the Team National MLM business opportunity and you are going
to discover two things. Number one is the truth, and number two is how to make sure
you don’t fall into the trap that most people fall into. The trap that I’m talking about
is the fact that 97% of people fail to make money with MLM business opportunities. I’m
also going to tell you what you can do to help prevent it from happening to you, by
significantly increasing the probability that you will be in the 3% that become successful,
if you take action and follow the strategy at the end of this video. So make sure you
stay to the end so you don’t miss this essential information. It doesn’t matter about to join
Team National, or whether you’re already in Team National and you’re looking for a way
to become more successful at recruiting, this information at the end of this video will
help you. One thing I want to cover because a lot of people talk about it is that Team
National is not a scam. Now you’re probably thinking I’m saying that because I’m trying
to get you to join the company. Well, I am not affiliated with Team National in any way.
So why do people talk about the Team National scam? What actually happens is when an MLM
company becomes successful like Team National and people join the opportunity, it is inevitable
that there are going to be people who are successful and who become good leaders, and
there are going to be people who don’t succeed. So there are people who are making money with
Team National and there are people who have failed at it. Often the people who don’t succeed
will blame the company and accuse it of being a scam. These people who have failed are often
broke. They may have previously jumped from company to company in the past, always blaming
the company each time that they fail. Now I assume that you’re someone who wants to
make some extra money, or you want to make enough money to be able to quit your job and
live your dream lifestyle. And maybe you are broke right now now. Here’s the thing broke
people can not help broke people, and if you want to listen to someone that’s broke you’ll
end up just like them. It’s like if you want to catch a cold, then get around somebody
who’s got a cold. Well, if you want a case of the poverties get around somebody who is
broke and you’ll catch it and probably end up just like them. If you want to become successful
don’t waste your time studying what people who have failed think, it doesn’t make sense
to do it. What you really need to focus on, is whether it’s possible to make money with
the opportunity. So instead of looking at how to be unsuccessful like the people who
have failed, focus on the people who are successful and making money with the opportunity. There
is a problem though, and that is that in most MLM companies approximately 97% of people
don’t make any money, and only 3% actually make money. And the reason that this happens
is because most MLM companies will tell you to do recruiting in the same old MLM way that
has been around forever. They’ll tell you to make a list of your family and of your
friends and anyone you vaguely know. And so the theory goes that if you just sign up five
people they will then duplicate what you’re doing, and each of them will sign up five
who will then duplicate, and so on. And when you’ve got about seven levels of people doing
this, you will be able to quit your job and have your dream lifestyle. Now I know that
this does work some people, but for the majority it doesn’t work. And the evidence can’t be
disputed on this because for 97% of people in MLM companies it doesn’t work. But there
is a better way which I’m going to tell you about shortly. One of the problems that people
come up against is that they find that their friends and their family are not interested
in joining an MLM opportunity, and becoming an entrepreneur. And so very quickly people
will burn through their friends and their family and they’ll run out of people to pitch
with their business the business opportunity. How quickly this happens will obviously depend
on how many friends and family are on their list. And yet for other people they’re just
not comfortable pitching their friends and their family in the first place. The problem
is that a lot of these companies and the leaders in them are stuck in the past. It’s almost
as if the Internet has passed them by, and these people seem to ignore the evidence,
that for most people their methods don’t work. And the truth is that they don’t understand
the Internet and therefore they don’t tell you how to use it to recruit people. Even
the companies that attempt to show you how to use the Internet to recruit are not very
good at it due to a lack of knowledge. But there is another way using the leverage of
the Internet. It’s possible to set up things on the Internet that will automatically get
you leads. When you know what you’re doing you can also make sure that the traffic and
therefore the leads are good quality by selecting where they come from – these are known as
targeted leads. Obviously this is the complete opposite of what you do with traditional MLM
recruiting methods, where you chase the random untargeted leads. The other thing with using
the Internet is that the targeted people will give you their e-mail address if they’re interested.
So the targeted people become prequalified leads who you know are interested. And this
is the other difference. When the leads come to you they are obviously interested unlike
your friends and your family, who are untargeted and unqualified and in many cases uninterested.
As I mentioned earlier when you know what you’re doing you can set up systems that will
work for you even when you’re not there. So you can be finding Team National prospects
24-7. This can be done using Google, and YouTube, and Facebook, and many other sites. In fact
the proof that this works is that you are watching this video right now. I have some
great information for you that will show you the right way to recruit using the power of
the Internet. There are literally thousands of people every day searching for home business
opportunities and you’re missing out on them in your Team National business opportunity.
Right now you really have two choices, either you do nothing and just do things in the inefficient
and mainly ineffective way of chasing your friends and your family, and you’ll probably
end up joining the 97% who fail, or you can click the link below this video or go to
, and learn how to leverage the power of the Internet to help move you into the 3% who
succeed with Team National. I think this is a no-brainer and if I were where you are right
now I would want to get this essential information on recruiting using the power and leverage
of the Internet. So click the link below or go to . I’m Neil
Ball and until next time, goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Team National Review – Why Most People Fail to Make Money with Team National

  1. First this is NOT an MLM. Income structure is direct selling referral with unlimited depth. We have a duplicatable system that has worked for 20 years.These people are just trying to get leads for themselves. Also, Team National is a US company. It is not in the UK where this person is.

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