Tara Wallace Talks Motherhood, Working with the Youth and Women Empowerment

what's up guys it's ro Wallace from love and hip hop for the kids and you're watching press pause production what's up y'all Lanisha David here with press productions and we are here at the Queens Youth Music Festival and I'm here with miss Tara while is how are you doing today I'm well how are you I'm doing real good how does it feel to be here with the babies and just being able to give back listen it when you're with your kids is always overwhelming but you keeping everything in perspective and what what we're doing this for and while we're here and it's like really fun you know think oh we're inside from the heat and not out there trying to do this in the Blazing Sun so it's awesome how would you say your time on Love & Hip Hop shaped you into the woman you are today well that question is in many folds you know life is about growing evolving and changing and that's one of the things that helped me see my truth and me to move on in my life in a positive way just keep everything in perspective so I asked my question because you made a name for yourself and a lot of young women out here look up to you so what are some words you would give to the youth to uplift and prepare them for their future you know I always be ready to change and move on you know sometimes we get stuck in our ways and just because things have been happening a certain way it is not how it should always continue to happen just be ready to evolve and grow and be always open to that even in the hardest of times okay so what's next for Miss Tara Wallace HR Wallace is always auditioning you know I'm an actor that's what I do I also give empowerment brunches which has been an awesome I wrote a book called the goddess potential it's been out three years so I'm always like you know just whatever I can promote that book and put it out there or do an event surrounded by that keeping women positive and moving forward that's what we tried to do okay y'all miss Tara wallace press pause productions

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