Talk Donation 2017

there are many things that make me proud to be an American Indian I think one of the things that's very unique to the American Indian culture is the sense of family and community and how that ties together life is a circle and you start as a young person and you grow and as you grow you learn and as you learn you share and you also realize that part of the circle is the fact that we are going to leave our bodies and our land to go to a new spirit life in the afternoon you know we talk about a great spirit or the great energy that connects us all I believe that exists I think when you hear the drum that drum actually tweaks that cord that connects us all it doesn't matter if you were born in the city or on the reservation there's this common knowledge that were to help each other out and to be there for each other currently there are 62 Native Americans or American Indians that need organ donation in the state of Minnesota learning that there are 62 Native Americans waiting for a tissue or transplant of some sort really emphasizes the need to have these conversations throughout our community and my community you know we do whatever we can to help someone even if it's our last penny you see someone struggling on the streets you give them what you have and so I see being a donor is living those teachings I made the choice of donation when I first got my driver's license because my mom told me to I was 14 years old when I had that tissue transplant my son needed a heart transplant it could be your sister your brother your son your daughter aunts uncles cousins friends and making the decision to be a donor you could potentially say someone else loved one now I truly believe we're all relatives and why wouldn't I give something to help my relatives I think more American Indians would become organ donors if they knew that it would help someone else in their community I believe it's time for our American Indian communities to have open dialog about organ donation it no longer needs to be a taboo I have been in places where the American Indian community where we've all come together you know we dance strong together we pray strong together and I feel that this is yet just another way of taking care of one another it's important that if we want our community to survive that we be part of helping people live

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  1. I have been a Renal patient for 14 years. The life span of a renal patient is 15 years. Everyone in my family that has had the same disease has never lived over the age of 48. This year 2018, I will be 47. I have 1 year left if I go by these facts.
    The sick part is. My husband of 25 years IS a perfect match for me. I found this out 12 years ago. Can I find a place that will do a transplant? NO !! All I have had for the last 12 years are circus hoops and impossible tasks.
    What it all boils down to is the $$$$$$$ !! Either fix me or get the hell out of my way !! I have 1 year to love and enjoy my family.

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