Talib Kweli And Evidence Talk Dilated Peoples, Producing For Kanye & Eminem “Beef” I People’s Party

Jay-Z was doing Black Album, him and me driving in my car one day. He didn ‘t have a car in LA I’m driving him around I got a beat that says ‘Mr. Rockefeller. Can you get this to Jay-Z for me?’ And he’s like, “let me hear it” and it plays for a minute or two and he goes, “nope!” “I think I’m gonna use that because I’m the new Mr. Rockefeller” How you doing party people this is Talib Kweli, the BK MC, the MCEO welcome to another installment of the People’s Party Make some noise everybody Yeah Yeah, okay. How you doing Jasmine? — I’m good, how are you? — We got Jasmine Lee in the house You know what I’m saying? Um today’s show was very special for me because we have a friend of mine I love when I get to interview my friends. Um, this guy is an icon in hip-hop. He’s an inspiration I see myself as a team player But I know that I’m good at being a team player because I take myself very seriously as a solo artist This artist is one of the greatest team players in hip-hop He’s a super fantastic MC that I’ve learned a lot from he’s a great producer. He’s all-around great guy. He’s part of a couple of different Super dope hip-hop situations. I’m talking about Dilated Peoples. I’m talking about Step Brothers Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Evidence, in the place. — I’m excited Hi, man. It’s good to see you Ev Thanks for coming through coffee and wine The wine looks like the glasses belong at like Jazzy face duty or something like that Oh, did you say jazzy? Have you met jasmine before we have hey, it’s festive. I feel like I’m in the right place Yeah, man. Do you put it down? That’s your spliff right? There it is I was telling them evidence smokes like a Jamaican from Brooklyn. Yes That’s the only way to do it font to leaf spliffs. I do a lot of things like a Jamaican Oh We’re about to find out what else ever does like a Jamaican for Brooklyn, um evidence to start off I got to give you the proper respect man-to-man just as an MC and a lyricist There’s a lot of people who I look towards or look to give me inspiration and you as a lyricist Beyond you being a producer. Um I’ve learned a lot from you and from your style like the mr Slow flow thing like your line about it’s not where you place your words is where you don’t that’s something that I’ve incorporated and sort of my Technique that’s crazy. You know what? I heard you say it. I’m like wow, cuz I’m a very wordy loquacious emcee You are one of the most yeah, I’m always putting words where they don’t fit Yeah I’m saying like that’s sort of And-and-and that I don’t take away from her cuz that’s how I develop my style right my style comes from doing that But when I listen to as your style, it’s my style, right? but when I listen to slum village when I first heard in particular t3 and when I heard you and I’m like the way that slum village was just sort of like Becoming instruments to the to the beat letting the track breathe Yeah, man, so I got to thank you for that for just being an inspiration to me. That’s the honor bro as an artist I saw straight Hana. Yeah, man, definitely. Um, last time I saw you was in the South of France We had a good night. We did maybe that time I don’t remember Yeah, it’s quale pops up at the craziest places. You always like You are you are the definition of the travelin man? I know it’s most of song but it’s like it’s you always yeah, man, estate always. Um We had a great conversation and I we had a good time We had a great conversation. But what I took away from that conversation was You’ve been very successful with or without a deal. You’ve been very successful whether you on BT and MTV or whether you’re just out at some Club in the South of France neither was remember the name of the town Yeah, um, a lot of people will see evidence and and myself wheat, they associate us with underground backpack ramp or underground lake We’re just about the culture and in a lot of ways we are right. That’s what drives the creativity but our conversation was about business and about marketing and promoting and how we do that at this age in the stage in our career and I think people would Automatically assume that our conversation would just be about how real to keep in a hip-hop Yeah, you know saying like I remember when we were talking At some point you were like, I wish we could just have this conversation on a camera, you know cuz it was like one of those moments and Yeah, here we are and you got this opportunity to do it. So I’m honored. I’ve been turning down podcast not that I’m like a sought out thing, but like like just talking and like this setting is I’m used to going to the radio and they do like a little one to a little bit and then it’s red you know and so like the interview part never I never got to like sit down talk and just feel free and When you ask me to I was like yeah, I gotta be grateful that that quality just you know wants me to talk So I’m here and I can’t wait to see what we get into Your latest album is whether or not yeah the great album on this album the thing that struck me you’ve always been a Self-aware sort of a hyper self-aware emcee Like you’re always like you don’t down yourself But you’re always talking very honestly about where you are in your career where you are in life That’s sort of been your thing. But I feel like you went even deeper in this album Yeah, you talked about yourself you you left evidence out of it for some of it I try to It’s like a process. I think we came up in a guarded era, you know I didn’t know a lot about the rappers who I was You know with their poster that I was putting on my wall. I didn’t know a lot about them as people The interviews we got were limited Press was something you read there? No internet And it was to sell the record just sell the record and people did their their interviews in their rat voice You know what? I mean? Like it was like almost like they were performing it wasn’t you never got to know about the person so much and the ones that you did that gave them self – It wasn’t a surprise that they were the ones who ended up having a lot of success, you know And so knowing that era like starting with that that’s like how you come out, you know what I mean? You could you’re like always in your bboy mode and you’re you know, you’re you’re doing that becomes like an armor. Yeah Yeah, and you don’t really open up but then it’s that’s cool because then it’s not about your life so much It’s about what you do on the mic how you perform? You know, what you build as the Superman that you’re building yourself up to be, you know, and who doesn’t want to be that as a kid like be Something bigger than just a human, you know, and so you create this moniker and you run around as that but after a while that stop Getting rewarding to me it didn’t I started feeling like I was living something that I wasn’t and I wasn’t on record ever like Rapping about things that I didn’t do. I was rapping with rocker You know I mean I had somebody to check me always and dilated peoples and and I had a group around me and and checks and balances that come with being in a group, you know, and But when I started going solo when my mom passed in 2004 I was like I made this song called I still love you and we tried to put it on the end of a dilated album and it felt like just weird like Sore thumb and it made me realize okay I haven’t opened up enough to even do a song about this and it’d be my art, you know what I mean? and so it was like oh I need to Kind of hit a brick wall with that. So that’s what I really wanted to do solo stuff We always knew we wanted to we were solo artists who came together to form a group But at that point I was like I want to start I’m not gonna lose evidence but I want to start shedding that more and then put me out for better for worse and find the reward in that and that’s scary because If somebody doesn’t like a line you say or you didn’t syllables didn’t line up or something That’s that’s kind of whatever but if I’m doing a song really about my life and who I am and you don’t fuck with that that’s gonna hurt more, you know, but um side the reward is When people do fuck with it, then you’re like oh shit, like they actually liked me for me. And so that became more rewarding I’m not trying to be an emo rapper, but I’m not trying to be as guarded, you know and so human yeah human, it’s the scariest thing because um You talk about putting on a persona, whatever. So when you’re that rapper evidence, whatever and you put something out. It’s like It’s connected to you, but it’s not your personal It’s a part of you right, it’s things you’re like In a way it is it’s like things you’re aspiring to be or you know You’re feeling like I can jump off a building or like you know You want to represent that to people and be a leader like that? But yeah, I’m gonna say on the flip side of it It’s the same thing with comedy because you have comics that go out and they’ll say like they’ll do jokes with you know just surface jokes when you go out there and you actually like tell people about your life and if they don’t laugh at that and it was like Oh, you don’t like me So it’s so much harder, but it definitely is so much more rewarding at the end of the day, right? I feel like for us You know, I’m in my 40s I’m assuming you’re wearing nearly same age Yeah, I feel like for rappers when we get to this point in our career and you’re still vibrant and active What else are you gonna do but tell your story your last album Reminds me of race to 5/9 last album book Orion Which I really enjoyed that because he really went deep and personal which is like an outstanding of out-fucking-standing Um, but his album is more like the story of Ryan growing up write you your album You’re dealing with like the birth of your child and you’re dealing with your girl having breast cancer You’re dealing with things that are happening right now. Yeah, and you’re letting us in And that that feels different What’s that hard to do? Yeah, because there’s a fine line to me unlike on selling sympathy, you know mainly Cuz yeah, if you’re down and you’ve been and you’ve been a part of people’s lives, it’s there I think it’s their nature to want to help you and feel for you and feel bad or feel good for you But when you’re putting out too much of that, I think it’s dangerous. So That’s why like I I have a song about that, but then I got a song with Alchemist in my economy Just spazzing out, right? You know what I’m saying? Like like for me I need to balance that because um Yeah, I don’t want to be the the woe is me rapper or the I can only write about I woke up in a breakfast Like a daily shit I don’t want to do I still want to have wordplay and I still want to I want to rap – right? Yeah, I want to get better. I always want to get better right there seems to be a focus of yours Always the idea that as we grow we age like fine wine we get better It doesn’t happen much But if if you love it and you really do and you have other and you have means to support yourself financially and you can dedicate love to this where it’s not interfering with that or vice versa the It’s possible. It’s very possible And it happens there’s there’s there’s cases of it. There’s rock. There’s rock Marcis There’s yeah, there’s people out there. You know, there’s you there’s doubt Talib Kweli like a motherfucker there. There’s a lot of people I Could probably we can do a whole podcast about that. Mm-hm, and then there’s people who follow the fuck off And I think those people Don’t forget how to rhyme cat and hat and bat and Matt just life gets in the way. You know what I’m saying? and they didn’t they didn’t fall off per se they just Rappers like the gym or anything else, you know if you bench itself Yeah If you’re benching this much You didn’t walk in there and bench that much you did reps and you did all kind of shit to get you to that point And then you leave the gym alone and come back for two months. You’re not putting that up again because You got to work back up to and I think that’s the problem is people think that they’re dope They take a step away and then they come back and say now I was dope Mm-hmm, and then you ain’t been working out, you know what I’m saying? And it’s I and and people that I’m around are Disturbed as far as work it’s disgusting. You know what I’m saying? It’s 26 hours a day go to Alchemist spot It’s it’s like it’s adolescent. You know what I mean? It’s like That’s interestingly. You say that because even you know, you talked about me being a travelin man And and one of my greatest hip-hop stories ever is showing Amsterdam and I don’t recall of how I found out that you and alchemists and Forshaw were in Amsterdam Yes pre Instagram free Instagram right? Some Witter twitter was posted Twitter or maybe even Mosby’s no. No. No. Yeah Twitter was here Y’all were in Amsterdam, yeah, and um, I was staying at like, you know Lay meridian or something like that right some sort of just chain hotel and I remember even when I was staying at the hotel was like I got a chest a just chain hotel like to stay a Nicer places than that and I went to link up a charlie. Y’all were staying in a fucking hostel. Yeah you Alchemists and for Sean, right? And now at this point you had success with dilated at this point like you’re doing records with kanye west like alchemist is Eminem’s DJ At this point like clearly you didn’t have to stay in a hostel You know why we did tell me why cuz I know why cuz you told me but tell the audience you can smoke weed In Amsterdam in the hotels, you know, there’s still no smoking policy, you know So there’s like we just wanted a place where we could play music dumb out smoke And catch the vibe of Amsterdam now see I’ve developed this whole romantic Story in my brain for what happened why I was like man These guys are so ill like they could just stay in the fancy hotel But they got fur Sean on the road and his first time overseas and they teach him how to drive There was a part of that there was a part of that Ya know there was there’s truth to that because we were yeah Cuz I think his expectations were because we had toured in the States before instated nice places I think the expectation was that but when we were explaining to him like yeah, we’ll just get a little room and dumb out it was definitely like His first off the bad experience like okay, there’s other sides to this way. They had the windows open his summertime, right? The windows is wide open and there was huge Mosquitoes flying around this hostel right was like a a-frame like a little green And I walked in I’m like look at these mosquitoes in that day. What they were listening to music smoked a wheeze mosquitoes. No, no But I visited I remember I smacked a mosquito against the wall and it was like a big blotch of red All this big dismiss kyun has been suckin on all y’all blood all night, right. This one mosquitoes got all y’all being young But yeah, I got to go crate digging when you an alchemist. We did we went harder Yeah, which is and and you know what I got to go crate digging and to weed spots Can you explain what crate digging is? Yeah, we dig for records cuz we you know a lot of production we do a sample based stuff So there’s a whole like art form to digging for records it’s more than just going to the section a soul or jazz or prog there’s like you know, we look for years and producers and labels and All kind of little clues to to find the illest samples and so yeah going to the Netherlands in general across the whole Netherlands not just Amsterdam’s fire Europe period this way for person like me like a lot of the reason I’ll leave him Go tours because I know I get to go dig Previous to every show every day or god-willing a half day, right? You know, but yeah, that’s that’s the shit and Yeah, you went with us all day. Mm-hmm We also went we sort of creighton we and we shot a video that never came out We shot a video that there’s a guy who shot the video was it was a guy I met on Twitter and I was Twitter was a guy I met on Twitter who said I’m A shooter video for you free shot the video and a guy that missing yeah But you detector high-tech. No, it was a I don’t know if he was there was a song the high tech producer Yeah called called lifting off. So I smoked a weed Yeah, which brings me to my next point you took me to I was already smoking weed Amsterdam But you took me to a certain spot you took me to damn crink. Yeah, I had to take off my hat it was Pink you see? Yeah we had take off I’d never I don’t take off my hat to go to nightclubs to serve champagne So I was like, oh this must be some good as weed you saying like yes about respecting their spots I think they have cameras on the ceiling and people with hats come in like the right and you can never see who they are That’s what it is forbid. Something happen. Can’t wear a hoodie in there be able to see you That’s all but we know the owner so right you went you took me to grey area Yeah, that was where they had cush right? I’ve been going a grey area since back since that time Yeah, they’re from Minneapolis a yep. Yep. Yeah. Um, so yeah, I mean you’re like you, you know a lot about marijuana I know a lot about it from yeah, extensive practice. Yeah, man. Do you consider yourself a marijuana activist? No, okay, some people do there’s a lot of a lot of smokers and stoners who like I’m active in, you know We had be real here and he’s considered a marijuana activist, but that’s by default just because he’s the poster child for marijuana you know period he’s the He’s our legend of our era of that Yeah, he’s what got me into smoking, right? Yeah. Do you remember when you first had weed? Yeah, it was a thing Yeah, just cop in a bag and Making it it could last a lot longer, you know, but it was the same thing growing up in Venice. I think everybody Smoked weed. Everyone could do a kickflip, you know, everybody knew how to New how where and where not to go I think it was probably one of the most culturally diverse places in Los Angeles My parents are from Brooklyn somewhat em and Coney Island by the water. So it makes sense that they moved to Venice Beach. It’s like closest thing you’re gonna get to that and so yeah growing up in Venice made you a certain type of person and smoking weed was One of the things you did if Venice is a huge part of your story Yeah, um just like Brooklyn is a huge part of mine. Um, It’s important in LA not to cut you off but like please going when people say well people say I’m from LA it’s kind of hard to know what that means La is so different the people in the valley are not living the same life to somebody in Inland Empire’s living that’s living in South-central to the South Bay to to whatever it’s like it’s it’s just different so when you can say I’m from Venice or I’m from Compton I’m from Pacoima Or I’m from somewhere like that it now we can like zoom into your narrative more Versus just throwing up la is like a broad a broad stroke not to say that New York isn’t but like You could blindfold me and put me in the middle of the Bronx and blindfold me put me in the middle of Brooklyn it might not feel like That difference, you know what I’m saying it la is so different in New York to it I think is that if you live there then you understand the difference of it because from someone looking out It’s like Oh everybody from LA is the same from someone looking out Everyone from New York is the same but people from the Bronx are differently people in Brooklyn no Long Island they are but what I mean is the Structure of the city might be similar or you know here like meaning one place you live by the book you live by the water And this the other place you live Next to a mountain, you know what? I mean? It’s like LA is so big that it just breeds So many different lifestyles and just what you look at You know what? I mean and how that makes it but I agree but different right? Yeah. Yeah now because my music is, um So pro-black and so socially conscious and because I’m so vocal on social media it is but it never felt like that Good, I don’t go ahead But because it is it no, not that that’s bad. But what I’m saying is it’s coincidental. Mm-hmm. You spit right? So that comes first that comes first. Yeah, you know it comes for answer then subjects very right, but because I’m like that, um jared is Said to meet us sometimes like he’ll mention that he’s doing his podcast with me and people who like quality. He’s racist, right? so I get that I get people accuse me of that and it’s like when I look at you are the the definition of how Social media is different than a person. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Anybody in the whole world, it’s you right. You know, I’m saying Twitter. I mean, you know what I mean? Yeah, because people look your Twitter and they form an opinion about you. They just do yes how you choose to interact Yes I think it’s just how much time you devote to the time The lack of what’s going on in their life because it really has a lot more to do with them Yeah, and just the whole unapologetic thing, you know you to see it’s a black person was unapologetic who’s saying what it is We’re taught not how to not to be like that but because that you know I have a lot of white friends and beyond having like what a lot of white friends I’ve worked with a lot of white people in hip-hop I don’t think you can work in hip-hop without working with white people whether it’s in and behind the scenes or as artists but I would never say because I work with white people who are in no way people that that proves I’m not racist what Proves I’m not racist is my actions and my words And I say this because it’s hard for me sometimes to talk to a white artist in a hip hop without Unnecessarily comparing them to other white artists because I never want to do that What is interesting to me about what you do? Is that you? Always felt very authentic to me as a hip-hop artist and a lot of white artists and hip-hop like without naming any names Without a lot of white art as a hip-hop to me And I’m sure to a lot of black people felt like oh this someone who’s acting black or this someone who’s trying to be black? To participate in his culture you have this level of authenticity that comes with just being evidence I’ve never thought of you as someone who tries to act black or someone who’s tried to be black or be in a culture um, and I’d you know, I think that’s very important and could you speak to that a little bit I Think once again goes back to Venice. Mm-hmm, you know growing up in Venice was just a place where you had your guard up all the time and Surfers were fucking crazy, you know gangsters were prevalent. And so you learn how to move and you learned You learned about people’s culture you just did early so I’m grateful for that I’m just grateful I think the only way you can really maybe do what you’re saying is to be from it You know and so I got my parents got divorced. I lived in the north side of Santa Monica, which is a Very nice neighborhood, you know My parents were renting a house they split up for I moved to Venice and then that was my that’s what shaped me. So, um, You know My father wasn’t all with him and I had a little beef in my like in formative years from like 12 to 16 We really kind of fell out and those are like the important important years, you know, so who raised me raka raka? He’s like my big brother slash father. You know what I’m saying? Like and so you know things I learned early his cousin came home from jail and You know, and he we’re all smoking and I’m 15, you know And and I didn’t know any better and I just asked him You know, what? Do you do and everyone just like, you know and rock will show you this round My kick pulled me in the other room is like, you know Around here we say what’d they get you for, you know? Noted you know what I mean, but how you gonna learn that you’ve given you codes Yeah, man you know and so like it just taught me how to he taught me a lot as far as Yeah street smarts and how to act you know what I mean? And then some kind of you just you’re just imitating I have a son. He’s just imitating me all day long, you know what I mean? So at those years I probably looked to rock a lot for a lot of that and Can we give him some shoutouts to rocky here sighs? Yeah, Rock is my mass migration. Love my big bro, you know, man Yeah, and so it’s love rock. Yeah, you know, but I don’t know just being true to who you are and You can and bleeding, you know just what comes out of you if If it came across like that Then I’m blessed that that it hit you like that there could be somebody else who thinks differently, you know Movie the Jonah Hill movie the 90s which I enjoyed that movie I enjoyed the performances from the kids, but it was hard for me to relate to that movie because it was like this, uh So this white kid in LA was what neighborhood were they in in that movie was it I never saw It might have been Venice but it’s like it was like was it Venice? I see somebody shaking hands like Venice is like It’s a LA, it’s based in LA the movie I didn’t see it. I’m watching I’m hearing the valley in my head But Santa Monica, oh yeah, right, which is closer if I was talking about swear. I was really still totally different right so Like it’s the movie is sort of this like just this homogenized Y kid getting introduced to hip-hop because he’s trying to imitate what he thinks the cool kids are and just you know, The diverse cultures and his nature being young is that you know, like I was just saying you just want to imitate what you like Keep going. Oh, yeah, what was interesting too that to me about that movie? Was the movie was about this kid who was an outsider, but I was far more interested in the stories of the kids He was trying to imitate and I feel like you’re one of those kids, you know, that was the point I was trying to make um But yes, so social media. We’re talking about social media earlier and you talked about How people see me different based on my social media interaction. Yeah, um, you’re very Premeditative with the way that you use your social media, so you’ve always been like that overthinking smoking everything All right, all everything you want to say isn’t a draft That’s where all the real shit is. Like when once in a while you get the guts right But you kind of like Be stood on Instagram. I Was early? Yeah like I you got me on Instagram. Yeah I saw what you and Babs was doing an Instagram and that made me interest I was because I saw how you could be creative With it. I didn’t get to the creative level. You guys are it with the photographs if yeah, I don’t know follow evidence or Instagram you know right now he’s like I He’s inspiring me because how great of a father he is, but also on Instagram But also like the photography is crazy like you you’re like very creative with it love. Yeah There was this app called Instagram and there was nobody on it I’m talking only people from Japan and Istanbul Turkey it was weird thing. It was like this for overseas app. We thought or something and it was It was dope because you could put filters on the photos So babbu my DJ put a picture up one day and I had an ill photo filter on it, and I didn’t understand it Mm-hmm, so he’s like I stopped posting photos on Twitter and I’m putting him on Instagram And then he said it’s dope because people leave comments in this they leave Comments and I talk back to them there and he’s like, I’m just doing this so this with 2011. Mm-hmm, something like that. So I My mother was a photographer my cousin well She’s my aunt or my cut second cousin yeah, she’s like hey, you know, she’s one of those she uh She’s like one of the best so I come from a photography background. So I thought this would be fun I’ll take photos and I won’t answer questions about rat And I I’ll just pretend I’ll create a new moniker for myself as a photographer. Hmm And so I started doing that shit and it got contagious. You know what I mean? And it was fired 10 10 likes you’re on the popular page. Yeah, you know what I mean? It was like it was the beginning That and so it started spreading really fast and I built up a following of people who weren’t even aware. I was a rapper mm-hmm, so if I have 300,000 followers I would say there’s a hundred thousand on there that have nothing to have nothing to do with rack Wow And it maybe even opened them up to me as a rapper but Yeah, we were early on that shit social media is such an amazing thing I actually was early on Instagram too, but I like all this is wack No one’s on it. And I laugh and argue. That’s like one of the biggest Mistakes, but it’s so important being in social media, especially if you’re an underground artist and that’s music Actor anything like you can literally take your career and shape it the way that you want to do it That’s the thing I once I learned how to use a camera and got it inspired me to get a real camera and everything was a while where we stopped using our IPhones or droids or what Androids and started loading up photos from our real cameras and started beast and out like that After I really learned the mechanics of the camera it taught me I stopped doing that and I started doing more posting about my life Mm-hmm more my music and so I declined on the on the photography Because now I’m shooting photos of my son or I’m shooting photos of Alchemist or I’m shooting photos for covers for artists I just did mugs in crime Apple’s cover and you know like things I just turned it to like now you shooting covers Yeah, but I don’t it’s not a I don’t like it if it’s a job I don’t want I don’t want you to tell me what to shoot But if I can if I can do what I want then I love it right here So yeah, I mean mugs is a homie, but you see that doing that for people for a check I’m not doing it for a check for them That’s what I’m saying. No, because you just told me and a hero, you know, I mean so it’s like I’m honored and he’s no slouch with like he’s a visionary just know he Represented. Yeah, this is one of the greatest inventions in rap history So the the movement of that so for him to trust me is like that’s tight. I understand. Yeah It’s tight tell me about your relationship with Kanye. How did you meet and how did that this way record have? That happened I’d imagine around the get by time. Oh one of my favorite songs Was the mm three or four maybe thousand three? Yeah, and you were in the studio with right? Yes So the we were on Capitol and we had just our last album We had a song called worst come to worst, which was like a big record for us. We’re getting play on things We hadn’t got play on before how almost went gold you know, we were like we toured we toured yeah that record opened up a huge thing for us and Yeah doing a lot of touring and we toured previous to that. Okay, we toured platform our first album a B ABB days know we were on Capitol, okay It was you in high tech we were on the same bus. Okay. Yeah, we were Like a bunch of pirates. It was crazy That’s like a whole nother life coffins coffins, yeah, don’t let me forget this but just cuz of that I remember I brought my MPC and as like high-techs gonna be on the bus and we’re gonna we’re gonna be stout and I set it up in the back and I was like We’re ready to turntable and he’s like I’m making beats I gotta have my shit the way I need it the way I like it and I was like But uh-oh worse come to worse Yes, so it opened up a big thing for us and the next album we made I think our label had expectations of us Raising the stakes, you know So it was the first time we made a how and they denied it like we turned it in and they were like, nope no single so We’re whatever Black Eyed Peas had just popped off I think they felt like dilated peoples and Black Eyed Peas some kind of similarity. They had added Fergie and Went from here to like over the roof, you know, and I mean and so they were like you need a hit, right? and so they’re like we’ll and we were just like young and defensive Fuck the label the man trying to hold this down, etc You know and so we’re like then you tell us who to go make a hit with and they said two people they said Scott Storch or Kanye West and Scott Storch was the biggest but Kanye West wasn’t so we were like You mean the guy who did beanie sigel like that should sound like alchemist B to me. You know what I mean or you that’s what if that’s what’s gonna take us to the promised land like We’ll go there so we didn’t know about Kanye. Yeah, nobody did through the wire wasn’t a video yet watching it in the studio at making edits, you know like changes so But he had this weird determination about him that was like nothing I had ever witnessed before and I’ve been around the fucking greats if If Premiere played you some shit He would play it and then he wouldn’t look at you while he played he’d just look off in the corner because he knew what? Was coming out of there was so crazy. He didn’t have to sell it Kanye West was the first person I ever saw like jump on the console and Start rapping and making sure I look away before he does. You know what I mean? Like he was yes sick, you know, I mean, yeah, it was weird, but there was nobody even just him in me What are you doing? You want to see like how they’re reacting to it for the record I never gave him that I never looked away first. You know what I’m saying? I never did that with it. I think that’s – um Why Kanye was so successful. Oh hell Yeah, but but you know some to get to it once he got there now I was like, oh I see why they’re doing this. Mm-hmm. You know, I didn’t get it Then then he has little wave which I say little started. Mm-hmm I think with your records probably the you know, the funniest part about this is God is my witness I Watched that video and first I didn’t have no idea who Kanye West what I used to say Kayne West I used to pronounce it Right, you know, I mean, I didn’t even know I remember one time He asked Alchemist how you get your drums like that? Like he was like some guy, you know, and he wasn’t on any radar of any sort of greatness to me right and I watched that to get by video and for some reason there’s some guy in like three minutes three minutes 30 seconds 40 seconds Whatever it is songs were long at the outro of the song just singing the chorus for one second and I always thought to myself Whoever that is is gonna be somebody I swear to God I did and it was him. He had one little part in your video Yeah, yeah, what happened was he shooting 106 and park And it was in it was in Harlem at that time and it’s like yeah He had a couple of minutes – we were like, let’s just go to the 125th Street train station We got him for a couple minutes Singing a chorus of guitar and but you didn’t even like use a lot of it No, she was like that one part. You know what I’m saying? I something about him I was like and then he had there was another thing like in source like up-and-comers and he had on like the blue adidas Rod laver joints or some weird the shoe I knew but in a weird color sounds like hmm You know something about him was always like who is this but so getting very observant Yeah getting with him. And then I seen it and I seen it just happen right in front of my face It was like his whirlwind happened and when we shot the video for that through the wire came out he shot all falls down Right around the same time. We went on tour college dropout to her. I forgot you went on a tour plus young guns yeah, Kanye West and then my mom passed on that tour I left and then and that was it that was it with him and I and I was mad at him for a long time because he was The dude who? Most people make songs for their mom when they pass him when she passes, you know He was the dude showing his mom like at the time where people really do that. Yeah and do that. That’s super fun You did it. That’s the first record. He ever played me. No, he did Yeah, you know and Park did it too But the way he did it was like he was he would like bring his mom on the road, you know Like he was like like a mama’s boy rapper, you know what I mean? So like he never called me I was don see everyone they all hit me, you know what I’m saying? but he didn’t now I felt away for a while and then common was making The second album. He called me and I went to the studio and show with them and then everything was cool from there I mean I’m saying but uh, did you ever say anything? Say shit. I think you knew didn’t matter You know I’m saying it was just the thing but uh to go back while he was making last call I played him the the beat I submitted a beat and you produced that last call Yeah, and so that should be part to be like the only outside producer on college dropout and how MIT soul Knows how many copies you know? And we’re connected cuz that cuz one last call which you produce he’s talking about. Me and me taking him on tour yes, and and and That saw like is a lot of people’s favorite song like hands down Like people say last calls mayonnaise colored bins call it miracle wave. Sorry. I everyone knows that shit and that was like the the That’s like his moat that was his moment where he Killed the world and so jay-z was doing Black Album him and me driving in my car one day He didn’t have a car in LA. I’m driving him around I got a beat that says mr. Rockefeller Can you get this to jay-z for me? And he’s letting me hurt and it plays for a minute or two and he goes, nope I think I’m gonna use that because I’m the new mr. Rockefeller Sitting and looking at him but his albums not out yet. You know what I mean? I’m like, who are you to deprive deprive me of a shock to get it jay-z. He was so early with that and then But the funny thing is when you watch fade to black he does play it for jay-z, right so he did You know what? I mean? He did do that, but he didn’t let me know that and then There’s dude my homie 3:8 she worked a capital charge at 3/8. Yes. He’s just talking about the other day He called me one day and was like yo, I meant Larrabee studios right now And he puts the phone up and he’s like didn’t you do this beat and I’m like, yeah He’s like they’re almost finished bro. You should get down here right now. I got in my car. I swear turn into a helicopter I drove over LA, you know what? I mean? I got and walked in like the foot You know what I’m saying, and the muses and musicians replaying the sample. I guess it didn’t clear Mm-hmm, and then I caught the end of it Well, he was doing the end of the verses and yeah I got to be a part of the scene the record finish and him and I had a big argument like he pulled me into the into the like well There’s a vocal booth and then there’s a studio and then usually there’s like a a room in between those two So you like walk in you know that little middle room between the booth and the and the console He pulled me in there was air tight and he was like so this is gonna be the biggest rap album in history So we need to talk about what happens when people ask what who did what How does it go and he’s like you did the music I did the drums I’m like, all right, but then we’re listening I’m like That’s my 808 right and he’s like, yeah, but I put it low Those are my times too, right? Yeah, but you hear how the hats are going Well, I put there just to get by drums on top and I’m like got you you know, whatever It was just so funny to see something that was like literally changed the whole era of rat. Mm-hmm The whole climate of it just to be there for the beginning of it and that was the second time the first time I got to do that was when Alchemist and Scott Caan were signed to Cypress Hill. Mm-hmm, and I got to see them Hang around with them in their in their prime and then watch them look because there’s one thing when you hang out with the artist Who’s on their downslope or something to be with an artist? Like when it’s their time and the youth and all that is like it’s different and they know and they know it’s different So right now mad lib and Freddie Gibbs are enjoying success with the bandanna. That shit is fire. Yeah. It’s a great great record people were Mad lib is like an enigma people Like how is he doing this in like he’s tweeting like I made these beats on an iPad. He’s trolling I Spoke to no he was like he played me some piece off his iPad I mean an iPad is just I can pull up Pro Tools on it now, right? It’s just a screen right? I mean so you It’s the same. It’s a smaller version so star. Did you use your knuckles? Like that’s fine That’s what I’m getting to is like, you know How much how important it is it to have the right equipment you started where ASR 10? Yeah, right and then you talked about wanting to work with high tech on the MPC. Yeah mad libs talking about iPads How’d you know I did that I did reason then I went back to the ASR back to that What do you need? What equipment do you need? You don’t need anything. This is the beauty of it I mean you need a piece of gear, but You got all this technology Ableton while shit You could do anything you want and every beat is still a kick snare. Mm-hmm I had loop a bass line so I can make a glitch more now, or I can make it I don’t know It’s like to me if it’s not raw if it’s not good when it’s raw you can dress it up All you want it still if you’re making a soup you get the bass, right? You don’t have to pour a bunch of shit on top of it, you know. Otherwise you fucking Overdo it or or trying to cover it up later. This is like putting perfume on instead of taking a shower You know what? I mean? It’s like the Yeah, it’s so cool that you guys can literally make beats anywhere down. That’s right. Carry around your equipment You don’t have to be in a certain spot But I still fuck with high tech for for nothing like being in your studio with your room that you understand That’s very important to high-tech part of the reason why Quality the solo album even happened and which I met hi Kanye doing that record the blast was successful and We got an opportunity to tour and I’m like, okay, it’s time to tour time to go on the road. But what I didn’t realize Was that high tech sensibility as a producer? He felt limited by essentially being talented qualities DJ It doesn’t matter what I say and you were on the road with us. You warned that bus with us it doesn’t matter How many times I say in an interview? It’s quality a high tech. It doesn’t matter how many times I say He did to beat as the rapper I’m being promoted and marketed more and I’m being pushed to the forefront more and I got the microphone so it’s like I’m being you know people are naturally coddling me more and treating me different and they’re treating him on the road even though with a group like He’s just a DJ right? So it was like when it came time — not everyone knows what a producer even is — That’s right Um, so when it came time to go on the road with Badu, it was a tour with Badu, in my mind I’m like we gotta go on this tour with Badu and high tech was like “I’m gonna stay home and I’m gonna stay in the studio because what my bread and butter is is making these beats” and There was big checks at that time — It was big checks. he started working with dre snoop album So it’s like I can go grind it out or I could stay home and make this — I didn’t really get that at that time Anyway, you know We had a falling out behind that not I don’t I want to a place to blame on him And I would I definitely don’t want to place the blame myself either but it was like I do understand now That it was hard for me to understand because my my money was in touring at that time like it’s like, you know Okay, we splitting the money but it’s like I can go do a show without high tech you know is like I Didn’t need him to tour and I think he he recognized that this is where I need to be in a studio. Yeah a Lot of producers don’t want to be the star. Mm-hmm. Their place is behind the board You know, it’s I think Pete Rock changed that I think Kanye definitely Flipped it on its head but there was artists who were known producers and probably Marley Marl guests the first was like being a producer album or whatever, but Yeah, there’s people the the shape of the producer changed as time went on maybe they moved to the forefront more they used to be More to me like the role that the engineer plays now right like my work is in the studio I’m not out here for credit people who know what I do know what I do, right? So who is the best producer on the mic –best producer on the microphone? Everyone can make beats now I need to start making beats so I can get on this best producer on the mic Yeah, it’s it’s that’s that’s that’s out the window Um from that era I have to have an answer before the end of it. — Okay, okay, um growing up in Venice Quincy Jones son Judie 3 grew up around you were near you next me That’s how I got into rap– Oh tell me about that — I lived like I said, I lived in Santa Monica when I moved to Venice I God blessed us to move next to him and I didn’t it that’s crazy. Yeah at the time. I was a skater mm-hmm graffiti artist I Love rap. I was the EPMD fan I was whatever but I never thought about how what who made a beat? I didn’t know what a beat was whether it was a band or I knew people were sampling James Brown. I didn’t really I Didn’t I just listened to music as one piece of thing like the same way you go to a movie and watch it That’s how I listen to music There’s movie editors who who can’t watch a movie because they’re like , aww that cut too early and look at the fade all that That’s fucked up. They can’t enjoy it Yeah, cuz they see it in in parts. They don’t see it and they don’t see it as one thing That’s how I used to hear music in one piece And so I never knew what rap how it got made and um, what happened was is he was all night I would hear the music his studio was in his garage and all night I would hear music start and then stop and then start and then stop and I could never understand why didn’t they just let the motherfucker play. Little did I know so My back wall in my house was in an alleyway and my mother used to let us do pieces on our back wall So we like all weekend. We’d be out there doing pieces on a wall and his garage entrance was next to the wall So every time he’d go in and out of his house he would like wave to us or whatever one day He stopped and just looked well, you’re doing like this fire and then he’s like come back come check out what I’m doing And so I went back there and he was scouring The Fresh Prince of bel-air. No Playing little Keys I Was like this is crazy and he’s like, yeah. My dad is Quincy Jones. Oh shit And then he’s like, yeah, I’m a music producer and he had like he had dreads and he was like a good-looking, dude And I was like, why don’t you rap you know and he’s like no, — He had a deal though right? — Yeah, but he was just a producer album, right? — I remember that — Yeah Yeah, and so he was like not my my place is behind the boards and I was like, oh this is fire So I would see he would let me come over there cuz I’m 13, 14. I can go over there smoke drink 40s we’re like, you know, this is like my heaven, right then alchemist was like that’s not what I was doing when I was 13, 14 Yeah, and Alchemist want to come over — dolls dolls Dolls, — it’s Jesus. What do I do wine water? — It’s a wine. — I’m on the vino. — Cheers, baby. — There’s truth in this the Studio at that time to make rap was not common. I have a place so We’ll Winx is will.i.am He would come over just in hopes of us going over there Alchemist Ahmad my all these dope mothers at DJ and everybody would all like Want to come to my house? Cuz if you did that meant we could jump out of my window go next door smoke watch Everlast Come come too short watch people come over and rap and just sit there and go. Wow. This is fucking crazy You know, I didn’t know this. I didn’t know these stories. Yeah good Redfoo Wow, like everybody was like coming through — it’s the LA scene like I have these stories for myself Yeah, it’s Washington Square Park what you’re describing like that’s my Washington Square Park You know, it’s like that’s and all these people that you see and everybody was in this one one space but Washington Square Park Essentially was these two cribs. — See we all went over there. We’ve finessed money like my mom Gave Quincy a hundred dollars so I could go over there and record, you know Why when you going back to where you were saying that isn’t authentic for him because he literally grew up in The business like listening to you making some of the hottest music It’s like you grew up in the music business like like, you know, you think about you know Scott Caan who’s father’s famous or Quincy Jones son is famous You didn’t have famous parents, but it’s like you grew up around these people just from sheer sort of ambition Or just great luck, you know — in a manner proximity and if you watch the Bun B episode. We talked about proximity being key or proximity Was very key — and then he made the best out of his situation — yeah, and if you’re hanging out with people who are really good at what they do, then you’re gonna imitate it You met LL Cool J back then to right? — I did at Quincy studio. I played him a song, I played him a song and it was so bad and he he mustered up the good energy to sing along with my chorus Yes And then you know and then whatever I always think about that when I meet somebody who plays me something Cuz he was a top of his shit and he didn’t have to do that and it wasn’t even good, you know and so it’s just like you got it like Not discourage people even if you’re not seeing it sometimes Have you seen him since then — No LL is another like enigma. I was doing some work on a potential show with him once recently and uh, you know, I just got he DM me — what — and I was like I didn’t respond right for a day because I was like That’s not really ll DM somebody hacked him, you know and I mustered up the courage and hit him back and got on the phone. He’s like, “what’s up, baby?” LL Cool J called me baby. — I think you have to to know what that means You’re gotta kind of be from that era a little bit. You know what I mean? like DJ revolution like LL Cool J retweet or wrote DJ revolution Is on the air killing it right now and right he retweeted my ten year old my or my 20 year old 20 year old Me is flipping the fuck out right now, you know what I mean? like because it’s still like you know what he did and that’s the thing when you really kill an era you people don’t forget about it — when I was um, At the height of get by or something. That’s where I met LL I met him backstage and like a BET Awards or something and it’s like we’re past each other. He’s like “you really dope” that’s what he said when I first met him, um, but you know, okay. Here’s my segue ll Was a ferocious battle rapper. Yeah, right because he was a ferocious battle rapper By many accounts LL Cool J is Eminem’s favorite rapper one of them if not his favorite I listen to this thing on Tony touch show Once where LL Cool J is a guest and Eminem calls in Pretending to be an LL fan and is like kicking these ll rhymes and he’s doing him so good LLs like yo, you really really dope Right now evidence is the homey, shoutout to evidence. He disses Eminem on your record — oh Everlast, you said “shout out evidence” That’s a good segue because Everlast used to come over to QT three’s house and rap and I used to watch that And when I thought of a name I was trying to think of something similar to that. — Wow So yeah, Everlast, Eminem. I kind of kind of ripped Everlast off Too many E’s going on here, I’m getting confused. Theres a lot of white rappers with E Look it up actually fucking it’s a whole — like white rappers Just start with E That’s the white rappers stater pack Trust me, it’s fucking crazy Make a note I’m gonna check it check it out I could keep going bro No it gets so bad will like when this camera stops, we’ll do it Did you know he was gonna do that though No, so ever yes, so this whole thing is a huge mistake That’s that was the funniest part of my beef with Eminem was a big mistake. Oh fuck it’s so bad, but Do can people come to a podcast twice or once you’re done you’re through — you can never come back again. This is your only time Historically is it like one and done? — I did drink champs twice Alright, so I want to save some shit for the next time — okay. Yeah for the next one. You don’t need every story we don’t need everything but No, I had no idea when he said a buck a bucket 380 on ones that act shady Right planet Asia was defar was there Phil the Agony was was there Rakka was — all my good friends, you know Everybody was in the room and he didn’t come out the booth and none of us went to him like it was It wasn’t there then I listened back after it. I realized what happened. He said Haley maybe a line or two later and Whatever it was it went A to B, and I was or I was out of that. You know what I’m saying? see your way out, you know and every now that was me I was over there I didn’t even Understand what was happening I Guess cuz Eminem and I had hung out with Mad Child my homie and we had — I want to ask you about Mad Child Yeah, we had I had Mad Child from Canada. We went to a To a unity thing we used to have in LA. I think it’s a bigger be big and be recipes of Orlando, I think We were watching he PMD or something like that and me a man and Mad Child We’re all just kicking it watching it wasn’t he was like around the scene doing a lot of the same shows We were at that time, so it was wasn’t weird to me I guess he felt like because maybe we had met and been cool that I single-handedly allowed Everlast to diss him. It wasn’t the case It was just something he did and he didn’t everlast knows he didn’t warn any of us. He did that You know what, I mean and whatever And so he went back at me personally because of it And you know Getting dissed by Eminem in the prime of his career I’ve been talking, no it was not cool The real Slim Shady was out he was on Over the top of the world probably the biggest rap moment in raps history arguably is the Emergence of Eminem — behemoth — Yeah, I went to there was a coffee shop I used to go to in the morning and get bagel and coffee and I went there and the girl looked at me one day and she just looked at me and just started laughing in my face and I was like and she was like “What are you gonna do?” That’s what she told me. What do you do? That’s crazy so I went back and wrote a rap against him and it Whether you like it don’t like it or anything in between I got respect, you know what I’m saying? I thought I did good for the time. I said some good shit And I just had more info on him because he was famous and I knew some girl in Detroit who knew things and she snitched on a bunch of little things and I was just like, okay and and then he hit me again with another diss It wasn’t that good. You know what I’m saying? It wasn’t he didn’t have much on me It’s not like he had a lot of or even cared to be honest either which way another one went out I didn’t feel a way about it and Then rest in peace Proof — Yeah rest in peace Proof man such a good dude, man. — My man montage got on a phone call with proof and bizarre types who rolls the stronger. Yeah Oh, he got on the phone with me and I believe bizarre and and proof all at the same time on a conversation and he said it’s over and he said Y’all don’t want it in Detroit Trust me and you got to come here and in LA you down everybody we’re down with Cypress exhibit etc. it makes no sense Yeah you doing were you working with Alchemist at the — of course and he — was he working with Eminem — not yet but they were you know probably wasn’t soon after that and They were still down regardless, you know what I mean? And so he was and I said, where’s Eminem and his quote to me? With montage and everyone as my witness? “So as I speak for Marshall,” so I said cool and he said “by the way There is one more diss that we did that’s coming out” But we put it only on the bonus joint because we’re trying to end and so don’t respond to that You know, no and when I heard it again, he really wasn’t going at me It was more Everlast, you know what I mean? And so that was it, it whittled away eventually You know Paul and I are cool right I seen him and Em backstage at a festival one time with alchemist you know, there was a little like we’re cool and I get played on che four or five like I’m blessed that whole thing Couldn’t have worked out any fucking better. Like nothing really happened. I got to get respect for not backing down to somebody Who’s — you stood you ground — Godzilla, you know what? I mean? And then that was it That’s dumb. Yeah, um tell me more about your special connection with Alchemists and stepbrothers and this is such a special thing for hip-hop. — Yeah he’s like a He’s definitely one of my best friends if not the one and He’s a special dude and he’s a weird he’s a weird guy Very overly driven knowing him. Well, it comes from his pops. Mm-hm, you know who was just like a force, yeah, you know and He’s just like some people are Just good at shit, man. You know what I’m saying? Like and he’s like, he’s a dude I don’t know if he can or not But if you give him a drum kit, he’ll have it going by the end of the day or a video game He’s gonna beat it. You know what I mean? he’s just one of those like determined people where things click and um I do I do say it a lot and I’ll say it again is I always always remind myself when I’m hanging out with him that yes, this is my friend, but This is the guy who did this. This is the guy who did this This is the guy who did this that I watched go from Completely just copying premiere and copying large professor. We used to not use his beats because they were just bites You know what? I mean? it was like Rappers are in danger comes out and he’s got a horn beat sound just like that and he could do it though That was the interesting part is like — it’s interesting Like when you when you speak about high tech with reverence? When I first met him what he was doing was he was trying to copy Diamond D. And it’s show biz and premiere and all them and it’s like and he because he didn’t have the relationships or the resources I think a lot of producers who weren’t in that New York crew were overworking like working hard like how like going all out They way but that’s how you become Great It is it’s like you you take apart a car and put it back together You know how it works. You know what I mean? You didn’t build the car. So I Watched an interview with the MTA. Mm-hmm. When he said there’s only three steps to like any art and it’s imitation Emulation innovation you saying the first one is I’m paraphrasing But the first one is where you see something and you say I want to do that so you copy it Then the second one you move on and then you’re not You’re not like listening like like oh the kicks go like that and then you’re doing them like that It’s not like that anymore but you’re still considering and then the third one is where you just You become you or whatever and I watched him go through all of those phases He’s he’s entered innovation recently like even in the recent years He’s my probably biggest inspiration for getting older and not getting worse, you know, so yeah So he’s just he’s a ill dude, he could rap Coming up. He was the best rapper around us. Mm-hmm He always had this little when his voice before he got big. He had this grand Puba MC Lyte kind of voice It was crazy Try to put that together in my mind right now It was crazy and yeah just to watch his evolution Throw rapping to the back and be determined to be one of the best producers and achieve it is it’s inspiring So even till today every day, — you’re no slouch yourself on production. — I’m working at it — You know, you’re your production style is a foundation for West Coast hip-hop a foundation for you know dilated is Dilated peoples is such an important group in the history of West Coast hip-hop in the history of underground hip-hop in history You have independent hip-hop Man, y’all really did that man shout-out to Babu It’s not to Rakka — and all the other producers too — that came on those records, you know But I but you were like the Grandmaster of it right — sound wise — Yeah Yeah, like so can you just give us a little bit of the history of how Dilated started? Dilated started with a Rak, meeting Rakka. It’s a place similar, it’s funny. There’s a place in LA called the hip hop shop, in Detroit there was a place called the hip hop shop, it’s the same thing. It was a place on Melrose graffiti artists went open mic We would go there all the time Rakka worked there. I had a beat from QD III at that time having a beat from a producer wasn’t normal thing. So I would use that to go around be like I Got beats from QD III. You don’t know what I mean or whatever, but I still didn’t want to rap alone I knew that so I was looking for somebody Alchemist and Scott Caan had formed their hooligans happening, so I wasn’t going to be part of that and I Think I wanted to rap with somebody who look like me more. But that didn’t happen either. and so I found Rakka and I met him and the cool thing was is he asked I asked him to kick a rap and he opened this book and he had a rap and it said verse one and then it’s Finished and then it wrote hook and then that happened and verse two and I was like, wow, what an organized thinker I hadn’t met anybody who was like writing in song form — people writing bars — Yeah. He wasn’t writing just bars He kind of had like a vision So I was like let’s do a song we did over some QD III beats and they were and the songs weren’t good I think we developed over a long period of time some groups Get to get good and then they come out killing shit and I think we came out Doing our best think and people got to watch our our evolution publicly, you know, which is dope I remember the impact of his work the angles for me. That shit was crazy Just is that what’s the first single is that the first single? No, the first thing was third degree with the Defari — Third degree. That’s right. Third degree I bought that at Fat Beats. Yeah, but I remember work the angles Just smother, I DJ now, I still play that record. — We went through the roof with that That was like we got on like radio. I used to drive around and go from power 106 to the beat at the time the two killing it and yeah We’d be on both the same time, I mean flippin back and forth Friday nights You know all the mix shows were happening You don’t I mean and so yeah, it was it was just a really like that was one That’s why our stories connect because black star and reflection eternal happens when we leave New York, and we come to do unity That’s when that’s that’s my at the beginning of that’s my origin story Doing performing four to five live at unity because they were playing it on Friday night flavors after like work the angles Yeah, and in between that and a field agony of the fire, I record or something. — Yeah, that scene was crazy. Yeah Yeah, good times man. I’m I were near the end, but I did have another question I wanted to ask you based on something you said earlier. This is a world that I don’t know about So hip hop is you’re completely hip hop I didn’t know that you were a writer hip hop has writers and exciters and all that. I Remember just growing up in New York graffiti Such a huge part of the culture, but I’ve never had a tag and ever had an I didn’t have a book I’d never wrote my name in bubble letters and stuff. — What? — No, I didn’t do any of that. — I’m sorry. I’m sorry Oh my god, that’s all I would do in class But William Upski, which a writer for the Source used to be a graffiti writer back in the day he wrote a book called “Bomb the Suburbs” that I read when I was a teenager and what was Incredible to me about this book was he grew up in Chicago? but the graffiti scene for him was freight trains and he was talking about Doing big huge pieces like they didn’t have the subway So they’re doing pieces on freight trains and how he just would jump into like freight train cars and travel the country and that was the graffiti scene for him and I’m like as a New Yorker who grew up You know with the inner city jungle vibe and the concrete. I’m like wait a second. You’re out in some field somewhere Can you tell me what the LA graffiti scene was? Like when you were a kid and how it differs from the youth of New York City Venice Beach was like the mecca of that for the West Side, right? And the East Side might have had the panic zone or Delmont tunnel or these different things but it was based on yards and yards were train tracks Yeah
I want you to keep going but I want to just jump in you describe be real as a hero and when he was on A show he talked about how he got his name because it was a graffiti tag name. He tagged it on a wall Got you, but yeah, keep going. — Yes, so that was it. Graffiti was the was the thing and it’s funny. We I never When we did music, I think we carried Rakka was a graffiti artist too I think we carried a lot of that mentality into the music which is could be a Reason for — like Artifacts did — no not no, just a mentality and saying maybe what I mean by that is graffiti is you would do your work and then What your work was on the wall is how you if people knew who you were Was how you got judged there was nobody to see you make it so you could be anything or any walk of life nobody knew and until they find out that’s you and then when they do it’s like Uncovering a mystery movie. You’re like some mythical creature just all to say is we started our shit We put stickers on our covers. We didn’t our first album second album, third album. No faces on the cover we were still kind of like Let’s not sell us. Let’s sell the work — who did that logo — Breton Rollins — okay Well, Rollins did some stuff for us. — He’s one of the Great’s of all time — He did a Black Starscover, right? Yea he did that little thing, the guy who did the black star cover Also did the Dialated logo — little boys in the hood logo. He did Did every logo gangster — was there ever like a time where you were Tagging like the police almost caught you you had to like. — Yeah, I got caught. Yeah, that wasn’t the shit I didn’t get caught by the police I got caught by a construction worker who saw me bombing and grabbed me and held me until the cops came What — it was the concerned citizen. A Good Samaritan — Fuck that guy — I’m making a citizen’s arrest, right? — Yeah I bet you know how to get out of that now that I do. Yeah Shout out to the Gracie family I’ve been doing jujitsu for a long time. Yeah, that’s the that would have been the answer. — No doubt. Well Evidence gonna kick somebody’s ass to get out of line. — No only know how to get out of something — You just gotta run after that, huh? –Yeah, but I’m out Ladies and gentlemen Evidence is in the house. — Thank you for having this is my first podcast. — This is your first podcast ever? We popped your cherry? I Love it

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