Take a stand: Membership Moves Medicine™

We can sit idly in our own practices or in our own academic institutions, and not really realize what’s going on outside of that realm. But banding together, with our patients, is key to us having any
impact in Washington or in our own communities. I feel like I’m moving medicine
by really being involved. I’m involved as a volunteer, at the Veteran’s Administration, I’m involved as a caregiver and healer in my own private practice. I’m involved as a tireless
advocate for patients and physicians by being
involved in organized medicine. I think the more you get involved, the more you know, the more you can do, the more you can really help. And that’s why being involved in the AMA, which is the only unifying organization for all physicians in the country, is so important to me. Please, get involved,
what’s holding you back?

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