Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2893 – Full Episode – 27th December 2019

Jethalaal digs his own grave
and then he drags me along. He is calling.. What should I say? Jethalaal, from the time
I have come to office I have been thinking
about a solution but I was unable to find it. I don’t have any
words to comfort you. Mr. Mehta.. Give a resignation.. You should resign from
your post of helping me. I am really sorry Jethalaal. What sorry.. You said you’ll
figure it out in the morning and in the morning you said you’ll figure it when
you reach office and now you are saying,
you can’t find a solution. You said sorry,
I am not able to think. What should I do now? What can I do? It’s not that I am not trying,
I am trying but I am not able
to find a solution. Please forgive me.
I am sorry. What can we do now? Do one thing, do ten sit ups. What are you saying? Why are you laughing? Because I found a solution. Were you fooling
around with me? Yes. What! I left all my work
and I am thinking of a solution for your problem and you are fooling around. I had called you to tell you
that I have found a solution but you started speaking
before I could say anything. So I thought I
should fool around with you. Jethalaal.. Tell me the solution. I’ll prepare the food here and
take it to Ms. Babita’s house and I’ve told this to Ms. Babita
and she is fine with it. How will you prepare
food in the shop? I mean I’ll prepare it
in the ware house I have recently bought
induction’s agency so I can prepare food on that. You are saying it so casually wherever you prepare it
either in a shop or ware house you know you can’t cook,
right? I don’t know it but
Mr. Nattu and Baga know it. They’ll teach me how to cook. Are you sure they know how to
prepare authentic Gujarati food? Yes. Think about it, Jethalaal.
Aiyar’s job is at stake. After your office you come here and taste it so that
you know how is it. And we’ll go home together. Okay.
I’ll do my work and come. I couldn’t do
anything since morning. Mr. Nattu, where is Baga? He has not come yet. How can it take so
long to buy spices? He is a perfectionist. What? He is perfect in what he does. There are many types of spices so we have to check
and then buy it else the food
won’t be delicious. What did you say? Delicious.. Okay. He is not picking up calls. Where has he
gone to by spices.. Kerala? Who is calling me again
and again? Boss.. Boss is calling
you again and again. Boss.. I called you
because you got late. I need to check the quality
of the spices.. Yes, Mr. Nattu told me. Uncle Nattu told you
but still you kept on calling.. I wanted to know that
by when will you come. I have come.. Did you get everything? Yes, I have got everything spices, utensils and everything that is required
to prepare ‘Daal Dhokli’. Boss, let’s get started. What? Let’s start preparing
‘Daal Dhokli’. Yes. Hold on.. Uncle Nattu are you wearing
this apron or should I? What? I’ll wear it. As I have promised Ms. Babita that I’ll prepare food. You both teach me how to cook and I’ll prepare it. Okay.
Come here. Boss has become a cook. Now a cooker! First we’ll take a cooker. Baga.. Sorry.. First we’ll take a cooker.
Take it. Took it. Now keep it on the induction. Now, remove the lid
of the pressure cooker. No, sir, that’s the whistle.
Remove it from here. Where?
– From here. Pull it up and then remove it.
– Okay. Take it. It’s a defective piece.
It does not open. It’s not a defective container.
Hold on. It is used like this.
Like this. Ready? Now, take this vessel.
– Okay. Now, there is pigeon peas
kept in that bag and there is a bowl
kept in the bag adjacent to it. This one.
– Yes. Now, there are four
people, right? Yes. – So, add four cups
of pigeon peas to the vessel. Take the water. Add some water in this
and wash the lentils. Done. Now, add the rest of the water
in this. Let’s keep both of these
vessels down. Baga, no. What did sir say? He will do everything
on his own. Let him do it. Sir will keep it down.
Sir, keep it. Now take out the plate
from the bag. Take out the flour packet
from the first bag. There is a pair of scissors
in that. Take it. Okay. Now, cut it. It does not work. Oh. Now, add the flour
to this. Now it’s time to add the spices. Yes, it’s here.
– All right. What is coordinator? Sir, it’s not coordinator
it’s coriander. It’s the coriander powder.
Take it. What is this? These are carom seeds. Salt.
– yes, you need that. Cut each and every packet
using scissors and mix the items
inside the packet with the flour. Now, add oil in this.
It’s done. Give it to me.
Now mix it. Mix it properly, sir. Now add some water
to the flour. Add it.
Enough. Enough.
Hey, enough, sir. When I say enough
then it’s enough. Okay.
Sorry. Now mix the water and flour. Is it done? Take out the rolling pin
and board from the bag. Now make a chapatti
using this dough on the rolling board.
And knife.. Oh, God! Sir, I forgot to bring a knife.
– So? Don’t worry, sir. The new stock of knives
which has come to our shop.. I mean, the stock which
has come along with microwave oven.
I will get a knife from that stock. Yes, get it quickly. Hold on. Mr. Baga. – Yes?
– Nitin had called up. Yes, he called me as well.
His Ac.. I am from ‘A One Electronics’. Hey, welcome, Mr. Aditya. You’re so famous. I wanted to meet Mr. Jethalaal.
It’s quite urgent. ‘How do I tell him
that sir is preparing’ ‘Dal Dhokli’ at the time
of work?’ Where is Mr. Jethalaal? Well..
– He is in the godown. Please take me to him.
It’s urgent. Okay, come on. Come on, ma’am. Sir. ‘These people are here.’ ‘There is no end
to my troubles.’ ‘What must they be
thinking of me’ ‘after seeing me in
this condition?’ ‘I hope they don’t cancel
the dealership.’ ‘Hey, why did you
bring them here?’ ‘I didn’t bring them.’
‘Madan told them.’ Welcome, Mr. Aditya.
Welcome. These are my associates Maya and Nikita. Hello.
– Hello. Hell.. Hello. Mr. Jethalaal,
what is going on here? Well.. This.. Forget all this.
You tell me what brings you here? I had come here
to introduce you to my associates and I wanted
pictures of you for my sales magazine Sir, how will we take
his pictures like this? What happened? – Mr. Jethalaal, we will
have to click the pictures today because we need
to give these pictures printed on the magazine.
– So they are saying that how will we
take your pictures like this? No, it’s just.. – Sorry,
it’s none of my business but I am just curious that you have left your shop
and you’re preparing food at the basement? Are you planning
to open up a restaurant? No, this is just.. No, Mr. Aditya. The thing is we were to check
the quality of electric stove by cooking food on it. Yes. Sir uses all the items
and checks the quality before selling it. So that there is no defect and he can give the right
information about the product. That’s a nice thing. I think we should click
Mr. Jetha’s picture this way. It will be an
interesting article. Yes, take it.
Take the pictures. You can keep the knife aside. Keep the knife down. A picture with knife..
– S-Sorry. Thank you! Thank you very much,
Mr. Jethalaal. You carry on with your testing.
We’ll take your leave. Thank you. Please give me
a copy of the photo. Sure.
– Absolutely. – Okay. That’s wonderful Baga
and Mr. Nattu! The two of you saved me again.
– Don’t worry, Mr. Jetha. Don’t fear when we’re here. Mr. Jetha, do this.
Cut the flour in diamond shape and put it in this vessel. These Kesar Burfis looks like Cashewnut Burfis,
right? – Yes. What next?
– Put it in this, Mr. Jetha. Hold on.
Let’s taste it now. It smells so good! – It smells
wonderful, Mr. Jetha. That’s wonderful.. How does it taste?
– It’s tasty. – Isn’t it? But there’s something missing. Please taste it, Uncle Nattu. Yes, Baga..
You’re right. “Baga!” Which ingredient
did we forget to add? Jaggery! Uncle Nattu,
the jaggery is missing. ‘Dal Dhokli’ won’t get a
Gujarati touch without jaggery. In that case all our efforts
will go in vain! – Exactly! ‘Baga!’ Wonderful!
– ‘Nattu!’ It’s delicious, Mr. Jetha.. This is called
the Gujarati ‘Dal Dhokli’! Thank you.. That’s wonderful Mr. Nattu
and Baga! Give the spatula,
let me taste some. Please taste it..
– Give it to me.. Wonderful!
It’s delicious! Thank you, Baga
and Mr. Nattu. I narrowly survived
because of the two of you. Thank you!
Thank you, Baga! Thank you! – You can’t get away
by just thanking us. We want something in return.
– Ask me whatever you want. I will get whatever you want.
Ask me. I won’t wish for too much.
I just want a bungalow a vehicle and a foreign trip.
– Oh! ‘Baga!’ You just taught me
how to cook ‘Dal Dhokli’ and you want bungalow, vehicle
and foreign trip in return! Mr. Jetha, that’s the name
of a movie that we’re going to watch
this evening. Oh.. What kind of titles
do they name the movie with! Go and watch it happily.
– ‘Nattu!’ The money for the tickets,
snacks Samosas, popcorn, cold drink will be borne by me. Thank you..
– Thank you, Mr. Jetha. Thank you. Jethalaal,
you have turned the godown into a kitchen!
– Absolutely! Please come, Mr. Mehta.
The food is ready. Chef Jethalaal,
you seem to be very excited. Tell me
what you’ve prepared, pal. ‘Dal Dhokli’.
– Oh! ‘Dal Dhokli’! – Yes. That’s wonderful, Jethalaal. My mouth has started watering. I like ‘Dal Dhokli’ so much that I can eat a plate full. Then taste the ‘Dal Dhokli’ cooked by your best friend
for the first time. Taste it!
Why should I taste it? I can make out from the smell
that it’s delicious! I’m sure it’s tasty. Mr. Mehta, I understand
you’re very fond of ‘Khichiya’ but forget about it now. All three of us tasted it,
and it’s delicious! ‘Baga!’ – Mr. Nattu and Baga,
did you taste it? Yes, we did.
– Let me taste some.. Please serve Mr. Mehta
some ‘Dal Dhokli’. Jethalaal, did you prepare
this ‘Dal Dhokli’? Yes. I mean, I cooked it
under the guidance of Mr. Nattu and Baga.
But it was I who prepared it. It’s so delicious, pal..
That’s wonderful, Jethalaal. ‘Baga!’
It’s wonderful.. I’m loving it! It’s excellent,
fantastic, delicious! It’s amazing!
Too good! Aiyar will be happy
when he eats it. It’s absolutely good!
– Okay. Stop it..
It’s enough.. How much do I owe you?
– Hold on, I’ll pay him. I’ll pay him. – It’s not going
to make any difference. It’s okay.
– Let me pay. One moment.
– I’ve already paid. Okay, Jethalaal.
All the best. No, no, wait. Tell you what?
You, too, come with me. Where to?
– To Mr. Aiyar’s house. Why?
What is that thing people say? Floral support. It is moral support,
not floral support. Okay.
You understood, right? It is not about me
understanding it, Jethalaal. You, too,
should understand and learn it. So that you don’t commit
a mistake the next time. Fine. Don’t come. Mr. Jetha.
Good evening, Mr. Jetha. Good evening, Mr. Mehta.
– Good evening. Good evening, Goli. Mr. Jetha, what is there in it?
– In what? In the thing you are
holding in your hand. Nothing at all. Lie! I’m getting such nice aroma of
‘Daal Dhokli’ from it. And you are saying
that there is nothing in it. Aroma of ‘Daal Dhokli’!
– Yes. No!
Mr. Mehta, are you getting the aroma of ‘Daal Dhokli’? My nose is blocked since
morning, Jethalaal. Your nose might be blocked,
Mr. Mehta, not mine. And my olfactory senses
can never be wrong. I am one hundred percent sure that there is
‘Daal Dhokli’ in this bag. Listen, Goli..
– Mr. Jetha, don’t lie. Give me some to taste. I can’t. Means, there is
‘Daal Dhokli’ in this bag. That means I was right. Thank you, God.
Thank you so much for blessing me with such
fantastic olfactory senses. Mr. Jetha,
give me some to taste. Only a little.
I am not asking for a lot. Only a bit. Goli, I can’t because this
is for some special guest. Mr. Mehta, tell him.
– Yes, Goli, listen he can’t give it
to you to taste. It has been made
for a special guest. That’s what even I said.
Say something else. What else can I say, Jethalaal? Say such a thing by which
this Goli stops insisting that he wants to taste this
‘Daal Dhokli’. And allows me to go
to my destination safely. Listen, Goli,
spare Jethalaal now. He will treat you to a better
‘Daal Dhokli’ tomorrow. Very special and yummy
‘Daal Dhokli’. Isn’t it, Jethalaal?
– Sure. I promise. But, Mr. Mehta,
that will be tomorrow. What about the
hunger I am feeling now after taking in such
nice aroma of it. I have an idea, Goli. Go to Abdul’s shop
and have ice cream from my account.
– Yes. Not done, Mr. Jetha. The taste of ice
cream can’t match the taste of ‘Daal Dhokli’. Then, Goli,
you can eat whatever you want and however much you want. Go to Abdul’s
shop and have it. Tell him to add the
bill to my account. Fine.
But, Mr. Jetha you will definitely treat me to
‘Daal Dhokli’ tomorrow, right? Sure. If not tomorrow,
day after tomorrow or the day after it. Do you see, Mr. Mehta? You said that he will
treat me to it tomorrow. But he is not
committing for tomorrow. Jethalaal!
– Sorry. Tomorrow.. I promise. – He will treat you
to it tomorrow. He surely will, Goli.
Okay? – Fine. Bye, Mr. Mehta.
Bye, Mr. Jetha. Bye, Goli.
– Okay. Bye, Goli. No!
– Goli, go and have ice cream. Yes. It was a narrow escape. Your ‘Daal Dhokli’ got saved.
– Yes. Otherwise,
saving food from Goli is like stealing food
from a lion’s mouth. True, Jethalaal.
Anyway, forget about all this. You are getting late.
So, carry on. Mr. Mehta,
please come with me. Jethalaal, not again. You don’t need
any moral support. You are a capable person.
Carry on. That’s all fine, Mr. Mehta. But you know that bad luck
follows me everywhere. Things go wrong with
me at the last moment. I am afraid that
while going upstairs this bag might slip from
my hands on the staircase and the entire food might
spill to the ground. That’s why, I am insisting. So, Jethalaal,
what you mean is that I should carry this food,
upstairs, is it? – Yes. Nothing of that sort is
going to happen. Stop thinking negative. Carry the bag
slowly and carefully. Nothing will go wrong.
– But, Mr. Mehta.. – Jethalaal with such a great difficulty
we got rid of Goli. Before Dr. Hathi comes here,
you better leave from here. Okay. Friends,
it is time for the verdict. It is a do or die situation.
This saying ‘the wheat will be’ ‘separated from
the chaff’ has become old. The verdict on how the
‘Daal Dhokli’ tastes will be given now. Because it has been prepared
and brought to the Society. Jethalaal, Mr. Nattu,
Baga and me all of us loved this
‘Daal Dhokli’. But now the question is,
will Aiyar’s boss like it? If not, what is going to happen?
Will Aiyar’s boss get annoyed? If he gets annoyed,
will Aiyar’s job be in danger? Will he come to
know that Jethalaal has prepared the ‘Daal Dhokli’
taking Nattu and Baga’s help? To find out what is
going to happen next you’ll have to watch ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Whatever happens,
it will be tasty, delicious spicy and amazing like the
‘Daal Dhokli’. Keep watching, Keep laughing. ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’.

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