Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2868 – Full Episode – 22nd November, 2019

That’s amazing!
Are you throwing a party? Yes, I’ve arranged a party
especially for you. Here we are, Dad. Champaklaal is here.
Oh, even Jethalaal is here. He didn’t come on his own,
I brought him. Happy birthday.. Champaklaal,
what kind of joke is this? I’m standing here. What!
– Please come closer. – Sure. Happy birthday, Natha.. I’m so sorry.
My glasses broke, that’s why. But how did your glasses break?
– Exactly. That’s a big story.
I’ll tell you later. My vision is very hazy
without the glasses. That’s why I got Jetha
along with me. Happy birthday, Mr. Natha. Give me a hug today. Thank you, my dear.
– May every parent be blessed with a son like you. How is everyone doing?
– Amazing! Champaklaal,
how did your glasses break? Jetha broke my glasses.
– What! I broke them by accident, Dad,
not on purpose. Why are you saying so?
– That’s what I meant.. Champaklaal, that reminds me
of something. In yesterday’s episode
of ‘Mera Baap Mera Dushman’ the son broke his
father’s glasses deliberately. Really?
What happened then? Then what!
The father turned blind. And the son
got Champaklaal’s signature on the property papers by saying that
it was ration card. And he ousted him
from home. What are you saying,
Mr. Tiwari? Exactly!
What are you saying? Why are you mentioning
my name? – Exactly. Your story and
that of the soaps is similar. That’s why,
I took your name. No..
Jetha is not a person like that. He didn’t break my glasses
deliberately. He stepped on it
by mistake. And do you know? He has come with me
as my third eye. Dad!
– It’s okay. No..
I was just joking. We all know that Jethalaal
is a person of good values. You’re too much! Jetha, don’t take it seriously. We, retired people,
make such jokes. It’s our habit
to make such jokes. – Exactly! He’s right. You’re right.
Laughing is good for health. Even I keep laughing
whenever I get a chance. Okay, Jetha,
answer my question. Sure, go ahead. Four people built a wall
in two days. Then how long
will it take two people to build the same wall?
Take a guess. Four days.
– Come on, Jetha? That’s the wrong answer. Not even one day. How come? – The four people
have already built the wall. One more.. – Did you like
my jokes so much, Jethalaal? No, I didn’t like it at all.
It was too bad. I’m asking you to share
one more hoping that one will be better. Hey. You people became so serious.
I’m just joking. That was too good, Mr. Tiwari.. You are too much, Jethalaal. I asked you
to share another joke because I saw dad laughing
after hearing the joke. I felt very happy
to see him laughing. Actually, he has been very upset
since morning since his glasses broke. Okay, then let me tell you all
another joke. Enough of jokes and fun.
We’ll continue with it later. First, let’s celebrate
Natha’s birthday. No.
Let’s exercise first and then we will celebrate
the birthday. That’s all right too. Dad.
– Yes? Ms. Babita has also
come to this park to exercise.
So, shall I go meet her? Yes, go ahead.
Anyway I’ll take time. You all please take care
of dad. Yes..
– Don’t worry about me. You carry on.
– Yes. Let’s get started.
– Sure. Ms. Babita! ‘She seems to be listening
to music on high volume.’ Ms. Babita! ‘She is running so fast.’ ‘I can’t catch up
with her speed.’ ‘I’ll take a short cut.’ Ms. Babita. Good morning, Ms. Babita.
– Good morning, Mr. Jetha. You scared me.
– I called you so many times. Even when you were running
that side I called you but seems like you’re listening
to music in high volume that’s why you couldn’t hear me. Yes. You’re running very fast. Did you come here
for jogging as well? Don’t you always say
that we should take care of our health?
– Exactly. The better we look after
our body the better our body
will treat us. Wow, Ms. Babita. When you say
such smart things it makes me feel
that you’re not a pretty lady. What? I mean, you’re not only
a pretty lady but you’re intelligent
as well. Thank you.
– You’re booty with bran. It’s called beauty with brains.
– Oh, sorry! Exactly. So, have you come here
to jog only for today or are you going to come here
every day? No, I am going to come here
every day. I think from tomorrow onwards both of us should come here
together to exercise. Not just the two of us,
three of us. Three?
Who’s the third one? Aiyar.
– Oh, yes! He comes here too. Where is he?
I don’t see him. He was here jogging with me
a while ago he must be around. Good morning,
Mr. Champaklaal. Who are you? Aiyar?
– Yes, Aiyar. Did you not recognise me?
– No, nothing like that. Actually, I am not wearing
my glasses that’s why. What happened to your glasses? Yesterday Jetha stepped
on my glasses and they broke. Jethalaal ruins everything. No, it happened by mistake. The thing is, without glasses my vision is very hazy. Jetha was compelled to
come here with me. There has to be a compulsion or Jethalaal would never wake up
so early. By the way,
where is he? He saw Ms. Babita here
so he has gone to meet her. Mr. Champaklaal,
I will take your leave now. Okay. There is something
very beautiful about the morning atmosphere,
isn’t it? The chirping of birds the fresh and crisp air the gentle rays of the sun all of these things
motivate us to exercise. The people who don’t
wake up early and exercise have no idea what
they’re missing out in life, Ms. Babita. Am I right?
– Yes, you are. In fact, I am so glad that you understand
the importance of exercise. What was that, Babita?
Did you just say that Jethalaal understands
the importance of exercise? Yes. What a joke! This is not a joke,
Mr. Aiyar. You’ll be glad to know
that from today I have also become.. What is it called?
Fitness fish. Jethalaal, it’s not called
‘fitness fish’ it’s called ‘fitness freak’. Yes, whatever it is. From today onwards
I have decided that I’ll become
the fittest resident of Gokuldham Society.
– Exactly. In fact a while ago
he was telling me that from now onwards
he’ll exercise with us everyday. Isn’t it?
– Yes. So, tomorrow onwards
you’ll exercise every morning? Yes. – Then what
are you doing here today? Hey, what sort of a question
is he asking? I have come here
to exercise today. Jethalaal, why are you lying? Hey! Aiyar.
– Babita, I’m telling the truth that Jethalaal is lying. He did not come here
to exercise. Last night, he accidentally
broke his father’s glasses. That’s why, his father
can’t see properly. That’s why, Jethalaal had to
come with him to help him. Oh, my God!
Mr. Champaklaal’s glasses broke? Well.. – He must be
having another pair, right? What do you mean?
He’s perfectly fine. And he’s exercising over there.
Look.. He’s exercising
without my help. See, Mr. Aiyar.
He doesn’t need my help. And I’ve come here today
to exercise. ‘I know that you haven’t come
to exercise.’ ‘I’ll now make you
do exercise properly.’ Jethalaal, you’ve come
to exercise, right? Then let’s exercise. But before doing exercise,
we have to warm up. Come on, let’s jog.
Come on.. Jethalaal, what happened?
Are you tired? No, I am not tired. Then why did you stop? Who will take care of dad?
Your.. It’s not your job,
it’s mine. I have to look after dad
as well, right? Just to make sure he’s okay.
– Didn’t you just say that he doesn’t need
your help, right? He doesn’t, but.. I am his son, right?
I can’t leave him like this. I have to take care whether
he’s fine or not, right? I was just checking whether
father is fine or not. – Oh. When did you guys overtake me? Babita, we didn’t overtake. You finished one round,
but Jethalaal is still here. He stopped. It’s okay, Aiyar.
It’s his first day, right? People get a little tired
on the first day. It’s okay. No, I am not.. No..
Ms. Babita, what are you.. I am not tired.
Come on.. Come on.
– Okay. Come on, Jethalaal.
Fast.. What happened?
Are you tired? Hey! Hey!
Jethalaal! Champaklaal.
– Yes? That’s all for today. Come on, let’s cut
Natha’s cake. Where is Natha?
– I am here.. Here..
– Yes.. Come on, let’s cut the cake.
– Come on. Jethalaal,
we’re talking about stretching. What does it mean?
– Well.. – I’ll tell him. Come on. Okay.
Stand with your feet apart. Now, we have to stretch
our body. Like this..
Did you do it? Now, touch the ground. What happened, Jethalaal? Touch the ground. Like this.
– Try. This side.. Jethalaal,
you shouldn’t take support. You have to do it without
taking support. Like this. You’re tottering
without support. Show me how to do it.
– Look. Aiyar. Come on, do it.
– The other leg. The other one.
– Okay. I did it.
– You didn’t do it. You have to do it again. I did it. The instructor said,
I did it. Aiyar,
continue with the stretches. Okay. Yes, perfect.. I did it!
I did it.. It’s okay.
– Babita.. That’s enough for today.
Jethalaal is exhausted. No, I am not tired.
I am having a great time. Mr. Jetha, it’s okay.
Today is your first day. Don’t put too much strain
on your body. Okay, Ms. Babita,
I’ll do as you say. Babita, let’s go now.
– Okay. Mr. Jetha,
let’s go home together. No, carry on. I think
dad will take time. I will go home with him.
– Okay, no problem. All right, I’ll see you.
– Thank you, Ms. Babita. Jethalaal, let’s meet tomorrow
in the morning. Let’s meet tomorrow.
You’ll come, won’t you? Of course.
We shall meet tomorrow. We shall surely meet.
– Of course, why not! All right, bye.
– Bye! See you! Bye.
– Okay! Move over,
let me sit for some time. No, I want to swing. You’ve swung enough. Let me sit.
– No, let me swing.. Come on.
– Come on, sir! I’ll remember this. Now scoot. Oh, no! Where are the house keys? ‘I think I dropped them
when I was jogging.’ ‘Oh, God!’ Are we going to wait here?
Come, let’s go. It’s time.
Let’s go home. What’s the hurry, Tiwari?
Where’s Jetha? What’s the hurry? Is your
girlfriend waiting for you? Don’t be silly, Mulchand.
– Let’s wait for some time. We can leave once Jetha is here.
– Right.. Let’s wait. What are you all saying, guys? Did you all forget the rule
of our group? That none of us should face
inconvenience because of each other.
Is that right? Why should all of you face
inconvenience because of me? You guys may leave.
Jetha is somewhere inside the park.
I’ll wait for him here. You all go.
Carry on. Go home. Champaklaal, don’t be silly.
We’ll wait. – Right. I’m telling you, you can leave.
What do you all think? Jetha will leave
without taking me? Please leave.
I’ll wait here. Go. Fine, Champak. We will leave
if you insist. – Fine.. Stay right here.
– Right. You’re not wearing
your spectacles. You may fall down
and hurt yourself. Come on! Fine.
I won’t move from this place. Is that fine? Carry on.
– Fine, let’s go. – Let’s go.. Sir, please move.
I have to sweep. Sir, move. ‘Where’s the key?’ ‘Where did I drop the key?’ ‘I hope I find it.’ ‘I’ll get it from dad
otherwise.’ ‘Hey!
I found the key!’ ‘Thank God!’ ‘Hey!
Where did dad go?’ Where on earth is Jetha? He who sails on two boats
often ends up drowning. Because the boats will go
in their own directions. One goes one way and the other
will go the other way. The sailor sinks
in a sea of worries. That’s exactly what Jethalaal
is going through. You will surely get
into a problem when you aim for two things
at a time. He was taking care
of Mr. Champaklaal and also wanted to fulfil
his wish of meeting Ms. Babita. His wishes were multiple. He got into trouble
and Mr. Champaklaal got lost. Mr. Champaklaal got lost owing
to circumstances and not because of Jethalaal.
Jethalaal had lost his keys and while he was looking
for it, his father got lost It wasn’t his fault. But Mr. Champaklaal getting lost
is expected because he’s unable
to see clearly. But Jethalaal had vowed
to be his third eye. What will happen next?
There will surely be chaos. Jethalaal is neck deep
in trouble and you’re going to have fun.
We will have to wait and watch if Jethalaal can find
Mr. Champaklaal who’s more popular
as the ‘man who goes missing’ or if there’s going to be
some new problem. To find out, keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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