Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2847 – Full Episode – 24th October, 2019

What are you doing here? What is he saying?
– What did you say? You didn’t get what I said,
right? – No. Exactly. Even I don’t understand
what you say in your language. Oh! I asked,
what are you doing here? Over here? – Yes.
– Well, over here.. I have lost my cheque.
I kept it in my pocket. So, I was wondering
if I dropped it here. So, I came here looking for it.
– Really? ‘Oh, Lord! Even he started
looking for my cheque.’ ‘I have to send him away.’ My phone is ringing.
It’s on silent mode I didn’t realise.
Hello, Mr. Nattu. You found the cheque? So, it was in the drawer?
Okay.. Okay, fine.
He cheque the found, okay? You found it.
What did the secretary say? Did he give you the key?
– No.. He didn’t give the key. I told you, he’s a shrewd man.
– Right. Why don’t you try?
He may give you the keys. No.. My birth number is eight
and we don’t get along well. Anyway, I don’t have time.
I have to go to Churchgate to pick my wife
from my in-laws’ place. You’re going to Churchgate, now?
– Yes.. See you.. – Okay.. ‘Wow! The secretary
is not here.’ ‘Even Mr. Thampi is going
to Churchgate.’ ‘It will be late evening
by the time he’s back.’ ‘So, we’re safe. We can get
the leakage work completed.’ ‘Thank You. Thank You, God!
Thank You.’ Who is it?
– Baga, it’s me. Open the door. Wait. Where did you get
this orange from? From the fridge.
– From whose fridge? From Mr. Iyer’s fridge. Are you crazy, Baga?
It’s someone else’s house. You’re eating the oranges from someone else’s house,
secretly? Actually, I was very thirsty. But I didn’t find water
in the fridge. Instead, I found this orange. So, I thought I’d eat
this orange to quench my thirst.
– Hey, Baga! It’s a known fact
that we shouldn’t take other’s belongings
without their permission. Keep it back.
– Fine. It’s Mr. Jetha’s call.
– Don’t answer. It’s a signal. It means,
Jethalaal has been caught. I think we should escape.
– Hey! Let’s go, Popat.
He’s very fast! Even I’ll take your leave.
– Bhide, wait! Let me talk to Mr. Jetha. Fine, answer the phone. Yes, Mr. Jetha, tell me.
– I have reached. Even you guys come one by one.
All right? Fine, we’re coming.
Bhide Mr. Jetha has reached safely. Oh!
Okay.. Bhide, come,
start your scooter. Popatlaal,
Jethalaal didn’t get caught. No? Yes. He has asked
to come upstairs. – Who! – You. Why me?
What did I do? Sodhi, you go first. Fine, I’ll go.
I’m not scared of anyone. Blessed be those.. Ones who follow Thy name.. Excuse me. Sir, where does Mr. Pandit stay? Downstairs. No..
Well, second floor. This is first floor.
He lives on second floor. Thank you. Lord Ganesha, please protect us. No one should see us. I have come to someone else’s
house without permission for the first time. If anybody learns about it..
What will people say? My reputation
will get tarnished. I will have to live with this
all my life. Lord, please save us. Nothing will happen, Bhide. I said it.
Look here. Sorry.. – None of the residents
on this floor are home. Everyone has gone out. Nobody will get to know
we are fixing the leakage here. Let’s assume
that we get into any trouble.. Why are you saying this?
Don’t be negative. Nothing will happen.
Be positive.. Yes.
There won’t be any problem. But if there’s any problem
then I.. We are here. We will solve
the problem, together. Really? When Jethalaal asked us
to come upstairs a while ago then you got ready to leave. ‘We are here..’ Do you know
what kind of friend you are? You want to enjoy and move on.
Forget about friendship. Bhide, you people are talking
rubbish. We are here
to fix the leakage. Let’s get it done and leave. Right.
– Exactly. Look at him. You keep quiet.
– How can we get it done, Sodhi? None of us are plumber.
Let the plumber arrive. Jethalaal, call him up
and ask him where he is. Sure. Who would have come? The owner must have
come back. We will be caught. I had told you
that it was a bad idea. But you don’t pay heed to me.
– Calm down. It must be the plumber,
Ghanshu Ghayal. I have called him. Oh, no!
The owner has come back. No. It can’t be the owner
of the house. Why?
– He has gone to Kerala. Right. – Has he gone there
to get settled? Won’t he come back?
He is holding a bag. Yes! What are you waiting for?
Go.. – Go and check. He is not the owner of the flat. He is the plumber,
Ghanshu Ghayal. Plumber? Jethalaal, why would a plumber
wear ‘Sherwani’? He is also a poet. He is going to attend a mushaira
this evening. He will go there
directly from here that’s why, he would’ve worn
‘Sherwani’. He will take it off
and finish his work. After that he’d get dressed
and attend the mushaira. Mr. Jetha, open the door.
– Okay. Ghanshu, get in.
Fast. Why are you talking so softly? And why are you
opening the door? Where is the owner of the flat? ‘He is questioning me
unnecessarily.’ ‘I have to ask someone
to pretend to be Mr. Iyer.’ He is inside.
Get in. I see. On this note, I would like
to recite a couplet. Not now.
Please. Please come in. You always stop me whenever I wish to recite
a couplet. I will step inside
after I recite a couplet. Sodhi, don’t beat him up.
Sodhi.. Idiot.. Come inside
and then say whatever you want.. Sir.. Who is this person
to drag me inside? I am the owner of this house. I see.
You are the owner. How can you be the owner? This house belongs to Mr. Iyer. I am seeing a Sikh Iyer
for the first time. Why can’t a Sikh be Iyer? My name is Roshan Singh Iyer. Do you have any objection? You have come here to work.
Start your work. I will explain, Ghanshu. He is Punjabi by birth. He got separated from
his parents in his childhood. Then a couple named Iyer
raised him. Since then his name
is Roshan Singh Iyer. Yes. Hold on. How do you know
so much about him? You were saying
that you don’t know anybody. It’s not difficult to find out
about someone. We had a conversation
and I learnt everything. You are here to work.
Start your work. Come on. – Yes.
– Please. I will do my work but what are so many people
doing here? They’re our relatives.
– Hello. Hello.
We’ve come from his village. I mean from Goregaon. Are you done now?
Can we start working now? Yes, we can start the work. But actually, I saw
from downstairs that the leakage
was towards the kitchen. So, please tell me
where the kitchen is. Over there. Right, sir?
It’s there, right? Yes, it’s there.
– Please come.. Yes, go..
Make it fast.. This way..
– I should call Mr. Nattu. Yes, tell me, sir. Have you all reached inside?
– Yes, we’ve reached. You just come and lock it
from outside quickly. Yes, sir. This is strange. Have you come here to eat Paan? I can’t think properly
if I don’t eat Paan. What do you mean? Have you come here to appear
in an exam? Leave all that..
– What is he saying? Paan is my pride. If I eat Paan,
I don’t make any mistake and quickly find the leakage. Just find it quickly, pal. Because we have to get out
of here after doing this. What’s wrong with you,
Jethalaal? Are you done? Just start the work.
Start the work, come on.. I am on it.. I found it! I found it! I found the leakage, sir!
I found it! Start.. Start the work.
– I am on it. Hey! Stop..
Hey, stop! Ghanshu,
if you’ll make so much of noise then we will go to jail. Jail! Why would we go to jail! H-He means to say
that if we make noise the neighbours
will be disturbed, right? And.. Sometimes they register
police complaint. Why are you scaring me? Don’t scare him, Popatlaal.
Bhide, don’t scare him. Bhide is a Marathi surname. Their surnames suggest
that they’re not relatives. No, his surname is not Bhide. Actually, he messes
with everyone. That’s why we call him Bhide.
– Yes.. – Right.. You people? You told me that you
don’t know anyone here. Now you know
his relatives as well. Hey, why are you asking
so many questions, Ghanshu! What are you saying? Just do your work! Once the task is over,
I will answer all your questions, okay? If you want, I’ll tell you
Sodhi’s complete history. Sodhi? Who is this Sodhi now? This Sikh man is Sodhi. Before Iyer,
His name was Sodhi. Okay? Okay.
– What do you mean, okay? Mr. Jetha,
what did you just say? Oh, come on, Sodhi. I meant, detail
about you and your family.. He’s talking about
family tree. – Yes. Oh.. Okay..
I got it. Have you got it?
Come on, start the work. Me? Oh, sorry.. You start the work, pal.
What are you waiting for? Quickly start the work. Yes, but don’t make noise.. Do it in such a way
that there’s no sound. Sir, my tools do not
have a silencer. There will be a little bit
of noise. Okay, pal. Try to do it
as softly as possible but start working.
Just start working, come on.. Jethalaal.
– Yes. I’ve an idea. Let’s bring a Bluetooth speaker
from your shop and play loud music
through phone. Then the loud music
will subdue this noise. Just a minute..
Wait.. Tell me once whether I
should work or not. I can’t work in instalments
like this. I have to attend the mushaira
this evening. No, we need to get
the work done but let’s check who’s there
at the door. Then why are you
asking me to stop? Just go and check
and I’ll keep working here. No, this is not how
it works here. If anyone visits you,
then no matter what is going on in the house,
it has to be stopped. And one has to answer
the door first. All right? I will go and check. Hold on. The owner of this house
is standing still. Send the owner
of the house to check. Come, Mr. Iyer.
Let’s check. Come. It means, no matter what you have to go
and answer the door. Do your work. You just asked me to stop. You will go to answer the door check who it is,
then tell me whether I need to continue
or not. All right. Wait for a while. Wait for a while.
We will go and check. All right? Come, Sodhi.. – Okay. Yes, we’ll also come along..
– Let’s go.. Baga. – Yes. – Go and check. Okay. Sir, it’s Mr. Aiyar. Iyer, that means flat’s owner. Oh, goodness!
We are doomed. I had told you
that the owner would come back. One shouldn’t enter the house
without its owner’s permission but no one listened to me. Oh, God!
My reputation is ruined. No worries. I will go and tell
him the truth. We will see what happens.
– Wait.. What are you doing? Mr. Iyer, I’m very sorry. We entered your house
without your permission.. Aatmaram,
it’s of no use to apologise now. You should have
thought about this before entering this house
without permission. This is wrong. Aiyar, come inside
and say whatever you want to. Dr. Hathi, you as well?
Come in.. Come quickly. Dr. Hathi,
what are you doing here? Komal and I were
coming back from the market and I met Aiyar in the society. He said that there’s
leakage in your shop so I thought,
I would also tag along to help. How will you help? You tell me. What do you mean, Dr. Hathi? We shouldn’t have
come to help him. Mr. Nattu told me
that you broke-in. This is wrong.
This is unethical. It’s illegal to enter a house
without the owner’s permission. We also know that it’s illegal to enter a house
without the owner’s permission but our friend is also
stuck in a problem. His valuables
worth lakhs are in jeopardy. Water is leaking in his shop just like Niagara Falls
in Canada. People are coming
and filling water. This society’s secretary has
an extra key to this flat but he’s not ready
to give it to me. We requested him so much
to give me the keys so that we could
repair the leakage and return the keys
within an hour. But he didn’t agree. Then I ordered Bhide
from our society in order to talk to him. What? Ordered? I-I mean, called but he didn’t listen
to Bhide as well and he wasn’t ready
to give me the keys. What else could I have done? Due to the leakage in his shop,
we got electrocuted. Yes. And I’m thankful that Popatlaal
got electrocuted. What do you mean, Jethalaal? Sir, I also got electrocuted. Yes, me as well. No.. I mean, it’s good that
you three got electrocuted because you all are like family
so you can understand. If instead of you three a customer had got electrocuted then he wouldn’t
have understood. He would have filed
a case against me if he had survived. That’s why, unwillingly we had to enter the house
illegally. Great.. You all are making
a fool out of me. You made me do an illegal work
by lying to me. You claimed that this Sikh man
is Mr. Iyer. I won’t do this.
I don’t do such illegal work. I will tell everyone the truth. I will tell everyone right now.. Move.
– You have been surrounded. You can’t do anything.
– Yes. Leakage work.. It’s of no use going there. There’s a window.
Nothing will happen. Watchman! Watchman!
– Stop.. – Shut his mouth. Quiet. – Stop shouting. The window is closed, right? Ghanshu, listen..
You know everything that we tried to do this
legally. We asked for the keys
from the secretary as well. Since he didn’t give it,
we had no choice. You are aware
of my shop’s condition. The extent of leakage.. We got electrocuted as well.
– Yes. That’s why,
considering the situation please do the work quickly. Then you can also
go for the mushaira. Okay, listen to me. Listen to me carefully. If you finish this task
quickly then we will organise
a mushaira in our Gokuldham society
specially for you. Yes, we will.. What?
– Keep quiet! I mean, why not..
– Yes. We will surely organise it.
– Yes. And not just that Bhide has good contacts
in every society in our area. There must be around
15 societies. Yes.
– Or 20? At least 15 are there. Say 20..
– Yes, 20.. So 20 shows. Yes, we will organise
your show in 20 societies. Tell me. – Yes.
– Okay? He’s agreeing. Leave him.. Sodhi, leave him. He must be having trouble
breathing as well. Leave him.
– Yes. Are you okay? Are you able
to breathe properly? Yes, I am
but tell me honestly will you organise my show
in your society? Yes.. Then I will complete
an hour’s work in half an hour. Wow..
That’s great.. – Great. But if anyone comes here
or something gets messed up then what will we do? There will be trouble if you
don’t complete the work quickly. Yes.
– Go, hurry up.. All right..
I will go and start the work. Move..
– Yes. Baga,
go and keep a watch on him. Make sure he doesn’t
get lazy while working. Go.. Mr. Nattu, what are you looking
at? What did I tell you? What did you tell me? I told you
to lock us from outside and to return to the shop. Sir, after locking,
I was about to leave but Mr. Sodhi pulled me
forcefully inside. All right. Now go. Lock us from outside
and return to the shop. Go. Yes, sir. First, I will stop
the water supply. Hey, Mr. Ghanshu!
What are you doing? If you break the tile the owner of the flat
will get to know that in his absence, someone
tried to damage his house. Mister, my name is
Ghanshu Ghayal for a reason. I’m the only plumber
in this world who can take out the tile
without breaking it and no one gets
to know about it. Jetha, how much more
time will it take? I don’t know.. As soon as
it is repaired, he will.. Hang on, Mr. Aiyar, tell me
one thing.. Have you saved my number
in your phone as ‘Fafda’? Jetha, Babita told me that you
have found out everything. But I have written it jokingly.
Just for fun. What name have you saved
for Bhide’s number? Aatmaram. Sodhi’s?
– As Sodhi. Popatlaal’s? – Popatlaal. That means you have saved
everyone else’s names as they are, right? – Yes. So you only want to joke
with me? No problem, I will also save
your number in my phone as ‘Idli Fry’. – No, Jethalaal,
don’t do that. I’ll delete it right now. What? My number? No, not your number, I’ll change
the name to Jethalaal. What do you mean,
change it to Jethalaal? My name is Jethalaal. I mean, I’ll save
your name as Jethalaal. Yes, I understood. By the way,
it makes no difference to me. It’s done. Ghanshu,
the leakage has stopped. Yes, it has stopped completely. What did you just say? I mean, the leakage has stopped
permanently. On this note, I’ll recite
a couplet. – Go ahead. ‘I couldn’t find out from where’ ‘the water was dripping.’
– Wow.. ‘Where was the leakage,
here or there?’ ‘Now the leakage has stopped,
the water won’t drip’ ‘neither from here nor there.’ Wow! Amazing! Now I will seal it. Amazing! Seeing this place, can you guess
that any work was done here? Yes, I know, Mr. Ghanshu,
your work is amazing. So let’s go and give everyone
the good news. Everyone will hear it
and be very happy. Amazing, mister!
– Amazing! Let’s go. – Come. Take the bag. Come. It’s done! It’s done!
– It’s done? – Yes. Wow! – Congrats! By the way,
what was the problem? There was a lot of problem! It was serious! No problem, the leakage has
stopped, right? – Yes. That’s it! And the best thing is that the
flat owner is not here. Through the night, everything
will dry up and no one will know any work
was done here. Amazing! On this topic, let’s dance. Catch them!
Hey, shut up, you all! Hey! Hey! Where did the police
come from? It seems they have
committed a robbery. That’s why you all
were dancing, isn’t it? No! Not at all! Do you know
what we were doing here? There was a leakage problem
that’s why we had come here. Shut up! – Inspector, someone
has given you false information. Forget it!
How did he get the information that we are here? You will know that when you
reach the police station. Come on. Inspector, I am not a thief. I am a poet. I do plumbing work
as a side business. They called me here to do
some work, so I came here. You don’t believe me?
I’ll recite an amazing couplet. ‘The world has betrayed me,
you be loyal to me at least.’ ‘Take something and settle
the matter.’ Hey! – You want to settle
the matter with bribe? I will hit you separately
in the prison cell, you watch. Such a big gang of thieves! Now you won’t be spared! Inspector, I am not a thief,
I am a respected businessman. I have a shop on the roadside
named Gada Electronics. And I work in that shop. Yes, he is my employee. And I am a reputed scientist
of India. I am a doctor.
– Yes, and I am a teacher. I am a senior journalist in
the newspaper Toofan Express. And I am the owner
of Sodhi Garage. Shut up. After being caught, everyone
starts making excuses. Trust me,
I am really a reporter. Shut up!
Have you seen your face? What is wrong with my face? Jetha, is my face ruined
due to shock? I don’t understand..
– What? No! It is as it was.
– Shut up. Tell me, where is your boss?
– Here he is. Hey! What do you mean? No! That’s not what he is asking. I said that I had a shop
and he is my employee hence he is saying
that I am his boss. Look, I am asking
everyone directly. Tell me, where is your boss? Boss.. What are you saying? I am talking about the one who
left you all inside and locked the door from outside
and is hidden somewhere. Inspector, we don’t have
any boss and Uncle Nattu had locked
the door from outside. Oh! You call your boss ‘Uncle’?
Code word? Now tell me, where is your boss
that is Uncle Nattu? Tell me.
– He is at the warehouse. So you have made a warehouse
of the goods you steal? Oh, no, Inspector,
that warehouse is mine. I told you I have a shop,
all the goods of the shop.. Shut up! I don’t want another sound,
got it? Raut, go to his warehouse and bring their boss,
Uncle Nattu. And seal the warehouse. Yes, sir. Let’s go.
– Inspector, listen to me. We are not thieves!
– Go on! Listen..
– Also! Take all of them.
– No! No! Hang on!
Listen to me, Inspector. Look at our faces
and ask yourself do we look like thieves? Yes! We are not thieves..
– We are saying for so long.. Shut up! He is a scientist..
– Shut up! Whatever you want to say,
say it in the police station. Come on, take them
to the police station. What is this?
– We are not thieves. Come on, bring everyone. Bring everyone outside.
– What are you doing? Put them in the van. Come on. – Hang on. Put them in the van. Shut up! If you say anything,
you all will be beaten! ‘Jai Hind’, sir. Diwakar here.
The whole gang has been caught. The news was accurate. They had broken the lock
and entered the house. They have been caught
red-handed. I am taking them
to the police station. When I keep them there
on remand they will tell the names
of their other companions. Yes, sir. ‘Jai Hind’, sir. We are not thieves!
– We have not stolen anything. Sir, they are big thieves. They have kept stolen TV’s,
Fridges, Washing Machines and a lot of stuff
in the warehouse. Is it? – No, Inspector, that is
not stolen goods. I had told you, I have a shop. On the roadside
of this building. And because Diwali is
approaching, we have stocked up. Hey, I am not a thief,
I am a poet and a plumber. Shut up! Whatever you want to
say, say in the police station. Come on. Raut, get them inside. Come on. There is leakage in the shop. Oh, gosh! Jethalaal’s job
was nearly done. Hence it is said, unless it is
very important one shouldn’t take a chance. And if you are going to
someone’s house covertly then you should not dance. You have nearly reached
the destination and you slip at the last step. You will be so sad,
when you don’t reach. In the same manner, Jethalaal
is going through the same pain. Everything was done,
it was all done the leakage problem was solved all the friends were celebrating
and the police landed there. The whole job was done
and only the last part was left and the police caught it. And the police know very well
how to handle this. What will happen next?
Diwali is approaching. New fire-crackers will explode. Let’s see what new fire-crackers
will explode here. To know this,
you will have to watch ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep laughing.

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