Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2845 – Full Episode – 22nd October, 2019

There’s a dog inside! Sir, don’t be scared.
We have Mr. Ghanshu with us. He’ll tell such poetry
to the dog that it’ll stay inside bedroom
and won’t come out. Tell me. What happened?
I am here. Am I not visible? A-Actually, our boss
is looking for the dog. Dog?
Oh, you lost your dog? No..
There’s no dog here. No.. Actually, when I pressed
the doorbell then we heard a dog
barking inside the house. Actually, our boss is a little..
– E-Enough. No. There’s no dog here. Actually, the doorbell ring
is a dog’s bark. Look. Oh! I see. Mr. Jetha, you were
unnecessarily worried. This is a barking bell.
All is well. Just a minute, man. Relax.
Just hold on. Hello, Mr. Eccentric. Eccentric?
– Your name is Eccentric, right? Who told you? Mr. Thampi, on the first floor,
told us. He’s a useless fellow.. My name is Babu Kumar. Oh, okay.
Hello, Mr. Babu Kumar. Hello. – My name
is Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada. I have my shop
in the same building on the roadside
called Gada Electronics. Oh, is that your shop?
– Yes.. Actually, I’ve never
met you before. – Yes. Your employee, Mr. Nattu,
comes once in a year and pays the maintenance
for the whole year at once. Yes.. Good.. Okay, so you’re
the second one, right? – What! What are you saying? Our boss is all good. He has never been second.
– Yes. It’s not like that. Your shop number is two, right? Yes.. What?
– Just say yes. What’s this? Y-Yes.. Yes..
It’s the second one. So, I have something
to discuss with you. Then please come.
Come inside. Let’s sit and discuss. You’ll be tired
of standing here. He’s such a nice man.
– Yes. Thampi said that he’d
drive us nuts. Yes.
– What happened? Please come. Come on, man,
make it fast.. I have a mushaira in the
evening and you guys are.. Come on..
Let’s go. Please come.. Take a seat. Yes, tell me.
– Yes. Actually, there’s a problem
in my shop. Tell me about the problem later.
Tell me your number first. I-It’s 9820..
– Not the contact number. Tell me your date of birth. Why?
– Because our Sage Ankeshwar.. Look there. ‘Sage Shri Shri Shri Ankeshwar.’ Sage Ankeshwar asked me
not to talk to the people with number five today. Hail Sage Ankeshwar. Hail Sage Ankeshwar.
– Hail.. Hey, come on, say it.
– H-Hail.. Hail..
– Right. – Yes. Tell me.
Tell me your date of birth. It’s 26.
– 26, means 2 plus 6 equals 8. Your number is 8. This was certain. What was certain? Sage Ankeshwar had told me that a person
whose number is eight will trouble me a lot. Me? But I am already worried. How can I bother you? I am here to discuss
something important with you. Right. I have already told you that
I am Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada. I am the owner of
Gada Electronics. He is Mr. Bageshwar. Hello. He is an employee
at my shop. And he is.. Everyone is fond
of my poems. My name is
Plumber Ghanshu Ghayal. Greetings. He is a plumber
and also a poet. I mean, he is a poet first
and then a plumber. Am I right? You are right, sir. Okay. So, the thing is my shop, Gada Electronics,
is under Mr. Iyer’s house. There’s some leakage issue
in his flat. So, the water is leaking
into my shop. Right.
– Yes. Sage Ankeshwar was right. A person whose number
is eight will come here with a issue. What else did he say? That he will come
with a problem. But I will not be
able to help him. Hail Sage Ankeshwar! Hail.. Please don’t say this. You have to help me. Actually, I have electronics
worth lakhs, in my shop. I will suffer a huge loss
if the problem is not fixed. Right. I have understood. But, I will not be able
to help you even if I want to. Because my number is three
and yours is eight. Secondly, the number of the
owner of house number 102 is 3. And the sum of his flat number
is also three. And your number is eight. Number three will
trouble number eight. Look, I don’t understand
this numerology thing. Let this be. Mr. Thampi, who lives
on the first floor, told me that you have one spare key
of Mr. Iyer’s flat. ‘Baga.’ Please give me the key. I have brought
the plumber along. We will go quickly
and fix the problem and give you the key back
in an hour. Right. Well.. No. What do you mean? Actually, I can’t give you
the key until the owner
gives me the permission. Then call him up
and seek his permission. His phone will not
get connected. Why? Your number is eight.
His number is three. You are destined
to get into trouble. Hail Sage Ankeshwar! I think, we must meet
Sage Ankeshwar directly. Only he can help us. Calm down.
Just calm down. Please.
Just for two minutes. Listen to me. Forget about the numerology. Try to understand
the severity of my problem. Look, I understand your problem. But please try and understand
my problem. What is your problem? Right. Look, my number is three. So, I can give you
the spare key. But my destiny number
is five. And if I give you the key.. If I give the key to the person
whose number is eight then I may get into trouble. Therefore, you have
to put up with this until the owner of the flat
comes back. Gosh! Tell you what? You can’t give the key to me.
It’s okay. Why don’t you come along? You unlock Mr. Iyer’s flat
and wait there for some time. We will finish our work
quickly in your presence. Right. I can’t enter other’s house
without permission. Gosh!
– Then call him up. If you tell him the matter then I am certain that Mr. Iyer
will give his permission. I have already told you
that we will not reach him. Try once. You are saying this
even without trying. All right.
I will try if you insist. Okay? Wait and watch. ‘The number you have dialled
is switched off.’ See, I had told you. Give me the number. 9820.. ‘The number you have dialled
is switched off.’ What happened?
Did you reach him? ‘The number you have dialled
is switched off.’ Do you have anyone else’s
number in his family? No. Gosh! What will we do? Sir, there’s only one way. Let’s shift everything
to the godown until Mr. Iyer comes back. And you can put up
a note outside the shop saying.. ‘If you want to buy electronics,
come to the warehouse’ ‘or else, go wherever you want.’ Wow, Mr. Ghanshu. This was a great poetry. ‘Thank you.’ ‘If you want to buy electronics,
come to the warehouse’ ‘or else, go wherever you want.’ Wow, Mr. Ghanshu.
It was great. Keep calm for two minutes. Listen, sir, I’m very worried. Please tell me a way
out of this problem. Way? It’s here. Now are you giving me the keys or should I go to the police? Go but not today because today is not a good day for people with eight number. What if they
imprison you instead? I’m not kidding. I will really go
and file a complaint. You will surely go to
the police station but will you be able to return? I’m worried about you
that’s why, I’m warning you. Go carefully. Think wisely
before taking this step because your number is eight. To heck with
your numerology lecture! ‘One with number three can’t
help someone with number eight’! Trouble is certain for
the people with number eight.. I don’t believe in numerology! I believe in hard work. Thampi gave him
the right name, Eccentric! You are eccentric! The fact that
you are upset with me is not your fault. It’s your number’s fault. Number eight. Today, people
with number eight will tend to get angry. Listen, go and drink chilled buttermilk. It will help you cool down. Hey!
What kind of a person is he? Before going,
I want to say a poem for him. ‘Numbers and more numbers..’ ‘Your life is a puzzle..’ ‘A secretary like you’ ‘is nothing but trouble.
Big trouble!’ Wow, Mr. Ghanshu!
It was great. That was fantastic. Absolutely..
I diss such a secretary.. Don’t be angry. Your number is eight and if people with
eight number get angry then it will be their loss. He won’t stop. Let’s go from here. Darn you! Thank you.
Hail Sage Ankeshwar! Sir. Today, I got to know that there’s a vast difference between Gokuldham’s secretary
and the secretary in-charge here. Obviously.
What kind of a secretary is he? A secretary should
be more like Bhide. He should learn from Bhide. Bhide is always ready. He stays on the terrace? Why does he stay on the terrace? Not on the terrace! Sir is saying
that he’s always ready. What do you mean? He basically is ever ready. He’s always ready? Why does he stay ready
and for what? In order to help everyone! Oh, that’s great. Sir, what do we do now? Now.. Ghanshu, do one thing. Find a solution to stop the
leakage from inside the shop. Come.. ‘What will happen
by looking for solutions?’ ‘If your leg is injured’ ‘then brain surgery
will not help it.’ If the leakage
has to be stopped then it’s possible
from the house upstairs or else, it won’t. Okay, mister. I will leave. Where are you going? I have to attend
a mushaira today. I’m going to prepare
for the same. Influential owners
come to listen to my poetry. Influential owners come
to listen to your poetry? Yes. Who are they? Owners of taxis,
autorickshaws and Paan shops as well. So, text everyone that today’s programme
has been postponed to tomorrow due to some problems.
Invite them tomorrow. Mister, this world
can turn upside down but my event can’t
be postponed to tomorrow. What about the day after?
Organise it the day after. Mister, you aren’t
trying to understand. Learn the importance of time. I do value it,
that’s the reason why I came but you don’t have the keys! Now, I’m going to prepare
for the mushaira. Till then do one thing. Arrange the keys to 102 and the permission
and then call me. I will come fast, do your work and leave in a blink. Now, I will leave.
Give me a call, I will be there. Mister, your valuables. I do remember it! Sir, what now? Now, let’s clean
our drenched shop with care. And think of a solution
after reaching there. Sir..
– Oh! This Ghanshu Ghayal
has made me crazy. Let’s go.
– Yes. Hurry up. It’s too late. Even we want to fill water.
– Calm down, you’ll get it. What is happening here,
Mr. Nattu? I am trying to help the poor
and the needy. What? Sir, when you went upstairs,
a deluge occurred in the shop. Seems like the water has filled
in the false ceiling. So, I used my brains and covered the whole ceiling
inside the shop with a plastic. Now all the water
inside the shop is flowing out here straight away. Wow, Uncle! Amazing! You did a great job. This way there will be
less water leakage in our shop and we can help
these poor people as well. Sir, we’ll pray to God that this water leakage
in your shop may never get fixed. Hey, ma’am, don’t say that. Because of this leakage I am so worried. Fill your bucket
and leave. Hurry up. Look at the way
the water is flowing. Oh, God!
When is this going to stop and when am I going
to start decorating the shop for Diwali? Yes, sir. Even the secretary
refrained from helping us. And on top of that,
Ghanshu Ghayal left angrily. I don’t understand
what to do. – Right. Sir, I have an idea. Let’s go to the godown,
have a refreshing masala tea and think of a solution
to this problem. All right, let’s go. Sir, don’t stand
holding your head like this. Why? It’s a bad omen. Bad omen has already occurred. What can be worse than the
condition in which my shop is right now? Don’t lose hope, sir. We’ll definitely find a way out. I did find a way, Mr. Nattu. But the secretary isn’t helping us. Come on, sir,
some piping hot tea is here. Here, take it. Drink this hot masala tea and cheer up. Here you go, Uncle.. Yes. What is this, Baga? Is it tea or milk? It’s so thick. Sir, I asked him
not to add water to the tea. Why? Actually, I am sick of seeing
water since morning that is why I asked
the tea vendor to charge me a little extra
but not add water to the tea. Really. Usually, water is used
to extinguish fire but today water
has set our lives on fire. Baga, can you think
of any ideas? How can we fix
the water leakage problem? Uncle, history is the witness that whenever there is a fire the fire brigade
has been called. Baga, I didn’t get you. Doesn’t matter, Mr. Nattu. The person who was supposed to
understand this has understood. Who was supposed to understand? Mr. Jetha. Look he is calling
the fire brigade. Disconnect the call, sir.. Why? Water has set our lives
on fire is just an expression. It hasn’t set our lives
on fire for real. So, I am not calling
the real fire brigade. What? Then what does
fake fire brigade look like? Uncle Nattu Mr. Jetha is calling
his best friend, Mr. Mehta. Oh! Now I got it. Sir, dial..
– Yes. ‘The number you have dialled
is switched off.’ Mr. Mehta’s phone
is switched off. He never switches off his phone. Let me ask Ms. Anjali. Yes, Mr. Jetha. Ms. Anjali, Mr. Mehta’s phone
is switched off. Yes, Taarak must be
on the flight. Why is he on a flight?
Where is he going? Taarak is going to Jaipur
on a business trip. Really?
When is he going to return? He will return tomorrow
if he finishes his work. He might stay back
for a couple of days if his work gets delayed. What’s the matter, Mr. Jetha?
Did you need him urgently? Yes, I did.
But since he’s not in Mumbai I can’t ask him. It’s all right. Okay.. Okay, Mr. Jetha. Mr. Mehta has gone to Jaipur
on a business trip. Oh, God! Sir.. Now there’s only one way out.
– What is it? Call Mr. Bhide.
– But why? A diamond cuts a diamond. Similarly, a secretary can deal
with another secretary. Just like doctors understand
each other’s terminologies.. I got it. Sir, if Mr. Bhide talks
to the secretary he might agree to give the keys
to the apartment. I told you, I got it. That’s a good idea. Let me call Bhide. Oh, God! What is this? My pocket is torn! Madhavi is so careless.
Seriously! I had Rs. 10 in total.
Where is it? Dear!
– Hey! You are still here. Didn’t you go out
to collect the payment? Yes, I am going. What are you looking for? I am looking
for a 2-rupee coin. Did it fall out of your pocket? Yes! You should have been careful.
– Oh, really? I was careful. Oh, dear! What’s this?
How can you be so careless? Didn’t you check this?
The pocket is torn. It’s a big hole. You did not stitch the pocket
and washed it. I ironed the kurta
after that. We have faced a loss of Rs. 5. How did you lose Rs. 5?
You just dropped Rs. 2. Detergent worth Rs. 3 was wasted
when this kurta was washed and electricity worth Rs. 2 was
wasted while ironing this kurta. No, sir. You haven’t
calculated properly. – How so? You used detergent worth Rs. 3,
electricity unit worth Rs. 2 and dropped a 2-rupee coin. So, it’s a total loss of Rs. 7. Madhavi. Come on! You’re rebuking me
for Rs. 2. I dropped Rs. 2 now. In the future,
I might lose millions. You will lose millions
only if you have it. How will you acquire
that kind of money? By God’s will,
even if you acquire such money why would you put the money
in your pocket? Madhavi, I might keep a cheque
worth millions in my pocket. If I lose the cheque,
won’t it be a huge loss. Yes, that’s logical.
– Right. I will stitch your kurta later. Go, collect the payment
of Rs. 5,500. I will certainly go
but think about it. If I hadn’t put the coins
in my pocket I wouldn’t know it’s torn. I would have gone out
to collect the payment. I would have put the cash
in my pocket and I wouldn’t have noticed
if it had fallen down because paper currency
doesn’t make noise. Don’t drag the issue now. Please wear another kurta
and collect the payment, quickly. Okay. I will go. A kurta has two pockets,
by the way. What did you say? Nothing!
Just go collect the payment. Mr. Jethalaal.. Hello!
– Ms. Madhavi can you please pass the phone
to Bhide? Sure.
It’s Mr. Jetha’s call. I am coming! Yes, give me that. I found Rs. 2.
It was right here. We still faced a loss of Rs. 5. Yes, Jethalaal, tell me. Did the plumber arrive? Is the leakage repaired? You might have called
to thank me. That’s not required, Jetha. The problem is solved, right?
That’s what matters. Okay, bye. Where are you going?
The problem is not solved! Why?
Didn’t you find a plumber? The plumber came over
and I took him upstairs to the apartment
which has the leakage issue but it was locked and the owner is out of station. His phone is unreachable. An extra pair of keys
to his apartment is with the secretary
of the building but he is not
giving me the keys. He said, he cannot give me
the keys without the owner’s permission. Wow!
– Why are you impressed? I mean, the secretary is right. How can he hand you the keys
without the owner’s permission? I know he’s got a point
but the situation is grave. The entire roof is leaking. There are electrical appliances
worth lakhs in my shop. You know that electrical
appliances get ruined in water. If something goes wrong,
it will be a disaster. Tell me, if you were
in his place wouldn’t you
have handed me the keys seeing the severity
of the problem? I would have surely
given the keys. Yes! Please come here
and convince the secretary in your secretarial language. Jethalaal, secretaries do not
have a different language. Sorry, you’re right. Please talk some sense into him. As they say, a secretary
cuts a secretary. What? The proverb is,
diamond cuts a diamond. Yes! Please understand.
Please come soon. Okay, Jethalaal.
Don’t worry. I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
the sole secretary of Gokuldham am coming over
to talk to that secretary. Thank you, Bhide..
Listen.. I am in the godown.
Come here directly because the shop
is in a bad condition. All right. Okay. Yes, sorry..
– You forgot this. Thank you. This pocket is fine.
– Of course. I am going to Jethalaal’s shop.
– What! The leakage problem in his shop
has got worse. – Oh, no! I have to go now. What will you do over there? The secretary of the building
in which he runs his shop is not listening to him
and he’s being troublesome. Jethalaal wants me
to convince the secretary since I am also a secretary. And I do not want the members
of my society to be distressed. So, I shall go there
and convince the secretary. I am so proud of you.
Good luck! Go on. Bhide..
Hold on, Bhide! Bhide..
– What happened? Popatlaal, why are you
getting on the bike? Drop me off
at the marriage bureau. Popatlaal, I am getting late. It’s just five minutes away.
It’s not far. Why are you wasting your time?
– What! Do you think going to a marriage
bureau is a waste of time? Do you think my marriage
is a waste of time? I mean, why are you wasting
your time with me? I have to go to Jethalaal’s shop,
urgently. What happened?
Is everything all right? The roof is leaking in his shop. He’s very distressed,
so he has called me over. But Jethalaal did not tell me
about it. Why would he tell you?
You’re not a plumber, Popatlaal. Why did he call you over?
You’re not a plumber. The secretary of the building
in which Jetha runs his shop is not cooperating. So, he wants me to talk
to that secretary since I am a secretary. I can convince him
since I am also a secretary. Okay. I’ll come along. Hey! You said, you have
to go to the marriage bureau. I had to go there
to pay the renewal fee. I can do it tomorrow. Okay.
Two is better than one. Let’s go.
– Sure. Sir, Mr. Bhide is not here yet. He will be here soon.
He is a man of his words. He told me he will come,
so he definitely will. Why are you following me? Sir, there’s a saying when a person is in a crisis he will start pacing. He might start feeling giddy
because of the pacing and he might fall down. What if you faint? So, I am following you
in order to catch you. I am feeling giddy
after hearing your talks. Catch him.. Catch him..
– Be careful, sir. What are you guys doing? I am not feeling dizzy.
I wasn’t serious. Oh! False alarm. Sir! Let’s assume that
Mr. Bhide comes here and convinces the secretary
to give us the keys. But we need Ghanshu Ghayal
to fix the leakage. So, call over Ghanshu Ghayal,
immediately. That’s a good idea. Okay. Wow..
– Excellent! I would like to recite
another poem, on this note. Please go ahead.. ‘Her face is like
the beautiful moon.’ Wow.. Wonderful!
– Splendid.. ‘Her face is like
the beautiful moon.’ Wow! My phone rang
a bit too soon. Wow.. Mister, please be quiet.
That wasn’t a line from the poem. My phone is ringing.
– Okay.. Hello, Mr. Jetha. I think you got the keys. I didn’t get the keys yet
but I will get them soon. Come over immediately. I am indulging in poetry
along with my friends. What do you mean? Poetry and.. Never mind,
you will not understand. Just assume,
I am busy reciting poetry. You can recite poetry later. I might get the keys any time.
Please come over immediately. Just assume,
you will find me by your side the moment you get the keys. When you get the keys,
just call me. Mr. Ghanshu, if you leave after I inform you
that I have the keys then much time will be wasted. Please come over. You do know,
the situation is sober. It’s not sober,
it’s severe. Severe.. Whatever.
I hope you understood. Please come over soon. Okay, I’ll come. But your situation reminds me
of a beautiful poem. Can I request something, please?
– Go ahead. Hearing your poetry
over the phone won’t be fun. Please recite the poem
in person. All right. I will do as you say. I’ll leave now. Take a taxi or a rickshaw. Don’t worry about the fare.
I will pay for it, okay? Okay, I will be there soon.
– Hurry up. Ghanshu is coming
and Bhide will be here soon. Mr. Chilman,
start your autorickshaw. I have to meet Mr. Jetha,
quickly. Let’s go!
– Let’s go. You have my bag, sir! It is said, God is generous
when he blesses us with fortune. Similarly, even our life subjects
us to adversities, generously. It never rains but it pours. Jethalaal faces a similar crisis
right now. He’s dealing with a leakage
and he couldn’t find a plumber. When he found a plumber the owner of the apartment
is out of station. And the festival of Diwali
is approaching. What will Jethalaal do now? I think,
there’s only one way out. There’s a proverb,
diamond cuts a diamond. Can a secretary,
Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide convince another secretary? We have to see
whether Bhide can convince him or land Jethalaal
into another problem. Can Popatlaal solve
Jethalaal’s problem or will Jethalaal land into trouble
because of Popatlaal? You will know when you watch ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’, with a smile. Keep watching and keep smiling. Don’t forget to watch
the next episode.

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