Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2844 – Full Episode – 21st October, 2019

Ghanshu used to climb
the pipe like a monkey for the sake of his love. But alas! The day his lover
left the house Ghanshu became a plumber.
– Oh! Okay, give me the number. Sure, I’ll message you
the number. – Okay. One box is piled over another and behind these boxes
is grandmother. We don’t have shampoo
or a soap but we have enough water. What was that?
– I’ve come up with a poem after seeing the plight
of the shop. Bawri!
– You got a message.. I got the number.. Don’t you worry.
I’ll fix it so well that the water won’t flow
through the pipe. – What! I mean, it won’t leak. Actually, my phone
keeps ringing all the time. I’m a famous poet! It’s ringing again. I’m so busy, and you’re
calling me up continuously. Am I talking to Ghanshu Ghayal? Who are you? Why are you so excited
to meet me? I’m Jethalaal Gada. There’s water leaking
from my ceiling. I’ll send you my shop’s address
on this number. Come immediately. Sir, I am nobody’s servant.
I do whatever I like. You can recite the poem later. The condition of my shop
is deteriorating. I mean, it’s getting worse. Now come quickly. You’ve been asking me
to come repeatedly. Why are you troubling me? I’m busy at work
at someone else’s house. How can I come
to your place all of a sudden? You better look
for another plumber. Hold on. He says that
he won’t be able to come as he’s busy.
– Give me a minute. Hello, Mr. Ghanshu.
It goes this way.. ‘We believe in your work..’ ‘We believe in your work..’ ‘Only Ghanshu Ghayal
can solve our problem.’ Oh..
– That’s wonderful, mister.. You turned out to be a poet. I swear!
I enjoyed it.. Where did you get
my number from? I got it from Mr. Abdul the one who owns All in One
store outside Gokuldham Society. Mr. Abdul is very close to me. He is a very good
friend of mine. He means a lot to me. He is my everything. I can’t refuse to come now.
– Please come quickly. Actually, I own
an electronic devices’ shop. I will incur a huge loss
if it continues to leak. Don’t you worry. Forget about your problems. Forward me your address
on my phone. I’ll finish this work
right away and come to you immediately. I’ll send you the address
right away, okay? Please come.. I’ve sent him the address. Once the plumber is here we’ll get to know
where it’s leaking from. We’ll collect the things that are kept on the loft
and shift them to the godown until the plumber arrives. Mr. Jetha,
I’ll get a couple of labourers. The task will get over
quickly. Call them quickly..
– Okay. Ms. Bawri, you may go home now. Why? She isn’t causing you
any trouble. No, Mr. Jetha, you often say that Bawri
shouldn’t come to the shop during working hours.
That’s why. You’re right. But the situation
is different now. She can be of some help
if she stays here. Two heads are better than one. The more the merrier. Do you want to go home?
– No.. – See! The more I spend time
with Bageshwar better it is for me. Thank you, Mr. Petha. Why do you want
to address me by my name? You can call me sir.
That would be enough. Sir.. Sir, I have brought them. He is Ram Singh. He is Phulwa Singh. Come on, hurry up.
Baga, guide them. Yes. Come here.
– He will guide you. Be careful.
There’s water, Mr. Nattu. Come here. This is unbelievable. How can there be
leakage in this shop? You are right, Bawri. This building was repaired
some time back. I think, there must be some
internal leakage. Sir, I have got the plastic. Great.
Let’s spread this. Thank you. Bye. Bawri..
– No, I don’t want money. No.
I wanted to thank you. I must thank you
for allowing me to be here. Okay.
Bye. Bye.
Bye, Bageshwar. “Play the drum..” Tell me, Mr. Gupta. Mr. Jetha, have you given
the cheque of Rs. 15 lakhs to the Ramson Company? Yes.
I have given them. There is no sufficient balance
in your account. What are you saying? Yes. Then do me a favour. Get it passed
from the overdraft limit. I will deposit the money
later. That’s fine. But the limit of your overdraft
is Rs. 10 lakhs. You have Rs. 3.5 lakhs
in your account. You still have shortage
of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Oh! Just a minute. Mr. Nattu, did you not deposit
yesterday’s cash in the bank? How could have I done it? Ever since I came to the shop I have been dealing
with this problem. Mr. Gupta, I will get
the cash deposited. Please accept the cheque. Actually, the company
won’t give me the products if you don’t pass this cheque. There’ll be a problem. Okay.
Fine. I will wait for an hour. I will pass the cheque as soon
as you deposit the money. I will get it deposited
right now. Okay?
Thank you. It’s all right. Mr. Nattu, go and deposit
the cash right away. All right. Oh, my God! What happened? What happened, Mr. Nattu? Take a look. I am surrounded
by problems. The water entered
the drawer. The money got soaked. Sir, don’t get upset. Think positive. How can one be positive
about this? That the dirt
is washed away. What! Sir, our elders have said that money is just like
the dirt on our hands. That’s it.
The dirt is washed away. Baga, I will suffer a loss if the cheque is not cleared. Oh, God!
– What should we do now? We have to go
to the godown and dry the money. If I don’t deposit
the money in an hour the cheque will bounce. Ask Magan to stay at the shop. And you come to the godown. Okay.
– Let’s go. There are so many
currencies. When will they dry? Mr. Nattu, you should have
exchanged the currencies. Sir, nobody knew
that there would be this problem in the shop. Sir.. It’s good that
we have less big currencies. What’s good about that? There can be demonetization
any time. Oh, yes. Diwali is round the corner. God, why do You
always put me in trouble? Uncle Nattu, what happened? What happened, Baga? Sir, Uncle Nattu is crying. What!
– Yes. What happened, Mr. Nattu? Sir, these are tears of joy. So much of cash is drenched
and you’re being happy? The hands that once used to
dry poppadoms on the roof are drying lakhs of rupees
today. What an achievement! Baga, please click my picture
while drying the money. Okay, Mr. Nattu.
– What do you mean, okay? Not okay..
Hey, put it back.. We don’t need any pictures. If this photo goes viral,
then I’ll be in trouble. Income Tax Department
may conduct a raid or thieves may come here
to steal money. Baga, he has a point. Leave it.
– Leave it? But when did I say that I want
to click your photograph? Where’s this sound
of a cat coming from? Where has this cat come from? Don’t worry, sir.
The cat comes every day. Why do you let it come
if it comes every day? For our welfare?
– What’s our welfare in that? Sir, the mice do not come
to our warehouse because of this cat. Otherwise, just imagine.. If mice had come
to the warehouse then they would’ve
nibbled the boxes and wires. We would bear so much of loss. Okay, but just oust it
from here as of now. Otherwise, if it scratches
the cash here then we’ll bear a loss
because of the cat. Okay..
– Go.. Oust it quickly.. Yes. I left it, sir.
I left it outside. It’s gone.
– Oh, okay. When will this money
be dry with this speed? We have to think
of some other solution because we can deposit
the money in the bank only after it’s dried. What to do? Let’s do one thing. Come on, guys.
Is it done? Done, sir..
– Done. Sir. – Yes.
– Done.. Done? Come on, take this..
Quickly go to the bank and deposit it. Be careful
and count it, okay? Yes..
– Fill the form properly. Don’t make any mistake.
– Yes.. Go..
– Mr. Nattu, make it fast. Yes, tell me, Magan. What! N-No, we’re coming
to the shop right away. What happened?
– Sir, Magan is very scared. He’s saying that a strange man
came to the shop. What’s going on! All the troubles have
showed up together! Come on! What happened, Magan! Just handle him.
He looks crazy. Where are you going?
– Warehouse. Who are you?
What do you want? I had to enter,
so I entered. Hey.
– What’s that? No, we don’t sell all that,
it’s an electronics shop. You can get TV, fridge,
washing machine and all that. I had to enter,
so I entered. What?
Sir, what is he talking about? No.. Maybe he came
to meet Gosalya. There’s no one called
Gosalya here. I am Gada. My name is
Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada. I had to enter,
so I entered. I came out of bathroom
and settled down. The justice of love,
the blame game and the praise of beauty
cannot take place in a bar because there’s no bottle
after you’re gone. He’s talking about bottle now. Listen, man. We don’t sell
all those things here. I told you. You can get TV,
fridge, washing machine and all those things.
– Yes. I can’t take such
an insult, dear. I don’t ask before leaving.
Understood? Just a minute, man.
What language is that? Can you speak Hindi? Then please speak in Hindi,
so that we can understand why you’ve come here
and what you want. I don’t want anything, sir.
– Then why have you come here? You asked me to come here
and now you’re asking me what I want! People are fans
of my acting and my name is Ghanshu Ghayal. H-He’s the plumber
Ghanshu Ghayal. Yes.. I got it. Man, you should
have told us directly that you’re the plumber,
Ghanshu Ghayal. Why are you talking
all that nonsense? Come on..
Start working now, come on.. Neither you’re greeting,
nor welcoming. Neither you’re asking for
anything, nor offering anything. What a disrespect! No, don’t present anything. Just fix the water leakage
for now. Hey, I mean,
I have come to your shop leaving my important work aside. Just greet me properly. Hello. Sir, I understood this. He is asking you
to say hello to him. Oh, hello. Hello, Mr. Jethalaal. I said hello to you once.
Now how many times should I greet you? Get back to work now. Hello, Mr. Jethalaal. Until you take my name
and greet me how would I know
if you’re greeting me or somebody else? Oh, this guy is too much. True. Just take his name
and greet him now. Yes.
Hello, Mr. Ghansoli. Not Ghansoli, sir.
It is the name of a place near Navi Mumbai. His name is Ghanshu.
Ghanshu Ghayal. Sorry. Hello, Mr. Ghanshu Ghayal. Hello, Mr. Jethalaal. Great.
Now get back to work. People will be greeted,
feelings will be expressed but what about water? What else,
it will be fixed. As in. I am just saying that I will fix
the leakage problem just let me get started. Yes, come on! Hey, what are you saying we don’t want to grow
plants here because of water leakage. Not plants, sir.
He wants to get started. But what does it mean? I don’t know, sir. If he is saying,
you also say it. At least the work will begin. Yes, get started! Come on, get the ladder. Why are the droplets
falling from the roof I will find it out. Great! Come on, do the work. I have found
the root cause of the problem. Be careful. What did you say? I mean, I found out
where is the water coming from. Wasn’t that obvious? It’s visible. The water is falling
from the roof. Hey, I mean, I found out
where the leakage is. Okay, so fix it.
Come on. How do I fix it? Leakage is not from your shop. Leakage is happening
at the floor above this. There is some problem
with their flooring. What? It means, there is a pipe
which passes through their floor and it is leaking thus, water is falling
from your roof. So now? Now, it’s time to go up. Hey, Mr. Ghanshu,
what are you saying? Talk to me properly. I have just got engaged. And you’re asking me to die? Hey, I didn’t mean that. I meant, let’s go
to the flat upstairs and find out where the water
is leaking from. Oh, so this will be a problem.
– Why? I don’t know anybody
in this building. So you’re not aware of anybody
in this building. As in,
you don’t know anybody here? Yes, I don’t stay here. My shop is set up here. Before we open the shop
in the morning people leave for their work. And by the time
they come back from work we shut down the shop
and leave. So, we don’t get a chance
to meet anyone. Even I’m not asking you
to build relationship with them. You have to meet the one
who is staying above and talk to him.
– Right. – That’s right. Fine.
Hold on. Magan, shut the godown
and come to the shop. So, let’s go.
– Hold on. Let him come. Only then we can leave.
We can’t leave the shop and go. Then, let me recite you
a poetry till then. It’s time for me to leave
by the time he comes. No matter how much fodder
you feed the horse it just eats.
Here goes another one. Tears flows down the eyes
of a hurt lover. If you leave in a big car,
the dogs chase you. Here goes another one.
– Just a minute, mister.. Take a break at least. Just hold on for a minute. Magan, where are you!
Come here soon! I’m waiting outside. You come out with Ghanshu.
Only then I’ll come inside. Fine.. Carry my luggage.
– Hey.. – Baga, carry it. Come.. Hey, Mr. Ghanshu, this way..
– Hold on, sir.. – Yes. Let’s see which flat
is above our shop. – Right. Sir, this one..
It must be flat number 102. Okay. Let’s go.
– Come.. Looking at the building
of your shop from the front it just doesn’t feel there’s
such a big building behind. That’s right. Let’s go.
– I have a poetry on this building.
– No, mister. Please don’t say any poetry.
– Why! My shop is leaking
from all sides and you want to recite a poetry! Forget the poetry and let’s go.
Let’s go, mister. Let’s go. Mr. Iyer. – Okay.
– Sir, Mr. Iyer has another flat which is right above our shop
but he never told us about this. He’s not the only Iyer
in the entire world. There are more sorrows
in the world. I mean, there can be others
with the same name, right? The owner of this flat
also happen to be an Iyer. Okay. – Sir, whether
he’s Iyer or tyre.. Mister, no more poetries.
Please be quiet for a while. What are you waiting for?
Just ring the bell. Come on. Fine. Sir, how can I ring the bell? The door is locked.
– What! Oh, Lord! Then, how do we get
the work completed? – Right. Why are you worrying
in such a situation? Ring the neighbour’s doorbell. Why are you worrying
unnecessarily? Right. – Sir, he’s saying
that we should inquire with the neighbours.
– Of course, I got him when he said,
ring the neighbour’s doorbell. So, come on, ring the bell.
Here.. Oh, sir! – Yes.
– Sir, it’s mentioned over here that they’re out of station
for 15 days. Oh..
Even this house is locked. He may be knowing.
Let’s find out from him. – Fine. Sir, ring the bell again. You never know, he may be having
a hearing problem. Sir, ring it hard.
– How can I ring it hard? I don’t have
the volume control of it. It’s just a switch, right?
So.. He’s opening it. What is it?
What do you want? Why are you ringing
the bell repeatedly? What is he saying?
– Hey! How would I know what he’s saying. Baga.. – No, sir.
I didn’t understand either. Oh, God! Well.. Are you guys illiterate? Didn’t you see the notice
displayed over there? Don’t ring the bell
between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. This may cause disturbance
in our meditation. Sir, it’s written that,
no one should ring the bell between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m..
– Why? He meditates during that time.
– Okay. I am sorry. I am sorry, sir. I didn’t pay attention
to the notice. Sorry. Okay.
Now, you know. Don’t repeat it.
– Hold on.. Please wait..
– What is it? What is it?
– Please give me two minutes. Your neighbour, Mr. Iyer..
– Yes. His house is locked. Do you have any idea
where he is? Kerala.
– What! Kerala! Is he in Kerala
which is in South India? – Yes. He has gone to Kerala! Why did he go to Kerala?
– He’s on a vacation. I sent him on a vacation. He had never been to Kerala.
I told him that he has to visit Kerala. It’s God’s own country.
It’s heavenly. Really?
Is Kerala that beautiful? I had no idea. Haven’t you been there?
– No, I haven’t. You must visit Kerala.
The backwaters are famous across the world.
– Really? Mr. Thampi,
forget about the backwaters. We are very distressed
because of the leak. – Yes! What!
What do you mean? Let me explain. My shop is below
Mr. Iyer’s apartment. It’s a shop containing
electronic appliances. Televisions,
refrigerators, washing machine etc. are in the store. There’s a leakage in my store
from Mr. Iyer’s apartment. Diwali is approaching.
If the leakage isn’t stopped the appliances will get damaged. Gada Electronics.. Is that your shop?
– Yes. I am the owner
of Gada Electronics. Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada. You weren’t in the shop
when I had visited your shop. When did you go to my shop? Three years ago. I had gone to your store
to buy a radio. An old man sold me the radio. That’s Uncle Nattu,
he’s my uncle. Your uncle is a fraud. He told me, the radio has
a warranty of five years but my radio stopped working
after two years. The imported radios have a warranty of only one year. Your radio worked for two years.
That’s very rare. Why was I given
wrong information? Sometimes, it also works
for five years. Then why did my radio
stop working after two years? How much did you pay
for the radio? – Rs. 100. What! What do you expect
from a cheap radio? You could have gifted that radio
to your grandson, right? Excuse me! What did you say? Hold on.
Please calm down, Mr. Jhampu. My name is Ghanshu! Yes, Mr. Ghanshu,
please calm down. Mr. Thapi..
I’ll explain.. My name is Thampi. Hold on..
Ghanshu.. Thampi..
– Baga.. Sorry. Where was I?
Yes! How much did you pay
for the radio? – Rs. 100. Rs. 100..
Okay.. So, here’s Rs. 200. No, I don’t want Rs. 200.
I am a man of principles. I will only take Rs. 100. Oh!
He’s so nice. So, Mr. Thampi, please help me. How can I help you? Mr. Iyer is your neighbour. He might have left an extra
pair of keys to his apartment with you. Give us the keys.
He’s a plumber. We’ll fix the leakage
and we’ll return the keys within an hour.
– Yes. Iyer did not give me
the keys to his apartment. I travel a lot. If he ever needs the spare
keys and I am not around it will be problematic, right? So, he did not give
the spare keys to me. Oh, God!
What now? The secretary has the keys
to Iyer’s apartment. Really?
– Yes. Thank God. Mr. Ramesh is the secretary,
right? – No. You haven’t been updated. Sorry! Mr. Suresh took over
Mr. Ramesh’s post. He was also replaced. Who’s the secretary now? The secretary cannot meet you. He has to meet us. My shop is getting ruined. Are you going to meet him? Do you have health insurance? Why? You’ll go crazy
after you meet him. You will have to visit a doctor
and spend a lot of money. That’s why I asked
if you have a health insurance. Why are you frightening me?
Who is the secretary? The secretary is crazy. What do you mean? You’ll know
when you meet him. He’s on the second floor,
apartment number 201. Go on.
All the best. Okay, thank you.
Let’s go.. No way!
– What do you mean? I am not going to meet someone
who might drive me crazy. How will I come up with poems
if I go crazy? I have a gig this
evening. I am leaving now. The gig is in the evening,
right? Do you ever talk about
plumbing during your gigs? You don’t, right? You’re a plumber right now. Do not talk about your poems,
right now. Do not mix your profession
with your hobbies. Focus on work
when you’re working and you can indulge in hobbies
when you’re not working. Let’s go now. Sir, I am a poet first. You’re not a poet!
You need to know that. If you were
a good poet you wouldn’t have
been a plumber. Once,
my father insulted my poems I haven’t seen him since then. I am leaving.
– No! Sir!
– Wait! Wait..
Mr. Ghanshu.. I am sorry.
I made a mistake. I didn’t mean to say that.
I am sorry. Your poems are amazing but I don’t know anything
about poetry because I am not a poet,
I am a businessman. How would I know
the value of your poems? Your poems are precious. All right, sir. I am staying because you
complimented my poems. Or else, I would have left. No.
Your poems are amazing. Come on, let’s go..
– Let’s go.. There’s a dog in there. Sir, don’t be afraid. Mr. Ghanshu is with us. He will recite a poem to the dog and the dog won’t bother us. What..
– Wow! I am surprised. That has really happened
to me. Yes! Once, I had gone
to my friend’s place to recite my poem to him.
There was a dog over there. That dog was bothering me a lot. I have written different poems
for dogs and different poems for humans. When I recited a poem
to the dog the dog ran inside. Whenever I go
to my friend’s house the dog runs away
after seeing me. – Really? Friends, leakage and illness
have something in common. Their cause has to be known. If the cause is known the illness and the leakage
can be treated and fixed. A new twist emerged
in the story when the plumber, Ghanshu Ghayal
said that the apartment above is the cause of the leakage. Jetha has only
focused on his business and he never interacted with
the people in that building. The owner of the house,
Mr. Iyer has gone on a vacation to Kerala
and his house is locked. It’s a sign from God
and He is omniscient. Mr. Thampi who is Mr. Iyer’s
nieghbour he has made Jethalaal
more anxious. Jethalaal is in a crisis. Mr. Thampi has warned Jethalaal
that the secretary is crazy. So, Jethalaal
is more frightened now. We have to see whether
the problem will be resolved when Jethalaal meets
the secretary or will the problem worsen. You’ll know when you watch
the next episode of ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. You’ll know about the twists
they are going to face while fixing the leakage. Regardless of the twists,
you’ll be humoured. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep laughing.

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