Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2842 – Full Episode – 17th October, 2019

Hey, you naughty woman! You are the only one left now. Why are you still keeping
your face covered? Come on, unveil your face. This one is my mom.
– Yes. Sun..
Where is that Sundar? Where is Sundar? Along with Sundar even
Bakka and Bailu are missing. Where is Sundar? Where.. Sundar! Where is he?
– He is missing. Sundar is calling.
Sundar! Where are you?
Show yourself to me! ‘I’ll come..’ ‘But first,
I want to talk to your father.’ Dad won’t talk to you.
Talk to me. Actually,
there is nothing to talk. Show yourself to me! ‘Definitely. I will definitely
appear before you.’ ‘But before that,
I need to talk to your father.’ Dad is listening.
Speak now. Yes, tell me, Sundar. ‘Mr. Champaklaal, I know
that brother-in-law, you’ ‘and all the residents
of Gokuldham are furious at me.’ ‘You might be wondering
why I did all this.’ That’s right. Tell us.
Why did you do this? ‘I will explain that to you
in person.’ ‘But before that
convince brother-in-law’ ‘not to yell at me,
or get violent with me’ ‘when I appear before him.’ I will not get violent
with you, but will.. ‘Do you see?
Do you see?’ Jetha.
– But, Dad.. Sundar, whatever the matter is come and talk to us in person. No one will do
anything to you. ‘Thank you, sir.
I’m coming.’ My dear Brother-in-law.. Sundar, I just want to know.. Why didn’t you bring Daya
along with you? Yes.
– Yes. I will tell you,
my dear Brother-in-law. I wanted to bring sister
with me. Even she wanted to come here. She misses you people a lot. She always keeps talking
about you all. She couldn’t come here as she had some compulsion. What compulsion did she have? Yes. Mom and sister have
gone on a pilgrimage to the temple of Goddess on the occasion
of ‘Navaratri’ festival. Again it is the same excuse. It is the same reason always!
Same reason! That she has gone
on a pilgrimage! At least give me
some new excuse this time. This time
I have given a new excuse. Sister and mom have gone
to worship the Goddess. And it is not some
ordinary veneration. It is of a special kind. This veneration is done for the well-being
of family and relatives. I know that you people
still don’t believe me. Every word I said is true. I swear to Goddess. You could have told this to us when you alighted from the bus. Why did you make me dance
with all those ladies? Right. Because of you.
– What! Yes. Because I had come to know that in sister’s absence
even you wouldn’t do ‘Garba’. Had you not performed ‘Garba’ then Tapu and your father too
wouldn’t have enjoyed ‘Garba’. Everyone in Gokuldham
was upset about it. I got so shattered
when I got to know that the people of Gokuldham
were disappointed and refused to do ‘Garba’
on the eve of ‘Navaratri’. I had to do all this
to make people happy and to make them dance
on the festival of ‘Navaratri’. I didn’t want the celebration
of ‘Navaratri’ at Gokuldham to be dull without my sister. That’s why I had to bring
them over here. Jetha, Sundar’s intentions
were good. He did all this
to make us happy, pal. Mr. Jetha, we all are sad
that Ms. Daya didn’t come today but it’s true that we had fun
doing ‘Garba’ at Gokuldham. You’re right. None of us
would’ve performed ‘Garba’ had Sundarlaal
not convinced Jethalaal. All of us would’ve been sad. We all enjoyed celebrating
‘Navaratri’ because of his plan. That’s right. Sundarlaal, you did a good job! I think brother-in-law is still upset
with sister and me. Why wouldn’t I be? I was so excited
that I would meet Daya today and perform ‘Garba’ with her. I understand your feelings. But the situation
was such that.. What else I could have done? I’m sorry,
my dear Brother-in-law. I made a mistake.
Please forgive me. Yes, Jetha, forgive him.
– Yes, forgive him, Jethalaal. Jetha! Okay, I’ve forgiven you. Thank you,
my dear Brother-in-law.. There’s a surprise for you. Is Daya here?
– No, sister hasn’t come. Then, I don’t have interest
in any surprise. Okay, then I’ll tell sister that you refused
to read the letter that she had sent you. Daya has sent a letter for me!
– Yes, that’s the surprise. Where is it?
Give it to me.. Hold on. Sundar, you spoke to me
over the phone in Daya’s voice. I hope, you haven’t written
the letter and signed it in her name! Exactly.
– Yes. No, Brother-in-law, trust me. I swear in the name of Goddess! ‘Jetha, Father-in-law, Tapu’ ‘and everyone
at Gokuldham Society..’ ‘I wish you all
a happy ‘Navaratri.’ ‘Happy Navaratri!’ Happy ‘Navaratri’.. ‘Greetings, Father-in-law.’
– Okay. ‘First of all’ ‘I apologise
to father-in-law, Jetha, Tapu’ ‘and everyone
at Gokuldham Society.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘Do you know’ ‘I’m eagerly waiting
to come back home?’ ‘I am desperate to see you all.’ ‘I miss you all badly.’ ‘Even though I’m here’ ‘I always think of you people.’ ‘Jetha, do you know’ ‘now my fate will not be able
to play games with me?’ ‘Because very soon, I am’ ‘going to return to my home,
the Gokuldham Society.’ Yes!
– That’s wonderful! ‘But, Jetha, I’ll come back
only on one condition.’ ‘My condition is’ ‘that when I return
to Gokuldham’ ‘then to celebrate my arrival’ ‘I want all of you’ ‘to perform ‘Garba’ crazily.’ Sure.. We’ll do that, Daya. We’ll play non-stop.
– Yes.. Of course.. ‘Let’s meet very soon.
See you, Jetha.’ See you! Yes.. Mom will come soon.
– Yes. Yes, and we should perform
‘Garba’ once again on this note. Hey, bring it on! Tapu, your uncle,
Sundar is an actor. – Yes. And, Grandpa, the idea
of nine ladies was great, right? Yes. Sundar fooled me so badly today. He didn’t bring Daya
and made me play ‘Garba’. Jetha, what happened? No, nothing. Jetha, you were convinced there and played ‘Garba’ too. You’ve become upset again. What can I do, Father? I was extremely excited
and happy about Daya’s return. I thought that after
such a long time I’d meet her and play ‘Garba’ with her. But when she didn’t come.. “Drummer, play the drums.” “Drummer, play the drums.” Daya is calling, Father!
– Mom is calling! Give me..
– Hey.. What.. What are you doing?
– What are you doing, Tapu! S-Sorry, Dad.. Sorry. Sorry, Dad.
– What do you mean? Yes, she’s calling again.
– Wait. Yes, Daya.
– ‘Hello, Brother-in-law!’ Sundar, you? Are you calling
from Daya’s phone? ‘Yes, Brother-in-law.’
– How do you have her phone? ‘You know that in our family
we share everything.’ Weren’t you satisfied
by troubling me at Gokuldham? You want to trouble me further
by calling from Daya’s phone! Hey, Jetha. You’re not married, so you don’t
know the pain of separation. ‘Brother-in-law, I know the pain
of separation more than you do.’ Leave it.
Why have you called up? ‘Strange. Why do people call?
To talk, right?’ Sundar! ‘Calm down, Brother-in-law.’ ‘Please give me a video call
before getting angry.’ Why? – ‘Brother-in-law,
I have a surprise for you.’ I don’t want it. I don’t want
any surprise from you now. Because you always fool me
in the name of surprise and then it hurts me so much.. Disconnected. There. He’s making a video call.
I don’t want to see your face. Answer the call.. Hey.. Father!
Daya! Yes, it’s me. Tell me, Mr. Jethalaal. D-Daya.. The signal is weak here.
Hello.. The video is blurred.. Hello. Y-Yes..
Daya! I know that there’s no problem. To avoid your father while talking to me
you have come to another room. Oh, my clever lady. Oh, my innocent man.
– Hey, listen. Why did you fool me?
– What.. What do you mean? Why did you talk
in Sundar’s voice? Do you know how upset I am
because you didn’t come here? And you were pulling my leg
by talking in Sundar’s voice. Sorry, Jetha. But do you remember that
once you had made me promise that no matter how worse
the situation is or how much sorrow I face I should never stop having fun? You remember my words,
but you never miss me. Oh, come on. I miss you 24 hours.
– Oh. You just missed me
for 24 hours, that’s it? I meant to say I miss you all the time,
every moment. Liar! I called so many times
but you never answered my calls. You already know
that I am very forgetful. I forget things.
I always misplace my phone. Sometimes, I keep the phone
in the cupboard. Sometimes,
I have a bad reception. What should I do?
– My father, Tapu and I miss you a lot. This house looks
so dull without you. Oh, that reminds me. We are tired of eating food
from Padmavati restaurant. Sorry, dear. I know, it’s very inconvenient
without me but what should I do? What do you mean?
Come back home. I want to come back home but my mother
wants me around. I will talk to your mother.
Pass the phone to her. No!
My mom can’t talk to you. My mother has taken
an oath of silence. We’re on a video call.
Pass the phone to her. I will talk to her
in sign language. No, sorry. My mother can’t show her face because my mother has taken
a vow to veil herself. She can hear me, at least. Pass the phone to her.
I will talk to her. No!
She will not listen to you. Why not? Mom is meditating right now and she has stuffed her ears
with cotton so that she doesn’t
get disturbed. That means, she is not focused. Who stuffs their ears with
cotton in order to meditate? Stop lying and pass the phone
to your mother. I am not lying.
I am telling you the truth. Daya! You don’t look nice when you’re angry and upset. Please smile.
Come on, smile, please. I don’t want to smile. I will ensure that you smile. I will recite you a poem that will make you laugh. I don’t want to listen
to your poem. No!
You have to listen! If you want to recite a poem,
do it in person. Oh-Uh! It’s is a poem
for this occasion. This poem has to be recited
over a phone call. Please listen to it.
I am requesting you. Thank you! Here’s the poem. ‘My husband is fond of Jalebis,
‘Fafda’ and ‘Pawa’.’ ‘My husband is fond of Jalebis,
‘Fafda’ and ‘Pawa’.’ ‘Our pair is like the union’ ‘of a crow and a cuckoo.’ Daya!
You’re so funny. Dear, I forgot to talk to Tapu. Please pass the phone to Tapu. Okay, talk to him. Tapu, talk to your mother.
– Yes.. Hi, Mom! How are you? My son! I am good, dear.
How are you? I am doing great, Mom! Mom, we miss you a lot. I also miss you a lot. Covey my regards to everyone
in Gokuldham Society. Okay.
Tapu, come home soon. I will, dear. Father-in-law, greetings. Be blessed. Father-in-law, Tapu, dear.. Please forgive me, guys.
I am sorry for not coming home
during ‘Navaratri’. It’s all right.
Why are you apologising? You have gone on a pilgrimage
with your mother, right? Yes, Father-in-law. Mom and I are Goddess Durga’s
temple right now. Did you see it? Yes. – Yes.
– Yes, we did. Now tell me, when are you
coming back to Gokuldham! Jetha, my mom always says that one shouldn’t
promise anything to anyone because promises get broken. But one should try one’s level best to fulfill it. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell me clearly.
When are you coming back? More than you all,
I am excited about my return. Yes, so when are you coming? No, I won’t say it so easily. Why? Because I can surprise you all
by coming there out of the blue. Yes, Mom.
Come fast and surprise us. Yes, and don’t worry about us. Daya..
One minute, Daya. You are in the temple, right? Yes, I am. Yes, then swear to Goddess that once you return
to Gokuldham Society you won’t even
think about going to Ahmedabad
for the next 10 years. Yes, Mom. I’m coming. Jetha, mom is calling. I will disconnect the call,
okay? Bye.. But mother-in-law..
– Hey! She’s taken a vow of silence.
How could she have called? Leave that. You had a word with her, right? You saw her.
Now what? Yes, I did see her..
Thank you, Goddess. So Dad, should we do it? What?
– ‘Garba.’ Sure.. Friends, the luck of people
living in Gokuldham is similar
to those wedding guests who go to the wedding,
dance, sing, enjoy and attend the wedding
with enjoyment but as soon as it’s time to eat then they get to know,
that it’s over. That means,
even after getting everything something is always lacking. This is what happened
with the residents of Gokuldham. Ms. Daya didn’t come
for ‘Navaratri’ and her absence was felt,
but the good news is that Ms. Daya made
a video call to Jethalaal and promised that she
would make up for her absence. That means,
Ms. Daya will come soon. But friends, you know
how our luck functions. Think and try to predict
that before Ms. Daya comes what trouble is going to arouse because this is a place where
before one problem is solved the other one is awaiting
for its arrival. So we have to see,
what new trouble will arouse before Ms. Daya comes back
to Gokuldham Society. In order to find out,
keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching and laughing.

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