Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2839 – Full Episode – 14th October, 2019

Sundar’s calling? Sundar.
How come you called me? Tell me.. What’s the good news? Is Daya coming to Mumbai? Leave all that. First tell me, what’s with
your new drama? What do you mean? You have declared that you won’t play ‘Garba’
in this year’s Navratri. Who told you? That means, this is true. Yes.
– What yes? At least, think about
your father and Tapu. Because of your decision they also refused
to play ‘Garba’. Brother-in-law,
please stop with this drama. This isn’t drama. This is the harsh truth. Why are you acting like a kid? The day you will get married and your wife goes
to her parents’ house and won’t come back soon then you will realise. No. My dear brother-in-law,
I won’t realise anything because my life’s motto is clear. Live and let live. When I will be married and my wife goes
to her parents’ house then I will let her stay
how many ever days she wants. I won’t disturb
my brother-in-law, like you. Leave it. You won’t understand. To be able to understand it one needs
an affectionate heart like mine. What do you mean? It means a heart
which is filled with feelings. My dear brother-in-law if you are filled with emotions then please understand
the emotions of the Gokuldham residents. There’s no need to act
as a lawyer to them. They all understand my emotions. Then at least,
think about my sister. If people will get to know that because of my sister,
you aren’t playing ‘Dandiya’ then my sister’s reputation
will defame. Say whatever you want. This is my final decision. I won’t play ‘Garba’
this Navratri. I mean it.. My dear brother-in-law if you are a man
from Kutch then I’m his brother-in-law and a resident of Ahmedabad too. Let’s see,
how you don’t play ‘Garba’. Are you threatening me? Consider it as a threat
or a warning. I will make you play
‘Garba’ this time. Do whatever you want. I said it before as well that I won’t play
‘Garba’ without Daya. I won’t.. Is this your final decision? Yes, final decision. Fine, I will get my sister
to Gokuldham society tonight and then we will see,
how you won’t play ‘Garba’. Get whoever you want.. One minute. What did you say? Are you coming to Gokuldham
society along with Daya? Are you being honest? I think that it’s a joke. You aren’t joking, right? I mean it, Brother-in-law. Today in Navratri my dear sister will be
in Gokuldham society. One minute.. Say it again. My dear brother-in-law today in Navratri my dear sister
will be in Gokuldham society. Heard him? Sundar. If Daya doesn’t come to
Gokuldham society tonight then.. Then I will accept whatever
punishment you give me. I swear on you,
my sister will come today. Great. Tell me one thing. How are you both coming? We can come in car, bus, train plane or even
a private helicopter but we will surely come. All right. Use any mode,
but please do come. But you have to bring
Daya along, not alone. Brother-in-law,
I have promised you. Why do you worry? You will play ‘Garba’ with
my dearest sister in Gokuldham. Thank you.
Thank you, Sundar. If Daya comes
to Gokuldham today then I will give you
such a gift that you will remember
all your life. Hang up. And leave for Mumbai
along with Daya. Fast. Leave.
– Sure. I will go home
and give this good news to dad, Tapu and everyone. Yes, sir.
All the best. – All the best. Sundar, tell me something. How will you reach Gokuldham
along with Ms. Daya, tonight? Look, Sundar and tension
can’t be together. And why do you
people worry? Do you not trust me?
– No. Hey!
– I mean, we trust you. We trust you so much that if
people you have taken money from come to beat you,
then they will apologise to you. And they will give you
more money. You are very talented. Thank you.
Thank you. So, we will go
to Gokuldham and my dearest brother-in-law
will play ‘Garba’. That’s great. Everything is possible
for you. How will you reach Mumbai? There are 100 ways
to reach Mumbai. And Mumbai is not far away. If you throw a stone
from here then it
will reach Mumbai. – Right. How far is Jetha’s house?
– A stone’s throw away. Tapu!
Where is dad? He is home.
– Dad! Bhide, Ms. Madhavi,
Mr. Hathi, Ms. Komal.. Sodhi, Ms. Roshan,
Mr. Mehta, Ms. Anjali.. Ms. Babita, Mr. Aiyar,
Popatlaal.. Abdul.. What is the matter, Jethalaal? What happened? What happened
all of a sudden? I will tell you all. What happened, Jethalaal?
You look very happy. Yes.
– Mr. Jetha, what happened? What happened, Jetha?
– Yes. What happened, Dad? Dad, Sundar had called up. And he said.. He is coming to Gokuldham along with Daya. Daya is coming back. Wow!
This is amazing. Daya.. I was wondering.. He was so sad
in the morning and he looks so cheerful now. Tapu.. Dad..
– Jetha. Mr. Jetha, will you play
‘Garba’ in the evening or not? Right. Sodhi, I will definitely
play ‘Garba’. Wait and watch.. Daya and I
will set the stage on fire. Ms. Babita, Mr. Sundar
has done what he had promised. Right.
– He convinced Mr. Jetha. That’s right.
Congratulations, Mr. Jetha. Ms. Daya is finally
coming back. – Yes. Congratulations. Thank you.
Thank you, Ms. Babita. Thank you. Mr. Jetha, we must have
sweets on this note. Yes. Yes, we want sweets.
– I will inform Taarak. Sure. Tapu, take the money. Get sweets for everyone. Okay, Dad. Mr. Jetha, now our
Navratri will be rocking. Yes.
– Yes. Our ‘Garba’ queen,
Ms. Daya is coming back. Right. Yes..
Yes, Ms. Anjali. Jethalaal, Mr. Champak and Tapu
had refused to play ‘Garba’ and all of us
were so stressed. Exactly. – Sorry.
You all got worried. I want to apologise
to all of you. Sorry..
Sorry. Mr. Jetha,
it’s time to celebrate. Yes.
– Yes, Mr. Jetha. Absolutely.
Dad.. Friends, see you
in the evening. We will rock it this evening with Daya.
– Yes.. Absolutely.
Let’s go. Get dressed up. What is this, Madhavi? You are thinking
something, right? Yes. So what?
– I knew it. Actually, when you think that means something
is stuck in your mind. I thought, you may
overcome this confusion if I knock your head. I have something in my mind.
– Yes, tell me. I am thinking that Sundar
swore this in Jethalaal’s name that he
will bring Ms. Daya to Gokuldham for Navratri.
– Yes. So what? Navratri will begin in about six
or seven hours, Madhavi. How will Sundar bring Ms. Daya
from Ahmedabad to Mumbai within six to seven hours? Oh, come on. It’s simple.
By flying. What?
– On a plane. It’s not possible, Madhavi.
I know. Navratri is going on, so all
the flights are full. Madhavi, it’s difficult
for Sundar to reach here with Ms. Daya before Navratri. He will rip the sky..
He will tear the earth apart. He will change
the direction of the wind. He’ll cross the waves of time. He will fight against
everything. Sundar will bring Ms. Daya!
He’ll definitely come! Calm down..
Calm down, Madhavi.. What’s this? Just fun.
– Oh. Don’t you trust Sundar? Sundar gave his word, so he
will definitely bring Ms. Daya. And he will come in time. Nothing is impossible
for Sundar. Yes, that’s right. Nothing
is impossible for Sundar. He can do anything.
Why am I worried? That’s what.
You just focus on Navratri. You’re right. I’ll just prepare
my dress for Navratri. Let’s go..
– Yes, let’s go.. Jetha! Hey Jetha!
– Yes, Dad. Coming. Jetha! You got ready so early today.
– Yes, Dad.. Yes. It’s because
Daya is coming, right? Right.. Yes. Jetha, tell me one thing.
How’s this cap looking? Do you have another cap, Dad? Why?
Isn’t it looking nice? No.. It’s looking nice. Then why are you asking
if I have another cap? Sorry. Actually, this cap isn’t looking
good with this dress.. I mean, this dress isn’t looking
good with this cap, Dad. I won’t wear this dress,
I’ll wear the traditional dress. Yes, then it’s fine. Grandpa, you’re not ready yet. Go and get ready soon,
mom may arrive any time. Just give me
a few minutes, dear. Yes. Let’s go downstairs
and let’s wait for mom. Yes.
– Yes. Jetha, let’s do one thing.
– What, Dad? Shall we welcome Daya
with a prayer plate today the way she welcomes everyone? Dad, that’s a great idea!
Awesome! Here’s Daya Junior. She’ll welcome Daya Senior. Hey.
– I mean, he’ll welcome. Yes. – Grandpa, please
get ready quickly. Yes, just a minute..
– Fast. Mom is coming! Hey, happy Navratri..
– Happy Navratri.. Happy Navratri. Wow..
Oh.. Dad.
– Yes. Wow..
Very good, children.. You guys have done
a great job. Wow! Thank you, Grandpa!
– Thank you, sir.. Wonderful..
Very nice decoration! Thank you, Dad! Tapu, have you asked the band
to play a nice welcome music as soon as Daya arrives?
– Yes. Yes, Dad.
I told them.. – Okay.. We’ve asked the band to play
a nice welcome music as soon as Ms. Daya arrives.
– Yes! Madhavi, have you
noticed something? Jethalaal has come late
even in Navratri. Leave it. Why do you want
to get into this in Navratri? Jethalaal, I thought
that it’s Navratri and Ms. Daya is about to come so you would come here
before anyone else. But you’re late. Stop it, Bhide. Whatever you want to say,
just say it directly. Why are you making
Mr. Aiyar say it? Oh, my God! No.. He didn’t ask
Mr. Aiyar to say this. He wanted to say it directly,
but I stopped him. You.. No, Aatmaram didn’t tell me. I said this.
– Yes. What did you say? That today is Navratri,
Ms. Daya is going to come and still you came late today. You will be very happy to know,
Mr. Aiyar that today I came
late deliberately. What? If I would have come on time
then.. Whoever wants to taunt me wouldn’t be able to do it.
That’s why, I came late. By the way, Mr. Jethalaal
your dress is amazing. Is it? Thank you, Mr. Hathi.
Dad.. I will go and stand
near the gate. Yeah. Jethalaal, where are you going? Ms. Daya will come here only. Sundar is also along with her. They will come
with a lot of noise. We will get to know here,
when they reach the gate. Yes. No, that’s there..
– Look at Jethalaal. Today, he’s getting
very impatient. Come on..
– By the way, Popatlaal. Jethalaal is getting
impatient today but you have been getting
impatient since years. Correct, Bhide. Friends, I can’t understand whether the shine of
Gokuldham’s lights is more or Gada family’s smiles. Yes! Come on, Hans. This is nothing. Let Ms. Daya come then you will see that
the Gada family will lighten up more than the lighting. Of course. Why not?
Since Ms. Daya is coming. Yes!
– You are right. Mr. Jethalaal, do you know your face is emitting
so much happiness. Thank you.. But Ms. Anjali
where is Mr. Mehta? Oh, I forgot to tell you that he left for office
a while back. Office at this time?
– What else to do? He works, so he has to take care
of the responsibility. ‘Baga.’ For the past two-three days there’s been a lot
of work in his office so his boss called him
and he had to go. By the way, Mr. Jethalaal
what time is she going to come? Yes.
– Yes. I don’t know.
Let’s do one thing. I will call Sundar and ask him. Put it on speaker
as we will also get to know that at what time
is Ms. Daya is reaching. ‘Baga.’
– Sure.. ‘Speak up.’ Yes, Sundar. Where are you? ‘Who?’ What do you mean whom?
You and Daya. I hope you both
have left Ahmedabad. ‘No.’
– Oh my! Sundar!
What’s this.. ‘I promised you that I’ll come
to Gokuldham in Navratri’ ‘along with sister.’
– Yes. ‘If I don’t leave from Ahmedabad’ ‘then how will I reach Mumbai?’ ‘Stop asking stupid questions.’ No, Sundar.
This is Popatlaal this side. Here everyone is waiting
for Ms. Daya. Yes.
– ‘Don’t wait.’ Sundar! What are you..
– My dear brother-in-law ‘I’m saying that there’s
no need to wait.’ ‘We will come on time.’ Okay, all right. Come.. But I don’t need
any excuses later that there was traffic on the way it will take more time, sorry.. I don’t want any of that. ‘Brother-in-law,
looks like you don’t trust me.’ ‘I’m going back.
Mister, take a U-turn.’ ‘Back to pavilion. Let’s go..’ You!
Sundar! Uncle Sundar..
We all trust you. Even dad trusts you.
Isn’t it, Dad? – Yes.. I trust you entirely.. You and Daya
come over soon. We are waiting for you both
to start the veneration. ‘No, Mr. Champaklaal.
Go ahead with the veneration’ ‘and play Garba for some time.’ ‘Sister will join you
in the ‘Garba’.’ ‘Brother-in-law!’
– Yes, tell me.. ‘My phone is running
out of battery.’ ‘So, don’t call me
time and again.’ ‘Otherwise,
it will get switched off.’ ‘All right, I’ll hang up now.’ Hello.. He hangs up even before
I complete my sentence. Mister,
why are you playing the music at each and everything? Dad, these musicians
also render music for daily soaps. So, they are used
to play music depending on the situation. Dear, then tell him
not to play music now and then.
– Exactly. We can’t tell them, ma’am. Otherwise, they’ll feel bad
and leave this place. Oh, my! Oh, dear!
Everyone gets upset nowadays. Let them play
whatever they want. Don’t pay attention to them. Friends, India eagerly awaits
Rafale fighter planes. The shopkeepers
eagerly await for customers during the festival season. And Popatlaal
eagerly awaits a wife. Similarly, people at Gokuldham
are eagerly waiting for Sundar and Ms. Daya. Even before we start ‘Garba’
we are excited to know whether Sundarlaal
and Ms. Daya will come before Navratri
festival? If not,
then what is going to happen? This is Gokuldham. No one can change the destiny. It is set in stone. Even if something happens,
it doesn’t happen peacefully. That means,
even if Sundarlaal comes then such a thing will happen that there will be a commotion. Friends, let me tell you this. Is this going to be
a normal ‘Garba’ or will it be combined
with the celebration of Diwali? We need to wait and watch. The most important question is will Sundarlaal be coming? Keep waiting for Sundarlaal
along with us. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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