Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2837 – Full Episode – 10th October, 2019

‘Oh, my God!’ ‘If he spreads this news, entire
Ahmedabad will be after me.’ What’s the matter?
What are you thinking? Nothing as such,
my dear Brother-in-law. I’ll tell you what.
Increase the amount. Make it Rs. 50 lakh. Why? – It’ll increase
my reputation in the market. Sundar, I am not kidding.
I’ll surely spread the news. Forget it.
I’ll connect you to sister. Why..
Now what happened? Nothing happened. I don’t want
you to lie unnecessarily and become a sinner. It’s said that we get punished
on Earth for our bad deeds. What..
What did you say? That we get punished
on Earth for our bad deeds? My dear Bother-in-law,
please hang up. I’ll go home
and connect you to Daya. Fine.
Connect me to her right now. But, your sister has gone
to the temple with your mom. Even though she’s not here she’ll speak to him. Hello. – Come on,
my dear Brother-in-law! I’ve been trying to contact you
for quite a while now. But I’ve been unable
to get through your number. And you always say that you are
unable to get through my number. What are you saying?
When did you call me up? I picked your call
at the first ring. This network problem
is really weird! If you don’t get through
my number again, don’t blame me. Just understand that it’s
the network problem, okay? Just leave all this.
Connect me to Daya. And listen, do video calling. No, Brother-in-law.
That’s not possible. Why not?
You did it just now. It’s not possible
because of you. Really! Why?
What’s my mistake? You were asking me
to rush to sister and connect you to her. So, I rushed home.
As soon as I went home I stumbled in such a way
that I fell down. My dear Brother-in-law,
I escaped unhurt but the camera of my phone
has broken. My dear Brother-in-law,
because of you I rushed and the phone broke. So, you’ll have to buy me
a nice expensive phone. So, you owe me
an expensive phone. ‘My brother-in-law
is a very cunning guy.’ Forget video call.
Do voice call. But just connect me to her. I..
I mean all of us are yearning to speak to her. Dad is here,
and so is Ms. Babita. Fine, I’ll connect you to her. Sister! It’s my dear
brother-in-law’s call. I am coming!
I am coming, Brother. Tell me, Jetha. What happened? Daya’s voice seems
to be somewhat different. It is actually different, right? Daya, why do you
sound different? I’ve a sore throat. – I see!
She has a sore throat. How are you?
Where are you? You don’t speak to me at all. You’ve forgotten me completely. I don’t want to speak to you.
I am hanging up. Hey, Daya.. Why are you speaking
about hanging up? Over here, I am..
I mean all of us are yearning to speak to you.
Dad is here, so is Ms. Babita. No, don’t hang up.
Continue to speak. How are you, Daya? I am at my brother’s place
and with my mom. So, I feel
as if I am in paradise. I mean, my in-laws’ place
is also like a paradise to me. That means
I’ve two paradises. My mom’s house
and my in-laws’ house. I am very lucky! Daya, to be honest all of us are missing you a lot. Daya, even dad
is saying the same thing and so is Ms. Babita. Everyone misses you a lot. The entire Gokuldham Society
misses you a lot. You know what? All your friends from Gokuldham
had come to my shop yesterday. They want me to bring you here
from Ahmedabad at the earliest. Is it? Daya, your voice sounds
very different. What happened? Yesterday, I drank
chilled sugarcane juice mixed with chilled
pineapple juice. I had also added
ice cubes to it. So, it’s giving me a tough time. Who? My throat. Yes.. So, this.. Hello! H-Hello?
– Hello. Hello? Hello! – Jetha!
– Hello? Hello.. Hello..
– Hello! Yes, I can hear you. You are so childish!
You are so naughty! You drank chilled
sugarcane juice all alone. That too with ice cubes. Did you miss me
while drinking the juice? Yes, I miss you all the time. Even I miss you
all the time, Daya. I dream about you,
my nightingale. Even I dream about you, Jetha. What is this? – What?
– Whenever I call you that you usually call me
crow in response. Why didn’t you say it? I was about to say it. My crow! My crow.. Amazing. Daya. Say something romantic. Jetha,
I can’t hear you properly. I’ll call you up in a while. There are no signals here. No, don’t hang up. Even if the signals
are breaking I can hear
your voice breaking but you please talk to me. I’m listening to your voice
after so long. You talk to me. And listen, I need to tell you
something important. Oh, God! What happened?
What is it, Jetha? What do you want
to talk about? Don’t worry. Important doesn’t mean
it is something to worry about. Oh, then it’s fine but I want to talk about
something important. Why don’t you call me up? I don’t call you? I don’t call you! I have called you so many
times, Daya. So many times! But not even once
was your phone reachable. Then I have to call
that useless Sundar. Don’t mind instead of talking to you,
I have to talk to Sundar. It’s not fun. Talking to Sundar is like.. Don’t you dare say anything
about my brother. My brother is a gem. The entire Ahmedabad calls him a gem. No, he is praise worthy. Actually, to recognise the gem
one needs to be a jeweller which I’m not. Then throw that gem aside. I mean keep it by your side. And talk to me. Hi, Ms. Babita. Tapu, it’s your mother’s call. Jetha is talking.
– What? I want to talk as well.
Father, give me the phone. I want to talk to mom. – Tapu!
– Hello, Mom. How are you? Oh, dear! Keep it on speaker.
Everyone will be able to talk. Hello. ‘Sorry, Tapu,
it’s your uncle’s helplessness.’ Hi, my dear Tapu, tell me.. Son, your uncle, Sundar says that whenever I talk to you I should address you
as ‘my dear Tapu’. Uncle Sundar is the best. Tapu, ignore Uncle Sundar.
Talk to mom. Mom, when are you coming back? I will come soon. Take care, all right?
– Okay, Mom. Jetha, I’ll hang up now.
We have a visitor here. Wait a minute. Sundar will attend the guest.
Talk to us. Talk to father. Daya, how are you?
– Father-in-law, I’m fine. How are you? I am also fine.. Father-in-law,
is Ms. Babita with you? – Yes.. Hi, Ms. Daya. How are you?
– Hello, Ms. Babita. Please come back
to Gokuldham soon. Yes, Ms. Babita..
I’ll come soon. Ms. Daya, it’s been
so many days since we saw you. Dad, let’s talk to mom
on a video call. Oh, yes.
– No.. We can’t talk
on a video call. Why?
– I told you! We can’t and that’s final!
– But, why? Actually, mom has asked me
not to do that. Really, did she? Why?
– Yes. The camera of this phone
is damaged, that’s the reason. Mom was like..
‘Oh, my God! What a mishap!’ ‘To pay homage to the camera
we won’t make video calls.’ Ms. Daya, you can use
Bhailu’s phone. Ms. Babita, there’s no one here. When Tapu’s dad
was talking to me they felt shy and went away. Yes, Mom.
Coming! Mom is calling me,
I have to go. I am disconnecting the call. But I didn’t hear
mother-in-law’s voice. Actually, she used
the sign language. Then why are you
replying so loudly as if you both
are miles apart? Daya, I request you. Please somehow manage
to make a video call. I haven’t seen you since long. Just do one thing.
Use Bhailu or Baka’s phone. Mother-in-law won’t get to know.
Come on, make it fast.. Why are you forcing me
for a video call? What’s your problem?
Okay, do this. Just say bye on a video call.
– I don’t want to do that. Why are you being
so stubborn, Daya? You’re being stubborn,
Brother-in-law! Daya, why are you talking
in Sundar’s voice? Or, Sundar, are you talking
in Daya’s voice? Y-Yes, Brother-in-law. Were you talking to us
in Daya’s voice? Yes, Brother-in-law.
It was me. ‘That means, I said
all those romantic things’ ‘to Sundar,
thinking that he was Daya?’ ‘Oh, no..’ Sundar! I’ll.. Didn’t you feel ashamed
of posing as Daya! We were so happy by talking
to Daya after a long time! And you talked to us
in Daya’s voice and played with our emotions!
– Yes. Yes!
You.. Dear, this is very wrong.
I didn’t expect this from you. See! Sir, please forgive me but I was bound to do that. Mr. Sundar, what made you do it?
– Yes, what made you do that! Sorry to say this, but
Mr. Champaklaal, Mr. Jethalaal and Tapu are very emotional
for Ms. Daya here. – Yes. I know, Ms. Babita,
but what could I do? It’s ‘Navaratri’ and sister has
gone on a trip with mom. And brother-in-law was
adamant about talking to her. What else could I do? Then I had to talk
in sister’s voice. Mr. Sundar, when can we
talk to Ms. Daya? No, Ms. Babita.. Not that..
You tell me one thing. When will Daya come to Mumbai?
– She’ll come soon. Tell me a date. Mr. Sundar, if you find
Ms. Daya, then please ask her to come back to Mumbai soon.
We all are missing her a lot. She’ll come soon. My phone’s battery is low,
so I am disconnecting. Happy ‘Navaratri’! No..
H-Hello.. He’s giving excuses.
Let me call him up again. His phone’s battery is not low. ‘The number you’ve dialed
is currently switched off.’ Mr. Jetha, I shall go now. If you talk to Ms. Daya,
then please let me know. Okay..
– Okay, bye.. Dad, even I should go.
I have to attend the meeting. Dear, even I am going
to the temple. “Oh, my..” ‘Daya..
When will you come?’ ‘Navaratri has arrived,
but you haven’t.’ ‘And I couldn’t even
talk to you.’ Yes, it’s all right.
No worries.. I had a word with Mr. Mehta. He won’t be able
to attend the meeting because there are guests
at his home. Where is Jethalaal? I’m sure neither he called up
nor left any message. Yes, neither he messaged
nor did he show up. I went to his house a while ago to inform that the meeting
would be at 10 and he shouldn’t be late. But he was sleeping.
He was dreaming about Ms. Daya. Life partner in dream as well? This shows that how much
they both love each other. That’s true, Sodhi but if Jethalaal
doesn’t show up by 10:15 then we will start the meeting. Just three seconds
are left for 10:15. One, two, three..
Meeting starts. One minute.. Mr. Bhide, you started
the meeting without us! Yes. If they get to know
about the same in college then our reputation
will be damaged. Kids, your reputation in college
depends on how much you study. Popatlaal, Goli is kidding. Yes. – Yes.
– Yes. Come on, be seated.
Hurry up. Yes, we will sit.. Tapu, you were complaining
that I started it without you but your father,
Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada is still not here. Mr. Bhide, if it concerns dad
talk to him directly. Don’t involve me. Wow, that’s amazing! Bhide used to complain
about Tapu to Jethalaal and now he’s doing the opposite. If you want
to complain about dad then I don’t want
to be a part in this meeting. I’m going.
– Wait, Tapu. What is this, Mr. Bhide? You made him upset. We also don’t want to be
a part of this meeting. Come on, friends.
– Hey.. What is going on?
Sit down all of you. Sit down.. Look at the drama! I am so confused. Though I did nothing
everyone is blaming me. Aatmaram, start the meeting. No need to introduce yourself,
just quickly tell us the agenda of this meeting. The main topic is
that ‘Navaratri’ has begun. Tapu’s gang
and the ladies of Gokuldham have made all the arrangements
for ‘Navaratri’. Yes.
– Yes. The costumes
have been arranged. The special thing about this
‘Navaratri’ is that Tapu’s gang will arrange for ‘Dandiyas’
that will have lights on them. This time, the band performing
and its singers are amazing. Yes! The singer and band
should be amazing because the ladies are all set to perform
‘Salsa Garba’ this time. Yes. ‘Salsa Garba!’ Only couples can do that. I don’t have a partner. What will I do? Cancel ‘Salsa Garba’. Popatlaal, it can be done
without a partner as well. Really?
– Yes. Then, it’s fine. Teach me, how it’s done. Sure.. I will teach you. Mr. Bhide, move ahead. Come to the main topic. The main topic of the meeting is that everyone knows that Gokuldham’s
‘Navaratri’ is very famous. Many people from outside
come to see it and participate. Due to that, we don’t get
to enjoy it comfortably. So, in order to avoid all this I have a suggestion that we should charge
the outsiders an entry fees of Rs. 100. You will charge money
on such an auspicious festival! Not good. Let the devotees
seek Goddess’ blessings. If there’s shortage of money
then tell me. I will give you money. Yes, Mr. Bhide. We will get the money
from sponsorships as well. He’s right. It’s not about money, Tapu. It’s about safety. Bhide, did you call this meeting
to seek revenge on me? First salsa,
then this entry fee of Rs. 100. What’s going on? Popatlaal, calm down.. You didn’t understand. You don’t have to pay the money. Outsiders need to pay. That’s what, he’s saying. I understood that, Sodhi but my marriage proposal will
come from outside the society. Yes.
– It’s possible that a pretty woman comes
to our society to play ‘Garba’. We might start talking,
become friends get more closer,
and get serious enough to marry. It’s possible, that my wedding
will be arranged. Say something! Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible.. Then? Since you are charging
Rs. 100 as entry fee. Let us assume that a beautiful lady
wants to play ‘Garba’ here. When she learns
that there’s an entry fee what impression will she have
about our society? That we are charging Rs. 100
to let her play ‘Garba’ here! She will not attend the event and she’ll have a bad impression
about me. Because of the entry fee,
I’ll never get married. What are you talking about? Well, I have to admit I have never come across
an optimistic bachelor like you. Thank you, Mr. Hathi. Bhide..
Cancel the entry fee and the entry should be free
for everyone or else I will retaliate. All right. Considering Popatlaal’s
retaliation and craziness.. Hey, you! I mean, taking Popatlaal’s
feelings into consideration I take back the proposal
of charging an entry fee. Yes..
– That’s great! Wow.. Do you have more announcements
for the meeting? No, there are none.
But, are you guys prepared? Mr. Bhide, don’t worry. Tapu and his friends
are always prepared. If the meeting is over,
we’ll leave now. Come on, friends.
– Stop! Sit down.. What happened?
– Be seated. I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the one and only secretary
of Gokuldham Society declare that this meeting
has come to an end. You may leave now. Bye!
– Bye! – Bye.. Bye!
– Bye, Dad! Come on..
It’s over! – Come on, Gogi.. The meeting is over.
Let’s go home now. Yes..
– Hold on. Did you observe something? Jethalaal did not attend
the meeting, today. Yesterday, he did not join us
at the soda shop as well. I have a feeling
that something is wrong. Does anyone know
what’s going on? I think, Jethalaal is depressed. He is missing Ms. Daya. We have to visit him. Come on, let’s go.
– Let’s go.. Come on, let’s go.. Friends, it’s too difficult to
deal with four kind of people. An upset child or wife! To convince a phone addict
to quit using phone. Or a person
who is missing someone. Right now, the person who is
suffering because of separation is my best friend, Jethalaal. He is missing Ms. Daya,
immensely. The men of Gokuldham Society
are going to visit him. Do you think the problem
will get solved or get worse? This is Gokuldham, friends. Sometimes, the treatment
intensifies the pain. Why do I have a feeling that the problem is going
to get worse? Will Ms. Daya return
to Gokuldham or not? That’s a mystery for now. We are celebrating ‘Navaratri’. What is going to happen now?
Will the problem worsen? I have a feeling that everyone will be affected
by the problem. Soon, you will face
a storm of laughter. Keep watching, ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching and keep laughing.

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