Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2836 – Full Episode – 9th October, 2019

I don’t want any wire
with tape on it. If I see any wire with tape
on it, I won’t pay you. Got it? Yes.
– Take this. Wow! A new dress for ‘Navratri’!
– Yes. Isn’t it nice? It’s lovely.
And red is my favourite colour. Thank you for buying
clothes for me, Madhavi. But when did you go shopping?
I didn’t come to know. Never mind. I’ll try it out.
We’ll know how it looks. Like everyone.. Madhavi. You bought ‘Chanya Choli’?
What kind of a joke is this? Why did you say
it was for me? I never said that.
I just told you to take it. You started talking after that and stopped
only after looking at it. Okay, so what was the reason
behind giving this to me? To iron it.
– Who irons ‘Chanya Choli’? You do. Your ironing talent
is commendable! You can iron any dress
with perfection! Really? But I don’t have the time now. May I ask why?
– Yes, you may. I will ask.
Why don’t you have the time? Because we’re conducting
a meeting regarding Gokuldham ‘Navratri’ at 10,
at the club house. I need to prepare for it.
So, I have to go first. You also finish your work
and come there at 10. I’ll come back and then
iron it. Okay? Listen. What meeting
for ‘Navratri’? We do it every year.
– Exactly. We don’t want to do it like
we do every year. We want something different
this year. You see, every year during
‘Navratri’, a lot of outsiders come to our society
to do ‘Garba’. This time, I’ve decided
that outsiders will have to pay an entry fee
of Rs. 100. I need everyone’s approval,
so I’ve called for a meeting. Okay, then.
Why do you need the ladies? The men and Tapu’s gang
can decide everything. But why don’t you want to come? From the society to the council,
a woman’s vote and voice are mandatory. – Listen.
We raise our voice when needed. We don’t waste our energy
over petty issues. You men are enough for it. And anyway, the ladies have to
practise ‘Salsa Garba’ today for ‘Navratri’. Which ‘Garba’?
– Salsa. ‘Salsa Garba’. Great. Look, Madhavi, I think
it’s your duty.. No. No, no. Changing a woman’s mind
is like trying to bend an iron rod with the hand. The hand might bend,
but the rod won’t. Well done! You’ve changed.
– Have I? Okay, I’m going.
– Listen. – Yes? Take this. Do you have any sense? I am the honourable secretary
of the society. If the secretary starts taking
snacks to meetings what will people think? I’ll take coriander
‘Vadas’ today. Then someone might bring
‘Jalebi Fafda’. Then someone else will bring
‘Parathas’. They’ll forget the meeting
and start munching instead. Is it a society meeting
or a picnic spot? Are you done?
Can I talk now? You start before even letting
the other person finish. Go and deliver this
to Ms. Daya’s house. Oh, my! I have to go to
Ahmedabad, deliver this return and then conduct
the meeting.. Hey! Where are you going? To give this to Mr. Jetha
and Mr. Champaklaal. You may continue.
You’re the best. I’m sorry.. I’ll go.
I’ll get to tell Jethalaal to come to the meeting on time. Or else he’ll be late
like always. Look at him. He’s fast asleep. ‘I should let him sleep today.’ ‘Since it’s festival time,
there are too many customers’ ‘at the shop.
There’s a lot of work to do.’ ‘He must be tired.
I should let him sleep.’ It’s fun. The camel ride.. It’s been a long time
since we came to Kankaria Lake. Hey..
I will fall. I will fall.
– Hey.. – Help.. Thank you, Daya..
You held my hand. Thank you. Come, Daya.
Let’s go boating. No? Why?
Come. Let’s have Saffron Kulfi. Jethalaal.
– Hey.. Oh, no.. Jethalaal! Leave me. Jethalaal! Leave me. Sir, what happened? H-He.. Give me two Kulfis.. Jethalaal is in a deep sleep and he is dreaming
of daughter-in-law. I came to wake him up
and he is holding my hand mistaking me
for daughter-in-law. He isn’t leaving me. Why are you laughing, Bhide? Please help me free my hand. Jethalaal.. How come Sundar showed up? Sundar.. After so many days Daya has.. Daya is back.
Leave.. Leave us alone. Hey..
Mr. Champaklaal, get up.. Get up, Mr. Champaklaal..
Come on.. Pull him..
Pull him strongly.. Oh, no.. Get up.. Get up, Bhide. Are you hurt?
– No. I am hurt.
– Come on. Get up. Please sit.. Is he a human or what? He is still asleep! Wake up, Jethalaal! Bhide, what are you doing
in my bedroom so early in the day? Why are you asking him?
Ask me! No, Dad.
How can I ask that to you? You can come
to my bedroom anytime. Jethalaal, I am not eager
to come to your bedroom. I was in your living room. I came here after hearing
Mr. Champaklaal’s voice. Before you ask me why I was in
the living room, I’ll tell you. Madhavi has sent
‘Kothimbir Wadi’ for you guys. Wow!
Please thank her. Mr. Champaklaal,
that’s unnecessary. We are neighbours,
and neighbours do such things. When Ms. Daya used to make
special dishes she used
to bring some for us. Yes. Did you talk to her? Isn’t she coming
for the ‘Navratri’? I don’t know, pal.
I haven’t spoken to her yet. Oh. Jethalaal,
there is a meeting at the society’s clubhouse
at sharp 10:00 a.m. about ‘Navratri’.
Be there on time. Let me take your leave. Jethalaal, be there on time. Hey! Are you going to sit here?
– No.. I see.
You want to sit on the bed. No.. I am going
to take a shower. ‘I was having
such a beautiful dream.’ ‘Daya and I were boating
in Kankaria Lake.’ ‘We were holding hands’ ‘and we were going
to eat Saffron Kulfi.’ Go and take a bath! Where is the bathroom? It’s over there! Mister, I see a lot of wires. Please be careful
while lighting up the place. If it touches water
there will be a short circuit. This time’s ‘Navratri’
decoration should be great. Understood?
– Yes, bro. ‘Yes, bro!’
What kind of a language is this? Popatlaal! Wait.. Look at you.. Full sleeves shirt, tucked in
and new shoes. Where are you going? Bhide, being a teacher
you don’t know that when one is going
for a good cause then one should
not interrupt him. I’m a teacher,
that’s why I know that such beliefs
should not be believed. From behind, ahead, sideways.. There is no problem
when one interferes. It doesn’t make a difference. Okay, listen. Today at 10,
there is a special meeting in the clubhouse
for ‘Navratri’. As a secretary there’s a lot of error
in your management. Today is ‘Navratri’ and you want to hold
a meeting today? Couldn’t you have
done it earlier? Popatlaal,
all the preparations are done. An important decision is to be
taken in the last minute that’s why,
the meeting has been called for. Bhide, cancel the meeting. I need to go
for an important meeting. Bye.
– Hey, what bye.. What meeting do you have,
Popatlaal? Postpone it. What do you mean? My meeting can neither
be posted nor couriered. It’s important for me to go. I need to go meet
the divorce lawyer. Isn’t it too soon? What do you mean? I mean,
you are not even married and you are going
to a divorce lawyer. What kind of a friend are you? I’m still not married and you are talking
about my divorce. When did I say that? You said that you are going
to the divorce lawyer. Does a person go
to a divorce lawyer only for divorce? I’m going to the lawyer
for marriage. What? What? Actually,
there’s a female lawyer who’s a divorce specialist,
Pratibha. She got divorced two days back. She got divorced?
– Yes, she did.. So now I’m going to meet her to tell her that I’m available
for marriage. Oh.. That’s great news. Bhide,
I feel that when marrying one should see the girl’s
behaviour and values. It doesn’t matter, whether
she is a divorcee or single. That’s why,
by marrying a divorcee lady I want to set an example
in the society. Great, Popatlaal..
I’m proud of you. Thank you. Single people should marry
a divorcee. My soon to be wife
sent me a voice message. She must be wondering
where am I and why I haven’t
reached there. She’s waiting since long. I’m sure she wants to know
when will I reach there. But at least listen to it.. Yes, you also listen. ‘Hello, Popatlaal.’ ‘If you have left
from your house to meet me’ ”the please
return to your house’ ‘because my husband
and I got divorced’ ‘but two days of separation’ ‘made him realise his mistake.’ ‘He apologised as well’ ‘and we settled
our differences.’ ‘Sorry, Popatlaal.’ Popatlaal.. I can understand but don’t be sad. Everything happens for a reason. What? Yes! Think about it, Popatlaal. He realised it in two days
and they got back together. What if he had realised it
after your wedding? But why did he realise? Can’t you say good things? All of this happened
because of you. Because of me? Yes! You jinxed it,
which led to this. Popatlaal, again you are being
superstitious. There’s no such thing as that. Now forget all of this..
– What? And concentrate on the meeting. I don’t want to come
to the meeting. Brief me now with what will
be happening in the meeting. Popatlaal, this isn’t possible. You are a responsible person. You are a committee member
of this society. And imagine, Goddess
will be here in ‘Navratri’. What if you get a bride
by Her blessings? And if I tell you everything
about the meeting then what will be
the use of meeting? Fine.. I will come. Jethalaal! Coming.. What happened, Dad? Are your fingers aching? Yes. Good morning, Mr. Champaklaal. Good morning, Ms. Babita.. Come.. Wait a minute. Sorry, I guess you are busy. I will come back later. No.. We aren’t busy, Ms. Babita. His fingers are paining so I was asking him,
how did it happen. When he was about to answer you arrived,
so we couldn’t finish. That’s why,
I asked you to wait. Okay. O-One minute.. Dad, what happened? Yes, Mr. Champaklaal.
What happened? No, nothing. What do you mean? You just said
that your fingers are paining. Please tell.
What happened? Do you want to know it now? Yeah, the solution can be found as soon as we know about it. Am I right, Ms. Babita?
– Yes, of course. Fine, come sit. Babita, come, you sit too. Okay.
– You come here. Now, listen,
today morning I was riding a camel at the lake. Today morning? – Yes. And I was eating
ice cream there too. ‘I had the same dream.’ And then someone held
my hand like this.. And shook it like this..
Like this. Yes, exactly like that,
my fingers were twisted. That is strange, Dad. I saw the same dream today. You idiot! I am talking about
your dream. Today morning when you were
fast asleep I had come to wake you up. You were dreaming of this. Then you held my hand
considering it your wife’s hand. And then you shook it so
hard like this.. And twisted my fingers. Sorry.. Sorry, Dad. Due to deep sleep,
I didn’t realise. Sorry. What sorry? How can you sleep
in such deep sleep? The thing is, I was missing Daya
a lot yesterday. Due to that,
I just couldn’t sleep. When I finally fell asleep,
it was very late. Hence I was in such deep sleep
in the morning. And because I was missing Daya,
I dreamt about her. Hence this happened, Dad.
Sorry. Should I apply some medicine? No, it isn’t hurting so much. Yes, Babita, tell me, you had
some work? Yes, actually I had some work
with Mr. Jetha. Mr. Jetha, did you talk to
Daya? When is she coming? Yes, Jetha, call Daya and ask
her when is she coming. Without her, not only ‘Navratri’
even the house seems empty. Absolutely, Dad. I’ll call her
right now. Oh gosh! I can never get through
Daya’s number. I’ll have to call Sundar now. Look at that.. His number is switched off. I’ll try his other number. There is a voice message
in this. I’ll try his fourth number too. How many mobile phones
does Sundar have? He has five or six, but only one
is working. So many numbers?
– Yes. He is a.. – Businessman. So he has to keep so many
mobiles. He has a big business
in Ahemdabad. Finally it’s connected. It’s my dear
brother-in-law’s call. It must be for my dear sister. Answer the call, if you don’t
answer, he will feel bad. Yes, that is true. Hello, my dear brother-in-law. Please come to have the
famous ‘Khaman’. It is nice and steaming hot. No, I don’t want
to eat anything. My dear brother-in-law, I will
make a video call to you and show you the snacks. You will feel like eating.
Okay? No, listen.. Hello. What happened? He is going to do a video call. Brother-in-law, are you
salivating? ‘I am waiting to see Daya,
and this idiot’ ‘is showing me these snacks.’ Hello, sir, come and
have snacks. No.. You should not speak while
eating. Eat quietly. Come, Mr. Jetha,
come to Ahemdabad we will dance ‘Garba’
on a boat in Kankaria Lake. Should I come?
– Yes. You, too, will dance,
is it? – Of course. Then won’t the boat sink,
mister? Brother-in-law,
you too are feeling like eating ‘Khaman Dhokla’, right? No, I already had my breakfast. Listen to me now. My dear brother-in-law,
can I make a call to you after having these hot
‘Dhoklas’? Otherwise,
they will become cold. No, no way. Don’t you dare
disconnect the call. No way. After trying
around five numbers I have managed
to reach you on this number with great difficulty.
Tell me something. When you keep
only one number active then why do you have
so many different numbers? Because of mom. Because of whose mom? Because of my mom. Because of mother-in-law,
is it? Yes.
– Why? The thing is,
my mom says that we frequently have to keep changing
our cell phone numbers. Otherwise, people will keep
calling and disturbing us. ‘Idiot, you are lying
using your mom’s name.’ Okay, tell me something. Why am I not able
to get through Daya’s number? Brother-in-law,
you have gifted such a horrible handset
to my sister. Even I, too,
can’t get through her number whenever I call. Send a nice expensive
handset for her. A latest handset is
ready for Daya, pal. Then send it across. No. I will personally
give it to her. Then come over. I will personally give it
to her in Gokuldham Society. You are too much,
my dear brother-in-law! No more arguments. Get Daya on the line for me. My dear brother-in-law,
it is not possible. I am not at home.
I have come out. Ask. You can ask Bakka
and Bailu. Yes, Mr. Jetha,
we have stepped out. Hey, Bakka and Bablu.
– It is Bailu, not Bablu. Whatever! Stop being Sundar’s
sidekick in front of me. Listen, Sundar. – Yes, tell me,
my dear brother-in-law. You have come
to Mr. Kheema’s stall, right? His stall is at the junction
near your house. It is not far from your house. So, go home right away
and make Daya give me a call. And listen, mister. I don’t want
any excuse this time that Daya is not at home now. That she has gone
to the temple and you don’t know
when she will be back. Make her give me a call.
If you fail to do that today I will spread the news
in entire Ahmedabad that you have Rs. 30 lakhs
unaccounted money with you. The situation is
quite interesting now, friends. What is going to happen now? Whatever happens,
it will be either kill or cure. Whatever happens is
going to entertain you a lot. But even now,
the question is what is going to happen. Don’t lose your interest. Don’t lose your curiosity. And keep laughing. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ Keep watching, keep laughing.

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