Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2835 – Full Episode – 8th October, 2019

The plates are here.
– Yes, bring them.. Yes.
– Put them here. Put them.. It’s hot..
– It’s hot.. – Yes.. Sir. Just look at these
‘Raskadams’. Oh.. Hey!
– Hey! What are you doing!
– Sorry, sir.. What have I done? You touched your nose,
so I lost the balance. Come on,
just serve them properly. Samosas are ready.
‘Raskadams’ are ready. Let Ms. Babita come. “Her arrival..” Listen.
– Yes. Your hands have become oily
because of all this. Just go and wash them. And clean all this.
Take it all away. – Give me.. Pick this wrapper.
Okay, go.. “Her arrival brings
the spring season.” “The departure takes..”
Her! “The spring season away.” “She’s so adorable..” H-How come you all are here? Babita told you that we
were coming to meet you, right? Yes. ‘You people?’ ‘No, Ms. Babita didn’t mention
about you people.’ Yes..
I mean the same. Have you guys reached here?
– Yes. Please come..
Hasn’t Ms. Babita come? Actually, somebody called up,
so she had to stay back. She must be on her way.
– Okay.. Hi, Mr. Jetha.
– Oh, Ms. Babita is here.. Hey.. Just a minute.
Baga! On my way, sir.. Hello, Ms. Babita,
Ms. Madhavi, Ms. Anjali Ms. Komal and Ms. Roshan.
Hello. – Hello.. How come you all are here?
– Baga, bring some chairs first. No..
We haven’t come here to sit. We just want to discuss
something with you and leave. Yes.. I knew that you all
would say that. But you all have to sit. Look, I’ve already ordered
snacks for you all. Oh.
– ‘Raskadams’ and Samosas. Wow! Samosas for us
and ‘Raskadams’ for you. Oh, no.. It’s not like that,
Ms. Madhavi. Everything is for everyone.
– Oh.. It’ll be a little less. Baga.
– Yes. I had ordered ‘Faluda’,
but it hasn’t arrived yet. ‘Faluda?’ Do this. Just go
and bring it yourself. Special ‘Faluda’ for everyone. Okay, I’ll bring it right away.
– And also bring some more Samosas
and ‘Raskadams’. Okay, sir..
– Go.. First of all, bring some chairs.
– I’ll bring them right away. Bring them..
– I’ll bring them right away. Here, Ms. Roshan, Ms. Komal..
– Thank you. That’s perfect.
– Here, Ms. Anjali. I won’t be able to eat.
– Why won’t you be able to eat? No.. You have to eat today.
Take it as a cheat day. Take it.
– Have it, Ms. Anjali. Come on, take..
Yes. Take it.. This is so delicious,
Ms. Babita. What a ‘Raskadam’! Eat, drink and enjoy.
– Thank you, Mr. Jetha.. Please don’t thank me.
I hope, you like all this. Samosas, ‘Faluda’ and ‘Raskadam’
were very tasty. Yes..
– That’s it.. So, tell me.
Why have you all come here? Actually, Mr. Jetha, we want
to say that as you know ‘Navaratri’ is approaching. And we all are missing
Ms. Daya a lot. Playing ‘Garba’ without Ms. Daya
doesn’t sound like a good plan. This is as if,
potatoes without Samosas. Samosa without potatoes. Anyway,
we are missing Daya a lot. Yes, Mr. Jethalaal.
We are missing her so much.. It’s like ‘Garba’ without music. Yes, sir. She’s a great mother,
compassionate towards everyone full of love,
feels the pain of others and a helping hand
to those in need. She worries about everyone
be it young ones or elders. Be it family or strangers. She takes care of everyone. Correct. To be honest Uncle Nattu and I
miss Ms. Daya a lot. ‘Navaratri’ is also
about to start. We are missing her a lot. Ms. Babita,
I don’t know how to describe but only I know,
how much I miss her. We all understand that. That’s why,
we came here to request you to please request her
to come back to Gokuldham Society
this ‘Navaratri’. That’s it. Yes. Ms. Babita I want her
to come back right now. All of us,
including Tapu, dad, and I miss her so much. That’s what. But, she.. I called her up this morning. Really?
– Really? What happened? Yes.
– Yes. We couldn’t talk.
Sundar had her phone. So, Sundar picked up the call. I told him.. He said that he would
ask her to call me back But he didn’t.
He must have forgotten. Oh!
– Wait, I will call up Sundar. His phone is switched off. Oh. I will call on his
another number. This is off as well. I will try another one. Wait a minute.. Now call up. What did you just do? No, I don’t want his phone
to remain switched off this time so, I prayed to God. Now call. This time it will ring. ‘The dialed number
is out of coverage area.’ Oh no! This number is out
of coverage area. Oh no. I have a fourth number as well.
Let me try that. ‘All the calls to this number
have been discontinued.’ All the calls to this number
have been discontinued. Is there a fifth number? Yes, there is. Great. Call on that number. It will surely connect. How is that? Number five
is Mr. Sundar’s lucky number. That’s what he said. Let’s see. Wait, Bakka stick your license,
PUC, RC book and insurance on your helmet so that the traffic police allow us to pass
without any hassle. Understood? We shouldn’t waste time. Time is money.
Okay? Yes.. Sundar, I think we should stick the passwords
of our phone and debit card. If we forget those,
then there’s no tension. We can find them
on the helmet. You fool! I will hit you.. Keep calm.. Forgive him
as he is a grown-up child. It’s ringing.. Yes, see.. My dear brother-in-law
is calling. I’m sure that he will ask me
to send my sister back to Gokuldham Society. Or he will ask me
to make her talk to him. But, she’s gone to Ambaji temple
along with her mother. You can understand that. You are an intelligent guy. But he won’t understand
and will irritate me. What should I do? Leave it.
I won’t answer the call. Let it ring. I will talk to him later. It kept ringing,
he didn’t answer the call. He must be busy in a meeting. ‘Meeting?’ ‘He would be cheating someone.’ I will go home and talk to him. Okay..
– Okay. Mr. Jethalaal,
when you will talk to her then please tell her
from our side that ‘Navaratri’ will be
incomplete without her and we are missing her a lot. Surely.. Thank you. We will take a leave now,
Mr. Jethalaal. Okay.
– W-Wait a minute.. First of all, thanks a lot as just like me, even you all
are missing Daya a lot. Hey, come on! I want to make
a request to you all. Please don’t say no. God! Mr. Jetha,
no need to request. You can say whatever
you want without any hesitation. Baga.
– Yes. We’ve received the carton with the latest model
mobile covers, right? Go, get it.
– Okay, sir. Give me a couple of minutes. Come on, hurry up.
– Here you go. See, I’ve got some latest
mobile covers here. Take whichever you want. It is a gift from me.
– Hey! No! – Mr. Jetha, please No way. Ms. Babita, see,
I had told you in advance that you can’t turn down
my request. But..
– Come on, take them. Come on. Please!
Please! Come on, take them.
Please! Whichever you like.
Please. Okay then.
– Fine, okay then. Thank you.
– Thank you, Thank you, Mr. Baga. Thank you.
– Thank you. Hey, no. No need
to thank me for all this. Shall we leave? – Let’s go.
– See you in the evening. Okay.
Okay, thank you. Thank you. Bye, bye.
– Okay. ‘Stop looking at me like this.’ ‘You should return home now.’ ‘You have been away
since quite long now’ ‘Let me try
Sundar’s number one more time.’ My brother-in-law is calling. I won’t answer it. Why isn’t he
answering my calls? ‘Are he and his sister
planning to give me a surprise’ ‘by coming here suddenly
without informing?’ ‘If that is the case,
it will be great fun.’ Jetha, you are back! ‘This luggage seems to have
come from Ahmedabad.’ ‘Means, Daya has come.’ ‘Wow! My guess proved
to be correct.’ ‘Daya and Sundar got together
and have given me a surprise!’ ‘Thank you.
Thank you, God.’ ‘Thank you!’ Jetha, you are back!
– Dad! Hey!
– Dad! What’s the matter, Jetha?
Why are you so excited? Dad, Daya has come. What! Really?
– Yes. Where is she?
– No idea. That naughty woman
is hiding somewhere. Hey, Daya!
Hey, Daya! Daya, where are you? Seems like
she is in the kitchen, Dad. Daya..
– Jetha, hold on. Wait. How did you come to know
that Daya has come? See, her luggage is here. Oh, no! Jetha,
this isn’t Daya’s luggage. What! – Yes. This is our luggage.
– What do you mean? Sundar has sent across
clothes, and snacks on occasion of ‘Navaratri’
for us from Ahmedabad. What!
– Yes. ‘God,
why did You do this to me?’ This Sundar is too much! What is the point
in sending these things? He is not sending the thing which he is supposed
to be sending! What should he send?
– Daya. God! Jetha,
Daya will return very soon. Don’t lose hope like this. See, even she, too,
must be missing us, right? She will come back very soon. I don’t think so. What do you mean?
– That she is missing us. If that had been the case,
she’d have returned by now, Dad. No, Jetha.
Don’t talk like that. I have a feeling that Daya
will come back very soon. Okay? Come on,
quickly freshen up now. Let’s have food together. You know what, Jetha? Pizza, pasta, Mexican rice,
chow chow soup.. Padmavati Bhojanalay
hasn’t send any of these dishes today. We have got
only simple meals today. Not fair, Dad. You are rubbing
salt on my wounds! We can’t forget our sorrows
by becoming frustrated. We should smile
to forget our sorrows. We should engage
our mind in some other work. Come on,
have some nice food now. After that, go to Abdul’s shop
and have some nice soda, okay? And have a chat
with your friends. Now enough with the fun. Abdul, serve us some soda. Yes, Abdul.
Make it tangy and awesome. I’m on it.
– No, Abdul. Cancel it. Don’t make soda. What?
– What? – Why? Why, Popatlaal?
Don’t you want a soda party? Oh, now I understood. Today, you are planning
to go to a party. Sodhi, you should be ashamed. Look at him. I am very much ashamed.
Now what? I didn’t mean that. ‘Navaratri’ is about to start so one should not talk
about parties.. Bhide, come on! I also know that ‘Navaratri’
is going to start and no one parties during that.
I was just kidding. By the way, Popatlaal. Why are you refraining
Abdul from making soda? Yes. Friends, you enjoy drinking soda and I enjoy making it for you. Wow! It’s fun
because we drink it together. Let’s for a while
for Jethalaal and Mr. Mehta. We will drink it later.
– Popatlaal. Why just for a while?
We can wait longer. Oh, wow..
– Let them come.. I had a word
with Mr. Mehta over call. He has a lot of work in office
for three to four days. That’s why,
he will come late at night and leave early in the morning. Oh.
– Okay. Okay, so if not for Mr. Mehta
we have to wait for Jethalaal. Yes.
– Yes.. Then sit for sometime
because he will come late. He’s late in paying
maintenance cheque late in society meetings and late
for drinking soda as well. I think his name
should have been Latelaal. I think Jethalaal
would have arrived late at his wedding as well! I will call up Jethalaal
and tell him that Aiyar
is calling him Latelaal and also that he came late
at his own wedding. I’ll tell him.. – Call Latelaal,
I mean Jethalaal. Aatmaram, don’t call.
I was just fooling around. You know,
how much we argue. This time also
he won’t understand my joke and will fight with me. Please don’t tell him.
Please, Aatmaram.. Aiyar, we were also
fooling around. – Yes. Yes. Come on, Aiyar!
Don’t worry. I got worried.
– Still I will call him. Aatmaram..
– Hey.. I just want to tell him
that everyone’s waiting here. I’ll ask him how much
time he will take. – Yes.. Bhide, put it on speaker.
We all will talk to him. ‘Daya, I’m missing you a lot.’ “Drummer, play the drums..” Yes, Bhide. Tell me.
– Where are you? All of us are waiting for you
at the soda shop. Today, I’m not in the mood
to drink soda. You guys carry on. Jethalaal. You aren’t with us, that’s why
you aren’t in the mood to drink. Come to the soda shop.
Your mood will be fine. No, I’m tired as well. So today, I’m really
not in the mood to come. You guys drink. What, Jethalaal? You are talking
as if you lifted the TVs and delivered them
door to door. Jethalaal, don’t make
an excuse of being tired. Come fast. He’s right, Jethalaal.
Come fast. Jethalaal, come fast. Soda is waiting
for you to drink it. Right. No, thank you, Abdul but I’m really not
in the mood today. You guys continue, please. I feel like taking rest.
You guys drink. Fine, sometimes a person
wants to relax alone. No worries, you take rest.
– Okay, good night. Soda is ready. Here.
– Give.. Cheers to Mr. Mehta
and Jethalaal. Cheers.. ‘I am missing Daya so much’ ‘that I don’t feel like
having soda with my friends.’ ‘Navaratri is approaching.
I hope Daya comes home.’ ‘Truly, I cannot stay away
from Daya anymore.’ ‘I miss her a lot.’ “The residents of Gokuldham
are doing ‘Garba’ today.” “The residents of Gokuldham
are doing ‘Garba’ today.” “The residents of Gokuldham..”
– ‘Hey, Daya!’ “…are doing ‘Garba’ today..” “The residents of Gokuldham
are doing ‘Garba’ today..” ‘You will fall down.’ ‘Hey..
– Stop!’ ‘No..
– Stop!’ ‘How dare you..’ ‘Love is a holy relationship.’ ‘More sacred than the argument
that just took place.’ ‘Love cannot be measured.’ ‘Love has to be felt.’ ‘But, Daya..
– Please..’ ‘Please let me speak.’ ‘I have felt my husband’s love’ ‘since I married him’ Friends, Gokuldham Society
is a joyous place. It is abode for fun and merry. Whoever goes there,
they do not return empty-handed. People get
entertained over there. So, please come
along with your family. Please watch ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ and share the joy. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Friends, today is ‘Dussehra’. On behalf of our entire team I would like to wish you,
happy ‘Dussehra’. I pray the darkness
comes to an end and may your lives be filled
with joy and prosperity.

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