Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2834 – Full Episode – 7th October, 2019

Taarak. – Yes.
– What are you doing? I am writing an article. With Goddess Durga’s
photo in front of you? ‘Navratri’, the festival of
devotion of Goddess Durga. The Supreme Goddess with
nine forms is going to begin. I am writing an article
with Her photo in front of me. With Her photo in front of me,
I’m overfilled with devotion. And I’m getting the inspiration
to write a good article. I’m actually writing one.
– I agree with you. She gives inspiration
to all of us. – Exactly! By the way, Taarak.. – Yes..
– This reminds me of something. Two days ago, you were writing
an article on wife. But you didn’t ask me
to sit in front of you. No..
Your point is valid, Anjali. But I’d placed a bitter gourd
in front of me then. I looked at the bitter gourd
and my article turned out bitter automatically.
I mean, better. The bitter gourd made up
for your absence. And the best thing is people
read the article and called me to sympathise with me. Very smart! By the way, before that, you’d
written an article on your friends. What had you done for that?
– I’d placed a glass in front of me. – A glass?
Kindly tell me. What’s the connection between
a glass and your friends? My silly Anjali, there’s
a great connection. I placed a glass in front of me
and I was reminded of parties. Parties reminded me
of my friends. And my friends reminded me
of our friendship. And on reading this article,
all my friends were reminded of their friends. And all of them partied,
my bitter gourd queen. Wow! By the way you’re great, Taarak,
who writes an article on your wife
by looking at a bitter gourd.. And on your friends
by looking at a glass. If you need to write an article
on everybody from your college what will you place
in front of you? I don’t need to, Anjali. I just close my eyes and I
recall each and every incident. Is it so? So, hereafter, you’ll
get ‘Bitter gourd Sabzi’ ‘Bitter gourd Paratha’ and ‘Bitter gourd Khichri’. Anjali, why are you doing this? I am just joking.
Don’t torture me. The festival of Goddess Durga’s
devotion, worship, ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ is about to begin. And please don’t torture me.
Please treat me to tasty food. Okay. Goddess Durga’s festival
is about to begin. So, you are forgiven.
– Wow! You get ‘Navratri’ special
discount, in which you can have the food of your choice.
– Wow! I knew that you
can’t torture me. Before the festival of
Goddess Durga has begun the festival of joy
has begun here. Hail Goddess Durga! Goddess Durga, Your power
destroys evil thoughts. Your devotion purifies
the atmosphere. It generates good thoughts
in our minds. Well, it was the devotion on You that generated good thoughts
in her mind. And she has promised me that
she’ll treat me to tasty food. Hail Goddess Durga..
– Hail Goddess Durga! What’s wrong with you?
– Please don’t disturb me. I need to complete this article
on Goddess Durga who is the form
of supreme power. Please do your work
and let me do my work. Carry on with your writing.
I am going to the clubhouse. We ladies are going to practise
a different style of ‘Garba’. I see! This year, we are going to
perform the ‘Salsa Garba’ steps. ‘Salsa Garba’? And to teach us ‘Salsa Garba’,
a special choreographer is going to be here. Are you serious?
– We are too good, you know? But Salsa is performed
by couples. What sin have I committed? Call me also
to learn ‘Salsa Garba’. You just said that you want
to write this article urgently. By the way, even the other men
here must be busy in their work. Forget all this. I came here to show you
my artwork. Here’s my clay pot.
How is it? It’s very beautiful. Even otherwise, you are
an expert at making such things. I know! Fine, you sit and write
your article nicely. I am going to the clubhouse
to learn ‘Salsa Garba’. Hi.
– Hi.. Hi.. Hi.
– Hi. Hi, girls.
How are you? She meant us. – What!
She addressed us as ‘girls’! Thank you for honouring us
as girls. Yes, after a certain age
if anybody addresses us as girls it feels as though we got
a bigger prize than a jackpot. True. By the way, girls,
looks and age don’t define your youth. Your heart
should remain young, right? Correct. So, come on,
let’s start the Salsa training. Are you ready?
– Yes. By the way,
Salsa is a couple dance. Yes, we know that. But the thing is our husbands are busy.
So we will teach them later. Yes.
– Okay. So, students, are you ready?
– Yes! Hold on. You teach us ‘Salsa Garba’
so well that Tapu’s gang is baffled. Yes, Tapu’s gang always
does the best ‘Garba’ dance every year. Yes.
– This time we will also perform so well
that Tapu’s gang praises us. They should also feel
that we are not any lesser than them. If Tapu’s gang is the best
at dancing then we are no lesser
than them. What? Understand the feelings. Don’t focus on the words. All right, we understood. All right, girls,
don’t worry. I will teach you
all the steps. So, first we will begin
with the basic step. And after that I will teach you
the couple step. Is that okay?
– Yes. First of all
your left leg will go to the right side
followed by your hand. Look at me. One.. Two.. Three.. Four. One.. Two.. Three.. Four. You all do it too. One.. Two.. Three.. Four. One.. Two.. Three.. Four. Turn.
– Okay. Wow, Ms. Babita,
you dance like a professional salsa dancer. Thank you so much. Actually, I have learnt
a little bit before. Oh.
– But thank you so much. Ms. Madhavi, you danced
really well too. Thank you. Ms. Roshan, you mixed
Salsa and ‘Bhangra’ together. Sorry, whenever I dance
with my husband he starts doing ‘Bhangra’. So, I also have a habit
of doing that. Ms. Komal, you are healthy but even then your steps
were in rhythm. Thank you. – Ms. Anjali,
you danced very gracefully too. Thank you. Now, you all practice
at home. Okay. And practice here too
for a while. Is that okay? Yes.
– Yes, Mother Lisa. What? Hey, don’t they
address the dance guru as mother on TV?
– Oh, that way. That’s why Mother Lisa. Oh. All right, child. Honestly, all the residents of
Gokuldham are very funny. All right, I’ll leave now.
I have to take another class. Bye.
– Oh. Bye.
– Bye. Bye, thank you. Wasn’t it fun?
– Yes, it was. Actually, this time
it will be fun collaborating Salsa and ‘Garba’
together. Yes. Do we have to buy
some different costume for ‘Salsa Garba’? No, why? We can use the same
‘Garba’ costume for Salsa. Yes.
Costume will be of ‘Garba’ but the dance style
will be Salsa. Yes! Modern ‘Garba’
in a traditional attire. Great! Our ‘Garba’ dance
will become more beautiful. Absolutely. No. No matter what we do
the ‘Garba’ can’t be beautiful. What do you mean?
– I mean I mean,
the ‘Navratri’ of Gokuldham is incomplete without
our ‘Garba’ queen Ms. Daya. And our society can become
more beautiful only when Ms. Daya is present. Yes, that’s right, Ms. Anjali. ‘Garba’ defines Ms. Daya
and vice versa. Just like Taarak and I. Without the ink
a pen is incomplete and vice versa. And the ‘Garba’
by Ms. Daya is just amazing! There’s no fun in dancing
‘Garba’ without her. – Correct. There will be so much fun
if Ms. Daya returns to Gokuldham from Ahmedabad
on this Navratri. Yes, correct.. She wasn’t here
during Ganesha festival and she’s not here
during ‘Navratri’, too. Enough is enough. Ms. Daya should return
this ‘Navratri’ at any cost. Let’s call Mr. Jetha
and talk to him right away. Hold on.
What’s the need to call him? We are anyway
going to the market to shop for ‘Navratri’, right?
– Yes.. Mr. Jetha’s shop
is near the market. We’ll go and meet him
personally. – Good! Good idea! We’ll ask him to contact
Ms. Daya right away and ask her to come to Gokuldham
at any cost. Very good idea.
– Yes. We’ll call Mr. Jetha
and ask him whether he’s free. If he’s free,
we’ll go and meet him. Yes. – Okay.
– Exactly. All right, I’ll call
Mr. Jetha right away. – Okay. Where have you entered
the bill details over here? Mr. Jetha, I had entered
the bill details in that book. It’s Ms. Babita’s call.
I’ll be right back. Show me as to where
you’ve entered the details. Sure.
– ‘Baga!’ Oh, my! He disconnected
the call. Maybe, he’s busy.
– What have you done! I disconnected the phone. Why did you disconnect it? You were going to sneeze,
weren’t you? What would Ms. Babita think
had you picked the call and sneezed
instead of saying hello? But why would I pick the call
and sneeze? I would’ve sneezed
and then picked the call, right? Yes, Baga.
Mr. Jetha has got a point. ‘Baga!’
– Please do your work. Find the entry.
– I’m doing my work, Mr. Jetha. I’m trying to explain to Baga
on behalf of you that whatever you’re saying
is right. But I didn’t speak to him
in a complicated way that he can’t understand. It was a simple thing
and he understood. You understood, didn’t you?
– Yes, Mr. Jetha. Did you understand now?
– What? That he understood
what I said. – Yes.. – ‘Baga!’ Just do the work
that was assigned to you. I’m doing my work, Mr. Jetha.
– Oh, my! Baga, you’ve made a mistake
by disconnecting the call. Mistake?
– Absolutely! Ms. Babita must’ve felt so bad that I disconnected her call. It’s okay, Mr. Jetha. You can call her back.
– Oh, my.. Uncle Nattu is absolutely right. Ms. Babita will feel happy that you returned the call
immediately despite being so busy. Very good, Baga..
– ‘Baga!’ I’m sorry. Hey, it’s Mr. Jetha’s call.
– Okay.. Hi, Mr. Jetha.
– I’m sorry, Ms. Babita.. You called me
and it got disconnected. I didn’t disconnect the call. I hope you didn’t feel
that I disconnected the call. No.. – Have I ever
disconnected the call without answering it?
– No.. Never.. So, please don’t feel bad,
Ms. Babita. No, Mr. Jetha.
Not at all. Please tell me. Mr. Jetha,
I hope you aren’t busy. See, you misunderstood
that I didn’t answer your call as I was busy. No, Mr. Jetha,
I didn’t misunderstand. Are you sure?
– Yes, I am. Okay, then go ahead.. Okay, I wanted to know
whether you’ll be free after an hour. Forget about an hour later,
I’m always free for you and the people
of Gokuldham Society. That’s nice. Mr. Jetha,
I wanted to talk to you. Can I meet you at your shop? Sure..
Please come.. Ms. Babita, I’m in the
warehouse right now. So, please come to the
warehouse straight away, okay? Okay, all right.
See you in an hour, okay? Please come..
I’m right here. Come.. Is Ms. Babita coming here?
– Yes. Baga, do this.
– Hold on, Mr. Jetha. Hurry up.. Get some delicious
Bengali sweets for Ms. Babita, right away. Sure.
– ‘Baga!’ Mr. Jetha,
shall I get ‘Raskadam’? ‘Raskadam’?
– Yes. Actually,
every time we get ‘Mishti Doi’ ‘Rasgulla’ and ‘Sandesh’. I’ll get something different
this time. Yes, get ‘Raskadam’, Baga.. Sounds tempting. All right, get it..
– Okay. Hold on, Baga. Mr. Jetha, please order
for some hot Samosas as well. That’s a good idea. Yes,
get some hot Samosas as well. And listen..
– ‘Baga.’ Get extra quantity,
not exact proportions. Yes.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you? Since you are ordering
for us as well so thank you.. ‘Baga.’ Yeah. Go, Baga. What are you
waiting for? Go and get it. Money?
– Yes. Mr. Nattu, give him money. You will have to pay him. Give from the spare
for the time being. I deposited all
the cash in the bank. You deposited all of it? No.. I have kept spare change. If any customer
comes to purchase then we will have
to give them change, right? That’s why, I kept it. ‘Baga.’
– Oh, yes.. Here. Keep Rs. 1,000.
– Yes. Go and get it.
– Yes. Mr. Nattu. Go to the shop and find
the entries there. Okay?
– Yes.. Go.
– Yes.. Baga, where did you reach? I know that you just left. I called you to tell you not to talk to random people
while returning. Get everything and come fast. Yes. Yes, come fast. Okay. Hello, girls.
I’m ready. Done? First shopping, then we will
go to Mr. Jethalaal’s shop. Yes.
– Come. Shall we march? Yes.
– Yes. Hey, talk with respect! I will shake your world. What do you think of yourself? Oh my! Mr. Popatlaal seems
in a bad mood. Yeah.
– Yeah. His world seems shaken today. How can’t you find
a partner for me? Find it. Even God can be found then why can’t you
find a partner for me? When you were
studying in college I have been paying
the annual fees of your marriage bureau
to your father. Now you are married,
your kids started studying and you can’t find
a bride for me? I’m warning you. Find me a bride or else
return my money. Yes, I will take
the refund anyhow and find a partner for me
and prove it to you! Disconnect the call! Good morning.
– Good morning, sisters. Good morning.. How’s the preparation
for ‘Navratri’ going on? Great, it’s going great. Very nice.
– Yes.. My sisters,
without talking nonsense I would like to come
straight to the point. Yes.. – Yes, Mr. Popatlaal.
What happened? It’s a request.. Really? Since all of you
are so engrossed in the preparation
for ‘Navratri’. After seeing all this,
it feels great. I want you all to start
the preparations with the same energy
for my wedding. Where will Popatlaal marry,
how to do it, when to do it.. The rest of the preparations
will be done but the most important
thing for marriage is for a bride to be present. So I’m joining my hands
and requesting all of you to please, find a bride for me. Mr. Popatlaal, come on! We always do try to find one and always discuss
about the same. But now, I don’t need assurance. I need results. In ‘Navratri’, everyone plays
‘Dandiya’ as a couple and I play alone. Now, I’m fed up! Mr. Popatlaal,
your time will come. Yes, it will come.. When will it come? Just by saying it,
it won’t happen. Sorry,
I got a little emotional.. I hope, I’m not emotionally
blackmailing you. No..
– No, Mr. Popatlaal. It’s your right to share
your pain with us. We also want you to marry
as soon as possible. ‘Popatlaal’. We want her to go out with us,
come shopping with us and become a part
of our group. Exactly.
– Thank you.. Sorry, you people
must be getting late. I think you people
are going somewhere. We are going for shopping,
and then to Mr. Jetha. Why Jethalaal?
– ‘Navratri’ is approaching. Ms. Daya hasn’t returned
from Ahmedabad, right? So, we’re going to inform
Mr. Jetha to call Ms. Daya here quickly.
– Yes.. Yes.. Gokuldham and its ‘Navratri’
is so dull without Ms. Daya. Exactly. Unite Jethalaal
and Ms. Daya first. After that, you can
find a match for me. Okay.
– Sure. Shall we?
– Let’s go.. – Yes.. Okay, bye..
– Bye.. May Ms. Babita’s words
come true soon. ‘Baga hasn’t come yet.
Where is he?’ Sir, I’ve reached.. Come on, man..
How long will you take? Have you got ‘Raskadams’?
– Yes, sir. And have you got that? What?
– Samosas. I got them, sir. That’s what took longer.
I’ve got them fresh and hot. Wow!
Come on, do one thing. Serve ‘Raskadams’, Samosas
and everything, come on. Now? – Yes..
Ms. Babita may arrive any time. And whenever she comes,
she’s in a hurry. That’s why whenever I ask her
for tea and snacks then she tells me
that she’s in a hurry and postpones it for next time. So, I don’t want to give her
a chance to say that today. As soon as she comes,
I’ll give the plate to her. O-Okay, sir.
– Go, bring the plate soon.. Friends, I feel like Gokuldham’s
name should’ve been Utsavdham. Because you know, we
celebrate all the festivals together in a grand manner. India, our country.. It has many identities
and one of them is that it’s a country
of festivals. It’s a country of people
who love festivals. We celebrate all the festivals
in a grand way. Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas..
Many festivals. Pongal, Baisakhi, Gudi Padwa,
Ganesha Festival.. All the festivals are celebrated
in the country in this way. This country is an example
of unity in diversity and we live in unity. In a way, I would like to say
this very humbly that even ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’ is a festival. Because it brings laughter
and happiness in your house. And we contribute in spreading
happiness in this country. So, let’s.. Let’s meet
in tomorrow’s episode and let’s spread happiness,
where you’ll celebrate this festival with happiness
and you’ll say.. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching.
Keep laughing.

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