Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2833 – Full Episode – 4th October, 2019

Let’s now go to the place where
Gandhi spent his school life Rajkot. ‘Rajkot (Gujarat).’ Kids, this is ‘Kaba Ka Dela’. Mahatma Gandhi’s father,
Karamchand Gandhi was known as Kaba. He was the Diwan of Rajkot. At a young age, Mahatma Gandhi
had come from Porbandar to live here. They stayed in this house
from 1881 to 1920. Due to some circumstances, they
were forced to sell this house. The then chief minister
of Saurashtra, Dhebar Bhai bought this house. But then, on Bapu’s 100th birth
anniversary, he dedicated it to the society in the form
of a museum known as Gandhi Smriti. The place where we are standing
right now is Bapu’s room. – Yes. Mahatma Gandhi used to stay here
during his school years. Do you know? This is where
he had taken the vow to never touch meat and alcohol
and to always tell the truth. This is the place
where revolutionary ideas arose in his mind. From this house, he had gone
to South Africa for his studies. Wow, Mr. Bhide!
Indeed, we learnt a lot of things about
Mahatma Gandhi here. We enjoyed thoroughly.
– Yes.. But there are many more things
left to be seen. What else is left to be seen,
Dad? – The school! Come on, Mr. Bhide! You are talking
about school here also. It’s not an ordinary school,
Goli. It’s the school where
Mahatma Gandhi had studied. This is Alfred High School. ‘Alfred High School (Rajkot).’ This is where Mahatma Gandhi
had studied. Post independence, in
his honour, it was renamed as Mohandas Gandhi Vidyalaya. And it was just last year that
The Rajkot Municipal Corporation has converted it into
Gandhi Museum which was inaugurated by our honourable
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Come, let’s rush inside
and look around. Sure! I’ve bought tickets
already. Look at this tableau, kids. It depicts how
Mahatma Gandhi taught kids. Dad, can we sit here?
– Of course. We have already seen
Mahatma Gandhi’s birth place house and school.
– Right. Now, we will go
to his Ashram. ‘Ahmedabad, Gujarat.’ Come kids. ‘Kochrab Hermitage’. Look. This is Mr. Gandhi’s
Kochrab Ashram. This is his first Ashram
in this country. That means,
there are two in Ahmedabad? Yes, this was established
before Sabarmati Ashram in 1915. Here, people were educated about self-reliance, equality,
austerity and skills related to
economic progress. Since there was less space so he established
Sabarmati Ashram. And kids this is the place where
he met Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and our country got
another noble person. Wow, this is so interesting.
– Yes. And there was a rule to not
keep servants in the Ashram. That’s why,
all the work including cooking, filling water,
cleaning was done by the residents.
– Yes. Come, let’s go inside. See. This was the kitchen
of this Ashram. See,
the time is written as well. Breakfast
from 6:30-7 a.m. Lunch from 10 a.m.
to 12 noon and look at the timing
of the dinner. They used to eat dinner
betwee 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Mr. Champaklaal, what if
they got hungry after 6 p.m. People slept early
in the earlier generation and used to wake up early
around four in the morning. Actually, mobiles, computer,
TV, wasn’t there before. So kids, did you enjoy? Yes, it was fun..
– Okay. Now I will take you all
to Sabarmati Ashram. This is the famous
Sabarmati Ashram where Mr. Gandhi started
his salt revolution. Kids. The number of languages in which
on this plaque were all spoken
by Mahatma Gandhi. Oh!
– Yes. Kids, see.
the three monkeys of Gandhi. See no evil,
speak no evil hear no evil! Yes, very good. Come, let’s move further.
– Yes, come.. Wow, Sabarmati river is nearby. That’s why, he was called
the saint of Sabarmati. This Ashram is
100 years old, right? Yes, Sonu.. This Ashram was
established in 1917. This Ashram has always been
a source of inspiration for the citizens
and influential politicians outside country as well and has been an important
factor for independence. Apart from inculcating
the spirit of freedom he also nurtured various
cottage industries here. Oh my! I’m very excited
to see all this. Yes.
– Come.. Let’s go see Mr. Gandhi’s house. Yes.. Come.. Come. Look, kids. This is his house. ‘Hriday Kunj’. Do you know his table, his spinning wheel
and his chair are still present here. Really?
– Yes. He used to do all his work here and used to meet everyone here. Mr. Champaklaal,
we can only think that he must have talked to so
many politicians sitting here. Yes. – He must have taken
historical national decisions. Yes. Mr. Bhide, I got goosebumps
listening to you. Right. By the way, Tapu gang Mr. Gandhi stayed here
for around 12 years. Mr. Bhide, what are they doing? They..
– Hello. She will tell you the rest. According to Hindu calendar Mr. Gandhi was born on
‘Bhadravad Baras’. He wanted his birthday
to be celebrated in the means by spinning wheel. That’s why, this day is called
‘Retiya Baras’. Even today, children come here
to celebrate the day by spinning cotton. Wow, that’s great. Can we join them?
– Of course. Come with me. Wow!
– Yes. That is Kasturba Gandhi’s room. That is the guest room
and that’s the kitchen. Mr. Bhide! Let’s have a look
at the kitchen. Why?
– I am not hungry. What!
– I am not hungry. I was just saying,
let’s see the kitchen, first. He’s pulling my leg.
Come on, let’s go. Come on.. This is their kitchen. I mean, this was their kitchen
back then. – Yes.. As you can see.. Look at this, kids. Acharya Vinoba Bhave
and Meeraben used to live here. This was their cottage.
Come on, let’s have a look. This is the museum
of Sabarmati Ashram. This place has preserved
few old belongings of Gandhi such as letters and photographs.
Let’s have a look at them. Let’s go. Look at this, kids.. This is the model of Salt March. On 12th March 1930, Gandhi
started the Salt March campaign from this place. You know, Tapu Gandhi taught people
how to make khadi garments with the help
of this spinning wheel so that people
can be self-sufficient. The place where this was taught that place was called
as Udyog Mandir. Wow, Grandpa!
That was fun! Kochrab Ashram was great and Sabarmati Ashram
is also amazing. Let’s go.. ‘Sevagram Ashram, Wardha,
Maharashtra.’ Dad, Gandhi’s Sevagram Ashram
is huge. Yes.
– Yes. Yes, Sonu. This Ashram is spread
across 300 acres. Oh! How did Gandhi
establish Sevagram Ashram at Wardha in Maharashtra? Tapu, Gandhi wanted to serve
the nation by developing rural places. That’s why he was thinking
about settling in a village wherein he could
train the villagers and help them achieve
their dreams. During that time,
a very close associate of Gandhi industrialist Jamnalal Bajaj
offered a proposal to Gandhi to establish an Ashram
in this village which is around four miles
away from Wardha. Gandhi accepted this proposal and this Ashram was established
in Segaon in 1936. Later, it was knows
as Sevagram Ashram. You know this Ashram was
actively involved in the freedom struggle. Let’s have a look at it. Yes.
– Let’s go. It’s going to be fun! This is the place
where Gandhi used to pray along with this companions. He always used to say,
a suitable place for praying is under the sky
or outdoors, in a field. In order to continue
this tradition prayers are performed
here every day, to this date. Wow, that’s amazing.
– Come on, guys. The first cottage built
in this Ashram. In the beginning, this was
the only house in the Ashram. A kitchen and a bathroom
were a part of this house. That’s why it is known
as ‘Adi Nivas’. Oh! In 1942 the meeting for the Quit India
movement was held here. Oh. Come on, let’s have a look.
– Let’s go.. ‘Mahatma Gandhi established
the Sevagram Ashram’ ‘in the heart of India
at Wardha’ ‘by renouncing politics and
with an aim to serve people.’ Kids, look at this. This is Kasturba’s cottage. The women who used
to visit Mahatma Gandhi they used to stay with Kasturba
in this cottage. This is Bapu Kutir,
Gandhi’s cottage. This cottage has been preserved
since those days. This place contains
a lot of Gandhi’s belongings. Let us have a look. Take off your shoes. There was only one objective
of this Ashram. Selfless service. The kind of service which
was devoid of desire for money and longing for power. The objective was
to only serve the humanity and to spread the message
of serving the nation through this Ashram
which was at the heart of India. Wow! Look at this, kids. It’s written over here,
Gandhi’s office. This was Gandhi’s office
where he used to work with his companions. This place has a typewriter
from those days. Oh! Mr. Bhide, you mean
from your generation. Goli, I wasn’t even born
during that time. There’s a telephone booth
in here as well. Why did they need
a telephone booth? Tapu, Gandhi had settled down
in a village. So, it became difficult
to build a communication between Bapu
and British government. The British government arranged
for a telephone for him. Wow. – Oh!
– Come. Let’s go inside and see. Come.
– Okay. Service, simplicity equal respect for all religions and non-violence Gandhi taught
these four principles to the entire world. ‘My life is my message’. Only those countries
of whose citizens respect their national language
and their mother tongue and remember their history
will make a progress. ‘Good morning, Gokuldham!’ Dance! Dance!
– Dance! This way, right?
– Yes, Grandpa. First, at the front.
Then, at the back. Turn it and then, beat it. Front, back.
Turn and hit it. Yes!
– Dance! Hey.. ‘Navaratri’ is starting
tomorrow and you both
have started already. Yes..
– Yes. Tapu is teaching me a few ‘Dandiya’ moves.
– ‘Dandiya’ moves? Dad, steps..
– Oh! Moves means steps. Yes.
– Yes. Nice, Bapu..
– Bapu? – I mean, Dad. That’s nice, Dad.
– Fine. – Dad, come on. I’ll teach you
some ‘Dandiya’ moves. No, Tapu. Not him. He’s such a lazy.
– No, Dad.. I may be lazy
for all other things. But definitely not
for ‘Dandiya’ or Garba. If you wake me up
in the middle of the night and ask me to dance
‘Dandiya’ or Garba I’ll start dancing.
– Wow. Then, come on, dance! Dad, here you go.
I’ll bring another pair for me.
– Sure. Dad, what new move
Tapu has taught you? I was just doing it..
First, this way.. Not this one. This way.. Oh.. Tapu!
– I’m coming.. Here I come!
– Oh, junior Daya. He’s totally excited.
– Yes, Dad. So, let me teach you the steps.
– Okay. – First, here. Jetha, why are you standing? Dance. Tapu, why are you both standing?
Dance. No, t-that’s enough.
Spare me. I have to go to the shop.
I have a lot of work. I learnt it.
I learnt a bit. Father, greetings.
– Yes. – Bye, Dad. Let’s go, Tapu, let’s do it. So friends, you saw past
present and future.. I mean, grandfather,
father and son. Grandfather, father and son
the three generation together. It’s a good family the three generation
lives together. They enjoy together.
And trust me life is enjoyed
with three generations together. The three generations
also dance together. Gada family has God’s blessing. Which is not very easy. But along with God’s blessing
Gada family also faces irony of fate. Destiny does play
with them a bit. It will be a must watch that destiny with Gada’s family plays ‘Dandiya’ in what ways. You’ll get to know this when you’ll watch with us
‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma’. And yes, friends
one important thing the award for cleanliness
this time goes to Parmarth, An Effort
from Dwarka, Delhi. We are trying our cleaning
campaign in a lot of societies with that we try that we can
aware those people. So that we get associated
with the campaign. We are grateful for the team of
‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma’ they gave us this opportunity. We all pledge the same thing Our country should be clean. Congratulations. Now in this festive season
of ‘Navratri’, let’s see what happens
in Gokuldham. G stands for Gada family,
and for Gokuldham. G stands for ‘Garba’
and also for Gordion knot. Let’s see how many problems they face in this
festive season. What happens,
for that keep watching ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma.’ Keep watching,
keep laughing.

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