Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2831 – Full Episode – 2nd October, 2019

Mr. Champak, listen to
the riddle we have got. Okay. ‘What is that thing which
can make you a new person?’ ‘Which can save your time,
money and energy.’ The thing which can save time,
money and energy and also can make
us a new person. Only one thing can do that.
– What is it? Simplicity.
– Simplicity! Simplicity! Because more the needs,
more the time money and energy has
to be spent to meet them. And there is
no end to one’s needs. By being simple, we can
cut down unnecessary needs. And by being content
with the bare basics we can save time,
money and energy. Wonderful!
– Wonderful, Mr. Champak. And by using them for the
right purpose in our live we can grow as a person. Amazing, Mr. Champak.
Wonderful. And the real beauty
lies in being simple. Isn’t it?
– Of course. Wonderful, Mr. Champak.
Amazing. You solve the riddles
so easily. Thank you. Okay. Dad, first listen to
the riddle I have got. Go ahead. It wasn’t his turn.
– Okay.. My riddle is ‘what is that thing
after getting which’ ‘you can do anything.’ ‘You need not have to
rely on others anymore.’ What is this, Jetha? You couldn’t even solve
such a simple riddle! Mr. Champak, when we couldn’t
solve the riddle we have got then obviously Jethalaal won’t
be able to solve his riddle. What do you mean?
– No offence, Mr. Jetha. What he meant is,
a businessman is always thinking
about his business so,
maybe it is, you know a bit difficult for you
to solve this riddle. Right. You are right,
Ms. Babita. Come on, think.
Try to figure out the answer. The answer is hidden
in the question itself. The answer is hidden
in the question! Grandpa, let alone dad even I am not able
to solve this riddle. It is only one thing
which will make you not to rely on others. That is self-reliance. Self-reliance!
– Yes. A person can accomplish anything
after he becomes self-reliant. Once he becomes self-reliant he need not have
to depend on others. Thank you.
Thank you. Wow! Wonderful, Dad.
You are amazing. I couldn’t solve the riddle
despite trying the whole day But you solved it in a jiffy. Okay, fine. Come
on, let us solve the remaining riddles also. Okay.
– Mr. Champak solve the riddle
I have got now. Okay.
– God! Let it be.
He is a senior citizen. ‘I am that thing which
can’t be defined.’ ‘Though I appear weak,
but I am very powerful.’ I need not have to
even think to solve this riddle. This is the same ideology following which
our country got freedom. Non-violence. Non-violence!
– Yes. It is difficult to
define it in words. Not to hurt others
is non-violence. These days, many forests are
being cut down because of us. Animal life
is facing problems. That too is a
form of violence. To hurt someone by saying
harsh words to them in anger is also violence. Though people might
consider a person who practises
non-violence weak. But actually, there is no
one more stronger than him. Wow!
That’s amazing! Mr. Champak, now, it is my turn.
– Okay. ‘What is the real wealth
in our life?’ The real wealth in our life! Abdul, the real wealth
in life is that thing without which all the other
kinds of wealth are useless. Money, gold,
property and fame are useless. The real wealth
in our life is good health. Abdul, the answer of your
puzzle is health and fitness. That’s right, sir.
– Yes.. Yes, because if our health
is not good then we can’t enjoy
any of these. If the body is healthy,
then we can do anything. Correct, sir. Health is the biggest wealth. Good health keeps us away
from all the worries. It helps us live a happy life
without any disease. Yes. Healthy man
is a wealthy man. – Yes. See, Taarak.
Health is wealth. That means whatever I give you
to eat from now on just eat them all happily.
Because this is wealth. Ms. Anjali, do one thing.
Maybe he won’t remember so just hang a board
in your house. ‘Health is wealth.’ This time, I’ll definitely
do this, Mr. Jetha. Just get it written in notebook
by Mr. Mehta.. Health is wealth.. If he still doesn’t remember,
then get it written by him on the board. Guys, are you all
my friends or enemies? Of course, we’re friends,
Mr. Mehta. Even we’re worried
about your health. Okay, jokes apart. Sir,
please solve our puzzle now. Yes. Whose turn is it? ‘What is that jewellery’ ‘for which the one who asks
is greater than the giver?’ Tell him. Oh, Mehta. The answer to your puzzle
is forgiveness. Is the reference poetic? Hey, Aiyar. I mean, forgiveness.
Mercy. Yes.
– Oh, okay.. Of course, sir..
I couldn’t think of it. Actually, Mr. Mehta,
you go out and eat a lot of unhealthy food and don’t even apologise
to Ms. Anjali. That’s why you couldn’t
guess the answer. Even that’s right, Mr. Sodhi. Roshan apologises to me
as soon as he thinks of party. Of course, the solution
for every problem is sorry. Right.
– I’ll do one thing, friends. Instead of ‘Anjali’,
I’ll address her as ‘sorry’. I’ll have to apologise to her
every time I call out to her. Then you have to
say something like.. ‘Sorry, please give me
bitter gourd juice.’ Come on..
Stop laughing now. Let’s solve the remaining
puzzles. Time is very less. Yes..
– Yes.. Sir.
– Yes? It’s my turn.
– Yes. No way.. No.. It’s okay..
– Okay, thank you. ‘What is that one thing’ ‘that cleans a person
from inside’ ‘and that gives hope to everyone
in every trouble?’ Yes. Goli, what do you do
when you go to temple? Offer prayer.
– Yes. What do you do
after offering prayer? I eat the offerings.
– Yes. Yes.. But what do you do
before eating that? I pray. Yes. Komal, the answer of your
puzzle is prayer. Prayer? Yes. Because prayers keep cleaning our thoughts. And it’s prayer that gives hope
to fight with every trouble. Yes, sir, you’re right. Whenever I pray,
all my problems go away. That’s right.
– Thank you. Yes..
– Now, it’s my turn.. – Yes. Bhide, please let me ask now.
– Why? Because I am still unmarried. So what? Please let me ask.
– Not at.. – Okay, Mr. Popat.. Please ask.
– Sir, here’s my puzzle. ‘What’s that one thing without
which life is incomplete?’ ‘If you find it,
your life will complete.’ ‘The knowledge that makes you
a priest. Recognise, friend..’ This puzzle is quite
complicated. Just like Popatlaal.
– What! Nothing.
W-What.. Puzzle.. Popat, there’s only
one such thing. You’re talking
about wife, right? What! Even I was thinking
about the same thing. But they all were saying
that it’s wrong. Hey..
– No, man. Listen. ‘Reading books’ ‘doesn’t
make you a wise man.’ ‘Understanding
the meaning of love’ ‘makes you truly wise.’ Popat, the answer
to your puzzle is love. Love?
– Yes. Because our life
is incomplete without love. Just like
a body without soul. It’s love that adds different
colours to our life and makes it beautiful. Oh, yes. Yes,
Mr. Champaklaal. Thank you. And, Popatlaal,
only the love given by wife is not love. Mr. Champaklaal is talking
about all kind of love. So, you don’t think that there is no love
in your life. Yes. No, Mr. Mehta, I am
not thinking that way at all. I know, how much people
love me. I love you guys
so much. And we love you too. Yes, love everybody
and stay with them peacefully. Say it. Now only we are left,
Madhavi. Yes, now listen to my riddle.
– Yes, go ahead. ‘Who am I?
I never lose.’ ‘I always win.
No sword can slit me.’ ‘I can never be harmed.’ Mr. Champaklaal, how is that
possible? Child, it’s possible.
And you know it too. Really? You answered your own
question. The answer to your riddle
is truth. Hey! Truth.
Truth alone triumphs. Truth always wins. They say that truth
is unharmed. Truth can never be harmed. Yes, that’s the answer.
– Yes. Great!
– Wonderful! Mr. Champaklaal, you have
a sharp brain. Goli, grandpa’s brain
is faster than a computer. Yes.
– All hail to Mr. Champaklaal.
Mr. Champaklaal. Enough, guys, stop
praising me and send that message
to the person you are supposed to send it to. Look at the time.
It’s 8:30. Oh, yes.
– Oh. It’s done.
We have sent the message. Me too. This is great.
Let’s see what is their reply. And now we will find out
that what’s the special prize. True.
– Yes! And we will also be able
to find out that who is the person
to give that special prize. Seems like they have replied. Check fast.
What’s the reply? This is a voice message.
– Yes, a voice message. Even we got voice message. ‘Congratulations!
Your answer is right.’ ‘You will get a special prize
from our side.’ Great! ‘You can collect your precious
prize from Champaklaal Gada’ ‘tomorrow morning.’ What?
– Mr. Champaklaal. Dad, are you going
to give the special prize? Yes. So you sent those postcards
and messages? Yes, I did it. What’s the reason
behind doing so? Did you all forget?
What’s the occasion tomorrow? Tomorrow is a holiday.
– Yes. Yes, I know that
but why? Tomorrow is 2nd October.
‘Gandhi Jayanti.’ Yes, ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. And in today’s era
people remember the holiday more than ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. People have forgotten
Mr. Gandhi’s principles. The only thing
they remember is the rupee note
which has Mr. Gandhi’s picture on it.
That is why in today’s era to remind you guys
about Mr. Gandhi’s principles I did it. You did the right thing. The answer to these riddles are truth, non-violence
love, simplicity, health self-dependence, forgiveness
and prayers. These are all
Mr. Gandhi’s principles. Yes.
– Exactly. We had all the answers
in front of us and we also knew
that tomorrow is 2nd October ‘Gandhi Jayanti’.
– Yes. But we couldn’t understand
that all these riddles are related to Mr. Gandhi’s
principles. We feel ashamed that we could not guess
Mr. Gandhi’s principles. Seriously, Mr. Champakalaal,
we feel very ashamed. Hey, you don’t have to feel
ashamed. You guys could not
find out the answers because you were all
focussing on the special prize. Not on Mr. Gandhi. So, Mr, Champaklaal
was the special prize a hoax? No, it’s there. You all will get your rewards
tomorrow morning. But what is the special prize? That you’ll find out
tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is 2nd October.
That is ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. Mr. Gandhi’s 150th birthday. Tomorrow at 7 a.m. we all will organise
a small event in the society compound. And we will remember
Mr. Gandhi. We will recall his principles. And sing his favourite
devotional songs. Of course. – Right.
– And then all of you will get
your valuable gifts as well. So, will you all be able
to gather by 7 a.m.? Of course..
We’ll be there.. Jethalaal, it’s 7 a.m.
All right? Fine, buddy. I know.
– 7 a.m. You know, morning. I agree I wake up late
sometimes but it’s ‘Gandhi Jayanti’,
tomorrow. Forget 7 a.m.
I’ll be ready by 6.45 a.m. Wonderful. So, it’s decided we’re all
meeting at sharp 7 a.m. for ‘Gandhi Jayanti’
celebration, tomorrow. – Right. Tapu’s gang and Abdul
will arrange everything for the program. – Fine..
– Sure, Grandpa, it’ll be done. Good! – May our Gandhi Bapu..
– Remain immortal! May our Gandhi Bapu..
– Remain immortal! May our Gandhi Bapu..
– Remain immortal! Exactly 150 years ago in the city of Porbandar
from Gujarat on 2nd October, 1869 a new idea was born. And that was
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was such a great personality that he needs no introduction
not just in our country but anywhere in the world. So, today, in memory of Gandhi
and his principles let’s celebrate
his 150th birthday. Wonderful.
– Wow! Wow! By doing these arrangements you have made this occasion,
a valuable one. That reminds me.
Sir.. You were supposed to give us
a valuable gift. What’s that? – Right..
– You will know everything as the time passes.
Relax. Have patience. Yes, Popatlaal.
All of us are excited about the valuable gift.
But have some patience at least today, all right?
– I got you. Sorry. Sorry, sir..
– No worries.. Well, children, do you all know
there’s a reason behind Gandhi getting the title
of ‘Father of the Nation’? Yes, Grandpa.
In 1944, Mr. Subhas Chandra Bose addressed Gandhi
as ‘Father of the Nation’ for the first time
on a Singapore’s radio program seeking his best wishes
for the freedom fight. Wonderful.
– Wow! Intelligent. Of course, since childhood
but all of them. Our entire nation addresses him
as Bapu, affectionately. Bapu’s entire life sets an ideal and this entire day
will fall short to talk on this. Today, we will recollect
his great thoughts. Anyone who wish
to talk about him can come forward.
– Sir, all of us have gathered here
to celebrate Gandhi’s birthday. But all of you will be surprised
to know how Gandhi Bapu celebrated
his birthday. Dad, please tell us.
– Yes. Gandhi Bapu would pray
to Lord Shiv on this birthday. He would run the spinning wheel. He remained silent
for most of the times. Silent. He quoted,
‘My life is my message’. Right.
– Mr. Gandhi was so right. I’d no idea that Mahatma Gandhi
used to celebrate his birthday in this manner. Do you know he had given us
11 valuable principles of life? Which are called 11 vows.
Right? – Absolutely right. Wow, Jethalaal!
Do you know about them? What do you mean by that? Not just know about them,
I know them by-heart. Wow.. – Wow..
– We used to recite them as our prayer
at our school in Bhachau. Wow, Mr. Jetha!
Please come and recite them on the stage.
– Yes. ‘Oh, no, Ms. Babita!
Why did you say that?’ ‘As such, I remember them.
But it would be difficult’ ‘to recite them suddenly
in front of everyone.’ What’s the matter, Mr. Jetha? He’s thinking that he used
to remember them at school. He is unable
to recollect them now. No.. I remember them.
I remember them very well. Then recite them.
– I will. It’s not a big deal. Go. Yes! Wow, Jetha!
Very good. ‘Bapu, who would always
speak the truth.’ ‘Bapu, who would
embrace everyone.’ ‘Bapu, who would teach us
that we are one.’ ‘Bapu, who would guide us
to the path of truth.’ ‘Bapu, who brought in
the spinning wheel and Khadi.’ ‘Bapu, who brought us freedom.’ ‘Bapu, who never gave up.’ ‘Bapu, who is adored
by everyone.’ Friends, with these lines
of Siyaram Sharan Gupt on Mahatma Gandhi’s
150th birth anniversary that is, on October 2, 2019,
we pay obeisance to him and remember him. In Gokuldham, ‘Gandhi Jayanti’
is being celebrated grandly. Even you celebrate
‘Gandhi Jayanti’ at your place. Tell the future generations
about his principles so that they can walk in the path
shown by him and build the nation
and follow his principles. And not just our nation,
also build their own future. And become good citizens. In order to know what happens
next here on the occasion of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’,
keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching and keep laughing. May Mahatma Gandhi
stay immortal! ‘Jai Hind!’

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