Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2829 – Full Episode – 30th September, 2019

Anjali, how long will you take?
I need to leave for office. I’m coming! Yes, give it to me.. Hold on..
– What is it? Did you solve that riddle? Anjali, you are
the only riddle of my life. I don’t need another riddle. Oh, stop with that, Taarak. Being a writer, you are
unable to solve a riddle. Anjali, that’s not true. So, you won’t stop
until I solve it, right? I won’t! I want to win
that precious prize anyhow! No one can win an argument
against their wife. Okay.. Tell me.
What was the riddle? Which is that special ornament
that the one who seeks it is greater than the one
who gives it away? Anjali, I have heard this
somewhere. I’m sure I’ve heard this before. I knew the answer.
But I can’t recollect it. Taarak, please think! If we look at it logically,
one who seeks is always lower in position than the giver. But what is that thing where the seeker
is greater than the giver? Taarak! In ancient times,
the sages who used to beg were more knowledgeable
than the givers. So, obviously
a learned man is greater that the common man
who given him alms. I get it, Anjali.
But it isn’t about begging. It’s a jewellery. It’s precious.
So, this can’t be the answer. Then, what could be the answer? I’ll leave for office.
I’m getting late. I’ll think of the answer
there, when I get time. Because if I start
thinking of an answer now I will get very late
and my boss will be angry. Okay, you leave for office.
But, listen.. Do think about the answer.
Call me when you find it. That’s because I want
to win that prize. Okay, sure!
– Here you go. Oh, wow! Mr. Mehta! Good that you didn’t
leave for office yet. I was about to leave.
– I’ll take few minutes. What happened?
– It was.. Mr. Mehta! Thank God he is home.
– He didn’t leave yet. I was about to leave for office. Just hold on..
– Why? What happened? The thing is, Mr. Mehta..
– Mr. Mehta! Thankfully he is home.
He didn’t leave for office. Why all of you are here? Why are you all here?
Is everything all right? Is there a problem?
– Yes, what’s the matter? Actually, Mr. Mehta..
– Hold on, Popatlaal. I came here first.
So, let me speak. Okay, please hurry up.
I’m getting late for office. It won’t take much time, just
wanted to ask you something. Even I want to ask something. Even I want to ask
you something. Do you want to ask
something too, Mr. Hathi? Yes.. I too want
to ask something. What about you, Popatlaal?
– Me, too. Me too!
– Aiyar? – Of course, yes! All of you came here
to ask something. What’s the matter? So the matter was.. – What
happened.. – The issue is.. Just hold on! Wait! Popatlaal, I told you.
I came here first. So, let me ask him first. Okay, wait. Before you ask me,
I want to ask you all something. What do you want to ask? Are you guys here to ask me
the answer to that riddle? What!
– Yes! Hey! That means, you too
received that postcard. Yes! Did you receive a postcard too?
– Yes. Why?
Have you received it as well? Yes! I’ll show you. Not just him.
Even I received it. Look! Even I have. Hey! I received it too.
– Me too! Even I got one. So, there’s only one sender who has left everyone puzzled
because of this riddle. Yes! This curiosity is not
for the riddle, Ms. Anjali. Everyone is eager
to win the prize. Yes, that’s what I meant. What could the prize be,
Mr. Mehta? – Yes! Only the sender knows. I don’t have any idea.
It can be anything. It can be anything,
from a needle to a car. It’s not necessary
that it’s a thing, Sodhi. It can be
a substantial cash prize. No, it can’t
be a cash prize, Popatlaal. It’s mentioned, it’s priceless.
It can be something precious. Jethalaal, Tapu has the answer
for almost everything. Couldn’t he solve this riddle? Right. No, he didn’t.
I wouldn’t have come here if he had found
an answer for this. What were you thinking,
Mr Aiyar? Tell me, Mr. Mehta. The riddle that I have got is.. What do you mean? Is your riddle different? I think, all of us
have got different riddles. Really?
– Yes. Everybody’s riddle
is different. It’ll take a lot of time
to solve all the riddles. Friends, I think,
we must solve each other’s riddles. All right. All of you make
yourselves comfortable. I will get masala tea
for all of you. All right.
– Fine. So, my riddle is.. I told you
that I came here first. I will ask first. Don’t break the line. Mr. Mehta, tell you what!
Allot numbers to everyone. There won’t be any problem. I came here first. So, I’m at number one.
Okay? Who had come after me? I came after you.
I am at number two. Bhide, you, Mr. Hathi
and I had come together. How can you be
number two? No, Sodhi. While you three were coming Bhide was the first person
to enter. In that case,
Bhide will be number two. Dr. Hathi is number three
and you are number four. Yes. I am number five. Mr. Aiyar, you are number six. Okay. Six. And Abdul, you are
number seven. Seven..
– So, it’s decided. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven. Yes. It’s my turn now. Jethalaal, hold on. First, solve my riddle. Why? What do you mean? On what basis
are you allotting the numbers? Who was the first person
to come to me? First, followed by number two. So, as per that,
I was already here. What! – So, my riddle
will be solved first. This is not done. You are not in the queue. We have come to you. Yes..
– We have come to you. You have to help us.. Attention.. Mr. Mehta, the one who cleanses
the person from within.. What is it that gives hope
to everyone in every problem? Is this your riddle? Yes. Mr. Hathi,
we allotted the numbers yet you are breaking
the sequence. Yes, Mr. Hathi. All of you were arguing. So, I thought of
asking my riddle. Mr. Mehta, tell me. Repeat the riddle.
What is it? Yes. ‘Something that cleanses
a person from within..’ ‘What is it that gives hope
to everyone in every problem?’ Cleanses from within.. I have found the answer,
Mr. Hathi. What is it? The answer is the medicine
from Baba Bhoothnath. What! Yes. If you have this herbal medicine
with lukewarm water then it cleanses
your body from within. Come on, Mr. Hathi! You couldn’t solve this
despite being a doctor. Jethalaal, it can clean
only the stomach. It cannot solve
every problem. The riddle says,
‘every problem’. Yes. Well, what is the root
of every problem? Constipation. That’s right. Exactly. Mr. Mehta, constipation
is a disease. One can be worried. How can one
get rid of worries? With the help of
herbal medicine? Then you people
think about it. I think, the answer
to this riddle is Aatmaram’s thought of the day. After reading his thoughts,
we get rid of worries. And it gives us hope
in every problem. Thank you.
Thank you, Aiyar. Welcome, Aatmaram. What are you saying?
This is wrong. His thought of the day doesn’t
always solve the problem. Sometimes,
it creates problems. A few days ago,
he had written about wives.. It had led to an argument. Popatlaal, forget about Bhide. Only the ‘thought of the day’
can be the answer to the riddle. Exactly. It doesn’t give hope
to everyone. What about those
who can’t read? Forget it. There’s no answer
to this riddle. Listen to my riddle. Hey! Sodhi, why are you
breaking the sequence? No, Mr. Jetha. I am not
breaking the sequence. It’s my turn after Mr. Hathi. Yes. Listen to my riddle. ‘What is it that can
make you a new person?’ ‘It can save your money,
time and power.’ Think about it.
Come on, think. Yes. I have found the answer. I am going to sit. Shift a bit. Move a little. The answer.. Sodhi, there are two answers
to this riddle. Really?
Two answers? Yes, a teacher and Sakharam. A teacher can
help transform your life. And Sakharam helps save
my money, time and strength. Wow!
We found the answer. It’s solved.. But, Bhide any puzzle can’t have
two answers. If the puzzle has ten lines,
there can’t be ten answers. It will be just one answer. Mr. Mehta, they’re still wrong even if the puzzle
has two answers. How?
– A teacher can surely change a person into a new person. But your Sakharam
is just a vehicle. Be it any vehicle,
once you bring it out of the showroom,
its value decreases anyway. Then you spend a lot on it,
on fuel maintenance and servicing. So, it definitely adds
to your expenses. So, your answer is wrong. So, even my riddle
is very difficult, guys. What is that thing without which
your life is incomplete? And your life becomes complete
on finding it. Come on, Popatlaal.
That’s too much. Why are you interfering?
– I’m not interfering, buddy. It’s my turn after Sodhi. So, tell me, friends,
what’s that thing without which your life
is incomplete and your life becomes complete
on finding it? Well, the answer for this
can be personal. It’s ‘Jalebi Fafda’ for me. My life is incomplete
without ‘Jalebi Fafda’. Maybe for you
but not for everyone. Your answer is wrong.
– Hey, Mr. Aiyar at least listen to me first.
What did I just say? The answer for this
can be personal. Do you know what personal means?
– Personal? What does that mean?
– Look at him. Aiyar, Jethalaal is saying
the answer for this can be subjective. Guys, life is incomplete
without a wife. So, for me, it’s Roshan. So, the answer is wife.
– Sodhi, even I felt so. But Abdul said something
really good when he came home. There are several bachelors
in this world whose life is complete. It’s not necessary that
a bachelor’s life is incomplete. That’s true.
– Yes, definitely. There are some people like you
who like to remain as bachelors. So, what can be the answer
for this? No, we’re not finding an answer
for this one either. So, let me tell you mine.
– What’s the most powerful thing in the world
which neutralises hatred? Oh, Mr. Aiyar!
– Don’t say anything. It was my turn after Popatlaal. So, my riddle is,
‘I’m the most powerful’ ‘and I neutralise hatred.’ Aiyar, I think the most powerful
thing in the world is pen. A pen can do everything. It can bring a person
into power. It can evict one from power. Pen can create renaissance.
It spreads love. Friends, it’s solved.
Aiyar’s puzzle is solved. It’s pen! No, Sodhi. No. I don’t think pen
is the right answer. Agreed that pen
can create renaissance and it can bring someone
into power but these days, a pen
can also spread hatred. One writes as they wish and it
creates hatred among people. What are you saying, Bhide?
A pen doesn’t spread hatred. It can, Popatlaal.
– Popatlaal.. How can it spread..
– Popatlaal Bhide is right.
– Exactly. – Just as the pen can spread love,
it can spread hatred if it’s misused. I’m only saying,
not everyone does so. It’s possible hatred is spread
through pen. Pen can’t be the answer. Aiyar, even your riddle is hard. Mr. Jetha, it was my turn
after Mr. Aiyar. Shall I? Go ahead. Tell me, what’s the real wealth
in life? Knowledge! The real wealth is knowledge. No, buddy. One can’t get everything
with knowledge. There are a lot of people
in this world who have knowledge
but they’re unsuccessful. That’s true. Knowledge is not
the right answer. Think, what else can it be? ‘I never lose.’
– Okay. – ‘I always win.’ ‘No sword can cut me.
I never face any misfortune.’ Is that the answer
to Abdul’s riddle? No, it’s mine.
– Hey, you.. Why don’t you understand?
You can’t understand such a simple thing
despite being a teacher! Abdul was the last one to go.
He was at number seven. It will start from number one
thereafter. I was at number one.
How can you interfere? Hold on, Mr. Jetha. My riddle is not solved yet.
– Right. The riddle is very difficult.
We tried to solve it but we couldn’t. So, let it go. Yes, we couldn’t solve it.
So, it’s my turn now, Mr. Mehta. Wait a minute, Jetha.
Now that Bhide has brought it up let’s solve his riddle first. All right, say it, pal,
what’s your riddle? ‘I never lose, I always win.
No sword can slit me.’ ‘Nothing can harm me.’ There is only one answer
to this. What?
– Popatlaal. He never gives up
when it comes to wedding. Yes. What are you saying, Jethalaal? Mr. Jetha, but Popatlaal
never wins. And your answer is wrong. The real answer
is not Mr. Popat but Mr. Bhide. What?
– What? I am the answer
to my own riddle? Yes.
– How? Bhide, when you argue
regarding the rules of society, you never lose. Hey, guys, jokes apart,
I need to go to office. So, I am leaving, okay?
– Wait, Mr. Mehta. You haven’t
heard my riddle yet. Oh..
Go ahead, tell me. What is that jewellery where the person
to seek it is greater that the one who gives it away? This is my riddle. Here, have tea.
– Oh, have it. And tell me,
what could be the answer to this? Found it! I found it.. I found the answer
to your riddle, Mr. Mehta. What is it?
– Is it? What’s the answer? The answer is height.
Height! Height? How can height be the answer? Ms. Anjali, I will explain. Suppose the person to ask
is Sodhi and the person to give
is Abdul. So, Sodhi is taller
than Abdul, isn’t it? That’s why the answer
to your riddle is height. Yes. – No, Aiyar,
that’s not the answer. Maybe, you didn’t hear
the riddle properly. We are talking
about some jewellery. Some ornament.
An expensive item. So, height can’t be
the answer to that. Yes, we have to come up
with a different answer. You all think about it.
I am going to office. Give it.
– Hey, what do you mean? Sit here.
You did not listen to my riddle. I will not let you go
until you hear my riddle. Okay, so say it quickly.
– Yes. Okay, nobody
should interrupt now. So, my riddle is ‘What is that thing’ ‘which if you get ‘you can do anything’ ‘and you don’t have to be
dependent at all?’ Mr. Jetha, you read the riddle
wrong. It must be ‘if you drink’,
not ‘if you get’. What? Ms. Anjali,
can I get some water? Of course, Mr. Sodhi.
I’ll get it. Guys, the answer to this riddle
is party. Party?
– What are you saying, Sodhi? After getting drunk,
a man can do anything. He becomes totally cool. He does not have
to depend on anyone. No, Sodhi.
Look at this, it says ‘if you get’
and not ‘if you drink’. Here, Mr. Sodhi, have water.
– Thank you. So, did you find the answer
to the riddle? No, we could not find
the answer. So, what are you all doing?
Think while having tea. Yes, let’s have tea. This is coffee. Coffee is for me. Okay..
– Thank you. Everybody got their tea.
Anjali, where is my tea? Taarak, I just gave you
bitter gourd juice. Wow!
– What do you mean? Did you find the answer? No, the tea is refreshing,
right? Jethalaal, your riddle
is also very difficult. I am unable to solve it. This is so unfortunate. We are unable to solve
any of the riddles. All the riddles
are very difficult. Bhide, the riddles
will be difficult because the reward
is going to be special. The questions can’t be easy
if the reward is special. Anyway, we have time till 8:30.
Let’s go to work now. We will think of the answer. Let’s think about it
when we have time. If anyone comes up
with an answer let’s inform the rest.
Okay? I have an idea.
Let’s message our riddles to each other. Whoever comes up with an answer can inform the rest.
– Okay.. It will easier to solve
in this manner, right? That belongs to Mr. Mehta.
Why are you taking it? Please carry it for me. Come, Mr. Hathi. Thank you, Ms. Anjali,
for the tea. Thank you. Solve the riddles. Okay.
– All right, Anjali.. What could be the answer? Friends, I am not the only one
who’s puzzled right now. All the residents
of Gokuldham are puzzled. Everyone is trying hard but they are unable
to solve the riddles and find an answer. Everyone tried, individually and
then, along with their families. Finally, everyone tried to solve
the riddles in a group but they couldn’t solve them. They didn’t find the answer. And the mystery is what’s the answer
to the riddles? What is the solution? The second mystery is,
will anyone help us to solve these riddles? Also, the sender of
the postcards is a mystery. The reason behind sending them is also a mystery. The identity of the sender
is a mystery. And the precious prize
is also a mystery. But let me tell you something. I have already mentioned that these riddles are related to the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi,
whose 150th birth anniversary which will be celebrated
on October 2. So, you can also try
to solve the riddles. You have one day,
try to solve them. And if you can’t solve them watch us tomorrow. You’ll learn the answer
to the riddles. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep smiling.

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