Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2816 – Full Episode – 11th September, 2019

Hold on. What were the names
of the workers? Balchandra..
– ‘I am Balchandra.’ ‘I am Gajanan.’ ‘My name is Mayuresh.’ ‘I am Atharva.’
– ‘My name is Vinayak.’ ‘I am Chintamani.’ These are the names
of Lord Ganesha. Did you understand? Oh, yes. Vinayak, Balchandra..
– Gajanan. All those people
who had come to help us were no ordinary people. Lord Ganesha has helped us. Is this true? I don’t know. That’s why, their presence
had activated energy in us. Right. – Lord Ganesha had come
to solve our problem. Yes.
– Lord Ganesha! He had come last year as well. Yes, you are right. In the form of a child. ‘Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail!’ Wow! What do I do?
I don’t know. The dog walking beneath
a cart thinks it’s carrying it.
– Wow! Mr. Champak,
I did not understand. I will explain, Aiyar. There is a poem
written by a Gujarati poet Narsinh Mehta. What do I do?
I don’t know. The dog walking beneath
a cart thinks it’s carrying it. A bullock cart.. A dog.. When one rides
the bullock cart in the village then the dog
walking under it thinks that it is bearing
the weight of the cart. The bullock cart is moving
because of it. But that foolish doesn’t know that it is someone else
who rides the bullock cart. Similarly, we were thinking that we will do it. Everything will be done. But no.. God cleared our misconception and has cleared the fact that this platform got fixed
because He wanted it. Otherwise, we would have
got tired of trying yet we couldn’t have done
anything. Everything happens
as per His wish. Everything exists
because of Him. There will be nothing
if He is not there. Absolutely. We are the puppets
attached to his strings. We considered ourselves
enough. But we learnt the truth
in no time. Hail Lord Ganesha.. Hail! Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail! All of you get ready. We will shift the items
for decorative here and then we will get ready. We will help you. Thank you, Ms. Babita. But our surprise will get ruined. Right. Lord Ganesha has fixed
everything as it was before. Let’s go
and bring Lord Ganesha. Popatlaal, you are making
the same mistake. You must never say that we will bring
Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is arriving here
on His will. Sorry.. Lord Ganesha is arriving
willingly. Okay? Yes.
– Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail! Wow! Oh, my God!
– Oh my God! Unique.. Wow..
Great! Well done, Team Tapu! Yes.
– Thank you. Great. They have created
the entire solar system. Yes. Mr. Aiyar, what happened?
Why are you upset? Didn’t you like the decoration? Aiyar, you are a scientist. You should be happy seeing
Lord Ganesha with Chandrayaan. Why are you sad? Mr. Mehta,
I’m still disappointed regarding Chandrayaan 2. The Vikram lander was just 2.1 kilometers away
from the moon’s surface when the connection was lost. If this mission
had been successful then the whole world
would have been praising India and its scientists. Why are you saying this, Aiyar? Still, there are praises
for India and its scientists. Chandrayaan 2 which was made
in India by its scientists travelled
3,84,318 kilometers to the moon. We should be happy about that. And not be sad
that the connection was lost with just two kilometers
remaining. Science is based on inventions. It can be successful
and unsuccessful sometimes. Absolutely. – Every failure,
teaches us a lesson and the science moves ahead
with those lessons. Although we lost the connection just two kilometers
from the moon but our determination
isn’t lost. Yes, right.
– Yes, Mr. Mehta. Now our scientists
will work harder and give it their best.
When Lord Ganesha is with us then we can go anywhere
in the solar system not just the moon.
– Absolutely. Hail, Lord Ganesha!
– Hail.. Glory to the Lord!
– Hail.. Team Tapu,
I must say your surprise decoration
has taken all of us by surprise. Thank you.. Dad, look at the rocket.
It looks so good. It looks like a real one.
– Yes. It’s just small in size.
– Absolutely. Jethalaal,
it’s called space shuttle not a rocket.
– I know it’s called space shuttle
in English but I said it in Hindi. In Hindi, it’s called a rocket. Jethalaal,
rocket is also an English word. Rocket is an English word!
– Yes, English. Rocket!
– Yes. What about pocket?
– English. – Locket? That’s English as well,
Jethalaal. Socket?
– English! Jacket?
– English, Jethalaal. Oh! This means,
I know English pretty well. So, what is rocket
called in Hindi? It’s called, ‘Avkaash yaan’. This is Chandrayaan 2. I know.
– What do you know? First, you tell me,
what do you know? Stop arguing. Admire the decoration
by the children. Look at that. Yes, right.
– One thing has to be admired that in such a short time,
they have done great decoration. Wonderful!
– Yes! Absolutely..
– Thank you, Mr. Taarak. All of this happened,
due to Lord Ganesha’s blessings. Lord Ganesha inspired us
to do all this. Look, Jethalaal. Lord Ganesha look very powerful
sitting on the moon. Yes, Mr. Champaklaal. Our Lord Ganesha
is sitting on the moon and we pray to Him that we reach the moon
as soon as possible. We surely will.
One day, we surely will. Mr. Mehta, we won’t just reach we will settle down there. Yes.
– Yes. Yes, Jethalaal.
If it’s possible to live in moon then I will request ISRO that to make you
settle there first. Why?
– What do you mean, Jethalaal? If you start living there then you will get to open the first electronics shop
on the moon. Wow.. My wedding
will also happen on the moon. Yes, you are right. But, sir.. Our salary should be different
on the moon. The salary we get here
won’t be accepted because we will have to travel
a lot every day. Mr. Nattu, there will be
no travelling involved. You, Jethalaal, Baga, will have
to stay there permanently. No, Mr. Aiyar. I won’t go there alone.
– What? I will take the people of C, B
and A wing. I’ll take the entire
Gokuldham society with me. Of course..
– I won’t go alone. I’ll go if everyone joins me. The real fun is with everyone.
– Yes. Lord Ganesha,
I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide Gokuldham Society’s secretary on behalf of the entire society I pray to you with my head bowed before You. And I welcome You
to the society. Lord Ganesha! Hail the Lord.. Lord Ganesha!
– Hail.. Lord Ganesha!
– Hail the Lord. Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail the Lord.. Lord Ganesha
is having fun today. – Why? So many offertory
has been presented to Him. So many different kind
of sweets. So, not just Lord Ganesha we are going to enjoy as well.
– Why? The offertories are enough. We don’t need to eat food. Distribute the offertory.
– Yes.. Hey.. – Dr. Hathi,
you’re taking everything. Others won’t get the offertory. Mr. Mehta, don’t worry. There’s a lot of it today. Have it to your heart’s content. Listen, everyone.. We want to make
an important announcement. Like every year this year in Gokuldham Society there will be a program
for ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’. Gokuldham Rangarang
Programme, 2019. And this time too it will be grand and amazing. Mr. Sodhi along with the program
there will be food too. Wow.
That’s great. There will be everything
in the program. There will be song and music. There will be drama
and devotional song. – Wow! There will be joy and poetry. And a lot of fun.
– Wow. So, leave all your worries
at home and come for the program. Wow!
Bhide, did you hear that? Yes, Sonu said it well. Did you get it or not? Leave all the tension at home. I don’t take tension anyway. Collectively, it will be fun. Wow.. Even this will be served.
– Everything will be served. Not just this the one who wins
in the program will be awarded on behalf
of Gokuldham community. Wow! One minute, Team Tapu. I told you the budget is good and you’re organizing
such a big show. Why are you talking
about awards? We don’t have budget
for the awards. Mr. Bhide, that’s an appropriate
question by a secretary. We have thought about
everything. Our program is going live on TV
on local cable. That’s right.. Live.. Everybody is going to watch
this show. Wow! We are not sure
about the performance here and you guys are talking
about live telecast. How will we manage all this? Right. Ms. Babita,
you are 200 per cent right. Hey, Jethalaal it’s not 200 per cent.
It’s 100 per cent. Actually, 100 per cent
for Ms. Babita and 100 per cent..
Yours too. Wow! Come on, guys,
it’s not a matter to joke. We can’t go for live telecast
this way. But.. Bhide, how did you give
permission for this program? Permission!
Popatlaal people need to ask
for permission. They didn’t ask me about it. How can I permit them?
I have no idea about it. You should know. You are the secretary
of the society. You can’t do this. Hey!
– You should be aware of media people coming here
with cameras. What nonsense
he’s talking about? How would I know it?
Do you want me to guard the gate? So that I can see
who has brought a camera and who has not.
What’s he saying? Team Tapu planned it. Ask them.
They are not children anymore. They have grown up. What’s this?
There should be a protocol. You are the secretary
of the society. What rubbish is this?
– How can you do this.. Listen.. Mr. Popat.. – You should know
that we are already live. What!
– What! – What! There are cameras everywhere. Here we go. What are you doing?
Everyone is watching. One more thing.
It doesn’t just capture visuals it captures sound too.
– He’s right. Really? Team Tapu..
– Hey.. We are live.
– Right. Team Tapu..
Dear children. Why didn’t you say earlier
that we are live? Children,
where are the cameras? Right. Mr. Popatlaal,
there is no camera. What!
– What! Goli, do you mean right now
we are not live? No, Tapu said it
to make everyone quiet. Oh..
– Baby! You did a good job, children. What’s wrong? Nothing..
Nothing at all. Okay, that was good,
Team Tapu. No one was listening to you,
right? Right. Now everyone will listen
carefully what Team Tapu wants to say,
okay? Go on, Team Tapu. Listen, we have arranged
this live program so that we can get
the sponsorship and we don’t have to collect
funds from the society. Great! That’s great!
See. This is called smart thinking. There’s one more thing.
Whoever refuses to perform has to pay a fine of Rs. 51,000. Right.
– Nice! What!
– Oh, God! What!
– What! – What.. How much?
– Rs. 51, 000. First of all a live telecast,
again there’s a Rs. 51,000 fine. This is not fare. Either make it Rs. 51
or make it Rs. 1000. What’s Rs. 51,000 for? Guys, what’s all this?
You are giving us shock one after another. Tell us something,
so that we can get prepared. We know nothing and you fine Rs. 51,000! He’s right.
Tell us about it. Mr. Popat, that’s a surprise. But whoever is named
will have to act something. They need to perform the act
right at that moment. Oh, God! No.
I won’t do if I don’t like. Cancel my name.
– What! Okay, Mr. Popat.
Relax. You need not perform. You can give the cheque
of Rs. 51,000. And we will give you
the Loser award. Yes. What!
– This is not done. You are telling me
to pay the fine of Rs. 51,000 and get the Loser award. This is not done.
Bhide, say something. I agree with Popatlaal. You cannot make
anything compulsory. – Right. Aiyar!
Popat! Keep quiet, both of you. Team Tapu is right. Yes. You must appreciate
the new idea. You must accept it heartily. Everybody has to participate. Otherwise, give the cheque
of Rs. 51,000 right away. Mr. Champak, this is not fair. We have to give
the cheque right away. Yes, Mr. Mehta.
Right away. Team Tapu,
can we get some idea? We can prepare accordingly. Aiyar, you will get to know
during the celebration. Team Tapu
will not reveal anything. So, it’s decided. You people will get
the information by evening. Just reach there on time
in your traditional attire. Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail! Lord Ganesha has arrived
in Gokuldham. And Team Tapu have announced
about the celebration. It has been declared. As you know,
Team Tapu plan a surprise as to who will do what.
Nobody is aware of it. We are very tensed. It was okay
until it was just one problem. We are tensed
about one more thing. Team Tapu
has announced one more thing. The celebration will be aired live. One problem free
with another. But you don’t worry. There are two things
for you as well. Laughter free
with entertainment. So, welcome to the celebration
and enjoy. And keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching,
keep laughing.

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