Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2807 – Full Episode – 29th August, 2019

Don’t you dare to touch
the blackboard! You’ll see the worst side of me!
– How much worse can you get? You won’t write the thought
for the day in the society now! Let me see..
– What.. – What are you doing? Hey, Popat, what are you doing!
– Ah! – Don’t come to me! Popat! Why don’t you stand
in one place? I want to but what do I do
if they’re not letting me? They’re just pushing me
like some volleyball from one court to the other. That’s something happening
these days, brother. Wow, Mr. Mehta. Wow!
– What are you praising him for? He said a wonderful line.
‘Other’ and ‘brother’. Bhide, wipe off the quote. Your quote has hurt Mr. Champak. Quiet, Popat!
Just stop it! I said something else
but you’ve misunderstood it. Look at you. Why are you fighting
unnecessarily? But, Mr. Champak..
– Just keep quiet, Popat. Let me explain. Listen, this particular thought
means when there’s a woman at home,
she’s like the salt. Though you’re not married yet but you do have your dream girl
in your heart, right? Your imagination, your dreams your excitement for her is the essence of your life. Which will never let your life
to go tasteless. Wow, Mr. Champak!
You said such a wonderful thing. I agree Daya
is not here with us. But she’ll surely come back,
someday. But Jetha will anyway live
happily till then. Right.
– He has all of you friends and the responsibilities
of his shop and that’s the essence
of his life. Which doesn’t
make his life dull. Am I right, Jetha?
– Yes, Dad. Of course. Right.
Buddy, there are some people who dedicate their lives
for some great motive and never marry. It’s their motive they live for.
They live for the society. That’s the essence
of their life. You’re right, Mr. Champak.
There are a lot of people who don’t marry by choice. Exactly! Well Popat, as for me,
my life is not dull. I have all of your love. I have Jetha Tapu and daughter-in-law. My wife’s memories
are always with me. And her memories never let me
feel lonely. She’s always around me
like a shadow. Her voice keeps echoing
in my ears like some music. She talks to me.
She scolds me, taunts me. She makes me laugh out loudly. At times, she also makes me
emotional. But that’s the essence
of my life. So, my life is not dull either.
Do you get that? Dad.
– Yes. Sorry, Bhide.
This thought is right in a way. But you need to add
what Mr. Champak just said. You’re right, Popatlaal. Mr. Champak,
you’re absolutely right. Let me turn your thoughts
into words and give a new proverb. Bhide, your first two lines
are fine. But, Mr. Champak, I’d put your
thoughts into words this way. Why does loneliness sting? We get happiness just like
the flowers blossom in spring. We are the ones who make
our lives joyful or dull. We are the ones
who adds colours to the life. Why not make our
life a work of art? Because God has blessed us
with so many colours. Wow.. – Wow, Mr. Mehta.
Very well said. I will write this thought
on the board. Can I? Absolutely. Why not? Wow! Very nice. Thank you.. Mr. Champak, thank you for inspiring me again. Mr. Mehta, thank you very much for making this thought
even more meaningful. Bhide, I am really sorry. I was very rude to you. It’s okay, Popatlaal.
It happens. Bhide, don’t mind Popat. He gets emotional
when it comes to wife. Sure.
Never mind. Actually, even I did not
think about the single men while writing the thought. No problem. Mr. Champak was a saviour. His decision was right. And he cheered Popat up. Yes!
– Okay. All’s well that ends well. Oh, no! This reminds me that
I was getting late for work. Friends, I will leave
for my garage. Should I drop you people
somewhere? Yes. Sure.
– I’ll come along. ‘Great. We are done
writing the thought.’ ‘Now, my reward must be
waiting at home.’ Madhavi.. Madhavi, I have written
the thought on wives. Everybody loved it. Mr. Champak appreciated me. I had told you
that it’s a great thought. Okay, now where is my reward? Yes.
You will get it. You will get it
since I promised. Just a minute. Hey!
Where are you going? Here’s your reward. What is this? It’s very tasty
‘Kothimbir Vadi’. Is this the reward?
Madhavi, this is cheating. I did not ask you
for this reward. I was talking about this. What were you talking about? Madhavi, I was
talking about a kiss. You finish your breakfast. And tell Gogi to take
Sonu’s lunch box from me before leaving for the college. Okay.
First, I will tell Gogi. I’ll have this later.
But, I will take my reward. I will not spare you. Oh! The house is locked. Where could he have gone?
I’ll call him up. Darn.
I left my phone at home. Madhavi.. Yes? Gogi is not home.
His house is locked. Where could he have gone? How would I know?
Call him up and ask. I was going to call him up
but I had left it here. – Yes. Tapu, what’s the plan today? A very good film
has been released. I am planning to watch it. Friends, we must go together.
It will be fun. Come on, Tapu. An important lecture is
lined up. I have to attend it. Same pinch. Even I have a lecture
to attend. I can’t join you either. Yes. Even I am out. Wait. Someone is calling up.
Mr. Bhide is calling. Good morning, Mr. Bhide! Good morning, Gogi.
Where are you? I am in the college. You have reached
college already! Gosh!
– Why? To study. I know, you go to college
to study. I am asking you because you had
a late lecture. You were supposed
to go a little late. Yes. I didn’t have
any class now. I thought of spending time
with my friends. So, I came here. Do you go to study
or have fun? Mr. Bhide, it’s a free class.
Why are you scolding me? All right. But, Mr. Bhide,
what was the matter? I wanted to send something
for Sonu. But it’s okay.
Let’s see what can be done. All right. Bye.
– Okay. Bye, Mr. Bhide. Tapu, you were talking
about watching a movie during college hours,
and Mr. Bhide called. – Gosh! Mr. Bhide just called up.
He did not come here. Let’s go watch a film.
– Let’s go. What will we do? He went to college. Sonu will wait for her lunch. It’s okay.
I’ll go and give it to her. Yes, you go. Call Sonu
when you reach there. She will come out
and take the tiffin box. Why will she come out?
I can go inside, right? Actually, nowadays
students don’t like their parents to come
to the college. That’s not true, Madhavi. I am not going there
to attend a lecture with her. I will give her the tiffin box
and leave. At least I’ll get know
what’s going on at college. Oh, God! All right. As you wish.
Get ready. I am.
– Come on! I told you to get ready
physically, not mentally. I am ready, Madhavi.
– Will you go like this? Why? What’s wrong with this? No, I mean, they are good for wearing in the society,
meetings and deliveries. But you are going to college.
That too, Sonu’s college. So, wear something modern,
not old-fashioned. All right,
I am going to change. But you will help me
to select the clothes. Or else, you’ll again complain.
‘This doesn’t suit with that.’ Let’s go.
Come, help me out. This is good, right? It looks old-fashioned. No, not this one.
Go change it. This is perfect, right?
– Are you going to a wedding? Go change it. I think this is perfect.
– What do you mean? Are you going to college
to give her the tiffin box or get enrolled? Go change it.
– Is it okay, Madhavi? Oh, my! No, it’s great. What!
– Yes, it’s perfect. Thank God,
I thought this fashion show will take the entire day. Don’t worry, it’s done.
It looks good. Okay, have your breakfast.
I will pack her tiffin box. All right?
– Okay. Go. Here it is.
– Yes. The tiffin box is ready. What’s this? There are two of them.
– One for Sonu and the other for
Tapu and his friends. Okay, no issues. Your hands!
– Oh, hands.. It’s done, don’t worry. Just a minute. Drink it carefully. It’s done. Go carefully, okay?
– Yes. Okay, I am leaving.
– All right. Mr. Bhide, good morning!
– Good morning! Today you are in formals,
what’s special? It’s just like that. – Where
are you going all decked up? I am going to Sonu’s college.
– Okay. Where’s the sweet smell
coming from? Actually,
I have applied perfume. No, Bhide,
it’s not the smell of perfume. It’s the smell of food. ‘Kothimbir Vadi’! Mr. Bhide, that tiffin box
contains ‘Kothimbir Vadi’ made by Ms. Madhavi, right? Mr. Hathi,
you are really gifted. You are amazing.
How do you know that? From the smell. For me, aroma of every dish
prepared in Gokuldham is just like you.
– What do you mean by like me? It means, like a friend. And who wouldn’t recognise
a friend? – Right. That’s why, within seconds
I knew it’s ‘Kothimbir Vadi’. You are absolutely right,
Mr. Hathi. Madhavi has made it
specially for Sonu. All right, so you are going
to college to give her this? Yes.
– Well I must say it really smells delicious. Please try it.
– No, it’s okay. No, issues, Mr. Hathi.
There are two tiffin boxes filled with ‘Kothimbir Vadi’.
Don’t worry. Take it. It’s delicious.. Keep the whole box with you.
– No, this is enough. All right. Ms. Madhavi has made it
really delicious. Wow! Mr. Hathi, are you home today?
I’ll call up Madhavi. She will send some to your home. Wow!
Thank you so much. You needn’t thank me, Mr. Hathi.
See you later, then. Okay, bye!
– Okay. Bye! Hey! Stop.. What happened, mister? Why are you not following
the traffic rules? Why aren’t you wearing a helmet? Are you the traffic police? What are you saying?
They wear uniforms. Maybe, he is in disguise. I am not the traffic police but I am a responsible citizen
of India. That’s why I am asking you
as to why you aren’t wearing a helmet? – Mister,
I’ve set my hair so nicely. My hairstyle will get spoiled.
– Great! To not spoil the hairstyle,
you’re risking your life! Your parents haven’t
given you this bike to show off but to make your work easier. God forbid if something happens
to you then what will your parents
go through? Have you ever
given it a thought? I am not saying this
for my benefit but for your safety. Wear the helmet.
– He is right. Wear the helmet. Sorry. Very good! Thank you, sir.
– Okay, dear. Thank you.
– Okay, bye. Hey, watch out.
What are you doing? ‘What is happening here?’ ‘Is this a college
or a picnic spot?’ ‘Nobody is decent here.’ ‘During my days,
all us students’ ‘were well mannered.’ ‘But these people..’ ‘It’s good that
Sonu is not like them.’ ‘She comes to college to study.’ Hey! Mr. Bhide! Greetings, Mr. Aatmaram!
– Greetings! Do you recognise me?
– Sorry, I can’t really recall. I am Ganesh. I work as a peon
in this college. You have tutored my son, Tushar. Tushar.. Yes, Tushar Deshpande!
I remember. He was a very good student. He was a good student
because of you. You taught him,
that is why he scored well. And he got a scholarship
in this college.. Wow! – …where his father
works as a peon. Even here he is a topper. Great! Hey, Tushar, come here. Greetings, Mr. Bhide.
How are you? Hey, I am good, Tushar. How are you?
– Great, sir. ‘Wow! There are brilliant
students like Tushar, too’ ‘in this college.’ Your father told me
that you are a topper in college too. I’m pleased to hear that. I am very proud of you. Keep working hard like this. Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much. Have you come here
regarding some work? Yes, my daughter, Sonu..
Sonalika Bhide. She studies in this college. In the arts department. Where are the arts classes held? It’s on the first floor. Is this the way? Yes.
– Okay. See you!
– Yes, bye. All the best, dear!
– Thank you, sir. Oh! This class is empty. Where did Sonu go? Excuse me.
– Yes, sir? I am Sonu’s father. Sonalika Bhide.
– Yes, tell me, sir. This is Sonu’s classroom,
isn’t it? Right. She is not to be seen
in the classroom. Sir, seems like she hasn’t
come to college today. What are you saying? She definitely has
come to the college. Maybe, she has bunked the class
and gone to the canteen. That’s impossible! Sonu is not only my daughter
but my student as well. She can never do timepass
in the canteen bunking her class.
You are talking nonsense! Sorry, sir, I thought that if
she hasn’t come to the class she might be in the canteen. Okay. – Bye.
– Bye. ‘Is Sonu really doing
timepass in the canteen’ ‘bunking her lecture?’ ‘In that case, I’m not
going to spare her today.’ ‘Let me go
and check right away.’ He is lost in his cell phone.
He didn’t even apologise. Strange! Sonu is not
to be seen in the canteen. Okay, there is
another section too. ‘Sonu!’ ‘She really has come here
bunking her lecture!’ Sonu, bunking your lecture.. Excuse me! Sorry.. I had mistaken you
for my daughter. I am extremely sorry. ‘Strange!’ ‘If Sonu is neither
in the canteen’ ‘nor in her class,
where is she?’ No, pal,
it is not going to happen. This is going to take time. The order will be
served in ten minutes. I’ll have it real fast.
Please, I need to concentrate. It is going to be
an hour long lecture. Mr. Bhide! What nonsense are
you talking, Pinku? How can he be here? No, Goli, it is really
Mr. Bhide. Look over there. You are right. It is Mr. Bhide.
– Hey, it’s Mr. Bhide! Why am I not able to
get through her number? I have an easy question
for you, friends. Who is the richest person
in this world? Who is the wealthiest one? The answer might be,
the one who has a big treasure a lot of wealth
and all the precious gems. But the answer is different. I think the richest person
in this world is the one who has a daughter. Who has a girl child. Because a woman
is consider as the form of the goddess of wealth,
Lakshmi. No one can be richer than him. But a man panics when he can’t
get in touch with his daughter. Especially, when he doesn’t know
about her whereabouts. The same has happened
with Bhide. Bhide is quite worried because
Sonu had left from home saying that she was
going to college. But she is not in college. The most important question is where is she? Bhide is searching
for her like mad. Is Sonu in college or outside? How is Bhide going to find her? You will get answers
to all these questions when you watch ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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