Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2806 – Full Episode – 28th August, 2019

Good morning, Gokuldham. ‘Where did it go?
Had Daya been here’ ‘she would’ve found it
in no time.’ Hey, Tapu. ‘Honestly without Daya’ ‘it is becoming
not only difficult’ but impossible for me
to live. Hey, Tapu.
– Hey, what happened? Why are you screaming? Tapu is getting ready
to go to college. What do you want from him? I am looking for the box
of needle and thread. My shirt’s button
came off. So, what can Tapu do
about that? No, Daya might have told him
where she has kept the box of needle and thread.
He is her smaller version. Hey, what are you saying?
If your button came off then wear some other shirt. I checked the other shirts, Dad. But they are not ironed. And I feel like
wearing this shirt today so I will fix this and wear it. Wait, I have the box.
I’ll go and get it. Oh, good. Here it is, Jetha. In this box there is a thread,
needle and buttons. Oh, great!
Thank you, Dad. With this shirt a black
thread will match, right? Yes, black thread
with black button. Button will obviously be black. Give it to me,
I’ll do it. No, I’ll do it. Hey, give it.
I’ll do it. I’ll do it, Dad.
You don’t worry. Okay. Jetha, you’re holding the needle
from the opposite side. Oh, sorry. What are you doing? This hole is too small the thread is not going in. Give me, I’ll do it.
– No, I’ll do it. Hey, give it to me. It went inside! Keep your mouth shut
for some time. I lost control. Sorry. Hello.
What? No, I don’t want a credit card. No, please disconnect the call. Sorry these credit card people.. Yes! Take it.
– Just a minute, Dad I’ll take out the button.
– Yes. Hey, there is no black button
in this. What do we do now?
– What do you mean? Take out the top most button
of the shirt and fix it there. Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ll take it out
from this. Be careful.
Don’t cut the collar. Hey! Where did the button fall? Where did that button go
in such a short span? Oh, did it fall on the carpet? Without Daya my life
has become like Popatlaal. Jetha, when will daughter-in-law
be back? I don’t know. What?
– No, I mean yesterday when I spoke to Sundar he said
that she’ll be back soon. Don’t know
when will she come back. It’s been so long.
– Yes. Come on,
let’s look for the button. Be quick
otherwise you’ll get late for work. – I wonder
where it has gone? It fell here. Hey, what are you
both looking for? Son, my shirt’s button
came off. So, to fix that lower button
I took off the top button and while taking it off
it fell down somewhere. Why are you confusing him? Tell him clearly. Grandpa, don’t worry,
I understood. Dad, there’s an extra button
in shirts, right? What! Just a minute. Dad, have a look. Dad, I forgot about that. Just give me a minute. Here’s the button. Grandpa, let me
stitch it for you. Do you know how to stitch? Yes, Grandpa,
mom has taught me. Didn’t I tell you, he’s gifted? Take it, dear. Wow! Here it is, Dad.
– Well done, Son! Thank you. Thank you, my dear.
– Welcome, Dad. Tapu, that’s great.
You really stitched it well. After all I am the grandson
of Mr. Champaklaal. Okay, I should leave
for college now. Wait, Tapu.
I am also ready. Let’s go together. Dad, did you eat the breakfast?
– No, not yet. Dad, it will take time.
So, should I leave? Actually I have to go with Sonu. Sonu is waiting for me.
– All right, go with her. Bye, Dad!
Bye, Grandpa! Dad, there’s the button. Right!
That’s great. So now that we have found it,
you should stitch it and go. Right.
Tapu? Why are you calling him?
Stitch it yourself. Leave it, I will do it.
– No.. Dad, wait. I will do it, don’t worry. Mom and Dad,
I am leaving for college. Have breakfast, Sonu.
– Mom, I have had milk I can’t have breakfast. Milk is not enough, my dear.
You will be there the entire day for study. Eat breakfast properly. No problem, Mom. I’ll have
something in the canteen. Why canteen? You are here after so many days. At least now you have
breakfast at home. Let me bring it for you.
– Mom.. I can’t, I am in a hurry. Why didn’t you tell me
you have to rush in the morning? Hold on, one minute. There’s still time
for your college. What’s the hurry?
– Right. Mom and Dad, actually,
I have some work in college. So I need to go early.
I should leave now, okay? Mom, bye!
– Bye, my dear! Bye, Dad!
– Bye! Hey, Tapu! Sonu, hurry up,
I am waiting for you. Stay there, I am coming down. All right, come fast. Hey, wait..
Sonu, wait. Did you see?
That great fellow video called you,
but he couldn’t call out. That’s okay.
What’s the problem in that? What are you saying, Madhavi?
It’s a waste of data, right? Dad, video calls don’t
consume so much data. Nowadays, there are
so many data plans where we get so much data. I suggest,
you too do video calls to mom. What!
– Right, that’s a great idea. Listen, you also video call me. Inside the house?
– No, not inside the home. When you go out,
then you video call me. When I will see you..
– Madhavi, one minute. It’s not about us. Sonu, I just want to say,
there was no need to video call from downstairs.
He could have called out. Dad, I am getting late,
we will discuss it later. At least eat breakfast. Mom, do one thing,
send it with Gogi. Now I should go,
I am getting late, Bye. Bye!
– Bye. Go safely. She’s in such a rush. Hey, what’s up?
– Hey! Tapu, I was thinking..
– Hey, Sonu now are you not getting late? Here you were in so much hurry.
– Dad, we are leaving. Right. Bye. Listen in college, concentrate
on studies, not on other things. All right, Dad.
Bye, Mom. Bye. – Bye!
– Bye! Didn’t I tell you, Madhavi?
She was in a hurry because of Tapu. She listens to every word
of Tapu. I understand everything. It’s not good to be like that. There was no need to hurry. What’s wrong with you?
Sonu said she has some work. Right?
That’s why she’s in a hurry. Trust your daughter.
– Right, let’s go. Mr. Bhide? Good morning.
Ms. Madhavi, good morning. Good morning, Abdul.
– Good morning. What’s this, Mr. Bhide? Today you didn’t write
the ‘Thought of the day’. Yes, I will write it now.
– Right, please come. – Okay. Madhavi, let me go
and write a thought. Well, what are you going
to write today? Let’s see, I will write
something good for everyone.
– Wait. You do that every day.
Today write a thought specially for wives. Really? A thought that wives will like.. You suggest to me.
– What? You don’t want to even
think about wives. No, not like that.
Fine, I will think. Oh! When it comes
to write about wives then you have
to think so much! Wow. Madhavi, wait for two minutes.
I’m thinking.. Fast..
– What can I write about wives.. Yes! A wife is like salt in food. Without it, everything
tastes pale, but it isn’t seen. Wow. What a great thought!
– Thank you, Madhavi. It’s great. I think, this one
is the best of all till now. Yes.
So, what’s the reward? You will get it.
First, write the thought. Then you will be rewarded.
– Fine, but don’t back out. Yes.. Good morning, Mr. Bhide.
– Good morning. A wife is like salt in food. Without it, everything
tastes pale, but it isn’t seen. Mr. Bhide, good morning.
– Good morning. Good morning
– Good morning. Good bye. Both of them together?
What’s the hurry? You didn’t read
the thought as well. Bhide, today I have
a lot of work in the garage and I have to urgently deliver
cars. I will have to go, sorry. That’s fine.
You are the owner of the garage. What will happen
if you go late today? What happened?
Who’s doing what? Only I have the right to say so. Popatlaal, no one is taking
it away from you. Bhide was quoting you. Actually, Mr. Bhide was telling
Mr. Sodhi to read the thought. Yeah. Till the time we don’t
read it and compliment him he doesn’t feel good till then. Do it, Sodhi.
Compliment him otherwise, Bhide won’t
be able to keep calm. Nothing like that, Popatlaal. I’m not hungry
for false compliments. Bhide, why do you get serious
in such small issues? We are kidding. I don’t like all this. If you want to read it,
then do so and compliment only
if you liked it. Bhide, don’t get serious. Come, we will go
together to read. – Okay, read. A wife is like salt in food.
Wow.. Without that everything
tastes pale, but it isn’t seen. Yes, I agree. Wives make life joyful. My life is also pale
without Babita. Bhide, that’s a great thought. Home actually is pale
without a wife. You made me happy. What do you mean?
What’s good in it? It’s wrong. What are you saying, Popatlaal?
It’s a great thought. What’s wrong with this? What about those
who aren’t married? According to this,
my life’s pale. Oh, he took it personally. Yeah. Popatlaal, I have written
a general thought. Let it be general or whatever. According to me, this doesn’t
qualify as a thought. Why?
– What do you mean by why? If you want to write
regarding this subject then include bachelors
in it as well. This is a joke to the bachelors. Who writes these
kinds of thoughts? I don’t agree with it. You want to prove
that my life is pale, right? Erase it immediately.. Why should I erase it?
– Because this thought is wrong. What’s wrong in it, Popatlaal?
Sodhi. Did you like it?
– Yes. Aiyar, did you like it?
– Yes. Abdul, did you like it? Yeah, speak. Did you like it? Answer! Speak.
– Don’t be afraid of him. I’m there with you. Tell. You also don’t
get afraid of Popatlaal. I’m there with you. Tell. There’s no one in the shop.
I-I will leave. Abdul!
– You saw? He hated your thought so much that he left from here.
– What are you saying? What kind of secretary are you? How did secretary come
in between all this? It does.. A thought is a topic
for the whole society. You should
include all the members of the society.
– What? You differentiate between
those who are married and those who aren’t. You write thoughts
only for married couples. You are discriminating. I don’t support this. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
down, down.. Your dictatorship
will not work. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide
down, down.. Hey! – Your dictatorship
will not work. Shame on Bhide! Popatlaal, what happened? Why are you sloganeering
against Bhide? What has he done? He is discriminating
among the residents. Your dictatorship
will not work. Bhide down, down..
– What happened? Popatlaal, why this revolt? Why are you sloganeering
against him? Popatlaal is saying
that Bhide is discriminating among the residents
of the society. Discrimination?
How? Look at the thought
of the day. Please, come.
Come on, Mr. Mehta. I had come here first.
– Okay. Come on. You hold my hand.
– Take a look. Let’s look at it.
– Read it out. Oh!
I see. What!
‘Oh! Okay.’ What has he written?
I don’t understand. Come on. – You
have understood so quickly. Yes.
It’s clear, Jethalaal. The writer wishes to say.. Writer?
Which writer? Bhide, did you steal the idea
from a writer? No.
I have written it. Why are you saying writer?
Bhide has written this. It means the same,
Popatlaal. Bhide has written it
so, Bhide wishes to say.. Bhide wishes to say that the way salt
adds taste to the food. The food is plain
if there is no salt. Similarly, life is incomplete
without a wife. Yes.
– Bhide wishes to say that the one who is
not married is no happy. It’s correct
to some extent. But it can be different
with everyone. For example, there are wives
who make plain food. Yes. Mr. Mehta, don’t
divert the topic. It’s your personal problem
that you get plain food. The thought of the day
is the matter of the society. This thought is wrong. You tell me.
Is my life boring? Ms. Daya is not home.
Is Jethalaal life boring? Tell me, Jethalaal. Yes. You are right.
I won’t lie. Listen to him. One feels incomplete
without a wife. Did you hear him? What are you saying,
Jethalaal? Yes.
What are you saying, Jethalaal? You have a wife.
Ms. Daya. He has a wife.
But she is not home. Perhaps, that’s why,
Jethalaal said this. Right, Jethalaal?
– Absolutely, Mr. Aiyar. Even the tea doesn’t
taste good without her. And the food from Padmavati
restaurant also seem plain. What do I tell you? My life is not just boring but
also incomplete without Daya. Bhide, you have rubbed
salt to my wound. You have hurt the emotions
of two people. Erase it.
– No, I won’t. What do you mean?
You have to erase it. What do you mean?
I said, I will not erase it. Bhide, the thought of the day
which creates a tiff.. It’s better to erase it.
Erase it. Exactly.
– I can’t erase it. But why?
– Tell me. Say it, Bhide.
Why can’t you erase it? Sodhi, I told Madhavi that I will write the thought
of the day for wives. That’s why, I can’t erase it. You can write that
on your personal board that you have it at home.
This is the society board. Popatlaal, this is not
my personal thought. This is dedicated
to all the wives. Whatever be the reason,
just erase this thought. I said, I can’t. Madhavi will feel bad
if I erase it. Ms. Madhavi hasn’t read this
quote till now. How does it matter, Mr. Bhide? Erase this quote
and write something else. There are many quotes
based on wives write any one of them.
– Mr. Mehta even if I write
any other quote on wives he will still blabber. What do mean by that? See he is blabbering again. What do you mean? Hey, stop!
What happened? Why are you blabbering? Because of Bhide. Mr. Champaklaal, come here. Look at that.
What sort of a quote has he written?
Who writes such quotes? ‘Thought for the day’ The people who don’t have a wife
or the people whose wife in not with them.
To hurt their sentiments this quote has been written. Even my wife is not with me. And she is not been there
since ages. Look, Mr. Bhide. You have hurt Mr. Champaklaal’s
sentiments too. At one you have hurt
the sentiments three people. Now, you’ll have to erase
this quote. I will not erase it. All right, I’ll erase it myself. Hey, what do you mean? Talks. Talks have
a very strange nature. How talks can affect someone depends on
when are you saying it? What time are
you saying it? In front of who are you saying
it? And how are you saying it? That’s why, if some talks
are not done at the right time and in front of wrong person
then it can become a problem. For instance, if you talk about
comb in front of a bald person in front of a bachelor
if you talk about marriage it can be a problem. And if the bachelor
is like Popatlaal then it is a huge problem. Mr. Bhide has written a quote
on wives. Which is like throwing a candle
in a garden full of crackers. Now, Popatlaal will burst
out of anger. And the fireworks
will be worth watching. You keep watching
and thinking that how humongous
will fire work be. Keep watching,
keep laughing. ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah.’

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