Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2805 – Full Episode – 27th August, 2019

Hurry up.
Move back a bit.. Move back further. We are getting late!
Sodhi, why are you moving back? I don’t know who that is.
I have to check. Move the bus out of the way.
We have a train to catch. Yes, please. We can take our car out
only if you move out of the way. I have to go and talk.
– Yes, go. Dear, you gave us
such a great surprise. Sonu, I still can’t believe
that you.. You’re right in front
of my eyes. I love you, Mom!
– Love you, too. What’s this, Dad? You’re in tears? Sonu, they’re the tears of joy. When you’re very happy the happiness becomes
quite evident through your eyes. Dad.. Wow! Dad, I didn’t get him.
What did he just say? When you feel emotional it’s expressed
through your eyes. Wow! Wow.. Sonu, we can’t tell you
how happy we are to see you. We, too. – Yes..
– Of course.. Even I’m very happy
to see you all. I’m so happy. I’m back to my
Gokuldham Society! Yes! Father.
– Yes. Sonu, you came all alone
from Ratnagiri? Dad, I didn’t come alone.
All my friends were with me. I was in Ratnagiri for so long
and they became my friends. Oh.. There’s a dance competition
taking place here. They’re here
to participate for the same. Since they were all coming here I thought let me come along
and give you all, a surprise! Oh.. Friends, thank you so much
for dropping me home. You’re most welcome, Sonu. That’s my Gokuldham family.
– Hello. – Hi. Hi, children.
– Hi.. – Hi.. Sonu always talks
about all of you. We’re glad to meet all of you. Even we’re glad to meet you all. They danced so well
by jumping like anything. Right..
– Wonderful.. Thank you.. Sonu, we’ll take your leave.
– Guys, you just came. Stay back for some time.
– Right.. – Yes, of course. You’re all our guests. You have come
to Gokuldham Society. You can’t go back so easily. I’ll make some delicious
‘Kothimbir Vadi’ and potato fritters for you.
You may have them and leave. Thank you so much.
But we should go to the theatre and practice
for our performance. We rehearsed over here once. We have to do
the final performance now. Yes!
– Oh! All the best. All the best.
– All of you just wish that we win this competition.
– Hey, guys, you surely will. Because when you practice hard
with true dedication it never goes waste.
– Dad.. – Yes. Thank you.. Sonu, we’ll take your leave.
Bye. Bye..
– Come on, guys! All the best! That’s fine, dear.
May you live happily and bring glory to your parents. Thank you, sir. Sonu, honestly,
this is the best surprise I had in my life.
– That’s true. Sonu, your timing
was just perfect. Not just perfect but it was
so perfect, Ms. Babita. Sodhi’s jeep had reached
the society’s gate and Sonu came in the bus
in the nick of time! Right. Sonu, had you delayed
even by a couple of minutes Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
would have left to Ratnagiri. I know.
– What! What do you mean? Were you knowing we’re coming
to Ratnagiri to pick you up? Yes!
– Hey! – How’s that possible? We were planning to give you
a surprise by coming there. Who told you? Goli! What! Goli!
– Mr. Bhide.. Please listen
to the entire matter before you say something
to Goli. Actually, we got to know it
just last night that Sonu is coming
to Gokuldham Society to give you a surprise. ‘She’s returning
to Gokuldham Society’ ‘by tomorrow morning.’ ‘What have you come here for?
Go to Mr. Bhide’s house.’ ‘Right.
– We can’t be telling this’ ‘to Mr. Bhide, Tapu.
– Why can’t we tell him?’ ‘Because Sonu
has challenged us!’ Sonu was anyway coming. But she had a surprise for you
and a challenge for us. Right.. What! Challenge!
What challenge? Ms. Madhavi,
Sonu had challenged us to stop you from going
to Ratnagiri. Goli, you should have told us
Sonu is coming. We would have happily
stayed back. My sweet innocent dad the challenge for them was that they can’t tell you
about my arrival. Had I told you this before I wouldn’t have seen this
happiness on your face. Yes. Yes, that’s right. I see. That means, the
Tapu gang was aware of your arrival. Yes!
– Wow. In fact, Bhide the whole Gokuldham
society knows it. Yes! – Yes! I see. Madhavi,
did you understand it? So, whatever was happening
in the society since morning were their tricks to stop us. Right. – Yes! You got it right. But we didn’t understand it. We were tense as to how
we will reach the station. So causing this delay was
to stop us, right? Yes! – Yes! Yes. Saru, do you know what? The Tapu gang
came to us first and told us how it’s raining
heavily in Ratnagiri. Goli said that he had
a nightmare about the bad weather
in Ratnagiri. He lied so much. Friends, superb! And then Popat and Abdul
came to us. They said that the municipality
officers are visiting us and if we aren’t present the society will attract
a fine of Rs. 1 lakh. Mr. Aiyar completely
fell for this plan of ours. Is it? I couldn’t say anything. And Mr. Champak
almost stopped us by saying that the train
is late by four hours. Isn’t it? – Yes. Is it? – Yes. Mr. Mehta, even you are no less. He confused me so much. I said he can’t
think of anything. I had no option, Bhide.
It was important. It was the question
of the children’s challenge. Just imagine! Had you not been tense,
would you have been this happy? Yes. Mr. Sodhi, you turned out
to be amazing. He was driving so slow that even a tortoise
would’ve beaten us. Obviously, Ms. Madhavi. I had to do something
to stop you. And, Sonu, even Mr. Hathi
turned out to be amazing. He was telling me that
I can’t go as I am suffering
from cold fever. I had to lie
that you have fever so that you can enjoy the
happiness of having Sonu here. Great, Mr. Hathi! Did you understand it?
– Yes. What did you understand? I mean, everything happens
for a good reason. Shut up! Nonsense! Was I not right? – No. We had to stop you, somehow. We even hid your kurta. And then I had to lie that
I don’t have sugar at home. Oh! Bhide, we all did so much
to stop you. Yes! – Yes! – Right! I understood it now,
Mr. Champak. I understood that it was
all done to hold us here. Thank you so much. Trust me, had you not
wasted our time here we would’ve already
left for Ratnagiri. And we wouldn’t have been
able to experience this pleasant surprise
of Sonu’s arrival. Right. Thank you so much, everyone. I heartily thank everyone. Most welcome! Abdul, now reveal something. Who faked to be the thief? The one who got away
with our luggage. Bhide, didn’t you really
know who it was? Oh! Was it you? The Great Jethalaal
Champaklaal Gada. Right. Yes! – Yes! Yes! – Yes! What a performance! But please let me know
where you kept my luggage. It’s in my shop, Mr. Bhide. I will get it right away. Yes, get it. – Yes, get it.
– Yes. Mr. Jetha, I must say this. You acted so well! None of us realised it. We came to know it only after
Tapu pointed it out. Thank you, Ms. Babita. Listen. Please inform your friend that we aren’t going
to Ratnagiri. – Yes. He must be waiting.
– Right. Okay.. Tapu.
– Yes? After listening to all of them now I think you have
lost your challenge. What? – What? Sonu, how did we lose
the challenge? As per the challenge we held back Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi. Yes! – Yes! I had challenged you
to hold my parents back here. But the whole
Gokuldham Society did that here. Technically, you have
lost the challenge. Yes. We have deleted
your technical judgment with the button
of our friendship. And when it comes
to love and friendship there is nothing
technical in that. Wow! – Wow! Tapu, you have become
very philosophical. But, Sonu, Tapu is right. The whole Gokuldham Society
is the winner of this challenge. I mean,
it’s the Gokuldham Society which has been a winner here. After all, Tapu gang is
a part of Gokuldham Society. We are a family. Tapu gang is from
Gokuldham Society. Yes! – Yes! That’s right. I am proud to be a part
of the Gokuldham Family. Yes. You have won the challenge! Yes! – Yes! – Yes! Yes! – Hurray! – Yes! Come on! – Celebrate! Yes, you won the challenge.
You held us back here. I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide not as a secretary of the
society, but as Sonu’s father thank each one of
you once again. Thank you so much! Wow! – Good! – Let’s go. We are a family. – Obviously! Mom,
why are you doing all this? Hold on, dear. Be quiet.
– Yes, be quiet. Daughters are equal
to goddess and we must welcome
the goddess with respect. Yes! – Right! Very good.. Very good! Here’s your
favourite sweet dish. ‘Kaju Katli’. – ‘Kaju Katli’. Wow.. Dad, have some. Enough. – Have it. Come, let’s take the blessings
of Lord Ganesha. Come. All Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail! – Hail! All Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail! – Hail! Lord, thank You so much
for ensuring that my Sonu reaches here
without any trouble. Keep us blessed, Lord. Lord, bless me that
I could give all the happiness
to my parents. So that I study well and
make my parents proud. Very good. All Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail! – Hail! All Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail! – Hail! Mom, Dad, come..
– What? Where are you taking us?
– Come soon. At least, tell us.
– Sit down.. Just sit down. – Oh.. What happened? Oh, I see! – Oh! You wanted us to pamper you. Mom, I missed resting
my head on your shoulders and dad’s pamper. Even we missed you a lot, dear. I will be right back. Dad. I know. What do you know, dear? I know what you were
hiding from me. What do I do.. I am seeing you
after so many days. I can’t stop my tears. Hey! Stop bothering my father. I scolded them. Okay?
They won’t come back. Did you see how smart
she has become? Madhavi no matter how smart
she becomes. For me, she will always
remain that baby who had just learned to walk and to take my name. She is still the one for me
who used to demand that I should make her braid. But that happened years ago. Our Sonu is now a grown up. Madhavi, a daughter always
remains a child in the eyes of a father. And I don’t even want
to be a grown up in your eyes. Wow! Amazing.. Gokuldham society
was already so wondrous and Sonu’s arrival has added
more glamour to it. Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi’s
daughter has become an instant favourite. Why wouldn’t she?
All daughters are the same. They are very close
to their mothers and mean the world
to their fathers. Tapu gang has welcomed Sonu
wholeheartedly. This is just the beginning and there is a lot more
to come from them. Keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ to know what happens further. Keep watching for your daily
dose of laughter.

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