Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2804 – Full Episode – 26th August, 2019

Mr. Bhide, have you met dad?
– No, dear. Sir, you’re a teacher
and yet you’re being so lazy. You have taught us to thank
the one who helps us. And you are leaving
without seeing him. Yes.
– Yes. This is not right.
– Indeed. He must see Jetha.
– He must. Bhide, do meet Jetha once
before you leave. He must be back soon
with the snacks. Meet him before you go. Sir, I am already late.
Who knows when he’ll be back! If I wait here to meet him,
I might miss my train. I will meet him before
the sweet curd arrives. Yes. Tapu, Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
are about to leave. Yes. We need
a miracle now. what is it, Abdul?
You are worried? Sir, everyone has been trying
to stop Mr. Bhide and his wife since morning but they’ve
failed. Mr. Bhide is about to leave
for Ratnagiri. Sonu hasn’t arrived yet?
– No! If Bhide leaves and then
Sonu arrives they cannot surprise
each other. Yes.
It is of no use now. Abdul, we can do
something. What is it? Good idea. Wow!
– Now Tapu’s gang will win the challenge. They’ve had
the sweet curd now. We will definitely lose. For the first time, I’ll lose
against Sonu. Bless us, Sir. Mr. Champak.
– Oh! May God bless you,
may you see Sonu’s smiling face soon.
– Yes. May you guys meet
Sonu at once. And you..
– Thank you. Let’s go, we’re getting late.
Let’s go. Come on, get in. Bye! Bye! Bhide! Ms. Madhavi!
– What is it? Now that you are
going to Ratnagiri you must have
relatives there. I am sure you have. We will meet them. I wanted your help.
A little help from you. Yes?
– Please speak about me if they have.. What is it? If they have a girl
of marriageable age they might want to.. Ms. Babita. Sonu is coming here. I’ll go and get
my picture and biodata. No need, just mail me
the documents. I’ll have them printed. I got it now.
It is fine now. We understand.. Don’t forget.
– We won’t.. Come on now, Sodhi. Miracle!
Miracle! We need an autorickshaw! It is not starting. It started!
– It started! Help! Someone help me! Abdul! Who is it? Not a step forward! I will slice him up. Who are you? Do you know
where you are? You are in Gokuldham society! I will not spare you! Stay away from me,
big man! Take one step forward
and I will slice him up! No..
– No! He’s speaking Punjabi! Which village are you
from? Pindwara Pindwara?
– But that is in Rajasthan. I am a Punjabi
from Rajasthan. What? I am! Listen to me.
This is not right. What did he say? I don’t follow which language
he spoke in. I didn’t get what you said! You need not understand
anything, you dimwit! Just get this! Take one step forward and I’ll slice him up! No..
– No! What is this? We’ll miss the train!
We have to leave! He has got Abdul. I know.
– Who will you slice up? Don’t you try to act smart
with me.. I will hit you
and make you bleed. What is he saying! Excuse me, Mister!
Why are you doing this? Let Abdul go. Violence isn’t good. I’m Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide. I’m the secretary here. My wife and I are
headed to Ratnagiri to bring our daughter
home. My friend got us
two tickets and we could not get one. But he arranged
for us. If we make any more delay,
we’ll miss the train. Please let Abdul go. Let us talk over it.
I am coming to you. Easy there, teacher! Take one step forward and I will slice him up! He can speak
Marathi? Please don’t do this, sir. Like he is going
to understand? Stop begging.
He is a criminal. Call the cops! No need to call the cops. I am not a thief. Now he’s speaking Kutchi. Looks like the guy has
done his homework well. He might have done a recce
and found out who we are but how could he possibly reply
in our respective languages? He just told me in Kutchi
that he is no thief. What? You there! Why are you doing this?
What do you want? A groom. A groom?
– Yes. I have been asking him
for a long time to marry my girl. You mean your wife? My daughter! My niece! I have been asking him
for so long but this man
does not listen. – I see. Is that all? Well, here I am! I will marry her.
it’s no big deal. Tell me, when and where? As I was saying.. You there, umbrella guy! Take one step forward and I will shred your umbrella
to bits! No.. ‘It is Dad!’ Grandpa.
It is dad. It is dad
under the helmet. Let me go. Look on his wrist.
The watch. Friends, that’s my dad. Mr. Jetha? Yes, it is my dad. Let go of me! Mr. Jetha? Jetha is the thief. No, he can’t be. I didn’t mean that. It’s Jetha under the helmet. It is Jethalaal. Who said it? Popat. It’s Jethalaal under the helmet. Jethalaal is the thief. Jethalaal is here, we’re
sorted. Bhide can’t go now. Hey, you! Hey, Mr. Sodhi.. Hey, Roshan! Hey! He’s a dangerous man. Leave me. I have seen a lot
of dangerous people like him. It’s ruined. We almost got it
done after so much trouble. Sodhi ruined it. Sodhi, what are you doing?
It’s me Jethalaal. I will not let you go! It’s just a pretence to stop
Bhide from going. Oh, no. Pull down the visor..
– Okay. What are you going to do now? I’ll use the same hold
on you as you’re using on me. Let me go.. Let me go.
– Hey.. Dad! Oh God!
He’s got Sodhi. How is it possible? He is so dangerous.
He’s a dangerous thief. Someone save Roshan. I am cranking your arm, Sodhi,
at least scream in pain. This is my first
time doing it. Okay. What’s happening Sodhi? He is cranking my arm so hard. It’s a dangerous thief. He’s got Sodhi in an arm lock!
I don’t understand how. Do something.
What are you waiting for? N-No, we are helpless.
He’s got Sodhi. He’s very dangerous.
– Yes.. Hey, you with the helmet,
please let him go. Don’t crank his arm. He is going to drop us
off at the railway station. I have a train to catch,
I’ll miss it if I get late. You said that so many times now
that my brain is rattled. Where is his luggage?
– It’s in the car.. Hey, mister. You with the cap on,
I am talking to you. Y-Yes, mister. No one has ever
called me a mister. Yes, mister. Take his luggage out of the car
and bring it here. Why? Of course. Why my luggage?
Why should we give our luggage? He is a dangerous man.
Just so as he says. What do you mean? Hey, mister!
– I am coming. Mr. Abdul..
– Hurry up. What are you doing? It just has clothes in it. You need not worry, ma’am. I’ll check what’s inside.
Bring it here. Why does he need our clothes? Hey, mister,
please don’t take the luggage. I have to take it with
me to Ratnagiri. I have a train to catch. How much money do you want?
Tell me, I will give you. How much do you want? Who are you showing
off your money to? I have a lot of money too.
Tell me, how much do you want? Jethalaal.
– What? The luggage is here. Listen, I am leaving now. If anyone follows me..
– No.. I will slice and dice
you with my knife. No.. No one’s going to follow you.
Please go. No one will follow you.
Just leave. Yes.. My luggage.. That’s my luggage! He’s taking my luggage. Put him down there.. It’s all right, Ms. Madhavi.
– All our luggage is gone! Let go of me. Bhide, we can’t let you go.
That was a dangerous thief. Didn’t he say
that he will stab us? Yes.. Bhide, what kind
of a person are you? He took Mr. Abdul and you are
worried about your luggage. Is luggage more important
than Abdul’s life? Tell us. It’s gone, Aatmaram.
Your luggage is gone. How will you leave
without the luggage? Yes.. The thief took your
entire luggage. We’ve been trying
to leave since morning but we are unable to. Ms. Madhavi, that’s why I
told you that I had a dream telling you not to go.
But Mr. Bhide didn’t listen. What do you mean? He had a dream about bad
weather in Ratnagiri not about our bags
being stolen. Forget about that. Think
about what you should do now. Yes.. I don’t understand what to do. Hey, Bhide, what happened?
Why haven’t you left? You had a train to Ratnagiri
at 11 o’clock, didn’t you? How could he go, Jethalaal?
His luggage was stolen. Yes. Yes. Things got stolen?
– Yes, Mr. Jethalaal. The thief was very dangerous. He held us at knife pint. It’s not pint,
it’s point. What did I say?
– You said pint. Oh, sorry.
– Yes. Jethalaal, he held us
at knife point and took away everything. Right.
– That’s too bad. He took everything
and also took Abdul. Wow, Tapu! Your dad is a great actor.
It’s great. Hey.. Come, Abdul..
– Abdul.. Abdul, are you all right?
– Yes, I am fine. I had a narrow escape. Thank God! Thank God! But, where’s my luggage? The thief pushed me,
kept the luggage in a van parked ahead
and drove off. Oh, God!
He took the luggage.. It’s gone.
Everything is gone. Leave it, Bhide
Thank God you are alive. You can buy all that again. He’s right.
Thank God you are alive. Bhide it’s a bad omen if your luggage gets stolen
before starting a journey. You should cancel the trip. I think we should go
to police station now. Wow!
– What wow? I mean, even in such
a bad situation Ms. Babita has shared
a great idea. That’s why I said, wow,
what an idea! Bhide, let’s go
to police station and register a complaint.
– Yes, let’s go. Yes, we should go
to police station. Let’s cancel the trip
to Ratnagiri. First you go to police station. No, Madhavi.
We will go to Ratnagiri. We will go to Ratnagiri,
and bring back Sonu. We will go now. Bhide, your luggage is stolen. and instead of going
to the police station you’re going to the
railway station? Yes, Jethalaal.
I’ll go to railway station. I am going to catch the train
and go to Ratnagiri. Bhide, such a serious incident
took place and you still want to go to Ratnagiri. Right. – But Bhide,
how will you go to Ratnagiri without your luggage? Right. – Mr. Champak,
all we had in the bag were clothes.
We will buy new ones. Tapu, our plan seems to be
failing once again. But we must ensure
the thief is punished, right? Yes, God will
definitely punish him. Oh,God! Listen, how can we go
like this? Madhavi, don’t worry,
we will go. The thief has stolen
our luggage not my will. Nothing is more important to me
than my daughter Sonu. I want to see her smiling face. Madhavi, he took away
the luggage. But the tickets are
still with me. Sodhi, start the jeep. Let’s go, Sodhi! Bhide!
– Are you sure about this? I’m sure, let’s hurry. Again?
– Dad.. What can we do, Jetha? You worked so hard as a thief,
but it was futile. Exactly.
– Tapu, we lost the challenge. I know. I wanted to make
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi happy. I wanted to see Sonu smile. But I guess,
they interpreted it differently. They left. Dad, they left. What now? Tapu.. Enough already.
Call Bhide and stop him. Okay, Grandpa. Excuse me! Hey! What is happening? Why are you going in reverse?
– What else do I do? This is not done.
Excuse me, driver! Oh, what’s happening? Excuse me, driver! Whose bus is that, Dad? Jetha, does it matter
whose bus it is? Because of them Bhide is returning.
So I’m grateful! – Right! Please, go back. We’ve to go!
– We have a train to catch. Please tell them.
– What do I do? I’m telling them,
but I don’t know who they are. We might miss our train.
Excuse me, go back! All attempts failed.
We tried so hard to stop Bhide and Madhavi
but we couldn’t succeed. At the very end, they got
into Sodhi’s jeep and left. Hold on.. Did you notice? Did you see what I saw? Sodhi’s jeep was returning. The jeep they went in
was returning and this bus.. This bus that was forcing
them to come back.. Who’s in this bus?
Everyone is anxious waiting to see who that is.
The only question they have is who is in the bus?
Could it be Sonu? Sonu reached Gokuldham! Sonu has come back!
Tapu and gang’s friend our beloved and Madhavi and
Bhide’s darling daughter Sonu has come back to Gokuldham. We just need to see how
excited everyone gets how much we celebrate
and how happy we get and even how the faces of
Bhide and Madhavi light up. Come join us in this joy
and keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching,
keep laughing.

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