Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2803 – Full Episode – 23rd August, 2019

What is this? You guys picked me up
and got me here. Mr. Hathi, nothing is wrong
with me. Who is going to decide
if something is wrong? Who is a doctor here
you or me? – It’s me, right?
– So, take off your shirt. Why should I take off
my shirt? Bhide, Mr. Hathi is a doctor. Do what he says. But, Mr. Hathi,
if you want to check then check with the shirt on. Why do I need to take
my shirt off for that? Mr. Bhide, you’re a teacher and you know how
to do your job. Isn’t it? Similarly, a
doctor knows his job. Mr. Hathi, he needs to take
his shirt off, isn’t it? Yes, absolutely. With his wears shirt on
how am I going to check him? Come on, take off your shirt.
– Yes, come on.. Doctor is asking you to do it
for your own good. Yes, health comes first. Mr. Hathi, you already know that how much have I struggled
to find a ticket to Ratnagiri. I have a train to catch.
I’ll get late. You are the one
who is delaying. The more time you take,
more late you’ll be. Cooperate with us, Mr Bhide.
– Yes. Make him understand, Ms. Madhavi
– Yes, make him understand. Yes.
– Why are you saying yes? Take off your shirt. Yeah, take it off. Take it off.
– It’s necessary. What are you doing?
– Do you need help? Mr. Bhide,
if you don’t cooperate then I might have to give you
an injection. Oh, God! Directly an injection? Injection! Yes, Ms. Madhavi. If he does not cooperate with me
then I will make him unconscious using an injection
and then I’ll treat him. Hey, hang on.
– Very good. ‘I love you, Dad!
You’re great.’ Be careful, Mr. Bhide,
You’re ill. Yes.. Careful. Mr. Bhide’s trip to Ratnagiri
is cancelled for sure. So much of a trouble
this is. Calm down.
– What calm down, Sodhi. I might keep calm here
but the train won’t keep calm. It’ll leave for Ratnagiri
according to its scheduled time. It will not go anywhere. Let the doctor check once. Dr. Hathi, please do
the check-up. Yes, check him.
Be careful. Show me your hand. Mr. Bhide, lie down. What?
– Yes. I need to check.
– Yes, lie down. Mr. Hathi, at least tell me
before sitting. Sorry. Dad, check carefully. Yes, be careful.
– Okay. Yes, take your time
and check him. Don’t do the check up
in a hurry. Yes.. What do you mean? Tapu, what do you mean? We have a train to catch
we need to go to the station. Mr. Hathi, please be quick.
– Yes. Quickly. Take a deep breath. Bhide, you’re not taking
deep breaths. Take a deep breath.
– Yes. Popatlaal, I can’t take a deeper
breath than this. Not more than this. If you want to check
then check, Mr. Hathi. Yes, I am checking. Remove your spectacles.
– Why? I need to check your eyes. Open your eyes. Why are you glaring at me? You just asked me
to open my eyes. I mean, I need to check
your eyes so open your eyes
in that manner. Okay. Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue. Okay. – Everything is
all right, right? Wait, it’s not over yet.
– What! Check his blood pressure. Yes.. Wow.
You changed your photo? Actually, I haven’t checked
my status for long. Wait, I will check. Dr. Hathi, he’s talking about
BP not display picture. Blood pressure.
– Yes. BP.. Why does he need
to check my BP, Aiyer? My BP is always normal. What are you saying, Bhide? Your blood pressure seems high
just by the way you are talking. How are you talking? Doctor, check for high BP.
– Yes.. Seems like the same. It’s important, check it..
– Yeah. This looks serious.
– Yeah, I admit. What? I have to be admitted?
– No! We will get to know,
once I check. I will hold his hands. Bhide, be calm
and get it checked. ‘Wow, dad. Keep holding
Mr. Bhide like this.’ No, I will get my check-up done. Fine, let me work.
– Yeah. Otherwise,
Sodhi will tie your hands. Popatlaal, help me.
– Yeah.. Dr. Hathi, fast! If you keep
snapping your fingers then your blood pressure
will keep fluctuating. Yeah. Don’t do that.
– Sorry. The reading can come wrong.
– Stay Calm.. What happened, Dr. Hathi?
Is everything all right? No, Ms. Madhavi. Mr. Bhide has high fever. Oh!
– Oh.. Oh.
– Oh, he has fever! What are you saying, Dr. Hathi?
I’m fit and healthy. If I had high fever then my body temperature
would be high. My temperature is normal,
Dr. Hathi. He’s fine since morning. No, Mr. Bhide.
You have cold fever. ‘Wow, Dr. Hathi.
Great excuse you found there.’ ‘Cool.’
– Oh, cold fever? Yeah.
– What kind of fever is that? There’s a thing
called cold fever. There are many
kinds of fever nowadays. I was also diagnosed
with cold fever. Oh.. I have also heard.
A person had it in my office. Nowadays, there are
new kinds of fever. The more we are trying
to find the medicines the more illness
is being created. Right.
– Mr. Bhide has this fever because his BP is not normal. So that’s why, Mr. Bhide I can’t give you the permission
to go to Ratnagiri. Yes!
– What yes? We were also taught
the same in school. You shouldn’t go to Ratnagiri since you are not well.
– Yes.. Yes.. What are all of you doing here? Mr. Bhide, what happened? Taarak, tell me.
Is everything fine? No, Anjali. It’s not fine.
Mr. Bhide is not well. H-He has fever.
– Yes.. Oh my God!
What happened, Mr. Bhide? We have to go to Ratnagiri
in order to surprise Sonu. Our train is scheduled. He got fever, and Dr. Hathi
is advising not to go. Oh, Mr. Bhide is ill? There’s no need
to worry so much. What do you mean?
How will he go? He has fever. Yeah.
– Taarak, you remember your boss was also
down with fever? Yeah. So you remember,
the herbal powder we have? I gave it to you as a potion. and you made your boss drink it. After drinking that,
your boss was all right. Yeah, but.. If I make the same for Mr. Bhide then he will also
get fine in no time! Wow.. ‘No.. Ms. Anjali.
We will lose this challenge.’ Ms. Anjali,
you didn’t understand. I was giving him the medicines but there are different fevers. Yeah.. He’s correct, Anjali. My boss’s fever was different. Bhide has a different one. Yeah.. Yes. Let it be a different fever,
it doesn’t make a difference! The herbal powder
made by the Ayurvedic doctor is so effective that it can cure
any kind of fever. It is the mixture
of many Ayurvedic herbs. I am sure
that if I make Mr. Bhide drink the decoction
then he will be fine. And they will be able
to go to Ratnagiri. Wow, Ms. Anjali.
You have come at the right time. I have faith in Ayurveda. Mr. Hathi..
– Yes. Thank you for your concern. You prepare
the decoction for me. Sure. We failed. What? Yes. Sodhi, you must
complete the sentence. He means to say that Anjali has solved
Dr. Hathi’s problem. That’s right. That’s what I am saying. Dr. Hathi’s efforts
were in vain. I will bring
the decoction right away. Yes. I will be back
in a jiffy. Yes.
Hurry up. Ms. Anjali..
Wait. Ms. Anjali.. Ms. Anjali, what have you done? You have spoilt our plan. What have I done? Ms. Anjali, his fever was
just an act to stop him from going. Yes. What do you mean?
I-I did not understand. What will we do now? Now what? You have to prepare
the decoction really slow. Very slowly. Slowly? I just told him
that I will bring the decoction soon. But you must try
to delay. I will try to bring
the decoction a little late. Take your own time,
please. Take your own time,
Ms. Anjali. Tapu, call up Sonu
and ask her as to where is she. Okay. Call her up.
Ask her. I hope, she has reached. Tell me, Tapu. Sonu, how much
more time? I will take
25 minutes to reach. All right. But, Sonu, you have to
reach at the earliest, okay? Friends, Sonu will take
more 25 minutes to reach. 25 minutes. How will we stop
Ms. Madhavi and Mr. Bhide for more 25 minutes? I think, we will lose
this challenge. What’s happening.. Madhavi, tell you what! I will drink
the decoction outside. Put on your kurta. Oh!
Sorry. Where is my kurta? Did it fall down?
– Mr. Sodhi, is it over there? Look for it. You had taken it off here. You had kept it here. How will you go out
without a kurta? It won’t look nice.
– Right. Mr. Mehta is right. Aiyer, he is unable
to find his kurta. Look for it. Yes.
Look for it. Look for it.
It must be somewhere there. Where is my kurta? It was here
a while ago. How can my kurta.. Mr. Hathi, how can my kurta
disappear? I had kept it here.
– Yes. How can your kurta
disappear? It must be somewhere here. What happened? It’s here. Mr. Hathi, how did my kurta
get stuck in your suspender? Didn’t you find
a better place to hide? Mr. Hathi was sitting here. It must have
got stuck. Right. Forget it. Bhide, how can you wear
this kurta? Get it ironed. No, I don’t want
to get it ironed. What happened, children? Were you able
to stop Bhide? Or did he leave? No, Grandpa.
He is at Mr. Hathi’s place. He will leave
in some time. Nothing can be done. Let’s go, Madhavi.
Let’s go. I will drink
the decoction outside. We are already late. Nothing can be done. What! Let’s go. Come on. He has to leave
for Ratnagiri. Let’s go. Let’s go. No, children.
Don’t lose hope. You people keep trying. People who try,
never fail. You can do anything
if you try. I feel, something
good will happen. Bhide will definitely
stop. Who will stop? What? What did you say? Who will stay back? Well.. – Fever. He meant
your fever will subside. Yes.
– Right. We were telling Mr. Champak
that after having the herbal concoction
your fever will subside. Isn’t it, Mr. Champak?
– Right. Right, baby. But why hasn’t Ms. Anjali
come with the concoction yet? Ms. Madhavi,
it takes time to prepare it. It will take some
time at least. The thing is, first
water needs to be boiled and then the herbal
powder has to be added. I know all of that, Mr. Popat. Ms. Madhavi,
I know more about it. Because herbal concoctions
are made in my house every day. I am made to drink so
many varieties of concoctions. Anjali makes me drink
them three times in a day. So, I know, it takes times. I know about that. But,
why hasn’t Ms. Anjali come yet? I am telling you.. Hey, Sodhi,
why are you still standing here? Go and get your jeep. Sure. Oh, he is also.. Sodhi, tell me something. Your jeep is parked outside,
right? – Yes. They why aren’t you
going to get it? Pal, you are going out of town. That’s why, I am feeling sad.
Bhide, my pal! Sodhi,
I’ll be back in three days. You will be away for three days,
right? Sodhi,
don’t become emotional now. Go and get the jeep.
Go. Yes, tell me, Manohar.
Mr. Bhide, where are you? I am about to
start from here. Haven’t you still
started from there yet? The train will be leaving
in next 45 minutes. It will take around 35 minutes
for you to reach the station. There will be a lot of
traffic on the roads. I have
already left from here. I have already
started from here. See you in the station.
Bye. Madhavi,
Ms. Anjali hasn’t come yet. Just go and check
what the matter is. Yes, I’ll go and check. It takes time to prepare it. Yes, it takes time. Ms. Anjali. Wow! She got the concoction.
Concoction! She got the concoction. Easy. Careful. So,
even the concoction is here now. Our game is over! Come, let’s go. Careful. It might be hot. Drink it carefully.
Slowly. Easy. Drink it slowly.
– Careful. Mr. Bhide, drink it slowly.
– I know. Wait. The thing is,
these concoctions you know.. I have a lot of
experience having them. It gives relief only
when you sip it slowly. Right.
– That’s correct. Take small sips.
Slowly. Take your time.. Hey, Sodhi,
where are you? Come on,
bring the jeep here soon. He will come. You drink the concoction.
Sip it slowly. Hey, Sodhi, why are
driving the jeep so slowly? Come on, hurry up. Sodhi, hurry up. Bhide, you are unbelievable! You yourself
had made a rule that all the vehicles
should move at slow pace within the Society compound. You yourself have
forgotten that rule. No problem.
Come on, hurry up. Come. Sodhi, what are you doing? What are you doing, Sodhi?
– Sorry, sorry. There is some problem
with the vehicle. Mr. Bhide, Ms. Madhavi,
are you leaving for Ratnagiri? Yes.
– Come on, hurry up. ‘Game over.’ Hold on, one minute, Bhide.. Bhide..
– What happened? Did you eat curd and sugar? No, but let it go,
Mr. Champaklaal. We are getting late. Right. What! Bhide, you are going
for a good work. Also you are facing
so many obstacles. So you need to eat
curd and sugar for good luck. Am I right or not? Yes, He is right.
He should eat that. All right.
Eat curd and sugar, okay? Someone bring it. Why are you standing here? Someone go and bring
curd and sugar. Sure. Why both of you are going?
Only one is enough. Oh, God!
Both came back. Ms. Anjali,
please you bring it. Please.. Okay. I will bring it. Hold on, Anjali. We are out of sugar.
– Why? Bhide, it’s painful to say. The problem is,
Anjali don’t buy sugar because I am not allowed
to eat sweets. Right..
– Yes. I can’t bring sugar,
but I can bring curd. It’s okay, bring it. But, we also need sugar. Yes, it’s required. So go and bring sugar.
I will go and bring it. Babita, let me bring it. I will bring it fast.
– Come on, Babita my house is nearby.
Let me bring it. Whoever it is,
please hurry up. Both of you stay here,
let me go and bring it. Please, bring it..
– Listen.. I am also going to get
the curd. Yes, please. Please, somebody stop
Mr. and Ms. Bhide. Because it’s the matter
of Sonu’s challenge. Tapu and the team is trapped
in the challenge. Everyone in Gokuldham society
has tried hard to stop them. But Mr. and Ms. Bhide
didn’t stop. They are ready to leave
after eating curd and sugar. What will happen now? Will Tapu and team
lose the challenge? Now only a miracle can save
Tapu and the team. But we will see it later,
what the miracle is. But before that,
a special information. Friends, tomorrow is
‘Janmashtami’. The beloved of Nanda,
the love master the beloved of Radha,
the thief of curd and the battle king.
It’s the birthday of Lord Krishna. I wish all your troubles
gets resolved with the grace of God. I wish you all get blessed
with happiness. Very best wishes
from the entire cast of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Please wish us back.
We need your wishes. We need the blessings from God. We want a miracle to happen
to stop Mr. and Ms. Bhide. To watch what happens next
you have to wait till Monday for ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. We will not stop. So keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching,
and keep laughing.

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