Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2802 – Full Episode – 22nd August, 2019

Why is he taking
so much time? Let him take as much time
he needs. What’s the hurry?
Anyway, it’s good for us. Right. Now there’s no problem.
– Exactly. Mr. Bhide will go
after four hours. 340 minutes. 240 minutes. Why will they go after that?
By that time Sonu will be here.. Mr. Champak fooled Aatmaram
quite easily. Mr. Bhide! Bhide!
Good morning, Bhide! Good morning!
– Grandfather! Mr. Champak.. What’s going on, Bhide?
There’s no hurry, right? What’s the hurry?
The train is four hours late. Now, Bhide is in no hurry.
– That’s right. No, you are wrong. It’s not late.
The train is right on time. What! Is the train on time? Yes, Mr. Champak
got the wrong information. The train is right on time. So, let me go and write
the thought for the day. Then I will go to the station.
– Hold on, just a minute. Mr. Champak, how can the train
be on time? Right, it was delayed
by four hours. Suddenly, how can it be
on right time? Just think about the passengers. First they said, it’s late,
now they say, it’s on time. It’s not fair. Just a minute.
Everyone, listen.. There’s no need to discuss this. I have talked
to the railway enquiry. They told me that
it’s right on time. Okay? Now let me write the thought
and then leave for the station. You can continue the discussion.
– But listen.. – Listen.. Grandpa, why did he call
the railway enquiry when he agreed with you?
– Right. He had agreed. But then
one of his friends called and told him
to meet at the station. He told him,
the train is running on time. Then Bhide called
the railway enquiry for confirmation. They also told him that
the train is running on time. Oh, God! Now what?
– Right. Now we have only one option.
– What? – What? We need to stall Mr. Bhide
by engaging him in a conversation. He’s right. Let’s go.
– Come on.. Tapu, I will join you
in a while. Okay, Grandpa. Thought for the day. What happened?
Why are you all here? It’s nothing.. We thought, let’s see what Bhide is writing on the board. Watching the thought
being put into words is enlightening.
Right. Write a wonderful thought before you leave. Take all the time
you need, no issues. Absolutely.. Write a good thought.
Don’t write any usual one. Hello, Popatlaal what do you mean by usual one? I always write good thoughts. Actually, nowadays the quality
has declined. Declined?
– Yes. What quality are you
talking about? Are we talking
about clothes here? It’s a thought
we are talking about. That’s what
I am also talking about. ‘Thought for the day.’
So, it should be good. Thousands of people read this
while passing through. Correct!
– Thousands of people? Right, a lot of people
read this. But have you ever read it? Absolutely,
I read it every morning. Every day before reading the
paper, I read the thought first. When the thought
is not good enough my entire day is ruined. Do you know,
it’s a great responsibility to write
the thought for the day? Yes, I know my responsibilities,
Popatlaal. I also know
that why you come here. You read a free newspaper.
Also you read a free thought. What are you talking about? This is a board
for the entire society. One minute..
– What’s wrong in that.. Why are you fighting
so early in the morning? Control yourself, Popatlaal. Don’t worry, you always write
good thoughts. What we meant was,
today write something which will inspire children
as well as adults. Correct.. All right.
Make him understand. Mr. Mehta, why did you stop us?
It was a good fight. Popatlaal, when did fight
become a good thing? I was stalling him
so that he gets late. Late? What do you mean? Well..
Nothing, Bhide. Actually, I was asking Popatlaal to not waste your time
since you are getting late. I was just worried about you. Yes. Exactly. Yes, I’ve written it. This quotation is
not good at all. I was right about the quality. Bhide..
Yes, it could have been better. Yes.. It’s not good.. What do you mean? Why don’t
you tell me a good quote? Yes..
– Mr. Bhide. I know of a good quotation.
– Very good, Goli.. Tell me.
– ‘Do something so great..’ ‘That people come and tell you’ ‘to leave it and let them
do it instead!’ – Amazing. Amazing.. ‘Do something so great
that people come and tell you’ ‘to leave it and let them
do it instead!’ Are you calling the jokes
you read on your phone as good quotations? Popatlaal?
Since you were talking so much why don’t you tell me
a good quotation? Of course. No big deal. I know a lot of good quotations.
– Okay.. I get fresh thoughts
in my mind every morning but since I didn’t
have breakfast today it’s taking me some time
to think. But I’ll recall one. Just give me two minutes.
I’ll think of something. Mr. Mehta, why don’t you
tell me a good thought? Tell him.
– Actually.. Since I am a writer,
I know a lot of good thoughts. Every writer has their own way
of doing their work. I can’t think of anything until I drink tea
in the morning. Amazing. I haven’t had my tea yet and that’s why I am
not able to think. Just give me a few minutes.
I’ll tell you a great thought. Aiyar, what are you waiting for?
Why don’t you tell me? M-Me? Really?
– Yes. Aatmaram, let me get
the ‘Bhagavadgita’ from home. It’s filled with a lot
of good quotations. We’ll write something from it.
Okay? Yes..
– What an amazing idea! Aiyar, where are you going?
I am getting late. Mr. Bhide, I have received
a message on my phone. Why don’t you write it? Great. Tell me.
Tell me fast. Tell me fast. Everyone is busy
wasting his time. What are you doing, Gogi?
Make it fast. Actually,
I’m not able to find it. I’m just looking for it. Why is it taking so long?
Give it to me.. Your phone is switched off! The battery died exactly at the moment
you touched my phone. Oh, no! He is still there.
Listen! – Yes? Whenever you go down
to the compound you take ages to come back. No, Madhavi. I’ll be back
after writing the quotation. Check the time.
We have to reach the station. How long will it take
to write a quotation? 40 minutes.
– What are you saying? It’ll just take
two more minutes. Madhavi, I’ll be there
in two minutes. Do not worry.
We’ll reach the station on time. I just got the quotation! ‘Respect time
and the world will respect you.’ I’ll be there in two minutes. Listen..
– What’s wrong with him? Mr. Bhide! Don’t write it. Why? – Actually, this quotation
is not that good. Yes.. It’s not rocket science! Aatmaram, Abdul is right. The quotation should be
a little different and unique. Yes.. Yes, Bhide, write something exciting which
touches our hearts. What’s happening? My dear friends,
good morning! Bhide, good morning..
You still haven’t left? No, Sodhi, I am about to leave. I’m here to write a quotation
but I’m late now. Why are you worried, Bhide? I have my car after all. I’ll take you directly
to Ratnagiri in no time. Amazing.. Wait, I just need
to go to the station! Really? I’ll take you
to the station, then. Yes. Well, Sodhi, check
if your car has fuel. Otherwise, what will we do
if your car stops midway? I’ll get late. – It’s my car!
It’s always ready! Okay, fine. Sodhi, tell me
a good quotation, please. I’m not able to think
of anything. Write. Why are you all nodding
your head gesturing a ‘no’? What are you doing, Sodhi?
Bhide is getting late. Suggest him a thought.
He’s getting late. Right..
– Fine, Bhide, write down. Dad, don’t tell him a thought. What!
– That’s strange, dear. Why shouldn’t I tell him
a thought? It’s a good thing
to tell the thought, dear. It changes the lives of people. Dad, that’s what I said.
Why don’t you tell him a thought?
– Right. Oh.. So, the word ‘don’t’
got misplaced. Write it down, Bhide. Spread happiness among others
and live happily. Keep laughing
and make everyone laugh. Wow, a very nice thought, Sodhi.
– No, Mr. Bhide. It’s not that great.
– What! Right. It’s not good.
– It’s not good.. Why?
What’s wrong with this thought? No, it’s nice.
It’s very nice, buddy. You’ll surely suggest
a good thought. But it’s just that you can think
of something better. You can.
– Right.. Right..
– Is it so? Just a minute. Sodhi, you need not think
of any other. It’s a great thought.
Popatlaal, it’s a good thought. So, should I
think of any other or not? Not required.
It’s a matchless one. All right? Okay. So, I gave such a wonderful
thought, right? Dad, you ruined everything
by giving him a thought. Really?
What did I do? Mr. Sodhi, Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi are going to Ratnagiri to give
a surprise to Sonu. But Sonu is coming here
in some time. What!
– Yes. That’s why, we should do
something and stop Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi here. What’s the big deal?
Let’s tell Mr. Bhide. No.. We can’t tell him, Mr. Sodhi.
That’s the challenge. Right, Dad. Without telling them
about Sonu’s arrival we have to stop Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi here. Because Sonu wants to give them
a surprise. – Right. Oh, that’s such a problem. Spread happiness among others
and be happy. Bhide. – Yes?
– Just wipe this thought. It’s not that great.
– Right.. Hey, Sodhi,
it’s a wonderful thought. There can’t be a better thought,
buddy. Just bring your jeep.
Madhavi and I will be coming downstairs
with our luggage, all right? Hey, let go of me.
– Stop him.. – Mr. Bhide… Mr. Bhide..
– Mr. Bhide.. Dad, what did you do?
Mr. Bhide will be leaving in no time, because of you.
– Right.. I’m sorry, dear.
– If Aatmaram leaves Tapu’s gang will lose
this challenge. Right..
– Tapu, just call up Sonu and find out where she is.
– Right.. – Ask her.. If she’s close by, the matter
will be sorted anyway. Right.. Yes, Tapu, tell me.
– Sonu, where have you reached? How much more time
would you take? I’ll take at least
half an hour more. Fine.. Come soon, Sonu.
Come soon. Tapu, don’t give up. You have to bring a smile
on my mom and dad’s face. What happened?
What did Sonu say? – Yes. Sonu will take
half an hour more. Oh, no! It will be difficult
to stop Aatmaram, then. All of us have tried
to stop Aatmaram. But he won’t stop. Hello.
Yes, I’m coming.. The vendor is here
to deliver the goods. So, I have to go. Hey! Why have you all
gathered here? What happened? Gokuldham residents,
who are always happy why do you all look so sad? I think we should tell Bhide
about Sonu’s surprise. No, Mr. Mehta. Let’s not tell Mr. Bhide
about Sonu’s surprise. He’ll go to the station then.
– Right. That’s fine.
We have to take that risk. Tapu, what are you saying?
That’s not right. That’s wrong. Just for
the sake of your challenge you want to bother Bhide
and also Ms. Madhavi that they’ll go
all the way to station. We should inform him, dear.
– Mr. Mehta we’re doing this
not just to win the challenge. We’re doing this for Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi’s happiness. Just imagine the happiness
on all three of their faces when Sonu gives a surprise
to her parents. We’re doing this
for their happiness. That’s right, Dad. We have
tried almost all possible ideas but none of them
have worked for us. Please suggest us some idea. Fine, I’ll think of one.
– Come on.. Sodhi, you’re still here? Bring your jeep, buddy. Hey, Mr. Bhide!
– Yes. Easy..
– Hold on.. Now that you’re going
to Ratnagiri bring some ‘Kokum’ juice for me. Wow!
– Good. – Yes, sure. Sodhi will bring his vehicle.. Sodhi, why did you come here?
Bring your vehicle. Mr. Sodhi, please make it fast.
– Fine. – Make it fast. Meanwhile, let’s keep moving.
– Fine. Mr. Bhide, now that you
are anyway going.. Even the ‘Aam Papad’ is famous. Yes, it’s quite famous.
– Yes, it’s awesome. So, bring that as well. Mr. Hathi, text me the list
of items that you want. I’ll bring them
while coming back. All right?
– Fine. Let’s keep moving.
– Fine. – Let’s go. Mr. Bhide.
– Now what is it? Sodhi, why are you walking
so slowly? Go bring your vehicle fast.
– Fine, Bhide. Yes.. Tell me, Mr. Hathi.
I told you already that I’ll bring all the items. No.
It’s not for that. I wanted to wish you
a happy journey. Yes.
– Happy journey. Yes, happy journey.. Bhide, why are you
wishing him back? If anyone wishes you like this,
you should thank them. Yes..
Thank you.. Let’s go..
– Let’s go. Hurry up. Mr. Bhide.
– What is it now, Mr. Hathi? Shake hands once again. What’s the matter with him?
– No idea. Mr. Bhide, you
are running a fever. – What! Fever! – He’s running a fever,
Sodhi. – What? He’s running a fever.. What! No.
I am not running a fever. Not you,
Bhide is running a fever. Bhide is running a fever? Is Bhide running a fever? Oh, no!
Bhide is running a fever. Oh, my God!
He’s running a fever.. No, I am not running a fever.
– Are you the doctor or me? Of course, it’s you but.. Then I’ll be the one
telling you. You are running a fever. Look at him! I know that I’m feeling fine.
I am getting late. Whether you are late or early,
you are running a fever and that’s it. Right..
– Right.. Don’t you trust me?
Fine, here’s what we’ll do. They will take turns to check
you and tell you if you are running a fever. That’s fine, right?
Please come. Now that the doctor has
checked him, there’s no need. But let’s just check him. No..
– He has no fever, right? See!
– Right. Ms. Madhavi, he is..
He’s running a fever. What!
– What! I was telling him, ‘No..
You are running a fever’. Even your pulse rate is fast.
– That’s because you are holding my watch. Yes, but you’re running a fever. I am hundred percent sure. Hold on.
Let me check. Bhide, let me check you.
– Is he sick? Bhide, you are running a fever.. I am not running a fever.
What’s going on? – Fever. Aatmaram..
He’s running a fever! I am not running a fever.
What are you saying? Even Sodhi is here. Fine, check me. Bhide, you are running
a high fever. Come on..
– Gosh! What is this? Madhavi, just check me. No.
It’s very cold. Exactly! – Mr. Hathi, he isn’t
running a fever. – Right. Ms. Madhavi, actually, even
you could be running a fever. So, you are unable to make out
if he has a fever. But I am telling you.
Mr. Bhide is running a fever. Yes.. We’ve checked him.
– Right. Mr. Hathi, none of us
are running a fever. – Right. Bhide, can you understand
better than a doctor? It’s not like that, Popatlaal.
But I am absolutely fine. Mr. Bhide, you are
feeling well externally but you are not well internally. Well, Bhide, you are excited
about your trip. So, you are having a feeling
that everything is fine. But you are ill internally. The doctor is saying so. Right..
Dr. Hathi has checked you. Bhide, had it been a short
journey, the case would have been different. But yours is a long journey.
So, you shouldn’t take even a little risk. Dr. Hathi, check him properly.
Take all the time you need. I need to go, Mr. Hathi.
I’m getting late. Bhide, being a doctor I can’t give you
the permission to travel. I will have to check you.
Am I not right, Mr. Mehta? Absolutely.
A doctor is like God to us. You can’t refuse him. Yes.
– Not at all. Fine. Do the check-up fast.
Come. No.. How will I
be able to check here? I don’t have any equipment here. Yes, that’s needed. – We will
have to go to the clinic. Yes, it’ll only take
five minutes. Come on.
– Let’s go.. Pick him up..
– Hey! But..
– Patients don’t speak.. Come.. I don’t have fever,
try to understand! My dad thought of
a mind-blowing plan. If we can stall Mr. Bhide
until Sonu comes then we will win the challenge. Come.. Let’s go. What’s happening in Gokuldham? So many mistakes,
misconceptions, and fun. We didn’t expect this but this is happening.
What to do? We know that we have to stop
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi from leaving from the society but the situation is not
at all good, for now. It’s getting
very difficult for us. For now, Dr. Hathi saved us. He pulled a nice trick.
By using his knowledge he made an excuse
saying he has a fever. He managed to stop Bhide
for now but now the big question is for how long will we
be able to stop him? Because we all know
that Bhide doesn’t have fever and Sonu will take
half an hour to reach home. So, for how long will we
be able to stall them? In order to stall
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi Dr. Hathi came as a saviour. Now will he succeed
in doing so or will we fail? Will Tapu’s gang lose
the challenge placed by Sonu? Will we be able to stop
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi? There are a lot of questions
but don’t worry. We will keep entertaining you in order to relieve you
from your tensions. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep laughing.

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