Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2801 – Full Episode – 21st August, 2019

did you charge my phone? Yes, I have kept it inside. So make sure to remind me,
I have to take it. Yes.
– Yeah. What about water bottle? Yes, I took it.
– Okay. What did you pack to eat? ‘Poha’ with spicy ‘Usal’. Wow, great.
– Yes. Did you take the clothes which
were kept for drying outside? Yes, I took it! Okay, fine.
– Yeah. Now, Madhur will
meet me at the station and I just have to take
the parcel from him. Yeah.
– Correct. Good morning,
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi. Good morning.
– Good morning. Come.. Abdul, come inside.. Sit..
– Hello, sir. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi are you both going somewhere? What are you saying, Popatlaal? Don’t you know,
we are going to Ratnagiri? So why are you
getting ready now? Popatlaal, we have to go now so we will obviously
get ready by now! Your train is in the morning? Yeah, Popatlaal. Have you forgotten? We met at the soda shop Jethalaal gave me the ticket. We guys had a word
about the same. Is it? Yes.. No..
– What? I don’t remember. I also thought
that the train is at night. Yeah, same here. If your train is in the morning then it would be a problem.
– Yes. You won’t be able
to go to Ratnagiri. What?
– What? What are you saying, Popatlaal? Today, municipality officers
from different department are going to come
in our society. – Why? In order to take a survey
from the whole society that whether,
water connection is fine or not fire safety is there or not whether we maintain
a clean society or not. If all this is okay,
then it’s fine. If not, then the society
will have to pay one lakh. Really? Popatlaal,
if the officers will come and if the secretary
won’t be there then it will be
a matter of concern. Absolutely..
Big problem. Bhide, you can’t go. Popatlaal,
you aren’t joking, right? What do you mean? You think, ‘International Toofan
Express Newspaper’ journalist will mess around with you? I don’t know about that. I’m not going to wait. We are going to get Sonu. I can understand your feelings but your presence is important when the officers will be here. Mr. Popatlaal, if the secretary
will not be there then will the society’s
name degrade? Yes, absolutely.. Popatlaal. Today is a holiday. Which officer
comes on a holiday? They have to take surveys
of so many societies so they are working
even on holidays. No, still I won’t stay. Bhide, you are saying this? You! Gokuldham society’s secretary Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide
is saying this? Bhide, do you realise that we are so proud of you? You respect society’s work
and responsibilities. You consider our society
as a temple. You haven’t let anything
happen to our society and today, you will leave
our society like this? No, you are right, Popatlaal. I should stay. I will stay. Wow. Let the municipality
officers come. I will show them
that ours is an ideal society everything is up to the mark. Popatlaal. What? What are you saying? I know that duty comes first but don’t forget
that you are a dad as well. Don’t forget that! We have planned
to go to Ratnagiri. We have to surprise Sonu. She will be so happy. Think about it. This is a rare moment
to make her happy. We got the ticket also
after so much trouble. What society? In the future, if we have to go
due to an emergency then we won’t go or what? I don’t know. What do you mean? We can’t go
to pick our daughter? What kind of work is this? If that’s the case then resign from
the post of secretary. What are you saying, Madhavi?
– I’m right. How can the municipality members
come all of a sudden? They should notify us
with a letter first. Mr. Popatlaal, am I right? Yes, they should notify
us with a letter. They must have
but you wouldn’t have read it. No, Popatlaal.
There was no such letter received in
Gokuldham society. – There was! There was? There must have been.
You must know better. How would I know? You just said
that a letter was received. Maybe there was.
– If a letter was received then where is it?
I’ve told you numerous times if any letter comes here,
it should be first given to me. If I’m not here then it should
be given to Mr. Aiyar. Yes, exactly.
It’s with Mr. Aiyar. Call and ask him. I’ll do it right away.
– Yes. My phone is charging. Popatlaal, give me
your phone. – A-Actually.. There must be no balance, right? Oh, my! What have you done, Abdul?
– What? D-Do you want water?
Ask her, she won’t refuse. Ms. Madhavi, two glasses
of water please. Yes..
– Sorry, I almost forgot. I’ll bring it right away.
– It’s fine.. Why did you call out Mr. Aiyar’s
name? We’ll get caught. It just happened in
the heat of the moment. Just happened?
What should I do.. I’ll call Mr. Aiyar and tell him
everything. – Yes. Good morning, Popatlaal. I have something very important
to tell you. What happened?
– When Bhide calls you asking about some letter,
just keep saying yes. What do you mean?
– I mean.. T-There’s some network problem. Am I audible?
– Yes. Am I audible?
– Yes. Hello.. Am I audible? I can’t talk anymore.
Just remember what I told you! Yes.. Just remember it. Yes..
– Yes.. I’m not able to call Mr. Aiyar.
I’ve been trying from so long. I’ve called Mr. Aiyar.
– You called him? You told me that there’s no
balance in your phone. When did I say that?
You were the one who did. Before I could speak,
you went inside. Why don’t you ask Mr. Aiyar
about the letter? Mr. Aiyar, I’ll put the phone
on speaker and I’ll give
the phone to Bhide. Okay.
– Very good. Aiyar?
– Yes.. Did Abdul give
the letter to you? – Yes.. Aiyar, you know that
I’m leaving for Ratnagiri. I didn’t know anything about
the letter at all. Yes.. Do I need to stay back?
– Yes.. “Oh, my God” Listen, Aiyar.. You know that I’m going
to Ratnagiri to bring Sonu. I know that I’m the secretary
of this society and I need to be here. But my daughter comes first! I can’t stay back.
– Yes.. Can you and Popatlaal handle
the situation here? Yes.. Can I leave for Ratnagiri
without any tension? Yes.. Thank you, Aiyar. Thank you, Mr. Aiyar.
Thank you so much. Yes.. We can finally leave
for Ratnagiri now! – Yes.. ‘How can I stop him now?’ Bhide?
– Yes? Won’t you write the thought
of the day? I don’t have time, Popatlaal.
I’m in a hurry. Fine. If up to you to take care of your responsibilities. You are the one who
keeps on saying that you’ll write
the thought of the day so I just reminded you of it. What can I do if you
don’t want to write it? Mr. Popatlaal, won’t the notice
board look empty without a good thought
written on it? Yes.. I heard it, Abdul.
I heard it. I’ll write it. Is there anything else? Water..
– Oh, I forgot to.. You should always be seated
while drinking water. Yes, exactly. Is there anything else,
Popatlaal? Nothing.
– Okay. I’ll write the thought and meet you downstairs.
– Yes. Come, Mr. Popatlaal. Come.. Okay, Ms. Madhavi.
– Yes, okay.. Come..
– We’ll meet. Let’s go. Mr. Popatlaal,
your idea flopped. What do you mean it flopped?
It was a wonderful idea. Mr. Aiyar ruined
it by saying yes. But it was you who
asked him to do so. But he should’ve known
when to say yes and no. Poor Tapu and his friends. They will lose Sonu’s
challenge. Kids, don’t worry, Mr. Popatlaal
will do something about it. Mr. Popatlaal! Mr. Popatlaal.. Is Mr. Bhide staying?
Did you convince him? Tell us what happened? He is coming here to write
the thought for the day. Yes!
– Oh yes! And then he will leave
for Ratnagiri. Yes. It means that the plan flopped? Absolutely. Come on, Popatlaal,
you bragged so much before you went to Bhide’s house
about how you would stop him. And look what you have done. It’s all Mr. Aiyar’s fault. Aiyar? How is he
involved in this? Was he at Bhide’s house? I will explain..
– Mr. Popatlaal! Popatlaal, are you happy? I said yes to everything
Aatmaram said. Didn’t I solve your problem? Aiyar.. You didn’t solve the problem.
It’s still there. What do you mean? Mr. Popatlaal, you can
explain it to him later. First of all, explain it to me
and everyone else how Aiyar got involved in this? What did he say yes to?
What did he solve? Let me explain.. Go ahead..
– What happened was that.. Oh. – And the entire plan
flopped because of it. Sorry.. Actually, I didn’t know
that Sonu was coming. But, Popatlaal, didn’t you.. Didn’t you tell me to say
yes to everything he says. So I did that. But if I
knew that Sonu is coming I would have played along well. There is no use in regretting
what has been done. What? It’s is just a saying,
Mr. Aiyar. Oh.. Hey, kids, what will you do now? Kids, what happened?
Did you stop Mr. Bhide? No, Grandfather. We are going to lose
against Sonu. Yes..
– Yes. We have stopped him
for the time being using the thought for the day
as an excuse. But after that he will
leave for Ratnagiri. He is coming downstairs to write
the thought for the day. Why are you talking about the thought for the day
over and over? I’m just saying
that he will leave once he writes
the thought for the day. Then why can’t you come
to the point already that he is going.
– I was getting there. The same thing happened
back there, that’s why. Mr. Champaklaal, it means
that he is leaving. Oh, so your ideas
didn’t work, did they? Yes, Mr. Champaklaal,
we are facing bad luck today. Yes..
– Yes. Not only our ideas
but Mr. Mehta’s and Mr. Popatlaal’s ideas
also didn’t work. Now what? Just phone Sonu and ask
where has she reached yet? So that we will get an idea
about how much time we have to stop Aatmaram. Yes..
– Yes. Tapu, phone her.
– Yes. And put the call on speaker.
– Yes. Hi, Tapu.
– Hi, Sonu. When will you be arriving here? The bus has a flat tyre.
It will take 40 more minutes. Forty minutes more? This is not fair.
You told us earlier that it will take 30 minutes.
Now you are telling that it will take 40 minutes. How is it my fault?
It’s a flat tyre. What happened? Are you afraid that you might
lose the challenge? No.. That’s not the case.
– Okay. Then wait there and don’t
let my parents leave. If they leave then don’t
call yourself the champion. Sonu.. Tapu was a champion.. He is still a champion
and he will stay a champion. Yes, let’s see. Yes, you will see.
– Yes. We were already so tensed
and now she has added to it. Yes. It’s fun to win a challenge
only when there is tension. You are right, Grandfather. But I don’t know why all
the ideas aren’t working. I was imaging for a while about when Sonu comes
here all a sudden in front of Madhavi and Bhide how ecstatic would
they look. But I don’t think
it will happen now. Looks like I am going to be
embarrassed in front of Sonu. You won’t be, Tapu. Is that true?
What will you do, Grandfather? Yes..
– Yes. I am your dad’s father. Just see what I am going to do. Before Sonu comes, Bhide will
not step outside his house let alone Gokuldham.
Watch me. Great! We are coming with you.
– Yes, let’s go.. – No.. He will become suspicious
if we all go together. You guys stay here
and I will go. Okay, all the best. ‘Mr. Bhide, now be ready to
stop.’ Don’t zip up the bag,
you forgot the shaving kit. Yes! Thank you, Madhavi. Madhavi, check all the taps
in the house and shut them. And I will go and write
thought for the day. Come back soon.
– Yes, I’ll be back in a jiffy. Mr. Champak, sorry!
– No, problem. But where are you going
in such a haste? I was going to write the thought
for the day, then we have to leave for Ratnagiri. Mr. Bhide, you keep running
around all day. Relax for a few minutes. Madhavi, please make some
hot ginger tea. Sorry, but if I make tea now we will miss our train. You won’t miss it. You don’t know about it? Your train is delayed
by four hours. Oh, God! – Is it?
– Yes! Jetha has booked your ticket,
isn’t it? – Yes. We are able to go, because
Mr. Jetha helped us. The person who booked
the ticket for Jetha he had called. He told us that the train is
delayed by four hours. Oh! – Hence, Bhide, you relax.
Sit calmly. Four hours means, we have
lots of time. Not only tea, you can have
lunch too. Do one thing, Madhavi,
make ginger tea for Mr. Champak. Yes, right away.
– Yes. I fooled them nicely.
– What? Dear, make the tea nicely.
– Yes, she makes it well. It’s good that you told us otherwise we would
go to the station. I will call Popatlaal
and inform him. The municipality officers
are going to come. Now I can meet them.
– Yes. Hey, it’s Bhide’s call.
– Bhide? Put it on speaker.
– Yes, Bhide. Popatlaal, when are the
municipality officers coming? Why? – I am thinking,
I’ll meet them. The thing is, Mr. Champak
just told me that our train is delayed
by four hours. Yes.. What is that noise? No.. It’s nothing. Tapu and his gang are
playing in the compound so they are making noise.
What were you saying? I was saying, our train
is delayed by four hours. That’s good.
– What? I mean to say..
It’s good that you will be able to meet those officials.
– Okay no problem. Yes. – Okay, thank you. You would have
ruined everything. He will hear everything.
– What are you guys doing? Amazing, friends!
Mr. Champak stopped Mr. Bhide. Yes!
– He gave a good shot! After all whose grandpa is he?
– Whose? It’s good that you told us,
otherwise what would we do at the station for four hours?
– Seriously! Thank you. ‘Now Tapu and his gang will
win this challenge.’ Hello, Manohar. It’s good
that you called. I was just going to call you. I hope you have not yet
reached the station. I have reached the station. Oh, gosh! Sorry, I should
have called earlier. The thing is our train
is delayed for four hours. So you will have to go
back home now. Mr. Aatmaram, what are you
saying? The train is absolutely
on schedule. I just enquired. Train will arrive at
its scheduled time at platform number six. Are you sure about that? Why don’t you call at
railway enquiry and confirm it. Y-Yes, I’ll have to do that.
I’ll do it. What is it? The train is not
running late. It’s on time. What! I just spoke to Manohar.
He is at the station. He told me. Oh, God! Let me call the
railway enquiry. Hello.
Welcome to railway enquiry. How can I help you? Ma’am, I need some information about Ratnagiri superfast
express. It is running late by
four hours today. Isn’t it? Please wait, sir.
Let me check. Sir, the train to
Ratnagiri is going to depart at its scheduled time. Thank you for calling
railway enquiry. We wish you a happy journey. Thank you, ma’am.
Thank you.. Madhavi, train is on time.
– Oh, no! Now you lock the house and I’ll go and write
thought for the day. Oh, God! Tapu gang might lose
the challenge. The atmosphere is tense
in Gokuldham. Everyone had their hopes
on Tapu. They expected him to do
something great and stop Bhide. Now that Bhide is ready to go,
even Mr. Champaklaal couldn’t stop him.
What will happen now? Will Tapu gang lose the
challenge given by Sonu? Will something
unprecedented happen? Tapu is not one of those
who accepts defeat so easily. What will he do? Even if we forget about
the challenge. What will happen if
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi leave from here
to surprise Sonu before she could reach here
to surprise them? It’s a catch-22 situation. But this had to happen. It’s normal for something like
this to happen when the relationships are bonded
by love and emotions. It’ll be interesting to see if
Sonu’s love for her parents win. Will Tapu be successful
in the test of his friendship? Or something
unprecedented will happen. It’ll be quite interesting
to see that. Keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep laughing.

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