Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2800 – Full Episode – 20th August, 2019

‘We will stop them from going.’ We have to stop
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi.. We have to win
this challenge anyhow. Buddies,
I had a pleasant morning just by hearing
that Sonu is coming back. Ours as well.
– Yes. Friends, morning will be good
when we will be able to stop Sonu’s parents
from going to Ratnagiri. Tapu, won’t they doubt if we stand outside their house
and stop them from going? Gogi, why are you taking
out the exact meaning? We don’t have to literally
stand outside their house and stop them from going.
– Then? Gogi, we have
to stop them smartly. Yes.
– How will this happen? Leave that to me. Listen.. Understood? Wow, Tapu. You are great. Wow. Let’s go..
– Yes, let’s go.. Here it is.. Madhavi,
are you making tea or not? Yeah.. Madhavi, I can’t wait to board
the train, reach Ratnagiri and see Sonu. The weather would be
great in Ratnagiri. Oh yes! It will be
greenery everywhere adding to that, cold breeze and along with all that, Sonu. Yes. Her face will be worth
seeing when she sees us. She will be surprised. I swear,
she will be the happiest. Okay, listen. There’s a friend of mine,
Manohar. He’s going to meet me
in the station. He wants to send
a parcel to Ratnagiri. Remind me of the same,
I have to collect it. Yes..
– Okay. Good morning, Mr. Bhide. Good morning, Ms. Madhavi. Good morning..
– Good morning, Tapu gang.. We are going to leave
for Ratnagiri in sometime. Our train is scheduled
in sometime. So no messing around for now. No, Mr. Bhide. We didn’t come here
to mess around. Since you are going to meet Sonu so we came to meet you. Yes. They just came to meet. Oh, I see. You all came to meet?
Okay.. Thank you.. Thank you.. Done. I met everyone.
Fine, bye. Mr. Bhide, we came here to talk
about something important. Yes. Oh my! What happened? Don’t ask, Ms. Madhavi. Yes.
– Fine, we won’t ask. Bye.. What are you saying?
If we don’t ask them, then how
will we know what happened? Calm down.
What happened? Ms. Madhavi,
it’s a serious topic. No, I won’t be able to tell.. What?
– Why? Tapu, you thought of it
so you will explain it, right? Tapu, what did you decide? I-I mean, we had decided that we
will tell you the same together. Yes..
– That’s what we had decided. What is it?
– Tell us, what’s wrong? Mr. Bhide, sit. Please, sit.. Ms. Madhavi, you also sit. No, first tell me.
– Sit! Ms. Madhavi
– Yes. and Mr. Bhide.. Tell something. Will you? Don’t go to Ratnagiri. Why?
Get up.. What are you saying, Tapu? Mr. Bhide, if you
both go to Ratnagiri then there will be trouble.
– Yes.. What will happen? Ms. Madhavi, there’s heavy
rainfall in Ratnagiri and its neighbouring places. The clouds are thundering
and there’s lightning! The situation isn’t good at all. Hey..
– The wind is blowing. The railway tracks
are getting uprooted. There are landslides. This is the condition
of that place. – Yes.. Listen, if this is the condition
of that place let us cancel our trip. Yes.. Cancel it.. Just a minute.
What are you saying? I saw the news today morning.
There is rainfall in Ratnagiri but it is not that heavy
that we can’t travel. Is it so? – Yes!
– Hey.. You tell me one thing. In which place did you see
such condition? I saw it in my dream. In your dream.
– Yes, sir! We decided not to tell you but I saw it in my dream. Did you hear that, Madhavi? Did you see that?
I already told you not to joke about all this. Sir, I am not joking. I dreamt of it this morning.
I just saw it. Yes.. Listen, he dreamt of it
in the morning. The morning dreams
always come true. Yes.. I think our job is done.
– Yes! What are you saying?
Madhavi, I didn’t dream of it. They dreamt of it. If I would dream of it,
I would believe it. Why should I believe the dream
which he has seen? Also these days I have been
dreaming that these people have changed. They don’t
trouble anybody anymore. But has my dream come true?
No, right? Oh, God!
– Sir! Nothing is wrong.
Everything is fine. There’s no need to worry. Listen to us..
– Nothing will happen.. You listen to me.
– There’s no need.. Sir, we are worried about you.
You please don’t go to Ratnagiri. I need to pickup Sonu.
– But Sonu will be coming today. What do you mean? I didn’t mean to say
Sonu will be coming today. I meant Sonu will be coming.
– Yes.. She will be coming.. She won’t stay there
all her life. – Yes.. Yes..
– What are they saying? He means to say, why should you
take so much risk to go and bring Sonu.
Am I right? Yes.. Sonu will be coming.
– Yes, Sir. Either you will go and bring her
or she’ll come by herself. Am I right?
– Yes! Once things get better,
you can go. Yes.. Wait for few days.
You can go after few days. Yes.. – How does it matter? These children..
They’re so worried about us. Yes, thank you for worrying
about us. I understand your emotions. But you don’t worry. The rain will do it’s job.
We will do our job. We will go to Ratnagiri. Sir.. – Hey,
there’s no need for you to sit. Stand there and talk.
– Sir, you aren’t understanding. Now there’s nothing to worry
and the rainfall isn’t heavy. But you think of it. If you have reached half the way
and it starts raining. Yes.. Yes, the rain doesn’t inform you
in advance that it’s coming. It can happen anytime.
– Yes! What if it starts raining
and you get stuck? Yes, if a few hours journey
turns out to be a journey of four to five days.. What are you saying? Sometimes the flood
could take fifteen days. What if something like this
happens to you? Sir, what if something happens
to you? What will happen to our society? What will happen
to your children? I mean, the children who come to you
for tuition are young children. We are worried about you
that’s why we’re telling you, sir. The weather forecast of the area
surrounding Ratnagiri is not safe, that’s why we are
stopping you, sir. Yes.. Listen, I think they are right. Just a minute.. You are worried about
the weather of Ratnagiri. Yes..
– Okay, so I’ll do one thing. There’s a friend of mine who is working in the
weather forecast department. His name is Prasad.
I’ll call him and find out. This is right. Sir! How can you call the Mumbai’s
weather forecast department and find out about the weather
of Ratnagiri? Hey, I am your teacher. My friend works in
the weather forecast department of Ratnagiri. I’m calling him.
Is that okay? Yes! ‘Ratnagiri.’ Aatmaram,
how come did you remember an old friend today?
How are you? Prasad, I’m absolutely fine.
How are you? I’m totally exuberant just like
Ratnagiri’s atmosphere is! Really? Is Ratnagiri’s
atmosphere that exuberant? Actually.. This is exactly what
I wanted to know. Someone told me that
the situation there is grave with a lot of rains,
lightning and turbulence! Which idiot told you that? J-Just a minute, Prasad. Repeat what you just said. I just asked you that which
idiot told you that Ratnagiri’s atmosphere
is turbulent? Actually..
I just heard it from somewhere and I wanted to know the truth.
Is everything else alright? There’s a little drizzling but
the atmosphere is very pleasant. There’s no tension at all.
– Okay, bye.. Did you listen? Ratnagiri’s atmosphere
is totally pleasant. Kids.. We’ll travel safely to Ratnagiri and bring back Sonu. Now that you know everything
is fine, leave.. There’s some packing to do..
– Mr. Bhide.. Thank you for the concern.
Okay.. They almost scared me. Do not worry. They keep
on putting up a drama.. Ms. Madhavi, we are very hungry.
– Exactly.. We want ‘Poha’, ‘Kothimbir Vadi’
or ‘Vada’. Can you cook something?
We are very hungry. Actually.. Don’t you want ‘Sheera’, ‘Upma’
or ‘Sabudana Khichdi’ along? Yes.. Let’s sit.. Don’t sit. – What happened?
– Just a minute.. Take these 50 rupees
and have your fill of these snacks at the shop
near the police barricades. Eat together and return
me the change. We are hungry.. Bye.. Go away. Tapu,
Mr. Bhide got the better of us! Exactly. None of our ideas
worked out. Mr. Bhide is not ready
to comply at all. How will he not?
We should try again. Tapu, how will we? We will do something.
– Tapu, what will we? Gogi,
Sonu has challenged all of us. I don’t like to lose challenges! We will sort something out.
– Yes.. Just a minute. It’s Sonu’s call. Put on the speaker.
– Yes.. Yes, Sonu? What’s up,
Gokuldham’s Ranbir Kapoor? You have kept my parents at bay,
right? Yes, Sonu.
I will win this challenge. Let’s see.
I will reach in half an hour. You’ll win the challenge if you
keep them at bay till then. Sonu, consider that we
have already won it. We are champions. Fine. I’ll decide that after
reaching Gokuldham. Just don’t let them leave
for half an hour. I’ll see you, bye. Oh, no, Tapu! Sonu is still half an hour away. Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
are about to leave. Tapu, what should we do?
It’s just about half an hour. Friends, don’t be tense.
Let’s think of something. We’ll do something. Let’s go.. What will we do? Oh, no.. Tapu gang?
Good morning, Tapu gang. Good morning! Good morning.. Why is a gang which is
always so cheerful so upset today? What happened? Mr. Taarak, what should we say.
We are very tense. What happened? Good morning, Mr. Mehta. Good morning, Tapu gang. Gokuldham’s mornings
are more vibrant on holidays. That’s very true, Popatlaal. But Tapu gang’s morning is quite
different. They are very tense. What happened?
– That’s what I was asking before you joined us.
– Tell us.. We can be of help. We need help but we don’t
know how to do this. Yes.. What happened? Actually, Mr. Mehta Sonu is coming back to
Gokuldham society. Really? – Did Mr. Aatmaram
and Ms. Madhavi cancel their trip to Ratnagiri? No, that’s what the problem is. I didn’t get it. Let me explain, Mr. Popatlaal. Actually,
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi are going to Ratnagiri
to surprise Sonu. Okay. – Meanwhile,
Sonu is coming here. That’s why we need to stop
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi at all costs. – Yes. What’s the problem?
Tell them the truth. Mr. Popatlaal, we can’t.
That’s the problem. Sonu is coming here
to give them a surprise. So we need to stop Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi here without telling them anything.
– Yes.. We talked to Sonu last night
and she told us.. ‘Goli, I’m coming to Gokuldham
tomorrow morning.’ ‘What!’ ‘Hello, Goli. I am coming to
give a surprise to my parents.’ ‘Specially to Tapu
and his gang.’ I am challenging Tapu. No matter what,
you guys should not let my parents
leave Gokuldham Society. See you tomorrow.
Bye. Oh, is it? Your loyalty towards your
friend is being put to test. Your friendship
is at stake. Mr. Mehta, you tell us.
What should we do? Yes, Mr. Mehta, you are
an expert is giving ideas. Give us some idea.
Please! That’s all fine. I can’t give you any idea
in this matter, boys. Mr. Mehta, you always
rush to my dad’s rescue when he is trouble. Please, help us out as well.
Give us some idea. Yes,
please give us some idea. Some idea. Please! Please give us an idea by which we can make
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi cancel their trip to Ratnagiri. Yes. See, Popatlaal, you use the word
‘cancel’ so often that even these boys have
picked up that habit from you. Forget about me. We’ve to think
of a way to make Bhide and Ms. Madhavi to cancel their
trip to Ratnagiri. – Right. Please! Hold on. Why should we make
them cancel their trip? What do you mean? I mean,
think about this entire matter from a different
perspective. See it from my view point. You guys can’t convince
Bhide and Ms. Madhavi cancel their trip
to Ratnagiri. But you can stop them from
going to Ratnagiri, right? Just imagine.
Think about this. Bhide will be going to
the station from here to catch the train.
That’s for sure. Something should happen
by which Bhide gets late. If he gets late here,
he will reach the station late. If he reaches the station late,
he will miss the train. If he misses the train.. …Mr. Bhide automatically will
cancel his trip to Ratnagiri. Correct.
– That’s my point. Now, you understand my point. Wow, Mr. Taarak! You are a mobile
idea giving machine! Wonderful, Mr. Mehta. That’s a brilliant idea. I admit, you are really great! Thank you. But, guys, why didn’t
this idea flash to us? Gogi, that’s because
we were stressed. My grandpa always says
that we should always remain calm and cool during
a stressful situation. By that we can find
solutions very easily. I agree. But, Mr. Mehta,
what such thing should we do by which Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi are late to the station. It is quite simple. We will lock Mr. Bhide’s
main door from outside. No, no, Gogi. Mr. Bhide will get doubtful. Right. That won’t work. We will have to do
something by which Bhide gets late and also
doesn’t get any doubt. Come on, think.
Think of an idea. Mr. Popat, you are a very
brave and powerful reporter. You definitely might
be having some ideas. Right. Yes, I have a lot of ideas. I am wondering which
one would be perfect in this situation. We don’t plenty,
just one is enough. I have given a basic plan. Think needs to be done next. Let me think. An idea flashed to me!
– What is it? What is it? I am not going to explain instead I will do it
practically and show. Abdul.
– Yes, Mr. Popat. Come here please.
– Sure, coming. Yes, Mr. Popat, tell me. How may I assist you? Mr. Mehta,
and all you boys watch my magic now. Come with me. Where to?
– Come to Bhide’s house. I’ll explain everything
to you on the way. Boys, I will be back
soon with the good news. Okay.
– Come, let’s go. All the best. All the best! All the best! ‘I hope that Mr. Popat’s
idea works.’ ‘And Bhide cancels his trip.’ Come.. Hey, Mr. Popatlaal..
– Yes. Why are you going upstairs?
Mr. Bhide will be coming down to leave for Ratnagiri.
You can talk to him then. He must be busy with the packing
now. Why disturb him? Come on! I am trying to stop
him from going to Ratnagiri. Do you understand?
– Yes. Come..
– I understand. Hey..
– He will yell at us if anything goes wrong. Don’t worry, I am here. Just agree with
everything I say. I will handle the rest. Come.. – Yes.
– We don’t have much time. It’s time for happiness,
laughter, and congratulation. It’s time for singing
and dancing. Because your favourite show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’ which started in July
18, 2008 has reached its 2800th episode today. You heard it right. The 2800th episode! Two thousand and eight hundred
episodes of happiness.. Two thousand and eight
hundred episodes of laughter and entertainment.
2800 episodes of love. The crown of success
that is adorned with the fame and pride
in the form of 2800th episode is only possible due to your
love and God’s blessings. I pray to God that you
keep loving the show just like now so that we can climb the stairs
of joy together. And right now,
in Gokuldham society Tapu and his friends
have not been able to stop Bhide and Madhavi. So we must wait and see
who takes up the challenge. But two people have
decided to do it. Popatlaal and Abdul. Now the question is how will they stop Bhide and Madhavi and if not, what will happen?
What do you think will happen? It’s a difficult challenge. Sonu has challenged
Tapu and his friends. Tapu and his friends want
Bhide and Madhavi to stay. But you will only find
out who wins if you watch ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah.’ Keep watching and keep laughing.

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