Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2799 – Full Episode – 19th August, 2019

Madhavi! Madhavi..
Madhavi! – Hey.. Oh, my.. – Hey.. Dear..
– Yes.. Yes! What happened?
– I’m ecstatic. Today was a great day!
– Yes, that’s true! Independence Day
and Raksha Bandhan.. We celebrated them
in a grand manner, right? Yes..
And the best part is that tomorrow,
we’ll be with our Sonu! Yes, that’s true!
Oh, my Lord! We’ll go to Ratnagiri
and bring Sonu back! Yes! – Yes..
Come on, let’s get some sleep. Hey..
What’s this? Why have you scattered
all these saris on the bed? Scattered them? I’m selecting
which ones to take with me. I need to pack. Also,
there’s so much to be done.. What!
What do you mean? Madhavi, we’re going there
only for a few days. Just take a few clothes.
Then we’ll be on our way. Wives are so weird..
If we’re meant to go on a trip you ladies get worked up when
it comes to packing the bags. Oh, my God! Hey.. Turn your face..
Look at me.. – What! You’re talking about
not getting worked up! Wow! Why get worked up when
it comes to packing the bags? You husbands think that it’s an easy job
but it’s not. We have to pack
a ton of things.. Brush, toothpaste,
towel, napkins charger, medicines, water bottle snacks, eatables.. We need to think twice
lest we forget something. And we also take something
for the people at whose place we’ll be staying. We also need to keep that
in mind. There are vegetables
and dairy products at home. Do you want to pack them too?
– No! Why would I do that? We need to think
of what to do with them. Okay, My Lady.
I got it. Wives end up getting
more worked up than husbands. Go ahead, do what you want to.
Go ahead. What do you mean?
Even you need to help me pack. What! Now?
– Yes! Now! We’ll leave in the morning.
So, we need to pack now. We’ll do it in the morning. We wake up early in the morning.
So, we’ll pack in the morning! It’s just one bag.
– What! One? No! Three bags! Three!
We’re coming back, right? What!
Stop joking! Your bag, my bag.. The third bag
is for the eatables. Namely, Halwa, ‘Chiwda’,
‘Bhakharwadi’.. And Nitin likes the pickles
and poppadoms that I make. So, that as well.
It will be for the eatables. Fine..
Go ahead, do it.. We need to take three bags,
right? That’s okay. So, here’s what we’ll do. I’ll keep these saris
over there. Dear.. – We’ll pack our bags
tomorrow morning. Okay? We’ll pack in the morning.
I’m there.. – Dear.. I’ll help. Right now,
Madhavi, you need to think how happy Sonu will be
to see us tomorrow! – Yes! And once she’s back Tapu’s Gang
is going to have a blast! How did Tapu’s Gang
come into the picture? Tapu’s Gang
is incomplete without Sonu. What happened?
What’s going on in your mind? Tapu and Sonu are good friends. No, t-that’s okay..
But Tapu’s Gang.. Why is it Tapu’s Gang? Why not
Goli’s Gang or Gogi’s Gang? Because Tapu is smart
and intelligent. He possesses the quality
of leadership. Hence, he’s the leader
of the group. What! Dear? He’s what?
– A leader. What did you hear? Well?
– No, it’s nothing. But, Madhavi..
– You always say that you’re the one and only
secretary of the society. You see, even you possess
the quality of leadership. So, you’re like the leader
of Gokuldham Society. Yes..
But, Madhavi, despite that we need to be vigilant
after Sonu comes back. Okay? After she comes back, right? And when will she come back?
When we go fetch her. And when will we go fetch her? When we go to bed early,
wake up early and..
– Fine.. Do that.. In short, we need to get
some sleep now. Right? – Yes. Okay, fine..
Sonu.. Be ready for your surprise.
We’re coming to Ratnagiri. Tapu, please answer the phone! Tapu, please answer the phone. Sonu’s calling me? Hello.
– Hello, Goli. – Yes.. Tapu isn’t answering the phone. Yes..
He must be sleeping. What happened?
– Goli.. I’ll reach Gokuldham
tomorrow morning. – What! Hello?
Goli? Hello..
– Yes, I am listening. Sonu,
please don’t joke at midnight about coming to
Gokuldham society. Goli, I am really coming to
Gokuldham tomorrow. Sonu, Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
were about to leave for Ratnagiri
to bring you back. You don’t come. I am on the way.
I can’t go back. Sonu, didn’t you hear me? Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
are about to leave for Ratnagiri
to bring you back. They want to surprise you. I don’t know about all that. I am coming to surprise
mom and dad. I want to specially
surprise Tapu. I am challenging Tapu
to not let my mom and dad leave Gokuldham. Okay, Sonu.
I’ll go and tell Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
that you are coming. Don’t do that. You have to
stop them without telling them that I am coming there. That’s the challenge. I’ll accept that you are
my best friend if you are able to do that. Sonu, you know that Tapu
is a champion. Think about it again.
You’ll lose. We’ll see about that. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Bye. Oh, no!
If we need to win the challenge we need to wake
up Tapu right now. I need to wake up! Get up, Tapu.
Open the door fast. It’s an emergency. Who could it be so late
in the night? Tapu. Tapu.. The father and son, both
are heavy sleepers. I am coming.. Who is it? Sir, it’s me. Goli. Hey! Goli, it’s you.
So late in the night.. What happened?
– Sir, there is a problem. I need to wake up Tapu. B-But what happened.. Tapu.. What happened, Goli? Sir, let Tapu wake up.
I’ll tell you then. Tapu, wake up. Tapu. Tapu.. Tell me, what is it? Sir, on moment. Tapu, wake up.. What are you doing? Wake up, pal.. Please. What happened, Goli?
What are you doing here so late in the night?
– Yes.. There is problem, Tapu. The respect of our
gang is in trouble. What?
What are you saying, dear? What is it? I got a call from Sonu. She is coming back to Gokuldham
society tomorrow morning. What! – Yes. What are you saying, Goli? Sonu is coming back tomorrow. Yes. Goli, you’ve come here at
this hour to tell us about her? Yes. – Yes. What do you mean? Sir, you didn’t understand. Sonu is coming back
to Gokuldham society tomorrow. Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi will
leave for Ratnagiri in the morning
to bring her back. Why have you come
here for that? Go to Mr. Bhide’s house. Go and tell him that Sonu
will come here in the morning. He won’t leave
for Ratnagiri then. Yes.. What are you saying? We
can’t this to Mr. Bhide, Tapu. Why can’t we do that? Because Sonu has
challenged all of us. Challenge? Yes. Oh, so that’s the case.
– Yes. Now that Sonu has challenged
her, we can’t back out. But why didn’t Sonu call me? No, Tapu.
She did call you. You didn’t answer your phone.
Check your phone. Really? – Yes. Yes, she did call me. Goli, this challenge would
be fun. What will be the fun? How will we stop Mr. Bhide from
leaving without telling him? Goli, come let’s wake up dad. Come.. – Hey.. Why do you want to do that? Tapu.. Goli.. One moment.. Kids! Tell me, why do you want
to wake up Jetha? Grandpa, dad booked the tickets
for Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi to go Ratnagiri. How will they go if dad
cancels their tickets? Tapu is right.
Sir, you are with us. Right? Mr. Jetha will scold us
if we wake him up at this hour. But if you are with us,
he won’t scold us. But, dear, why do you want
to wake up Jetha so late in the night. Do it tomorrow in the morning. Grandpa, please don’t stop us.
It will too late by morning. Right. This is the matter
of our group’s respect. We can’t be stepping back. We have to wake up dad
right away. Please, Grandpa.
– Yes, sir, please.. Please, Grandpa.
– Yes, sir, please.. Fine. Let’s go.
– Yes, let’s go. Dad. Dad.
– Jetha. Dad!
– Hold on, sir. Tapu, I have a trick. Tapu, come this way. Buddy, that’s strange.
Mr. Jetha is laughing but he’s not waking up. Goli, do you have
any other trick? Yes, I do have. – Okay.
– I can try. What is he doing? Yes!
– He woke up. Hey! – Hey! That’s strange, Tapu.
Mr. Jetha is in such deep sleep. He won’t wake up so easily.
Move. You guys, move. Jetha.
Jetha, get up. Dad. – Sir..
– Jetha. Hey, Jetha! Dad. – Sir..
– Hey! Jetha, get up! – Ah! Dad, what happened?
– Tickets has to be cancelled. Right. – Yes.
– ‘That’s such a weird dream.’ ‘It’s so boring.’ Hey.. Jetha!
– Dad! – Sir! Hey, Jetha, wake up!
– Hey! ‘So, it’s not a dream?’ Dad, I woke up.. My back is hurting.
Dad, my back.. Yes, I woke up.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry I took long
to wake up. I’ll quickly bathe
and leave to shop. Hey, it’s not morning yet.
It’s still night. Then, why did you wake me up?
– Mr. Jetha we want to get the tickets
cancelled. – Right. What ticket? Whose ticket?
– Dad, cancel Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi’s tickets
to Ratnagiri for tomorrow. Yes. What? – Hey, Mr. Jetha,
Tapu is trying to say that the train tickets
you booked for Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
for tomorrow you have to cancel them.
– Yes. – Cancel them. I got you, guys.
But why? Because there’s no point
in Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi going to Ratnagiri. Really? What do you mean?
– I mean.. Tapu, let me explain. Mr. Jetha Sonu, to bring her back,
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi are going to Ratnagiri via train is returning
to Gokuldham society from Ratnagiri in the morning. So, Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi’s
train tickets have to be cancelled.
– What! Jetha, why are you asking
what for everything? He explained you so well.
Why don’t you understand? I got him, Dad. I said, what
not because I didn’t follow him. Then, what was it for?
– I surely said that. Hey!
For what did you say, what? What did I say?
– Hey! Why did you say, what?
– Yes, I said, what in surprise that Sonu
is coming tomorrow Yes, Mr. Jetha.
Sonu is coming back. – Okay. And Sonu has asked us
not to tell Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
that she’s coming back. We have to stop them from going
to Ratnagiri without telling them this. Why Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
can’t be informed about it? Dad, that’s because Sonu wants
to give them a surprise. Sonu has challenged us.
So, we can’t be stepping back. It’s the matter of our respect.
Do whatever you can and just cancel the tickets. Hey..
– Jetha, why don’t you just cancel the tickets
if they’re insisting? Dad, I got these tickets booked
as a special case under the VIP quota. I handed over the tickets
to Bhide as soon as I got them. I don’t have any details
of the ticket like the PNR number.
How can I get it cancelled? Mr. Jetha, get it cancelled
by calling up that man through whom
you got the tickets booked. Right.
– Guys, he booked these tickets after a lot of request. If I ask him to cancel it, now he’ll never get the tickets
booked for me in future. He must be sleeping.
I just can’t ask him to cancel the tickets, now. Dad, please do something. Please.
– Mr. Jetha, please. Look, dear, Sonu has
given you the challenge. Now, you people
have to think how to stop Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi. But, you can do
all this in the morning. Go to sleep. You people go to sleep
and let others also sleep. Children, Jetha is right. Bhide won’t leave
early morning. We’ll think about it
in the morning. Okay?
Let’s go. Jetha, go to sleep. Thank you, Dad.
– Yes.. Tapu, what will we do? Goli, go home
and sleep. Tapu will find a way to stop Bhide, by morning. No matter what, we won’t
let Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi step outside the society. Tapu gang will stop them. Come on.
– Good night, Mr. Champak. Good night, Tapu.
– Good night. ‘Good morning,
Gokuldham!’ Good morning,
Grandpa. Hey! Good morning, Tapu.
Good morning. Good morning, Dad. Good morning. Good morning, Dad. Good morning, Tapu.
Good morning. It’s great, Dad!
You woke up early, today. Today? Tapu, Jetha wakes up
early every day. He gets late some times.
Right, Jetha? Come on, Dad.
You are mocking me.. All right.
I’ll be back. Where are you going? I will get
hot ‘Jalebi-Fafda’. Why do you want
to get breakfast from outside? Our breakfast will be
delivered soon. No, they had
called me up. They will not be
able deliver breakfast, today. So, I thought of
getting ‘Jalebi-Fafda’. Dad, hold on.
Grandpa. Yes. Dad..
– Yes. Both of you bless me that I succeed in stopping
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi and win the challenge
given by Sonu. Tapu, because of this
challenge you must not end up doing
something Mr. Bhide complains against you. Dad, don’t worry.
Nothing such will happen. Whenever you have
said this.. You have created a mess. Dad, nothing will
happen this time. Promise? – Yes.
I promise. Look, if anything happens..
– Nothing will happen. You go and get
‘Jalebi-Fafda’. Okay. Look, Tapu.. Grandpa, don’t worry. I am doing all this
to make them happy. Okay.
– I will call Goli. Good morning, Tapu. Forget that.
Come over to my place. Don’t you want
to stop Mr. Bhide? You come over
to my place. I will call Pinku and Gogi
over to my place. Okay.
I am coming in two minutes. Hurry up.
Come soon. Goli. Eat your food slowly. Done, Dad..
– What? Done?
– Yes. Eat one more ‘Puri’. I made ‘Puri Bhaji’
especially for you. – Yes. That’s so sweet of you, Mom. But I’m sorry,
I can’t stay for now. It’s an emergency. – Emergency?
– What? Komal, get my bag fast. What happened, Goli?
– Mom, sit.. Mom and Dad, relax.
It’s not a medical emergency. It’s related to Tapu gang’s
friendship. What?
– What do you mean? I mean, Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi were going to Ratnagiri
today to get Sonu but Sonu is coming
to Gokuldham society by herself. What?
– Yes. Wow.
So Sonu is coming back? Dad, Sonu has
challenged Tapu gang that we have to stop
Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi from going to Ratnagiri anyhow that too without
their knowledge because she wants
to surprise them. Oh! Surprise. I will talk to you later
and eat afterwards. Mom, Dad, you both
won’t tell about the same to Mr. Bhide
and Ms. Madhavi, okay? Yes.
– Bye, love you. – Bye.. Be careful. Come.
– Let’s go.. Gokuldham’s identity
is marked by ruckus and fun. Same has been initiated now where there will be
fun and ruckus as Mr. Bhide and Ms. Madhavi
are ready to go to Ratnagiri in order to surprise Sonu. On the other hand,
Sonu has left from Ratnagiri in order to surprise
her parents. Tapu gang is stuck as Sonu challenged Tapu gang that they have
to stop her parents from going to Ratnagiri. The most important thing is that they don’t have
to tell them that Sonu is coming
from Ratnagiri. Now what will happen? What will Tapu gang do? How will they stop
Sonu’s parents? Mr. Bhide will do
anything possible to see her daughter smiling. It’s every dad’s
responsibility and duty. Here, Tapu gang
will prove their friendship and stop them from going. Now, we have to wait and see,
what happens in the future. How will they be able
to stop them? Will they be even
successful in doing so? Would Sonu be able to surprise
her parents or not? How will the residents of
Gokuldham society react to it? The story of this relationship contains emotions,
laughter and happiness. Keep watching, ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching and laughing.

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