Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2798 – Full Episode – 16th August, 2019

Wow, they all look so good.
Handsome! The military uniform is suiting
Gogi very well, right? Of course, it’ll suit him,
darling. He’s the brave son of Punjab. The military uniform
will suit him perfectly. Hans, may no evil eye
jinx our dear Goli. You are right. Mr. Aiyar, I request you
to come and hoist the flag as the representative
of all the Indian scientists. Victory to the Indian soldier,
the farmer, and science! – Yes. Team.. Long salute. “Thou art the ruler of the minds
of all people..” “Dispenser of India’s destiny..” “Thy name rouses the hearts
of Punjab, Sindh” “Gujarat and Maratha..” “Of the Dravida
and Odisha and Bengal..” “It echoes in the hills of
the Vindhya and The Himalayas..” “Mingles in the music
of The Yamuna and The Ganges..” “And is chanted by the waves
of the Indian Sea..” “They pray for thy blessings” “and sing thy praise..” “The salvation of all people
waits in thy hand..” “Thou dispenser
of India’s destiny..” “Victory..” “Victory..” “Victory..” “Victory to thee..” ‘All hail Mother India!
– Hail..’ ‘All hail Mother India!
– Hail..’ ‘All hail Mother India!
– Hail..’ ‘I salute thee..
– Mother..’ ‘I salute thee..
– Mother..’ ‘I salute thee..
– Mother..’ Mr. Aiyar, are you happy?
– I am happy. You were tense as to whose
name would get picked. It was none other than yours.
– Thank you. Mr. Bhide, does today’s
programme end here? No.. Please hold on.
There’s something still left. What is it? – You are forgetting
something, Mr. Bhide. What are you forgetting, Bhide? What am I forgetting, Goli?
– Grandpa’s song. – Right.. Yes, Mr. Champak.
Your song is still pending. Yes.
– Of course. Yes, Dad.
Please don’t refuse. No. It’s fine.
I’ll sing. Come on, Grandpa! Great, Mr. Champaklaal. Excellent.. Very good.. Very good, Mr. Champaklaal. Friends, since you all attended
this function enthusiastically I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
the president of Gokuldham society,
want to thank you all. And I am informing you
that the programme has been concluded. I request you all to kindly
go to the clubhouse. Because the breakfast is ready
for you in the clubhouse. ‘Dal fry’. Steamed rice. Fried potato chips. Mixed vegetables. ‘Puri’ ‘Paatra’
– Yes. Mr. Bhide.. ‘Spongy Dhokla,
Gulab..’ Hey.. Come on, you said my name
like I am something edible. No.. I couldn’t help it when I
saw these delicious food items. Yes..
– I have to admit, Mr. Bhide I feel like nominating
you as the best secretary after seeing the food.
– Thank you, my friend.. But where is your plate? Please take a plate, come..
– Yes.. Jetha.
– Yes. Did you take one more plate?
– No, it’s my first plate, Dad. I saw you had a plate earlier. No, that was.. Ms. B-Babita’s plate.
– All right. So, I told her that I
will serve the food. No problem. Go ahead. I was being chivalrous..
– No, it’s all right, come. The ‘Gulab Jamun’ is so good,
isn’t it? I finished mine.
Let me get some more. Yes, please.
– And for you? No, I am okay.
– Okay, I’ll be right back. Ms. Babita.
– Hi. You haven’t had your
‘Gulab Jamun’ yet. I will have it later. No, I know you won’t. That’s
why I have brought you some. Please have it.
– Mr. Jethalaal.. Oh my God, it’s too much..
– No, just have it, enjoy. Run one extra lap
in the morning. Come on..
– Eat as much as you want. Mr. Jethalaal, are you going
to keep laughing all day or will you be eating as well? Mr. Jethalaal, why have
you not eaten anything? No, I-I am eating.
And what is this, Mr. Aiyar? You too didn’t take
‘Gulab Jamun’. You are supposed to eat
sweets, especially today since you hoisted the flag. Let me bring you some.
– No, don’t.. No, hold on..
– Come on.. Aiyar, take this one. You took plenty of
‘Gulab Jamun’. I didn’t take it.
He gave it to me. All right. Here, have it.
Hey! Where did this come from? It was in his plate already. Yes.. It wasn’t there the last time
I checked. It was there, Mr. Jethalaal. Hold on, show me your plate,
Ms. Babita. I am okay, Mr. Jethalaal.
– No, show me your plate. Mr. Jethalaal..
– Don’t cheat.. You gave it to him.
You will have to eat it now. Have it..
– But it’s a lot. Just have it.
I told you, you just have to run an extra lap tomorrow. What do you want?
– Nothing.. – Hey.. You must finish this now,
Jethalaal. You’ll have to eat it. Well.. Why don’t you have some more? No, I’m fine, thank you.
– Okay. Mr. Bhide.
– Yes, Ms. Anjali. I’d like to speak to you.
– Please tell me. Your choice is too good.
– Thank you. No, not her.
I mean, her too but I was talking about
Mr. Aiyar. It was a very good idea to have
the flag hoisted by Mr. Aiyar.
– Yes. Yes, thank you. He’s my husband, after all! Oh! Oh, touch wood. Mr. Bhide, this Independence Day will be remembered forever. Everything was perfect. Mr. Bhide, hundred on hundred. Thank you, ma’am. Come on!
– Dr. Hathi, you’ve hardly eaten. Why is your plate empty? I’ll have more.
– At least, Dr. Hathi is eating. You don’t even have a plate.
Why don’t you eat? You’ve been working hard
all night. We’ve all worked hard,
Popatlaal. Not that way. We’ve been taunting you
since last night that you’ve become a dictator but you persevered hard. That’s right. Having the flag
hoisted by Mr. Aiyar was a great idea. It has made C-wing proud. What do you mean by that? We’ve made
Gokuldham Society proud. I was just saying.. Of course, the society is proud but C-wing was honoured. Bhide, I salute you. Please help yourself.
You haven’t taken any sweet. I’ll get some. – Please. Is the food too spicy for you? No, it’s fine. I’m eating.
– Okay. Mr. Mehta, here’s some sweet
and fried snack. Enjoy yourself.
– What are you doing, Jethalaal? You know if Anjali sees this,
she’ll make my life hell. No, she won’t.
It’s Independence day. Free yourself from the fear
of your wife. What?
– Yes. Sure?
– Of course, eat up. Should I?
– Yes. – Wow. That’s like it. I’ll manage her
if she comes. Taarak! So much junk food? Well.. I didn’t take them.
Jethalaal put this on my plate and insisted that I have it. What about his health,
Mr. Jetha? No.. Yes, Dad! Coming.
– Jethalaal.. Jethalaal! What is this, Taarak? Sorry, Anjali. It’s okay. Have it now. Yes, it’s Independence Day. I can indulge. Okay fine, but for the next 10 days,
be prepared to go on a strict diet.
Okay? Go on, eat. Oh, God! When will I be freed from diet food? Here you go.
– Yes. Eat peacefully now. Yes, now that everyone has
finished eating I can eat in peace. But I have one condition. What? Condition? You’ll have to address me
by name. No way! Just once, come on!
Just once. Yes!
– Mr. Aiyar! – Yes? Happy Independence Day! Mr. Aiyar!
– Yes? Happy Independence Day! Mr. Aiyar! – Yes?
– Happy Independence Day! Mr. Aiyar! – Yes?
– Happy Independence Day! Roshan, my dear?
– Yes, Roshan? On the occasion
of Independence day here’s a sweet from my side from Gogi’s side
and your own side too! Now, I’ll feed you something. Sure. – Close your eyes. Here you go. Chilli! No problem, she’s fed me
with love. I’ll have it. I need sweet! The buttermilk is nice. Have some after lunch, Bhide.
It’s really nice. Sure.. But I must say, you were right. A suspense,
if broken at the right time is double the fun.
– Yes. Like today,
we found out just before the flag hoisting,
who would be doing it. It was so much fun! Are you happy with my choice? Of course, we’re very happy! I was glad you gave
Mr. Aiyar a chance. He was very eager
to hoist the flag. And he couldn’t believe it when you called out his name. He nearly started a fight! But it’s good you gave him
the chance. Yes. What can I get you? No, thank you. I have enough. Why not? I’ll get you some more.
– No, I have. Have some ‘Paatra’..
– No.. But I don’t want any.. Come on, have some. ‘Paatra’, great! This is for
the wonderful arrangements you made today.
– Wow! Well said, Mr. Mehta.
– Enough. ‘I think my Gokuldham sisters’ ‘have forgotten about
Raksha Bandhan’ ‘due to the celebrations of
the Independence day.’ ‘No one tied me
a ‘Rakhi’ today.’ No one is here. It seems like no one
will tie me a ‘Rakhi’ today. Dear, Lord.. Do you derive pleasure
from my loneliness? I keep coming and praying to you about my family,
again and again. Why don’t you get it? You still have to be answerable
for one of my relationships. But what about the others? Today is ‘Raksha Bandhan’
which signifies the love between a brother and a sister. But my sisters have forgotten
to tie me a ‘Rakhi’. This is not done! At times, I feel
that this umbrella and me are quite similar. I’m alone just like
this umbrella is! Listen, we have to live off
each other’s back now. Let’s go to Toofan express
and work on a holiday. Mr. Popatlaal, why are you
staring at us like this? Won’t you call us inside?
– Yes.. Sorry.. Come inside. I was so happy to see you all
that I almost forgot to call you inside!
Please, come in.. Please, come.. Come, Sister-in-law Anjali,
Sister-in-law Madhavi. Come.. Please, sit. You be seated first.
– Okay, I’ll sit but you all be seated as well.
Please, sit.. Thank you.
– Mr. Popatlaal? Did you feel that
we have forgotten about today’s festivity? Yes.. That’s what I thought. I thought my Gokuldham sisters
have forgotten about it. Not at all, Mr. Popatlaal. I can forget giving salad
to Taarak but never this festivity of
‘Raksha Bandhan’! Really?
– Yes, really. God has bestowed so much
of power in a ‘Rakhi’ that it acts as protection against
any forthcoming problems. Touch wood..
– Mr. Popatlaal today, we’ll wish for your
marriage to take place at the earliest!
– Yes! Thank you..
– Right. Next year,
we hope to tie a ‘Rakhi’ to your wife
as well. Yes.. Wow..
Keep wishing the same for me. I hope to get married this year with the support of your
and God’s blessings. It will!
– Yes, it will.. Come on, do it fast. I do not like the sight
of my bare wrist. Tie me the ‘Rakhis’. Thank you so much! Please give me a minute,
I’ll be back in a bit. Hold on.. Hold on for a minute.. I’m back.. I’ve got some gifts
for all of you. Mr. Popatlaal, what was the need
to buy gifts? – Exactly! Why is it not necessary? Mr. Popatlaal, we won’t accept
any gifts from you. No.. That’s not fair. I got it for everyone
without forgetting. This is just a gift. I keep taking things from you
throughout the year. At times, sugar, curd,
coriander leaves, lemon. This is the only day wherein I can give you all
something. You people are snatching away
even that right from me! No.. You must accept my gifts
at any cost. But..
– There you go. Ms. Roshan, this is for you. He isn’t listening to us.
– Ms. Madhavi, this is for you. Ms. Komal, this is for you.
– Thank you. Ms. Anjali, this is for you.
– Thank you very much. Ms. Babita, this is for you.
– Thank you very much. Thank you.
God bless you! Thank you. – Once again,
I thank you all immensely for making ‘Raksha Bandhan’
a memorable one. Shall we go?
– Sure, let’s go. Thank you for giving me a family
like Gokuldham. There is a difference
between this umbrella and me. Today is going to be awesome
filled with happiness. Festivals!
Festivals are an important part of our culture. We indeed celebrate it
with our loved ones but festivals
bring us even more closer. We get to see smiles
on everybody’s face. We celebrate happiness
during festivals. The happiness makes us forget
all our problems. The celebration at Gokuldham
is indeed awesome. It’s going to be
even more fun because Sonu is going to come. With the return of Sonu,
the Tapu gang will have even more fun. But friends,
let me tell you something. Before Sonu comes,
in this season of festivity something is going to happen that not only Tapu gang,
everyone will be surprised. But you’ll get to know
about it only on Monday. To know what happens next,
you’ll have to wait till Monday. We’ll meet with
more laughter. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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