Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2797 – Full Episode – 15th August, 2019

everyone will be happy to hear the name
I’ve decided. And they’ll agree too. No one will object. If you’ve decided
I’m sure, it’s good. But at least tell me,
who will hoist the flag? Sorry, I can’t tell you. Why can’t you tell me? Do tell me. Actually,
there isn’t any problem. Tell me.
Come on, please. Fine. The person who will be
hoisting the flag is.. His name is..
– Yes. You’ll find out tomorrow. This is not fair.
– Of course, it is. Listen, please tell me. Madhavi, Abdul, the kids and
I have taken a lot of efforts. Don’t spoil the fun now. You will find out tomorrow. Fine then,
let’s go to bed now. ‘Madhavi, wait and watch.’ ‘Tomorrow will be a special day’ ‘for Gokuldham Society.’ Dear residents of
Gokuldham Society today is 15th August,
our Independence Day. Congratulations to everyone! Happy Independence Day!
– To everyone. Popatlaal, this calls for a hug,
right? Sodhi.. Sodhi..
Enough. Sodhi.. You are very excited! Obviously,
the occasion is such. I have to be excited. Popatlaal, give me a hug too. Yes, of course.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
– He got scared. Aatmaram! Ms. Babita,
happy Independence Day. That’s a Bengali Sari, right? Dad, she’s wearing
a Bengali Sari. Wonderful!
– Even your dress is nice. You liked it, is it?
Thank you, Ms. Babita. Do you see, Jethalaal? Bhide has made such
wonderful and grand arrangements overnight. That is obvious, Mr. Aiyar. He has been organising
it since so many years. This is all is child’s play
for him. If we tell Bhide
even in the midnight that we want to have
this event the next day he’ll arrange for
it in no time. Isn’t it, Bhide? That’s true, Jethalaal. But it is not as easy
as you think it is. While decorating we have to think.
We have use our brains. I mean, that’s true.
But overall you know what needs
to be done, right? Yes, that’s right. Because I have been organising
this event since many years. He has learnt it
from the Tapu’s gang. Stop laughing. Mr. Bhide. Laugh.
Don’t be scared of him. You look so pretty,
Ms. Babita. No, not in Marathi.
I’ll say it in Bengali. What is it they say?
Very nice! Very sweet! Thank you.
Thank you. Ms. Madhavi, you, too,
are looking very pretty. Wonderful!
Thank you. Today, the ladies of Gokuldham
are slaying it. Each one looks prettier
than the other. Even our Gokuldham Society
too is decked up. Right. – The Society looks
so beautiful. Ladies, are you ready
for today’s function? Yes.
– Of course. By the way, Mr. Bhide,
excellent decorations. Thank you.
Thank you, Ms. Babita. The kids and Abdul have
worked very hard for it. Mr. Bhide, who will be
hoisting the flag today? Ms. Roshan, you will
come to know in a short while. Okay. But where is the kids gang? They are not here. For the programme.. We’ve planned a
surprise for you today. They’re busy preparing
for it. Oh, okay. Mr. Bhide.
– Oh, yes. Good that.. The morning today
is quite different very unique. Right. The morning
today is very special. As such,
the sun rises every day. But on this day,
it illuminates our lives with freedom. Seeing the
arrangements, it seems like today’s function is
going to be memorable. Of course, Popat. Popatlaal, of course
the function will be memorable. But who will be
hoisting the flag? Jethalaal, looking at the
way you’ve dressed up the way you’re looking I feel that you will
be hoisting the flag. Bhide will be
taking your name. Mr. Mehta, I wish your words
come true. Bhide hasn’t told me anything
about it as such but if I get the opportunity
to hoist the flag I am fully prepared for it. Even we, too, are prepared. But let’s find out whose
name Bhide will be taking. Hey, Bhide.
Excuse me. Okay.
Excuse me. I’ll be back. Yes, tell me, Popatlaal. Bhide, everyone has
gathered here now. At least, now tell us who
will be hoisting the flag. Who is that lucky person? Aiyar, It could be anyone but it definitely
isn’t you. How do you know that? Did you tell, Jethalaal?
– No. Then how is he saying
it with confidence? He is joking, Aiyar. I didn’t tell anyone. Bhide, now everyone is here. Please tell us now.
Who is going to host the flag? Calm down, Popatlaal.
The fruit of patience is sweet. What if it is you? Is it?
– No. It is not me? Calm down, Popatlaal. You’ll know in a bit,
who will host the flag. Yes. Bhide.. – It’s been
arranged for, Dr. Hathi. We’ve arranged for food
at the clubhouse. After the programme we’ll go and eat
at the clubhouse. Okay. No, that’s not what I meant
to ask. – Oh! I was asking the person
who is hosting the flag is male or female. Hello.. Bhide.
– Yes. Mike is ready.
– Yes, very good. Let’s go. Hello.. One, two, three,
mike testing.. Why are you whistling, Bhide? I’m not whistling.
The mic is malfunctioning. This is not a whistle.
This is how it is.. Sorry.. Abdul, don’t sit around? Check what the problem is? Let me check. Bhide.
– Yes. Check again. Hello. Hello.. Yes, it is fine. I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide
secretary of Gokuldham Society welcome you all today. Welcome.. We’ve gathered here today
to celebrate our 73rd Independence day. Before we start the programme
I’d like to tell you all all the decorations
and arrangement have been done by Tapu’s gang
and Abdul. Let’s have a huge round
of applause for them. Well done.. Wow. Thank you. I will not be
compering the programme today. But someone from our society
will. So let me call upon a respected member
of our society Ms. Babita! Ms. Babita,
please come on stage. What!
– Wow! Wow, Bhide. Good decision. Wow. If you get to make
a speech today it is not a small thing. It is a big thing. Very nice. What you’ve done today is empowering women. Good morning everyone. I feel very lucky that I’ve been selected
to compere the entire function. Today’s day is very important for us and for our countrymen. Unity in diversity is our country’s pride. Just like our Gokuldham society. Unity in diversity. Yes. On behalf of the all
the ladies I’d like to thank to everyone and specially Mr. Bhide Thank you
for letting me speak today. It’s an honour for
the ladies of the society. So thank you so much. Very nice, Ms. Babita. Very well said. I’m proud that today
in our country women have got equal rights. Showing respect to women is the first step
of the country’s progress. And I’m proud that our country is going in that direction. From the time of independence
until now many women have contributed
in our country’s progress. Sarojini Naidu Savitribai Phule Indira Gandhi Rani Laxmi Bai Sushma Swaraj and many other
such women who are an example
of women empowerment. And I’m proud that all these women been
appropriately honoured. And now I’d like to call upon a
respected member Gukuldham society,
Mr. Champaklaal to come here and say few words today.
Please come. Come. Ms. Babita, you finished
it so early. It was nice listening to you.
– No, Mr. Jetha. it’s not over.
A lot of it is left. Okay, good. ‘Jai Hind.’ Hail Mother India! Jai Hind!
Hail Mother India! Say it with pride. We’re Indian And we’re proud of it. We’re Indian. and we’re proud of it. Everyone said it because
I asked them to. But are we really proud
to be Indian. Mr. Champak, we’re proud. We’re very proud to be Indian!
What say everyone? We’re proud to be Indian. No. You’re not. Because had we really been
proud Indians we wouldn’t need
the Clean India Mission. Had we really been
proud Indians we wouldn’t need
Save the Girl Child Movement. Had we really been
proud Indians then despite such a
large population there wouldn’t be so few people
paying tax. The fact that we need
such campaigns only means that
we’re not aware. We have to make people aware. Usually people become patriots
on Independence day or Republic day and then move on
with their lives. Instead of that,
let’s pledge to be citizens that
our nation could be proud of and do our bit for
the progress of our nation. I pray to God to bless us with
the strength and wisdom so that we may keep
our nation clean respect women respect secularism give our children good education and show
the rest of the world that India is the best nation
in the whole world! ‘Jai Hind!’
Hail Mother India! Amazing, father.. You speech was powerful
and on point. You’re right. On 15th of August,
many pretend to be patriots and then,
forget about it. The cleanliness.. Amazing speech..
– Amazing.. Thank you so much,
Mr. Champak. That was an energetic speech! Now I request Mr. Mehta
to come up on the stage and enlighten us with
a few words of wisdom. Please, Mr. Mehta.. Stay there. Why do you have to
walk to and fro? Even if you’re not speaking It feels nice if you
just stand there. The stage won’t feel empty,
right? Right, Dad?
– Yes. At times I feel,
are independence and freedom just mere words? They are not just mere words They’re invaluable sentiments. An emotion which we
can only experience because of the heroic sacrifices
made by the sons of our soil. An emotion which we
can only experience because of the sacrifices made
by many mothers. A lot of families lost
everything for it and a lot of blood was shed. An emotion for which
our nation had to fight a prolonged battle. An emotion,
to experience which many people sacrificed
their everything. A lot of people lost their lives in a bid to earn our freedom
and our smiles today. This nation will forever be
grateful to these heroes. This nation will forever be
grateful to Bhagat Singh Sukhdev, Rajguru,
Chandrashekhar Azad Khudiram Bose,
Ram Prasad Bismil Madan Lal Dhingra and numerous others.
The list won’t end. Their sacrifices are forever ingrained in the memories
of the people of this nation. How can we forget these people? The father of this nation,
Mahatma Gandhi Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru,
Baba Saheb Ambedkar Lala Lajpat Rai
and numerous other people should be venerated by us. Remembering their names
is similar to veneration. Let’s pay homage to them and fulfill their dreams,
by building a nation which is ahead in all
aspects of development. On this occasion, I’ll speak
a few lines by someone. Oh motherland,
keep progressing. Oh Mother India,
keep developing. Yesterday was ours
and so will be tomorrow. Oh motherland,
keep progressing. No matter what
the circumstance is never give up! Oh motherland,
keep progressing. Oh Mother India,
keep developing. No matter what time of the day
it is the power belongs to us. May our zeal and enthusiasm
keep on growing. Oh motherland,
keep progressing. Oh Mother India,
keep developing. Oh motherland,
keep progressing. Oh Mother India,
keep developing. Oh Mother India,
keep developing. Hail Mother India!
– Hail! Hail Mother India!
– Hail! Hail Mother India!
– Hail! Amazing, Mr. Mehta. The moment we all
have been desperately waiting for
is finally here. You all must be wondering who will hoist the flag, right?
– Yes, Ms. Babita, tell us. Who is that lucky one?
Who will hoist the flag today? Tell us.. Only Mr. Bhide knows the name
of the person who will hoist the flag. I request the Secretary
of our Gokuldham society to please come here and declare
the lucky person’s name. Mr. Bhide,
the stage is all yours. What do you think, Dr. Hathi? Who could it be? How will I know?
Let’s see. Yes. Bhide, announce the name
quickly! Yes..
– Come on. I know all of you
are waiting desperately. You are very eager to know who will be hoisting
the flag today. Yes..
– We want to know. I’m going to announce
the lucky person’s name who will hoist the flag
today in our society. ‘I’m sure he’ll call out
Jethalaal’s name.’ His name is Krishnan Subramaniam Aiyar! Aatmaram, this is..
– Wow. Congrats.. Y-You took my name?
– Yes.. Congratulation!
– He called my name! All of you must be surprised
that I chose Mr. Aiyar. There’s a reason behind this. Friends after independence, our country
has achieved a lot in science. Especially, 2019 has been a great year
for all the Indians. I consider myself lucky because I have seen our
country’s scientists telling the world
with conviction that we have the grit. We’re capable of making
scientific progress and sending our very own
‘Chandrayaan’ to the moon Absolutely.
– Yes. India is the fourth country
in the world which has been successful
in launching rockets to moon. I salute India
and it’s scientists. Absolutely.
– Wow.. Thank you, Aatmaram. We, the residents of Gokuldham
are proud that a scientist like
Mr. Aiyar stays in our society. Mr. Aiyar,
I request you to say a few words on this auspicious day. Thank you, Aatmaram.
Thank you so much! You invited me for
the flag hosting. Thank you. I’m very happy today. Today will be a very
memorable day for me. Today, I want to tell all of you and all the citizens
of India that science and scientists
should be appreciated this way. That day is not far, when
India will be a super power. Very soon! Hail Mother India!
– All hail! Hail Mother India!
– All hail! Hail Mother India!
– All hail! A very happy Independence day
to all the Indians. Today, all we ask from God
is that our nation should be always independent, secured,
powerful and successful. Today is ‘Raksha Bandhan’
as well. So, from the team of ‘Taarak
Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah’ A happy ‘Raksha Bandhan’
to you all. and happy ‘Pateti’
to our Parsi friends. Gokuldham lights up
during festive season and all festivals
are celebrated in all grandeur. Come and join the celebrations. It sounds quite
at the moment but you know
it won’t last long. Just like fish can’t live
without water Gokuldham can’t live
without entertainment. What will the entertainment be? Someone is about to come,
someone special. Should I tell you? Fine, I will. Bhide’s daughter,
Sonu is about to come and Tapu’s gang is
about to go berserk. In order to find out
what happens next and what new twists come
in the tale, keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta ka
Ooltah Chashmah’ Keep watching
and keep smiling.

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