Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2796 – Full Episode – 14th August, 2019

Madhavi, the time has come. Soon Jethalaal will
come back home with the tickets of Ratnagiri. Wow!
– Yes! “We will go to Ratnagiri.” “We will surprise our daughter.” “We will see the sights
of Ratnagiri.” “And we will bring back
our daughter.” Whoa! Wow! How tense were we
for the tickets. But finally Mr. Jethalaal
arranged it. Thank you so much,
Mr. Jethalaal. Let me pack our stuff.
– Hold on. What’s the hurry? Tomorrow is 15th August.
Society has arranged an event. First enjoy that.
Then pack in evening. Yes, you are right. Go and drink the tickets
and also bring the soda. Okay. What?
– I mean drink soda and bring the tickets. Abdul.
– Yes. Make a fresh and cool soda
which will take away the heat and make the body cool. That’s great.
– Sure, I will. After working in office
all day long when we drink the soda
from Abdul’s shop it feels awesome.
– Correct. Abdul very soon, I am going to write
an article on your soda on our international magazine
‘Toofan Express’. Then you will see
there will be a queue of customers here. Wow!
– What an idea. An article in magazine! Mr. Popatlaal,
for you today’s soda is free. Hey, Abdul don’t believe what he says. Don’t offer him free soda
until the article is published. Or else, he will keep on saying
that he will publish your article and keep on drinking
your free soda. You are right.
– Absolutely. Bhide, what are you saying?
– It was a joke. Why you always make
fun of me? Whom else I will
make fun of, Popatlaal? We all are married men. Our wives are there
to make fun of us. That’s why I suggest you..
– I will get married soon. Wow, Bhide,
that line touched my heart. You are absolutely right. Yes. Really?
Should I say it to Ms. Anjali? Hey, Bhide, don’t do that.
She will kill me. What’s the matter, Bhide? Today, you are
in a very jolly mood. I think your Ratnagiri tickets
are booked. Yes, it’s booked.
Do you know who did it? Come, Jethalaal,
come, sit here. This is the man who has
booked my tickets. Jethalaal, where are you going? I forgot your tickets at home.
Let me go and bring it. Jethalaal, everytime
you forget something. Eat almonds,
it will help your memory. Okay, send me a kilogram
of almonds. I will remember you
while eating it everyday. Why should I send you? Because, you have problem
with my memory. So you have to send it, right? Listen, Jethalaal..
– Now don’t start arguing. Jethalaal is a very busy man. Everyday he handles
so many customers. It happens. No problem, Jethalaal,
you go and bring the tickets. Why you need to go?
Make a call. Tapu will bring it. Tapu is not home.
It will take two minutes. I will be back soon. ‘Go home, Jethalaal.’ ‘But you will not find
the tickets.’ ‘Because, the tickets are
with me.’ ‘Where’s the ticket?’ ‘It was in my pocket.’ ‘Again it fell down somewhere.’ ‘Oh, God!’ ‘What will I say to Bhide?’ ‘I will tell him that I will get
another copy of the ticket.’ He is here. Mr. Jethalaal
is here with the ticket. Mr. Jethalaal?
– Yes, Mr. Jethalaal. He is a genius. Give me the ticket. What are you thinking, Jethalaal?
Give me the ticket. Bhide, I got your ticket
from the shop. It was in my pocket but I can’t find it
in my pocket anymore. Jethalaal, stop joking.
Give me the ticket. I am not joking.
I am telling you the truth. The ticket is not
in my pants’ pocket. Doesn’t matter. Get another print out
of the ticket tomorrow. Yes.. Popatlaal,
that can only be possible if he had booked
the tickets. Hey, Mr. Aiyar,
what are you saying? I have got
the tickets booked for him. The tickets
were in my pants’ pocket. If you have got the tickets
booked then where is it? That’s what I can’t understand
where did it go, after all? Did you drop the tickets
somewhere? Forget it, Jethalaal.
Why can’t you just admit it? The way you forget
everything you forgot to book
the tickets too. No, Aiyar.
Jethalaal didn’t forget to book the tickets rather he didn’t book
the tickets on purpose. What are you saying, Bhide? Jethalaal,
what is Aatmaram saying? Wait a minute.
You keep quiet for a while! Bhide, what are you saying? I am saying the right thing. Didn’t we have a fight
in the morning? That is why you didn’t book
the ticket on purpose. I should have understood
that you won’t get the tickets. Hey, I have the tickets.
– Then where is it? Do you have any idea
how stressed Madhavi and I were regarding the tickets? We had so many plans. We thought
we would surprise Sonu and go for a trip
to Ratnagiri together. Jethalaal, this prank
of yours was very bad. If Madhavi finds out
that there is no ticket then.. Aatmaram, calm down. Your tickets have been booked. You booked my tickets.
Great! Thank you! Wait a minute. Did you ask Aiyar also
to book the tickets? Yes.
– So, why did you ask me? Because Aiyar asked me
to ask you. Mr. Aiyar,
didn’t you feel ashamed being such a big scientist you were tricking
the Indian railway. One passenger
with two tickets? No, there is only one ticket.
– What? You got only one ticket booked. Madhavi and I are planning
to go together. No, Aatmaram, one ticket
for the both of you. How can we both go
with one ticket? Where will she sit?
And where will I sit? No, you try to understand
what I am saying. There is one ticket for you
and one for Ms. Madhavi. So it’s a separate ticket. We will sitting
in different compartments? No, Aatmaram,
it’s nothing like that. Wait a minute,
I’ll give you the tickets. Here is your ticket.
– Hey, that’s my ticket. Are you going
to Ratnagiri too? You have the same ticket
which I booked. What? Yes, Aatmaram,
it’s the same ticket which Jethalaal booked for you. Mr. Aiyar, where did you get
this ticket from? Think.
– I cannot think right now! Tell me, where did you get
it from? Tell.
– Calm down, Jethalaal. When we were..
‘But it’s just 130 rupees.’ ‘Keep the change.’ ‘Mr. Aiyar has become
a big man.’ Yes, I have the change.
That rickshaw driver gave me. That time this ticket fell
from your pocket and I picked it up. Mr. Aiyar, despite of having
the tickets in your pocket you were having fun
seeing Bhide and I fight. If you had the tickets
then you could’ve told me. Why didn’t you tell me? To teach you a lesson
that you should keep such important things
carefully. Just think,
what if you had really lost the tickets
then how would’ve Aatmaram gone to Ratnagiri? All right. If you wanted
to teach me a lesson then you could have
done it over the phone. Or you could have
called me to your home and then taught me a lesson.
– That’s right. Why did you create a rift
between Bhide and me? That’s right, Jethalaal.
Aiyer, you have wronged him. You created misunderstanding
between Jethalaal and me. Right. Jethalaal, I spoke with you
rudely. I would like to
apologise to you. Sorry. And yes.. Thank you
very much for this ticket. Bhide, won’t you thank me? Why should I thank you? I was the first one to
suggest Jethalaal’s name to you. That you must speak with
Jethalaal. He has acquaintance.
And he will book the tickets. He got it done.
– Yes. Thank you.
Thank you, Jethalaal. What..
– Thank you, Popatlaal. Even we had suggested you
his name. Really?
– Yes. Okay.
I would like to thank everyone. Thank you.
– Take a seat. Sit down. You really troubled him. Mr. Aiyer,
you are unbelievable. Bhide, you are going
to Ratnagiri to enjoy. But we are happy. I recalled my vacation. We used to visit to uncle’s
place during vacation. Right. Nothing is more fun
than visiting uncle’s house. We shall enjoy.
We shall visit uncle. My uncle owned
a fruit garden. My uncle owned the garden
of coconut tree in Chennai. I used to drink
tender coconut water during vacation.
– I see. Chickoo, coconut.. It used to be fun
at uncle’s place. Whenever we used to visit
our uncle we used to sing poems.
I just recalled one. Narrate one to us. A cat at uncle’s place.
– I see. This is the title. We never bothered
about any title. We used to sing it
just like that. I will narrate it to you. All of you
must accompany me. Sure. ‘At my younger uncle’s place..’ ‘At my younger uncle’s place..’ ‘At my elder uncle’s place.’ ‘At my elder uncle’s place..’ ‘At my younger uncle’s place..’ ‘At my younger uncle’s place..’ ‘At my elder uncle’s place.’ ‘At my elder uncle’s place..’ ‘There was a huge cat.
– There was a huge cat.’ ‘She had small ears.’ ‘She had small ears.’ ‘She had big eyes.
– She had big eyes.’ ‘And had a long tail.’ ‘She had a long tail.’ ‘At my younger uncle’s place..’ ‘At my younger uncle’s place..’ ‘At my elder uncle’s place.’ ‘At my elder uncle’s place..’ That’s all.
Applaud. Wow..
Very nice. Wow.
– Wow! It was fun. That was amazing,
Mr. Mehta. You turned everyone
into a kid. It’s great to recollect
old memories. That’s true. Wow, Bhide.
You are going to Ratnagiri but we are happy.
– Yes. Yes.. Mr. Popat, this is
the speciality of our society. Everyone feels happy
in someone’s happiness. Absolutely.
That’s right, Abdul. By sharing this happiness
with all of you I would like to thank you,
Jethalaal. And..
And the soda treat is on me. Wow. Abdul, on this note,
bring soda for us. Soda is ready.
– Wow.. Friends, let’s cheers
for Sonu. May Sonu progress in life.
And she makes our society
and her parents proud. Thank you.
Thank you, Jethalaal. Yes. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Bhide, when are you leaving? Day after tomorrow.
– Wow. You will be here tomorrow
to celebrate Independence Day. Yes, Mr. Mehta. That’s why, I got the ticket
for day after tomorrow. Bhide can miss anything but
not the function of the society. And it’s our 73rd
Independence Day. Bhide, you have been
talking about your ticket. You are not discussing
about tomorrow’s programme. Are we going to have
flag hoisting or not? Of course.
All the arrangements are done. Right, Abdul.
– Yes, Mr. Bhide. We shall be in a
celebration mood. We shall proudly
salute our national flag. Yes. – Absolutely.
We must do that. It’s our
Independence Day. We have paid a heavy
price to seek freedom. A lot of people have
sacrificed their lives. And that’s why we are
breathing in this free air. That’s right. Our country has
struggled a lot. Jallianwala Bagh,
the torture by the Britishers. The punishment of ‘Kala Pani’.
Boycott of foreign goods. The ‘Jail Bharo Andolan’.
‘Satyagraha.’ Strike. Quit India movement. Yes.. Our country
has gone through a lot for its freedom. How can we forget the
partition of our country? The pain of our country
getting divided is something
we can never forget. Our country has worked
very hard to get this freedom. So this definitely
calls for commemorating it and we will celebrate it. This means everything is
ready for tomorrow’s function. Yes, everything is ready. Our Independence Day
is such a big day for us. So, how can Gokuldham
Society not celebrate it? This hasn’t happened until
now and won’t ever happen. Absolutely. Tomorrow, our whole country
will be delighted and joyous. Everyone will be happy. The whole country
will be celebrating. Mother India.
– Victory to her. Mother India.
– Victory to her. Mother India.
– Victory to her. Very good.
That was energetic. Yes.. Now, we must know
about tomorrow’s program. Bhide, tell us
what’s tomorrow’s program? Tomorrow, we
will hoist the flag. I have even invited
people from nearby societies. Even my students
will come tomorrow. – Wow. So, it isn’t a small
program but a big one tomorrow. Now for the
most important part. Tell us who will hoist
the flag tomorrow? I have decided that. Okay,
tell us who’s that. – Tell us.. What’s there to tell,
Mr. Hathi? I have decided on
who should hoist the flag. And the one I have
selected.. trust me is the correct one. But this is wrong. What’s wrong in this? I am the
society’s secretary. I am also the
society’s treasurer. If you don’t tell me,
then how can things be done? And I am
a committee member. You have to
take everyone along. You can’t take
a decision single-handedly. Yes, true. Yes. You can’t take
a decision on your own. Why can’t I do that? I am the
society’s secretary. So many functions
happen and when I take a decision you don’t mind it. Many a times, all of you
have left me to decide on things and would say that you
are okay with whatever I decide. So for tomorrow’s
function, I took a decision. But this is wrong.
This is dictatorship. Hey! Stop, Mr. Aiyar. We are talking
about a serious issue. Why are you bringing
your watercraft into this topic? Watercraft? What
watercraft? Which watercraft? You talked about some
ship. Doesn’t ‘ship’ mean
‘watercraft’? Hey Jethalaal, I didn’t
say ship. I said dictatorship. That must be the name
of your ship.. dictatorship. It is not the name of a
ship. Dictatorship means autocracy. Yes. This autocracy
isn’t acceptable. Not acceptable..
Autocracy is not acceptable. Hey!
Stop your slogans. Sit down. Sit down..
– This isn’t a crusade. We have to
celebrate tomorrow happily. Yes.. What’s wrong is
wrong. What Bhide did is wrong. It is right.
It is wrong. What do you mean
by right and wrong? I have to tell that something
is wrong when it is wrong. I have understood.
I have understood it well. Atmaram is getting
Jethalaal to hoist the flag. Hey, Aiyar. Why are you
dragging Jethalaal into this? Because I know that you
and Jethalaal are hand in glove. What’s hand in glove? Because Jethalaal booked
Atmaram’s tickets to Ratnagiri that’s why Atmaram
will make you hoist the flag. Hey Aiyar, there
is nothing hand in glove here. But yes if Bhide
wants me to hoist the flag then I don’t
have any problem. I will do it.
I will happily do it. Did you hear that..? This is Atmaram’s
partiality. This is wrong.. Yes. He is wrong..
Bhide’s decision is wrong.. He is wrong..
Atmaram’s decision is wrong.. Hey Popatlaal and
Aiyar, what are doing? What is this
sloganeering? Sit down. You are a scientist
and you are reporter. Shouting slogans
doesn’t suit you. Exactly!
What are you guys doing? Do you think it’s fair? It’s wrong.. Even shouting slogans
is wrong, too. Have a seat.
– Exactly.. Why are we arguing here?
You tell us as to who is going
to hoisting the flag. Then there won’t be
any arguments. – Yes, tell us.. –
Exactly. What’s the harm in saying?
– Exactly. Mr. Mehta,
I’ve pondered over it wisely. Moreover,
the fun will be double if you get to know about it
at the right time. So, tomorrow,
when you get to know as to who is going
to hoist the flag you all will be very happy. Is that so? – Why
don’t you make us happy now it self? You want to make
us happy, right? Then make us happy
now it self. Do the work that
needs to be done now. There is no time
better than now. – Correct! I want to know right now as to who is going
to hoist the flag. Exactly! I’m sorry, Popatlaal.
You’ll get to know about it tomorrow. I’m not going to tell you now. Let’s go and sleep now.
We’ll meet early tomorrow, okay? All right, Bhide. At least, tell us whether
you’ve invited a celebrity to hoist the flag. Yes,
I can definitely tell you that it’s not a celebrity,
but a member from the society will be doing it. You all have to come
in traditional wear. All right, goodnight everyone. What!
– Listen.. – Bhide.. It’s okay.
– He is too much. Bhide created a suspense
and left. This is wrong.
This is absolutely wrong. What do you mean, Aiyar?
It’s okay, pal. Bhide is a responsible person. He performs his duties properly. So, we should trust Bhide. He will do everything nicely. Let’s go and sleep. We need to wake up
early tomorrow. Let’s go, friends.. Tomorrow only we’ll get to know
as to who Bhide has invited to hoist the flag. Let’s go now.
Goodnight.. Goodnight.
All right, goodnight.. There you go, Abdul.
– Sure.. Goodnight, Abdul.
– Let’s go. Bhide manages things very well. See you all tomorrow. The people of Gokuldham
are ready to celebrate the Independence day. Everyone is in high spirits but wondering
as to who the lucky person is. Who is that lucky person
who’s going to hoist the flag? Only Bhide knows about it. Bhide has selected
the person. But what about the eagerness
and anxiety of others? Everyone is eager to know
who is going to hoist the flag. But Bhide has made the decision. But I’m sure
that you’ll be proud once you get to know
who it is. We’ll together celebrate the Independence day
in Gokuldham. Let’s salute our motherland and proudly stand
in front of our flag and say,
‘Victory to Mother India!’ Let’s celebrate Independence day
together. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’.

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