Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2795 – Full Episode – 13th August, 2019

It’s so weird, everyone is
suggesting to call Jethalaal. What happened?
Did you talk to Mr. Mehta? We will get the tickets, right? I talked to Mr. Mehta, Sodhi
and also Aiyar. Nobody has any contacts.
But everyone suggested that I talk to Jethalaal,
maybe he can do something. So, are you waiting for the
right time to call Mr. Jetha? Call him. – No.
– I won’t talk to Jethalaal. Why so? When you know the answer,
then why do you ask, Madhavi? Don’t you know,
we had a quarrel this morning? So what?
– Really? I won’t talk to him. Wow, what an ego. You mean, it’s okay
if we don’t go to Ratnagiri and miss this
golden opportunity of going out. But it’s not okay to talk to
Mr. Jethalaal due to your ego. Madhavi, it’s not ego,
it’s self-respect. Where did self-respect
come from? Madhavi, self-respect doesn’t
come from anywhere. It’s inside us. I won’t talk to him.
– Why? Will you be humiliated
by talking to him? It’s not about humiliation.
– So, what is it about? Madhavi, you are arguing
with me for no reason. No, I am just talking to you.
You are taking it as argument. Also, in the morning,
whatever happened between you and Mr. Jethalaal,
you took it as a quarrel. But according to me
it was just a misunderstanding between you two. The children have
already forgotten that incident. You are the one who’s still
upset about it. So what do you expect?
He said so many things to me. What’s the problem?
Gokuldham is like a family and these things are common
in families. Mr. Jethalaal told you something
then you told him something. Now it’s even, right? Don’t act like you will never
talk to Mr. Jethalaal for the rest of your life. No, it’s not like that. We will talk in the evening
at the soda shop. So what’s the problem
in talking now? No, I won’t talk now.
– Oh, I understand. We are going to my brother,
right? So why will you talk
to Mr. Jethalaal? If it would have been your need,
you’d have definitely called. But now you won’t call. So just tell me you don’t want
to go to Ratnagiri. Madhavi, please stop..
Why are you getting angry? All right, I will call him now but if he started again..
– Nothing will happen. First you call him. All right, I am calling him. It has six years of warranty. This is a real deal.
– How’s the sound quality? It’s mind-blowing.
– Wow. And what about the volume?
– Glass shattering. Wow, I love music.
Because music is my world. Mister, if you play it from
the 10th floor of the building the watchman on the ground
will also dance with the music. Oh, my God!
That’s great. There’s no mobile in the market which has camera quality
like this. Really?
– Yes, have a look. When you will click a photo
with this. You will not be able
to recognize yourself. You will ask yourself,
‘Is it me?’ The photos clicked
with this phone are amazing. Really?
– Yes, just click one. Then you will come to know. He rejected my call.
– Maybe he’s busy. No, he’s not. He rejected it,
because of the morning incident. I don’t think,
that’s the reason. Call him after sometime. Did you click it?
Isn’t it beautiful? The camera quality
is really good. Right.
Not only the camera other features are also good.
Like the speaker. The speaker is so loud. By hearing it you will think
it’s a large speaker. It has songs in it.
You can check it. They are also checking
the music system. Once that stops, you can check,
you will know. No problem. Increase the volume.
– Sure. Should I reduce it now?
– No, let it go on. We are having fun. Hey, Bhide.. – Yes, Jethalaal.. I am a bit busy,
call me after some time. What? – There is too much noise
at the shop. Call me later,
I am a bit busy now. Okay? – Hello.. Hello. What happened?
– That’s strange. He said there is too much noise
and disconnected the call. I am calling him and
he is having fun there! He must not be meaning fun,
he must be meaning noise. What? – There must be
some problem there. What problem? He is avenging the quarrel
we had in the morning. Why are you assuming all this? Call again after some time. Fine. Yes, sir.
– Reduce the volume a bit. They are checking.
– I know that. But tell them, how much
will they check. How much ever longer they
play it it will play in the same manner. I’ll tell them right away.
– Okay. Why did you stop it?
Let it play, it was fun. It was good, isn’t it? – Yes. Then buy it
and take it home. Shall I pack it?
– Done? Done. Very good.
You pay the bill and I will get it packed.
– Okay. – Please come. Please come,
let me prepare your bill. Did you hear? The speaker of
the phone is so good. Yes, it is very good. It is a very nice mobile,
buy it without any concern. Okay, get it packed.
– Fine. This is a demo piece,
I will get a fresh one packed. Please make the payment there.
– Fine, thank you. Mr. Nattu.. – Yes. Please make their bill.
– Sure. You want a fridge?
Single door fridge is fine? Yes. – Hang on. Baga, please show madam
the variety of fridges. Okay, make the payment there.
– Sure. – Okay. Uncle Nattu, theirs. Okay, thank you.
Please come again. Wow, Mr. Nattu, today
business was amazing. Yes, sir. So should we have something
sweet on this occasion? Absolutely!
Go and order strong sweet, Rajwadi tea. Tea? In this heat? So will you have ‘Falooda’
ice-cream? Okay, go and order
two ‘Faloodas’. Only two? Will you have
the whole ‘Falooda’? Today he is in the mood. Fine, go and order
four ‘Faloodas’. Here, have this. If Jetha doesn’t talk to me now I won’t talk to him in future. I will be back in a jiffy.
– Go ahead. ‘Why is Bhide calling
again and again?’ ‘What did Tapu do now?’ ‘I had told Tapu not to go
in front of Bhide.’ Yes, Jetha, Bhide speaking. Yes, Bhide.
– Jetha, there is a problem I had called Tapu home.. Bhide, I don’t want to hear
anything if you have called
to complain about Tapu. We both know that Tapu is
mischievous from childhood. I’d appointed you as his teacher
to improve him. So if you want to complain
about him, then stand in front of the mirror
and complain to yourself. Jetha, I have not called to
complain about Tapu. And the quarrel we had in
the morning I have not called
about that too. I have forgotten that already.
– Is it? I was telling you in the morning
that forget all this. You were stressing so much. Jethalaal, don’t bring up this
topic again and start the stress once again. I am stressing?
– Then what is this? What nonsense are you talking?
Talk about the ticket. You tell him. Jetha, forget all this,
I was saying.. Yes, tell me.
– The thing is Madhavi and I were
thinking of going to Ratnagiri. Madhavi’s brother lives there
and Sonu also is there. She had gone to Delhi, isn’t it? Yes, she had,
but my brother-in-law Nitin he had gone to Delhi
and he met Sonu there. He told her to go to Ratnagiri
with him so she went with him. I see.. So, we thought of going
to Ratnagiri too. We’ll surprise Sonu
and get her back along with us. So, did you call me
to ask for my permission to go to Ratnagiri?
Go ahead. You have my permission.
Go and have fun there. Why would I take permission
from you, Jethalaal? The problem is we want
to go to Ratnagiri but can’t get tickets. I had a talk with the agent but he said all the trains
are full. Emergency booking
also won’t help. Then I called Tapu
to check online if the tickets are available and we ended up
losing two tickets. Really?
– Yes. So I thought of calling you
rather than somebody else. I mean, if you can do something
about it. You start packing for Ratnagiri. Oh, wow! Madhavi, Jethalaal can
book the tickets. Just assume that your ticket
is confirmed. Great!
– Father’s friend, Mr. Madhu his son works in the Railways
as a senior officer so when I want a ticket
urgently, I request him for it. And he arranges it
through VIP quota. I will just call him
and request then you will get
your tickets. Great! Does that mean
I’ll get the tickets by evening? Yes, you’ll get it. You message me the details
of yourself and Ms. Madhavi name, age,
train’s name and number. I will forward that message
to that guy and then your tickets
will be booked. Sure, I will send it to you,
Jethalaal. Thank you very much.
Thank you so much. Let’s meet in the evening then.
Thank you. Bye.
– Okay. Madhavi, Jethalaal is getting
the tickets in the evening. Didn’t I tell you?
That’s why I was asking you to speak to Mr. Jethalaal.
I told you he will do it but you don’t listen to me. Hey!
– Stop it. Fine I’ll do it to Jethalaal.
– Hey! Gokuldham society
is like that. No matter how much we argue
or fight but end of the day we are always there to help
each other, isn’t it? Absolutely, our society
is like a family. Correct. We’ll never
leave this society. Why would we do that? We have been staying
in this society. We stay here
and we will always stay here. I’ll send the details
to Jethalaal. – Fine. Sir, take it.
Mr. Bhide’s ticket to go to Ratnagiri. Yes, I was waiting
for this. Good thing that you got it. Mr. Nattu, great! Business
was very good today. Yes.
– Baga, do you know why did it do
so well? Why?
– Because today you worked will real determination. You didn’t call Bawri
and waste your time while working,
that’s why. Why are you saying that, sir? Did a doctor ask you
to scold me twice a day to stay healthy? Baga, no doctor has asked me
to do so. But the truth is,
if a trader wants his business to run well
then it’s very important for him to pressurise his workers a little. They say
that taking unnecessary pressure is injurious to health. That wouldn’t have said that
if they would’ve run a business. What is your problem, sir? Since morning I didn’t give you
a single change to scold me. Now, you’re looking for reasons
to scold me. Hey, I am not scolding you,
I am explaining to you. The way you concentrated
on your work today if you do that everyday
then it’ll be good for all us. Isn’t it, Mr. Nattu? You see, Baga.
Sir is telling normally take it positively.
– What? I was explaining to Baga to take whatever you said
positively. Yes. Understood? Okay, Mr. Nattu, I am leaving you both also leave
after closing the shop. Okay.
– Sir, take Mr. Bhide’s ticket. Oh, yes!
If I would’ve forgotten this then it would’ve been a problem.
Okay. How much is it?
– Rs. 123. Ms. Babita.
– Here, take it. Madam, please give me
change. Mister, I don’t have change.
You give it, please. I don’t have it either. Even I don’t have..
– What happened, Ms. Babita? Actually,
I have a 2000 rupee note and he doesn’t have change. Not a problem.
I’ll give it. No, Mr. Jetha,
you don’t give it. Hey, Ms. Babita,
you don’t worry. I don’t have change
for 500 too. Hey, calm down.
How much is it? Rs. 123.
– Okay, I’ll give it to you. Wait.
Here, take it. Thank you so much, Mr. Jetha. Ms. Babita, don’t thank me. Did you forget
that Gokuldham society is like a family? And in a family
there is no concept of thank you and saying sorry. Mr. Jetha, you didn’t have to.
– Hey, it’s okay. Take it, mister.
– Yes. Excuse me, just a moment. What happened? Wait, Ms. Babita,
I will take it. Let me take it. Don’t worry,
I am here, Ms. Babita. Wait for a couple
of minutes. A bit of help..
– It’s nothing. – Oh, my God! You can leave, mister.
Yes.. Go! Good job! Come, Ms. Babita, I will
drop you. No..
One second please Hello! Yes.. ‘Wonderful! Her phone
rang at an appropriate time.’ ‘I will take advantage of this
and take all this stuff’ ‘to Ms. Babita’s house.’ ‘She will like it.’ I think, I’ll be okay. Okay. All right. See you
then, tomorrow. Okay. Bye. Yes, Mr. Jetha..
Where did he vanish? Did he take the stuff
and go to my home? Mr. Aiyar, you’re at home!
– Yes! But, what are you doing here?
And what is all this? This is Ms. Babita’s stuff.
– Where is Babita? She is on a call, downstairs. Has Babita asked you to
drop this stuff? No..
– Then? Mr. Aiyar.. There is
something called humanity. How is this stuff related to
humanity? Mr. Aiyar, will it look nice
that a woman picks up all of this and climbs up to
the first floor? Hence, I showed
some chivalry and helped her. But, Mr. Aiyar,
this is wrong. – What’s wrong? That you’re sitting here
alone at home, with comfort and sent Ms. Babita for
shopping alone. You should have gone with her. Mr. Jetha, I wasn’t at home.
I just came 10 minutes ago. Hey, Mr. Jetha, why did you
get the stuff here? It’s all fine, Ms. Babita. But this stuff is
not mine. What?
– What? This belongs to Ms. Anjali
and I was going to drop it there only. But Mr. Jetha got it here. What do you do, Mr. Jetha? What’s so funny about that? I just wanted to
help, Ms. Babita. Hence, I got it here. Before helping anyone,
you must ask the person that if the help is required
or not. If you’ll help forcefully,
then this happens. It’s okay, Mr. Jetha. Aiyar, drop this stuff to
Ms. Anjali’s house. Babita, I don’t have
any problem with dropping this. But Mr. Jetha will anyway
go home. So, on his way, he will drop
the stuff at Mr. Mehta’s house. You will drop it,
Mr. Jetha, isn’t it? Yes. Mr. Jetha is in
helper-mode today. Mr. Jetha, sorry that you’d
to undergo so much of inconvenience
because of me. No.. Ms. Babita, what about
inconvenience in that? It’s not your fault at all. It’s okay. I will drop
this stuff to Mr. Mehta’s house. Hold, Mr. Jetha.
Aiyar, give Rs. 150 to Mr. Jetha.
– Why? I didn’t have change
to give to the rickshaw guy,
so Mr. Jetha paid him. No.. Ms. Babita! No, Mr. Jetha.
– Ms. Babita! Please, Mr. Jetha
– Mr. Jetha, here. Money matters must
be sorted out. Here. But it’s just Rs. 123. Keep the change.
– What? You don’t have
to return the change. Is it? Mr. Aiyar has now
become some rich guy. Just now, you said,
money matters must be sorted. So, I will definitely
give you the change. I have it, the rickshaw driver
just gave it to me. Here is your Rs. 20.
And here another Rs. 7 to make it complete
Rs. 27. The accounts
have been cleared. I’ll take your leave,
Ms. Babita. Thank you very much,
Mr. Jetha. Ms. Babita,
you’re thanking me again! Did you forget
what I told you downstairs that people of Gokuldham
are like a family? Oh! I’m sorry! Sorry!
– Oh, okay. No sorry, no thank you, okay? Okay? – Okay,
I’ll take your leave. – Okay. I’ll deliver this.
– Thank you very much.. May I help you?
– You’re thanking me again. Oh, I’m sorry..
– Ms. Babita.. I’m sorry.. Okay, bye. See you.
– Okay, bye.. Whose envelope is this? Oh! I think it dropped
from Mr. Jetha’s pocket. I’ll go and stop him.
– Hold on for a minute.. Hold on.. What happened, Aiyar?
Why are you laughing? This envelope indeed
belongs to Jethalaal and I’ll return it to him. But, Babita, I won’t return it
to him that easily. Jethalaal pranks
on everyone. Now, I’ll play a prank
with Jethalaal by using this ticket.
– Ticket! – Yes, it’s a ticket. This is Aatmaram
and Ms. Madhavi’s ticket to Ratnagiri. that Aatmaram had asked
Jethalaal to bring. Now Aatmaram will ask Jethalaal
for the ticket and Jethalaal won’t have it. The ticket is with me! You people are always
up to some pranks. Babita, it’s going to be fun
at Abdul’s shop, today. What’s this? Bhide’s tickets
dropped from Jetha’s pocket and Aiyar found it. Aiyar is going to play a prank
on Jethalaal. Such silly pranks give new dimensions
to friendship. But the important thing is my friend’s habit
of forgetting things is going to land him
in the soup. Bhide is going to ask Jetha
for his ticket at the soda shop. What is he going to do
when he gets to know that Jetha doesn’t have
the ticket? The most important thing is what will Jetha
and all of us do? I’m sure there’s going to be
a ruckus. There’s going to be a lot of fun
amidst the ruckus that will make you laugh. Amidst the ruckus it’s going to be fun-filled
with lots of laughter. To know what happens
next keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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