Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2794 – Full Episode – 12th August, 2019

Look, Mr. Bhide,
the website opened up. Did you see the magic of 4G?
– Yes. Mr. Bhide,
give me your card details the tickets will be booked
right away. Yes, I’ll give you. Here is my debit card.. And I want confirmed seats,
not waiting. Yes, you will get
confirmed tickets. Mr. Bhide, all the trains
going to Ratnagiri are booked
for the day after tomorrow. There is just Rajrani Express which has three seats
available. Do it quickly!
– Don’t be hasty! Book only two tickets.
Don’t book three tickets. He will book a ticket
even for himself. You talk nonsense. Move it. Mr. Bhide, I have entered
all the details now when you get
the payment confirmation the tickets will be booked. Thank God.
Thank you, dear. Is it done?
– Yes, nearly done. It is buffering.
– I see. Oh, no! What happened? Mr. Bhide, my phone got
switched off due to low battery. And the internet
got disconnected. Oh no! Has my money been debited? No, the money was not debited,
but the tickets are not booked. I’d asked you to use my phone,
but you never listen to me. Mr. Bhide, relax. Give me your phone,
I’ll connect with that and book the tickets.
– What did I say earlier? Was I talking in Hebrew?
– It’s okay. Give it to me. It is connected!
– Now book the ticket quickly. Yes, sure. Oh no!
– What now? – What now? Mr. Bhide, now only
one ticket is available. Oh, God! Mr. Bhide,
I’ll go and bring Sonu back. Will you now?
You think, I’ll allow that. How can you bring her back? How will you bring her back? This boy..
– Calm down.. Cool..
– Hey! Tapu said that
only one ticket is available. What is to be done? What is to be done?
Ask him what is to be done. I’d asked him to use my phone,
but he didn’t listen to me. The tickets are gone now! Mr. Bhide,
one seat is confirmed. Let’s get the other one
in waiting that will also be confirmed
by day after tomorrow. It won’t be confirmed. This is holiday season,
no one cancels their tickets. It is difficult.
– Sorry, Mr. Bhide. That’s it!
Say sorry, and it ends. I’d asked him to use my phone,
but he didn’t listen to me. You always do the opposite
of what I say. I wonder what pleasure you get
by troubling me. Hey, let it go!
– Why, Madhavi? As if whatever he has done
until now wasn’t enough! Mr. Bhide, Tapu did so much
for you and you’re scolding him. You are studying science
to be a doctor, isn’t it? Yes. – Then why are you
being his lawyer? He is.. This is the reaction
he gives. Goli means to say that
poor Tapu is trying so hard and still you’re scolding him! There’s a difference between
hard work and smart work. His hard work is useless.
He wasted time! Sorry, Mr. Bhide, I didn’t know
my phone battery was so low that it would shut down.
– Of course, it would. If you play games and do surfing
on the internet all day long the phone’s battery
will surely drain. Sorry, Mr. Bhide. Listen.. Mr. Bhide, don’t worry.
We will try again tomorrow. There are many trains
to Ratnagiri. We will get a ticket
for the day after tomorrow. Yes. If you don’t get the ticket
for day after tomorrow then we’ll get the ticket
for the day after that. – Right. And if we don’t get
the ticket then.. We will book the ticket
for the next day. Yes.
– There’s no point. Because Sonu is coming back
on Sunday. We had planned to surprise her.
Our plan got ruined. Mr. Bhide, don’t worry.
We will try, tomorrow. We will get the ticket. You.. We will get it. Children, we’ll book
the tickets later. You guys my leave now. And thank you so much
for coming. Okay, Ms. Madhavi.
Sorry. Mr. Bhide, here’s your
debit card and your phone. Goli, let’s take
the cricket kit. – Okay. What do you mean?
Hey.. Don’t you dare!
Nobody should touch it. I have confiscated your kit. I am going to give it
to the trash collector. Mr. Bhide, we have apologised.
Please return the kit. Goli, tell him
that you had hit the shot. Hold on.
I am getting a call. Hold on. Listen to me.
Ms. Madhavi, please tell him. Take the kit and leave.
Leave before he comes back. Listen..
Children.. Please don’t play
cricket, today. Yes, we won’t play.
Ms. Madhavi, you are the best. Thank you..
– Yes. Madhavi..
– Yes. It was a call
from Mr. Savant. He wants 4 kilograms
of mango pickle. Okay. Where did the Tapu’s gang go? Where is the cricket kit? Did they take it along? And you allowed them!
You did not stop them! It’s okay.
I asked them to leave. What is this, Madhavi? You shouldn’t have given
the kit to them. They would have
learnt a lesson. They would have been
careful next time. They are sensible. And they said that they have realised their mistake.
They won’t do it in future. They will not do it. What should we do
about the tickets? We will have to try, tomorrow. It was go good
during those days. We used to go
to the railway station stand in a queue, take
the ticket and come back home. Internet has made it difficult. It’s for our convenience. Don’t worry. If we don’t get
the train tickets then we will go by bus.
Okay? No, Madhavi.
Not by bus. I feel pukish in the bus. I don’t feel comfortable.
– You are right. I remember. When you had come
to meet me for the first time you were making
strange noises. I thought, you were
doing that on seeing me. No.. Good thing that you cleared
that you don’t feel comfortable in the bus. If you were aware of it then why did you
come by the bus? I had told dad
that we must go by train. My dad would have told
the agent that I don’t feel
comfortable in the bus. He would have
misunderstood. So, he booked
bus tickets for everybody. Oh, God!
– Right. I didn’t want
to cancel everybody’s ticket. We would have
suffered loss. So, I came in the bus
with everybody. I was sitting
in this position throughout. I couldn’t enjoy
the scenery. Poor you.
– I know. Anyway, the bus
takes a long time. We will go by train.
– Okay. Fine. Tapu’s gang spoilt everything. We would have
booked the ticket by now. It’s okay.
What is done, is done. Think about the tickets now. What should I think?
My brain should function. Tell you what!
Let’s talk to our agent. Madhavi.. – I know,
it will be a little expensive. But we can do this
for our Sonu. And we have
so much work. You have brought
raw mangoes. We have got the order
for 4 kilograms of pickle. You will have
to run for the ticket. It’s better you speak
to the agent. Okay.
I will speak to the agent. Talk to him over the phone meanwhile, I will
start making the order, okay? Travel.. Yes..
Ghoomte Raho Travels. Sir, it’s our duty
to make people explore. Just tell me your destination.
We will arrange everything. Yes. Please hold on. Hello!
Ghoomte Raho Travels. I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
the secretary of Gokuldham. I want to go to Ratnagiri. I need ticket to Ratnagiri
for the day after tomorrow. For the day after tomorrow?
– Yes. I need two confirm tickets.
– I can’t assure you. The vacations are going on.
– I know. That’s why, I have
called you up. I need just two tickets.
Can you help me? Nothing can be done, sir. The booking is full. Yet I will try
to book the ticket. Sir, everything
happens online now. So, all the tickets
get booked in no time. Exactly. I can’t guarantee you
for tomorrow. But.. You mean, you are not sure
that we would get the ticket! It’s very difficult, sir. Just consider
that you won’t get it. Sir, tell you what!
You can travel by bus. It’s a sleeper class.
You can travel while sleeping. It’s an AC bus. No, bus journey hurts me. No, what I mean to say is,
I don’t want to go by bus. Then shall I book flight tickets
for you? – What? Do they have flights
to Ratnagiri? There is no direct flight, sir.
There is a layover. And two tickets cost
only Rs. 25,000. – What! Rs. 25,000!
– Well, if you confirm it now. Otherwise, the prices
may increase later. Gosh! This mode of transport
will cost me an arm and a leg. No, I do not want flight tickets
but train tickets. Well, we can only try our best,
then. – Fine, I have no option. I’ll call you later.
– Okay. What is it? What happened?
Did you book the tickets? No, Madhavi. The agent says
that it’s vacation time so even ‘Tatkal’ tickets
are not available. – Darn! And do you know how much the
flight tickets cost? Rs. 25,000! Oh, God! So expensive! We can travel to and fro
ten times in that amount! It’s the festival season,
Madhavi everyone wants to earn profits. But in our times,
this wouldn’t happen. Ticket prices didn’t skyrocket
like this, back then. Dear, back then,
people would book the tickets three months in advance.
– Yes, Madhavi. But it’s not fair
to increase the prices and take advantage
of people’s helplessness. What can we do now?
– What else? I guess, we can’t give
Sonu a surprise now. No, we have to go
to Ratnagiri at all costs. But how? Our plans have been foiled!
– Hey, let’s ask Mr. Popat. He is a reporter.
He must have good contacts. Great! What an idea! You suggested the right person
at the right time. Let me talk to him now.
– Call him. I’ll be in the kitchen.
– Yes. Gosh! What’s wrong
with the network lately? I can’t get any signal here. It’s not getting connected. Popatlaal! Good morning, Bhide!
– Good morning! Please come here.
– What happened? Come, I have
some work with you. But I’m getting late for office. Tell me.
– I was trying to call you. Come home,
it’s something urgent. Urgent?
I hope everything is fine. Yes, it is. Please come.
– Yes, I’ll come. Tell me, Bhide.
What urgent work do you have? Yes.. Come have a seat. No, I don’t have time for that.
I’m getting late for the press. Quickly tell me
what the matter is. Yes.. Why are you going
so late to work today? Yes, I was at work
till late night. I was working on an article
till midnight. Then, I had a meeting
with the editor. We reporters lead
such busy lives. We have no fix time for meals
or sleep or anything. Forget all that.
Why did you call me here? What’s the urgent work?
– Mr. Popat, when did you come? I just told him to call you up.
– Yes, he called me. Oh, I see.
– Tell me, what is it? Actually, Madhavi and I
want to go to Ratnagiri the day after tomorrow. Wow, that’s great!
But why the sudden plan? Actually, Mr. Popat, Sonu
went to her uncle, in Ratnagiri after completing her workshop.
So, we decided to go there and bring her back. Then, he suggested
that we can go sightseeing since we are vising there.
– Sure, go on a tour to Ratnagiri
and have fun there. And don’t you worry
about our society. I’ll handle everything here.
– No, dear, it’s not that. We want to go to Ratnagiri,
but no tickets are available. Hence, we called you. Why did you call me? I’m
a reporter, not a travel agent. Try booking ‘Tatkal’ tickets.
You’ll sure get it done. That’s what we have been doing
since morning, Popatlaal. I tried booking tickets online,
talked to the agent too but all the trains are packed.
No tickets are available. Really? – And the thing is,
bus journey doesn’t suit him. So, he doesn’t want
to travel by bus. And flights tickets
are expensive. So, I asked him to talk to you.
I mean, see if we can book tickets
using your contacts. We have seats reserved for us
in the railways. Wow! So, you can get tickets
booked for us using your quota. Right?
– Yes. – No. What?
– Why not? Actually, Ms. Madhavi,
all the rules have changed. Earlier, a reporter could
book tickets for others using his quota. Mr. Popat,
is there no other way? I mean, can it be done
using some other contact? I’m sorry, Ms. Madhavi, I’m
not able to help you with this. But why don’t you try booking
tickets for the next week? You’ll surely get it. No, Mr. Popat,
Sonu is coming back on Sunday. And we wish to surprise her.
So, we need to go before that. I see.. The why don’t you
cancel Sonu’s tickets? Then you all can return together
at a later date. No, Popatlaal,
it will be too late. We have so much work
in the society next week. And we have to deliver
the pickle and poppadoms too. Yes.
– Oh, I see. Time is of the essence.
Then, how will you do it? Well, no problem.
I think, we cannot make it. Sorry, Bhide.
Sorry, Ms. Madhavi. If you have something else
for me, do tell me. No, Mr. Popat, that was all. Okay, I’ll go now. – Please sit,
I’ll serve you tea. Ms. Madhavi,
I am in a little hurry. I am already late for office. Bhide, let’s meet
in the evening. – Okay. Bhide, why don’t you
talk to Jethalaal? He has many contacts. He can easily arrange tickets
for you. Popatlaal,
thanks for the advice. When a reporter like you
can’t do anything about it what can Jethalaal do? Okay, I should leave now.
– Okay. Why are you looking at me
like that? Go and talk to Mr. Jethalaal. I’ll not talk to Jethalaal.
Instead I will call Mr. Mehta. He also has many contacts. All right, call him up,
I have work in the kitchen. Bhide, tell me.
– Mr. Mehta, did I disturb you? Bhide, yes you disturbed me.
I was busy. Oh! I am so sorry.
I will call you later, okay? Come on, Bhide. Since when our conversation
became so formal? I was sitting in the office,
and doing some minor work. Then you called me up,
and I answered your call. Tell me, how can I help you. Mr. Mehta, actually my wife and I want
to go to Ratnagiri. But tickets are not available. I mean, I have
already tried online and also talked to agents.
But all the tickets are booked. So, can you arrange
two tickets for us? Bhide, in this case
I can’t help you. I don’t know
any such agent. Do one thing. Talk to Jethalaal,
I am sure he has contacts. If you cannot help me,
I’m sure even he cannot. There’s no harm in trying.
Talk to him. He might know someone.
Maybe your work will be done. All right.
Okay, thank you, Mr. Mehta. Okay. I will never call up Jethalaal. Whom should I call up? Oh.. Aiyar. The scientist may do something. Good afternoon, Aatmaram.
– Good afternoon, Aiyar. I have an urgent task for you.
Can we speak now? Yes, go ahead. Actually, Madhavi
and I are going to Ratnagiri the day after tomorrow, and we
haven’t got the tickets yet. I did try. I checked online
and even spoke with the agent but the trains are all full. None of the trains are vacant.
– I see. Do you know anyone
who can get us two tickets? We just need two tickets.
– Sorry, Aatmaram. I don’t know anyone
who can do it. I suggest that you phone
Jethalaal. He must know someone. He can help you.
– All right, I’ll see.. Thank you, bye..
– Bye.. Great, Aiyar is asking
me to phone Jethalaal. Jethalaal talks big game
and people think that he has a lot of connections.
But that’s not the case. I am not going to speak
with Jethalaal. Whom should I ask now? Oh yes, I can talk to Sodhi. Oh yes! Mr. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide.. What made you think
of Roshan Singh Sodhi? Sodhi,
I need some urgent help.. Of course, why not?
Is there any problem? No, it’s not that,
but to be honest, there is. You have a problem,
but you don’t have it as well. What does that mean? Do you have a problem or not? Answer me,
I am tensed here. I mean, it’s nothing major. My friend, you’re confused and now you’re confusing
me as well. Tell me what your problem is. Sodhi, Madhavi and I
want to go to Ratnagiri the day after tomorrow. Great, that is good news.
Go to Ratnagiri then. Why are you so tensed about it? How can I go, Sodhi?
We can’t get train tickets. I tried a lot. I tried online
and spoke to the agent. But all the trains are occupied. So I thought
that I should ask you if you could book us tickets.
– Bhide.. I don’t know anyone
who can help you with that. Hold on,
let me ask my workers. Oh, my dear workers
of Sodhi Garage.. Do you know anyone
who can book train tickets? No, sir, we don’t know anyone. All right, get back to work. Bhide, I am sorry,
they don’t know anyone. Why don’t you take my vehicle? Sodhi, if I were to do that
I could book a bus. Then, do that. No, it’s just that.. It makes me vomit. Bhide, you never
cease to amaze me. Just because some buses
meet with an accident and topple doesn’t mean, it happens
with every bus. Oh, God!
I just feel pukish in the bus. It’s motion sickness. In short, I need to go by train. Bhide, you are amazing.
You didn’t get my joke. I was just trying
to make you relax. Sorry, my friend,
I don’t know anyone. But you could..
– Phone Jethalaal? Great, I was going to tell you
that and you already guessed it. How did you know?
– I read your mind. Your guess us right.
Talk to him. He’s a businessman. He is very intelligent.
He will figure out a way to book your tickets. Okay, thank you, Sodhi.
– All right.. Let’s meet in the evening
at Abdul’s shop. Bye.. Bhide is in a bad situation
due to unavailability of tickets and the solutions are awry. Bhide and Madhavi
are excited to meet Sonu but it’s the festive season and booking tickets
is not an easy task. You must have faced
a similar situation where you couldn’t
book tickets. What does one do
in such situations? One tries and talks to people,
and Bhide is doing the same. He asked everyone
in the society for help and everyone
had the same suggestion. To ask my dear friend Jethalaal. And Jethalaal and Bhide
are not on good terms because of Tapu’s gang.
Now we have to find out whether Jethalaal
will help Bhide or not. And even if he does, will he
be able to get him the tickets? The questions are many,
but you know that you get the solution
to every problem here in a fun-filled way. Whether he gets
the ticket or not your ticket to laughter
has been punched. Keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching
and keep laughing.

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