Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2793 – Full Episode – 9th August, 2019

What is happening
in this society? The kids lack discipline.
Mannerless brats! They care about no one! I have seized their cricket kit. Let me see how they play now. Calm down. You are
being furious for no reason. You are saying as if the kids
are not at fault at all. You have seized their kit,
right? So, in a way, you are
teaching them a lesson. So, end the matter now.
Forget about it. On top if that, Tapu says
that he misses Sonu a lot. I’m really mad at him.
– Hold on. What exactly is your problem? Is it the spilt ‘Misal’
or that he misses her? Forget all that now. We were discussing
a great topic, weren’t we? Why are you staring at me? What are you doing? You asked me to
control my temper. So, I was doing the same. Is it under control now?
– It is. Go, change your kurta.
I’ll clean this up. Ms. Madhavi. What happened?
– No, nothing! Ms. Madhavi, can we please
take our cricket kit back? No, dear. He is furious. Please, ma’am, let us.
– Please, ma’am.. Please..
– Please. No, kids, let him cool down.
Then you can have it back. Madhavi! – Hey, move! Gosh! Kids! Oh, no! If Mr. Bhide spots us,
we’ll be dead. What will we do now?
– Nothing will happen.. Don’t make any noise. Was anyone here? No.
– Tapu and his friends? No.. Why would the poor kids
come here? Poor kids? – No, I mean, why
would the kids come here? They are afraid of you. Hey! Where’s my phone? I guess,
I left it in that kurta. Then quickly remove it, or else,
it’ll go for laundering. Come on..
– What’s the hurry? We have to wash it.
– Yes. – Yes. I mean, please go quickly. Later.. Well..
– Yes. Did anyone come here?
Tapu and his friends? Why are you asking that?
Why would they come here? And you look great in
this kurta! Handsome! This is a good kurta. But
the other one was pretty too. It got soiled by ‘Misal’. It’s okay. – Your brother, Nitin
is calling from Ratnagiri. What! Really?
Put in on speaker mode. Yes.
Hello, Nitin! How are you? I’m good. Right? He still says that.
– Yes. Hello!
– Yes, I’m listening. Go on. Greetings, Brother-in-law.
How are you? How is sister?
– We all are fine. How is everyone there?
– Good, Sister-in-law. Greetings, Brother-in-law. Sister-in-law Madhavi,
Greetings! – Shobha.. So, is it raining in Mumbai?
– Heavily! Wow! In Ratnagiri, too,
we have ample rains. Good. It’s good that you called Nitin.
We are talking after so long. I’m so happy. – Even we are
happy to hear your voices. Right?
– Also, you will be delighted to hear what I’m going
to tell you now. Wow! What is it? Tell us. Hey, is it good news?
Congratulations.. No. It’s not good news. Sonu is in Ratnagiri. Ta-da!
– Sonu is in Ratnagiri.. What! Sonu is in..
Ratnagiri? When did she reach there? How would I know? Nitin, she was in Delhi. How did she reach Ratnagiri? Patience.
I’ll tell you. Sonu reached Ratnagiri
this morning. I have brought her here. Did you understand? I did not understand.
Make me understand. Nitin, how did you
get Sonu to Ratnagiri? By train. Gosh! – I am not asking you
the mode of transportation. I mean, how did this happen? Did you understand? Brother-in-law,
it’s a funny story. Did you understand? He is talking in circles.
Will he reveal the mystery? Nitin, will you please
tell me in detail? What exactly happened? How did Sonu reach Ratnagiri? I’ll tell you.. Actually, we had been to Delhi
on a tour. We got to know
that even Sonu was in Delhi. She was there
for some workshop. Yes.
– Right. When we met her,
she told us that her workshop is over. Then I asked her
to come with me. Did you understand? Right!
And Sonu has holidays. And one must visit
their uncle during holidays. Did you understand? Now, I understood. But Sonu should have told us. She wanted to inform you. She was even worried. She was telling us
that you would be worried. Exactly.
– But I told her.. ‘Sonu, you have come
to your uncle’s place.’ ‘I will inform your parents.’ No. No problem at all.
Where is she? Let me talk to her. Sister-in-law,
Sonu has gone to the temple. And she is going to meet
a few relatives. Yes.
We are going to enjoy. Don’t worry at all. And yes.. Do not disturb her
by constantly calling her up. Do not bother her. Not at all.
We will not bother her. Let her enjoy.
Is everything all right? Everything is fine. I will
hang up now. Did you understand? Yes, I have understood.
Bye. Okay. Madhavi, it’s good. Sonu will enjoy in Ratnagiri. Absolutely. Tell you what!
– What! Sonu has gone to her uncle
in Ratnagiri, right? So.. What’s going on in your mind?
– Hey! I mean, let us also go there. I have not met Nitin
and Shobha for so long. Let’s go there
and stay for a few days. You are right.
– Yes. But it’s pouring in Ratnagiri. I know. It’s not good to go
in the rainy season. It’s very cold in winters,
so we can’t go. And then the same excuse
in the summer season. You don’t want to go there.
– But.. We can’t go in the summer,
winter or rainy season. When should we go there?
Forget it! Hey.. Listen to me, Madhavi. I am. Tell me. I am saying
that we’ll go to Ratnagiri. And we will bring Sonu back
while returning. Really?
– Yes. Thank you..
Thank you so much! I can’t tell you
how happy I am to hear this. And I am happy
to see you happy. Sonu will be happy to see us.
– Yes. Let’s not tell Nitin,
Sonu and Shobha that we are coming
to Ratnagiri. We will surprise them.
It will be fun. It’s a good idea.
– Yes. We’ll take ‘Ice Halwa’ the
speciality of Mumbai, for them. We will buy something
for Nitin and Shobha. We’ll buy something
for Madhura, too. What shall we buy first? Tickets. We have to go to Ratnagiri. We must book
the tickets first. Oh, yes. – Let’s book it.
– You are right. Why isn’t the Wi-Fi working?
– What! No. It’s working.
The green light is on. Right. It’s not working.
Let me restart the device. Darn!
It’s very slow. If it continues with this speed then we can open the site
by tomorrow. – Oh, no! It’s open.
– Yes. Thank God! Hey.. What’s going on? I will share hotspot
from my mobile and then operate. Do you know how to do it? Absolutely.
Sonu has taught me. Wow! It’s not connecting. Did you learn it properly? What do you mean, Madhavi? Strange! Neither can I connect
to the Wi-Fi nor the hotspot. I think,
you should talk to him. Whom are you referring to? Well, he’s an expert
when it comes to this. He will teach you properly. But who is he?
What’s his name? He’s your student. I have many students.
Whom are you talking about? Tipendra.
– Jitendra? Who is Jitendra? I didn’t say Jitendra. Tipendra.
– Okay, Tipendra.. Tapu?
Should I talk to Tapu? Yes. He’s an expert
when it comes to this. He will teach you properly. Tapu will teach me? I mean, he’ll not teach you.
He’ll show you how to do it. What do you mean?
Don’t you know what he has done? He hurled a ball at me,
a while ago and soiled my kurta. He didn’t do it deliberately.
It was an accident. It doesn’t matter.
I’ll not talk to Tapu. Come on, we have to book
the tickets. How will we meet Sonu
if we can’t book the tickets? I will not talk to Tapu
and that’s final. Okay. I’ll talk to him.
– Madhavi! – What? You behave like a child
with the children. We’ll be unable to book the
tickets because of your temper. The problem is regarding
the tickets, right? I’ll go to the station
and book the tickets. Bye.
– Oh, God! You’re so egoistic!
– Ego? Yes. You will go out
in the scorching sun and wait in the queue.
You’ll waste fuel and half a day but you can’t seek help
from the children. You’re so weird.
What’s your problem? They are kids,
just like Sonu. Hey! Don’t compare them
to Sonu. Our daughter Sonu is very nice.
She’s not like them. She is not troublesome. Oh, God!
You’re still not letting it go. Okay. You don’t want
to talk to Tapu, right? I’ll talk to him.
He’ll come over right now and help us.
Give me the phone. No. I’ll not let you call Tapu
using my phone. If you want, call him
using your phone. Fine. Tapu, put your phone
on silent mode. Oh, God!
Ms. Madhavi is calling! Ms. Madhavi’s call! I am sure
Mr. Bhide is calling us using her phone to rebuke us. Dear God, please save us. Hello.
– Hello, Tapu. Hello, ma’am. I am so sorry.
We didn’t do it deliberately. The ball entered your house,
accidentally. It’s all right, dear. I didn’t call you
regarding that matter. I need your help.
– Yes, tell me. Well, I want to connect my
computer to my phone’s hotspot. Can you please tell me
how to do it? You will not understand
if I instruct you over the phone.
I’ll have to come over. Really? So, come over. Where are you?
– I am at the club house. That’s great.
Come here right now. Ma’am, I’ll come
but Mr. Bhide is home, right? Yes, he’s home.
But don’t worry, I am here. He’ll not rebuke you. All right.
Okay, ma’am. He’s coming. Don’t go. Mr. Bhide might have planned
this in order to lure you to his house.
– Yes. Don’t go. I can’t help it.
I agreed to go there. I have to go now. Tapu, I have an idea.
We’ll go with you. We were playing cricket
together so let’s get rebuked together. Okay. Anyway, Goli
has a great appetite, right? Come, you are going
to get rebuked today. Come on. Please don’t say that. Let’s face it together.
Let’s go. Yes, let’s see what happens
at Mr. Bhide’s house. I wonder..
– I am so worried.. Why did you call Tapu over? The internet connection
would have resumed in some time. It’s all right.
Please don’t rebuke him. No way!
I’ll venerate him instead. The veneration platter
isn’t ready. Hey!
– Should I get it? I am not kidding. I am going to reprimand him. First, I will reprimand him
and then, ask him to help us. If I don’t reprimand him he’ll not get affected
by my anger. So, I shall reprimand him!
– Dear.. Can we come in?
– Yes.. Sorry, Mr. Bhide. Right! That was left to do. Today, you have made
two mistakes. First, you hurled a ball
inside my house and then, the biggest mistake
is that you fled after making a mistake. Sorry. Tapu, do you think
you are Virat Kohli? Why did you hit the ball
inside my house? No, Mr. Bhide, I didn’t do it.
Goli hit the ball. Is that so? Mr. Bhide, but the ball
was thrown by Gogi. If he hadn’t bowled like that..
– Hey, my bowling was perfect.
– Then I wouldn’t have.. Stop it..
– Hey.. Calm down. Sit quietly! Hey, why are you sitting?
Stand up.. I asked you to be quiet,
not to sit down. Idiots..
– Please relax. Don’t fight with each other.
– Hey, Madhavi.. There is no fight going on.
It’s all part of their plan. But we don’t have any plans..
– Hey.. Don’t act too smart. Don’t act too smart, Gogi. Their plan is that
they start talking together to hide each other’s mistakes. So that we won’t find out who
is at fault and whom to scold. Please don’t scold them
anymore. The kids have realised
their mistake. Kids, you won’t repeat it,
will you? What are you doing?
Are you giving them options? Tell them that they
should not do it again. Y-Yes, kids, do not do it again. Yes, we won’t..
No, we, won’t.. They say that
they won’t do it again. I can hear. Tapu, please connect your
mobile phone to the computer. His hotspot isn’t working. Hey, what do you mean by mine? It’s the mobile’s hotspot. Yes, the mobile’s hotspot
isn’t working. Please connect it. Actually, we have to
book tickets to Ratnagiri. Are you going to Ratnagiri? No, we are just buying tickets
to sell it in the black market. No, Mr. Bhide,
I was just asking. Yes, dear, we are going
to Ratnagiri to bring Sonu back. She is at her uncle’s house. Are you going to bring Sonu?
– Yes. Wow! But how did
she go to Ratnagiri? Why do you care..
– My brother in Ratnagiri had gone to Delhi
and he met Sonu there. Then he took Sonu to Ratnagiri. That’s why we are going
to Ratnagiri to bring her back. So, we have to book the tickets. I see, you need the tickets
to bring Sonu. I will book it right away. I see, you weren’t
going to do it if it wasn’t for Sonu, right? No, Mr. Bhide, that’s not true.
I would’ve helped you anyway but now you are going
to get Sonu. And when I hear about Sonu,
I feel energetic and ecstatic. That’s the reason. Besides, we haven’t
seen her in a long time. We miss her a lot. He misses her a lot. Say it already..
– Don’t.. What happened?
– Nothing.. Quickly connect the mobile
to the computer, please. Ms. Madhavi, Tapu
can do that easily. Yes, of course. I don’t care how you do it
but make it fast. Connect it. Go ahead.
– Yes, I’ll do it right away.. Friends, no matter
what he says.. In the end,
he always needs my help. Do you hear that? Do you hear
how he is speaking about me? That’s why I told you
not to call him. You may go now.
I will do it on my own. Dear..
– Mr. Bhide, I was just joking. I will book your tickets
right away. Tapu, you will do it, won’t you? Because his mobile
wasn’t working. Ms. Madhavi,
it’s because sometimes the settings are changed,
so connection fails. I’ll fix it. Tell me what’s wrong
with the settings in my phone. Connect it with my mobile.
– No, Mr. Bhide. I will use my phone.
It will be done. No, connect my phone. I want
to see what’s wrong with mine. Mr. Bhide, I have 4G reception
in my phone. It will be done in a jiffy.
Let me do it. But..
– Let him do it. He has a better phone. Do it, dear.. Oh, yes, kids.. Keep in mind that Sonu
shouldn’t find out that we are going to Ratnagiri. Yes, no one should call her up. What? Are you planning
to surprise her? Friends, we should go too.
It will be fun. Yes, let’s go.. It’s fun!
– Hello, listen.. Hey.. What’s this? First book
two tickets for us. – Right. Tapu, do it fast,
so that we can get our cricket kit back.
– Yes, he’s right. Who said that? Who told you that?
It’s not going to happen. Tapu, let it be.
Book the tickets. Nowadays,
no one appreciates help. Hello! Whom are you mocking?
Are you pointing at me? Did I tell you to come here? Why don’t you keep quiet? Ms. Madhavi, it was
a general statement. I was not pointing out anyone. Why are you saying it
by looking at me? Ms. Madhavi, it was
a general statement. I was not pointing out anyone. Hey, how dare you
to show me your back! I don’t know what to do.
– You just sit quietly. I mean, just stand quietly.
Otherwise he will sit somewhere. What..
– It’s done. It’s connected. It’s done.
– That’s good. – Good. The problem in Gokuldham
has been resolved. Now everything is going
peacefully. The beloved of Gokuldham
and everyone’s dearest and the most talented daughter
of Mr. and Ms. Bhide. I am talking about Sonu. Mr. and Ms. Bhide are
very excited about the surprise visit
to Ratnagiri and also for bringing Sonu
back to Gokuldham. It’s obvious.
Because daughters are very dear to us. So, both of them are
very excited to bring her back. But the excitement
will soon fizzle out because now,
it’s the season of festivals. That’s why they are
not getting the tickets. So, how will they arrange
the tickets? Bhide is trying.
And Tapu and his friends are also trying to help him
book the tickets. Let’s see what happens next. You already know,
the festival celebrations in Gokuldham Society
are exceptional in every way. Every day becomes so exciting. There’s a lot to happen. So, stay tuned to ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ to find out. Keep watching and keep smiling. The waves of laughs
will soon reach your home. So, keep watching
and keep laughing.

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