Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2781 – Full Episode – 24th July, 2019

I’ve dealt with enough
people like you. You don’t know my bravery. I am Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada. I live in this society. That balcony, you see,
is my apartment. Not the one with the board,
the one next to it. Tell him it’s ‘B’ wing. Yes, ‘B’ wing.
My house is in ‘B’ wing. And I own a shop
in Andheri East. Gada Electronics. I am in the shop during
the day and I come back home in the night. Come where you want. I’ll be there to see you. Come on. Apologise,
take the keys and leave. Come on, leave. Yes. And be careful
from next time. Yes.
Apologise and take the keys. Come on. Will you apologise or do
you want us to call the police? Call whoever you want. I am not scared of anyone.
Do you get it? It’s not my mistake.
I won’t apologise. Jethalaal, why don’t you
apologise and end this? Yes.
– We all are getting late. Hey, what are you saying,
Aiyar? Why should I apologise? It’s not my mistake. I’ll teach him a lesson today. Jetha, stop it.
It’s enough. Let him go.
– Dad.. Jethalaal, give him the keys.
Otherwise, the lorry will be here all day. It’ll be an inconvenience
for everyone. Let him.. Lorry’s ignition is on
without the keys! Which keys did you get? I took out the keys
of the lorry. I swear. How did he start the lorry? How do I know? I’ll break all your 40 teeth,
if I see you again. Sir, we all have only
32 teeth. I’ll break his 32 teeth
and eight of his father. Hey! Hey! And remember, I had
a spare key for this lorry. But you don’t have
another father. Hey.. What did you say.. Stop! Hey..
– How dare you.. Don’t run away.
Stop. – Stop! He was so weird. You shouldn’t mess
with such people, Mr. Jetha. Ma’am, that’s not the case. I know many such people. Barking dogs seldom bite. But Mr. Jetha,
who was this man with the lorry? Why did he come
to this society? I think, he must’ve come here
by mistake. Anyway, Mr. Jetha, good
that nothing happened to you. Hey! What are you
saying, Ms. Babita? Nothing happened to him.
Otherwise, I’d have beaten him to a pulp today. But Jetha, you made
a mountain out of a molehill. You think it was
a petty issue? He might’ve hit me
with the lorry. You think it’s no big deal? What are you saying? But Jethalaal, nothing
happened. Right? – What.. You should’ve apologised
and ended the matter. You made it too big. Apologising is out of question. Such people must
be taught a lesson. Thank you.
Thank you, Popatlaal. Good that Mr. Sodhi
is not here. Otherwise, he’d have beaten
this lorry driver to a pulp. You are right, Ms. Komal. Has Mr. Sodhi been here..
You are right. But, you all were here
so I spared him. Else, I would’ve beaten him,
for sure. Jetha, calm down.
Don’t be angry. I don’t usually get angry,
Dad. But, did you hear what
he was saying? He said such things
about you and me. How can I hear all that,
Dad? Mr. Jetha, such kind of people don’t have any
regard for anyone. They are reckless drivers. They hit and run. Yes. Mr. Jetha, what you did
was right. Because of you, that man will
always be careful while driving. Yes, of course. Thank you.. Ms. Babita.
Only you understand me. The lorry driver said
that you were looking around while walking. What were you looking at? Up there..
I was looking at the sky to see if it’d rain today.
I forgot to take my umbrella. Oh, okay. Jetha, go to the shop now.
It’s too late now. Okay, Dad.
I’ll take your leave. Yes, and be careful. Yes, Dad. And if something
like this happens again keep a check on your anger. I don’t get angry, Dad. It’s obvious to feel angry
if he’ll say such a thing. Okay.. Go. Be careful.
– Mr. Jetha, wait. Yes? – Don’t go alone.
Take someone along. What? What are you
talking about, Ms. Babita? I’m a businessman from Kutch.
He can’t touch me. But thank you anyway. Thanks for your concern. And thank you all as well for your support.
Thank you, Popatlaal. Oh, come on. Okay, see you.
– Okay. Okay. Let’s go to
our respective homes. Yes, let’s go. The world is full
of such weird people. Yes, did you see the tempo
driver threatening Mr. Jetha? Why did Mr. Jetha have to
get involved into an argument with him
unnecessarily? I always tell my husband
that if he ever gets into an argument
on the streets he should apologise upfront. That’s the best way to end
an argument. Simple! Exactly! One person says something
and the other retorts. Before you know it,
things spiral out of control. I think, Mr. Jetha should have
apologised too. But why should Mr. Jetha
apologise when it wasn’t his fault. Even the tempo driver
could have apologised. That’s true, Roshan,
but it’s always better to nip an argument in the bud. No one gains anything
from an argument.. Right.
– Except a lot of mental stress. To be very honest I’m feeling really anxious. But why? Forget it. If I share
my anxiety with you all it might just make
you all anxious too. Oh!
– I won’t talk about it. Just say it, will you, Anjali? Don’t hesitate so much. I mean, sharing with us it might help you deal with
the anxiety. Yes, right.
– Yes, Anjali. Please tell us. I’m afraid the tempo driver might try to harm Mr. Jetha or his father. That thought did
cross my mind once. No. You all are
getting worried unnecessarily. Nothing of that sort
is going to happen. Yes. Dogs that bark,
seldom bite. Even I think so. I don’t think he’ll do anything. He may not even have the guts
for all you know. I hope that’s true, Roshan. But what if
we’re underestimating him? What if my worst fears
come true? What if the tempo driver tries
to harm Mr. Champak or Mr. Jetha? Come on, Anjali. I don’t think he’s going to do
anything like that. He’s seen all of us. He knows that we’re united
as a society. And he is well aware
that if he decides to mess around he’ll have to face
the entire society. And one man alone can’t stand up
to all of us. It’s too risky.
– Exactly. You’re right,
but I don’t know why I still have a bad feeling
about this. My sixth sense tell me something bad is about to
happen with Mr. Jetha and Mr. Champak. ‘The tempo driver ruined
my morning.’ ‘It was his fault
and he wasn’t even ready’ ‘to apologise.’ ‘And then he was
threatening me.’ ‘You’re acting brave just
because all the people’ ‘have gathered around.’ ‘Don’t take me lightly.’ ‘I will teach you a lesson.’ ‘You messed with the wrong guy.’ ‘You’ve had it, now.’ ‘Remember one thing.’ ‘I have a spare key
for my tempo’ ‘but you don’t have
another father.’ ‘Dad was right.’ ‘It’s best to keep distance
from such people.’ ‘They’re capable of anything.’ ‘Hey! What’s that?’ ‘Is that tempo following me?’ Listen, can you go faster? Faster.. Go faster! Go faster, speed up! Sir, this is an autorickshaw,
not a race car. Go faster
or he will bang into us. Who? – The tempo
that’s coming behind us. Oh, okay.
This was some other guy. What is this, sir? Okay, you can go easy. Go at whatever speed suits you. Uncle Nattu, it’s so late and sir is still not here. I have no idea, dear.
He didn’t call me. He’s coming to work today,
isn’t he? I don’t know. Should I call him?
– No.. Sir will be upset
if we call him. But Baga, why are you
missing him so much today? I’m not missing sir,
Uncle Nattu. I’m missing the corn.
– You mean maize? Yes.
If I knew sir would come late I’d go out with Bawri and eat some yummy butter corn. The monsoons came in long back and Bawri and I haven’t gone out for butter corn even once. The first time Bawri and I
went out in the rains we had eaten yummy
piping hot butter corn. Since then, every year
during the monsoon Bawri and I celebrate
butter corn day. I see. So you want to eat corn
together. Yes. – Then go ahead.
– Really! Yes, buy the corn
and get it here. You and I will eat it together. I’ll give you company today. Come on, Uncle Nattu! I want to have corn with Bawri. I know, Baga. But today,
you’ll have to eat it with me. You can accompany Bawri
on Sunday. You will enjoy having
roasted corn more. You will find it sweet. Why?
– Patience is a virtue. Now, go and get
three corns quickly. Three?
Would you have two? One for Mr. Jetha, Baga. Oh, yes. Okay.
Okay, Uncle Nattu. I said, it’s wrong number. Here, Uncle Nattu.
Hot roasted corn. Take it.
Come on. Very good.
Very good. It will be great
if Mr. Jetha reach early. Otherwise the corn
will get cold. You are right. Great. We were talking about him
and here he is. Hello, sir. You will have a long life. We were thinking about you. Why? To have corn. Why are you people eating corn? To enjoy the rain. What! Sir, our elders have said that one feels happy to have corn in rainy season. What happened, sir? What? – What happened?
Is everything all right? Yes.
Everything is fine. Why? No, sir. You are saying
that everything is fine but you don’t seem fine. Yes, sir. Tell us, what has happened? Yes, sir. Puke it out. What! No, Uncle Nattu.
Take it out. It means, you can tell us
whatever is bothering you. Yes, sir.
Tell me. What happened? What should I tell you? While I was coming to the shop I had an argument
with the tempo driver. But why did you hire a tempo? I wasn’t coming in a tempo. What happened was.. Oh, God! Is this what happened? Sir, the tempo driver is here. ‘He has followed me
to the shop.’ Shall I call him inside? No! No!
Don’t bring him here. No. – Shall I take him
to the godown? Godown? Which tempo driver
are you talking about? Our tempo driver, Dinesh. Why are you asking me?
‘Shall I call him inside?’ Take him to the godown. Do you seek my permission
every day? Mr. Nattu had told me to bring Dinesh to him. Why? Why do you want
to meet Dinesh? It’s personal. What’s it? Well..
– What? Tell me. Dinesh was telling me that the jowar production
in his village is good. So, I had asked him to get some for me. Magan, I will speak
to Dinesh later. You can go. Ask him to unload the goods
and keep in the godown. Go.
– Okay, Mr. Nattu. Sir.
– Yes. Why.. Why did you scream like this? You thought your tempo
driver has arrived, right? Yes. I got into a fight
early morning. Don’t worry, sir. We will cheer you up. Baga, bring on the corn. Who?
– Sir, not who? Corn. Here, sir. Have this piping hot corn
and enjoy the rain. You will enjoy it. I got butter corn. Wow!
Nice aroma. Wow! Wow, Mr. Nattu.
It was nice. Sir, I had told you that you would feel happy
after having corn. Enough of all this. Let’s get back to work. Dinesh has brought
the new stock. Let’s check it. Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. Magan, did you get
the goods unloaded? Yes, Mr. Nattu. Did you bring everything
as per the order? Yes.
Here’s the list. You take care of the shop.
I will check it. Baga..
– Yes. You check the list.
– Okay, Uncle Nattu. Hello.
Nattu speaking. I’m Mr. Makhijani speaking from Makhijani traders.
– Yes, tell me. What’s going on?
– Forget all that. Update me on the payment. I didn’t receive
the payment yet. We told you the payment will be
made after 15 days, right? You had told me after 15th
and not after 15 days. No.. Mr. Jetha said that you’d
get the payment after 15 days. I remember very well.
– You must be mistaken, sir. Jethalaal told me
it will be made after 15th. Pass the phone to Jethalaal.
– He has gone out. I will ask him to call you
once he’s back. Do ask him to give me a call.
Don’t forget. Nattu, why did you lie?
I was right here. Sir, it was
Mr. Makhijani’s call. We had told him clearly
we would make the payment after 15 days. But he’s saying, we told him
to clear the payment after 15th. Not at all.
I told him after 15 days. That’s what I told him
but he said, he spoke to you and you told him,
you would pay him after 15th. His goods were delivered
on 14th. It was 15th yesterday. Mr. Makhijani always
creates a problem. While delivering the goods,
he asks us to just take it and not to worry. That we need not worry
about the payment. From the very next day
after the delivery he starts making calls
for the payment. Yes, sir.
That’s how he is. Mark my words. He will irritate us
by calling us repeatedly, today. Sir..
– What happened? A tempo driver has come
to meet you along with few more people. Is he our tempo driver?
– No, he’s not our tempo driver. Sir, could he be
that tempo driver? He’s with few more people?
– Yes, they’re all well-built. ‘He has actually come.’ ‘I will surely teach you
a lesson.’ ‘You have messed
with the wrong person.’ ‘You have messed
with the wrong person!’ ‘I won’t spare you!’ Sir.
– Yes. Where are you lost? What did you tell them?
– I told you’re busy. Tell him I didn’t come
to work, today. I already told him.
How can I say so now? No worries, Magan.
Send them here. Hey, Baga!
What are you saying? Sir, hang on, listen.
Hide somewhere. Uncle Nattu and I will talk
to them. Yes, sir. Let them come.
– Nattu, calm down. Talk to them calmly. Sir, we will talk calmly.
But you hide quickly. Where should I hide?
– Go to the bathroom. – Fine.. Friends, how would you feel if something
that you’re scared of or you’ve been thinking about
comes true? That’s something
my best friend, Jethalaal is experiencing right now. That man, the tempo driver
with whom he got into a fight the one who
threatened Jethalaal has come to Jethalaal’s shop. What’s his intention?
What is he going to do? Is he going to beat Jethalaal? Is he going to comply
with his threat? Or he has some other intention? Only time will tell
as to what’s going to happen. But whatever it is,
it’s going to be exciting. Stay tuned to ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Friends, there’s one more
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