Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2767 – Full Episode – 4th July, 2019

Ms. Babita..
Please don’t lock the door. What happened, Tapu? I want you to do something
for me, urgently. Tapu, not now, please.
I have to meet my friend urgently.
– Yes, you may go but please give me your
hair dryer before you leave. Hair dryer! Why? I need it very badly.
Please give it to me. Tapu, did you do
any mischief again? Yes, ma’am..
I’ll explain later. I am in a hurry right now. Please give me
your hair dryer, quickly. I’ll return it
after my work is done. Okay, all right.
Come in. Come in..
I’ll get it right away. Okay. Hurry up, please.
– Okay. God, please ensure that
Mr. Bhide doesn’t return soon. Give it to me..
– Here. – Thank you! I’ll return it later. Okay..
– Thank you, bye! – Bye.. I am back.
I have the hair dryer! I got it.. Calm down everyone.. Plug it in over there.
– Hurry up, Ms. Anjali.. Hurry up.. Goli, please have patience. Dear, let him plug it in.
– Yes, sorry.. Come on, sit over there
and hold the board. All right.. Hurry.. Give it to me, Tapu..
– Here. Be careful..
– Switch it on. It’s not working. Tapu, you should have checked
before getting it. How could you..
– Guys, calm down.. I haven’t turned on the switch. Hold on. It’s working..
– It’s working.. Keep this over here.. Ms. Anjali, please turn it
towards the board. – Sorry! Tapu, answer the phone quickly.
What if Mr. Abdul is calling? I think Mr. Bhide has returned! Hey, it’s Mr. Baga’s call..
– Okay.. Talk to him. Hello.. Yes, tell me, Mr. Baga. Mr. Tapu, tell me,
where should I come. What do you mean? Mr. Bhide’s board
for the tuition classes is broken, right? You had called me up
regarding that board. Back then,
I was a little busy. But I am completely free now. Just tell me
where I have to come. No, thank you, Mr. Baga.
We fixed the board. We are just drying the paint.
– Really? I will come over
and dry the paint. By the time you reach
the society from the shop the paint will be dry and
we will hang the board as well. That’s true. Listen, Mr. Tapu.. When you play in the compound
of the society, next time give me a heads-up so that I remain mentally
prepared for any accident. Okay. Mr. Baga,
I don’t have time to talk. Can I talk to you later?
– Bye! Bye. Hey..
Why are you screaming? What is it?
– You! I mean, I didn’t realise
when you guys came to the godown. When I saw you suddenly,
I got startled. What are you doing?
Why are you following us? Just stay put. Tell us whom were you talking to
in such an affectionate manner? You were talking to Bawri,
right? No, sir.
I wasn’t talking to Bawri. Really? Whom were you talking to
so affectionately? Whom did you say bye to? I’d told you this morning that
Mr. Chote Lal had called up. So, he called up again to check whether or not
his phone is fixed. Oh-Uh! So, you speak to
the customers so affectionately and say bye to them. Baga, this is not done. You have never said bye to me
so affectionately. Mr. Nattu, he’s lying.
He was talking to Bawri. No, sir.
I wasn’t talking to Bawri. Then? Are you having an affair
before the wedding? No, Uncle Nattu! He’s lying, Mr. Nattu. I am not lying, sir. You may check my phone,
if you want, okay? No! There’s no need to check. You trust me completely. No! I do not trust you completely. I have to check your phone.
Give it to me. Uncle Nattu.
– Hand it over. Uncle Nattu, you too! Stop wasting time.
Give it to me.. Sir, please hear me out..
– Hey! Why are you being
so secretive about this person? I was talking to Mr. Tapu!
– Liar! I am not lying. Mr. Nattu,
he was actually talking to Tapu. Hold on.. Earlier, when you had said
that Mr. Chote Lal had called up you were talking to Tapu! Yes. Why did Tapu call you up? Why are you quiet?
Tell me. Sorry. My junior boss has
forbidden me to reveal it. So what if he has forbidden you?
I am your senior boss. You are confusing him, sir. You are not our senior boss.
– Then who is it? Our senior boss is your father. Our junior boss is Mr. Tapu. And you are just our boss. Whatever it is,
I am senior to Tapu, right? Tapu is like the Session Court.
And I, the High Court. The High Court can overrule
Session Court’s verdict. This case has now come
to the High Court. So, you’ll have to tell
the truth. Come on, tell me. Tell me what the matter is.
– Fine. I swear by..
– What on earth are you doing? You spoiled my hairstyle. What did you just do? Uncle Nattu, you are
as sacred as the ‘Gita’. So, I swear by you that I shall speak
nothing but the truth. Say it.
Come on, say it. Fine.
So, my sir.. – What! Sir, while playing football
in the society compound today Mr. Tapu ended up breaking
Mr. Bhide’s board. What! – And he had called me up
to get the board fixed. Tapu!
– Sir, just relax, please. How can I relax? If Bhide comes to know about
his board, he’ll skin me alive. Tapu..
I’ll tell you what. Call up Tapu
from your phone. No, I can’t call him up. Why can’t you call him up?
– How can I? You are holding my phone. Fine.
I’ll call him up. Why are you following me?
Stand still. I am sure it must
be Mr. Abdul’s call. It’s Mr. Baga’s call.
– Answer it. Yes, tell me, Mr. Baga.
– Not Mr. Baga this is Mr. Dad.. This is your dad speaking.
– Dad! Dad, why are you calling me up
from Mr. Baga’s phone? Is your phone not working?
– No, dear. My phone is absolutely fine.
It’s working fine. But had I called you up
from my phone you wouldn’t have answered
my call, right? Why wouldn’t I answer
your call, Dad? Because of the crime
you’ve committed. What crime have I committed? Don’t act innocent. Baga has told me everything. Did he tell you everything? Sorry, Mr. Tapu.
– Keep quiet. I had told you to be careful
while playing football, right? I was careful while playing. If so, did the board
come flying by itself and hit your football and break?
– By mistake.. Mistake..
This is what you say every time. Do you know anything else
other than making mistakes? You make a mistake every time,
and I have to suffer. Because of you,
Bhide will condemn me and I’ll have to get humiliated
in front of everyone. We’ve fixed the board.
We are just drying the colours. In a while, his board will
return to its original form. Listen, Tapu, because of you, if
Bhide hurls even a single taunt at me, I won’t spare you.
– Don’t worry, Dad. No such thing will happen. Ms. Anjali,
please dry the board fast. If not, Mr. Bhide is sure
to punish me. And dad also said
that he wouldn’t spare me. Please dry the board fast.
– I’m doing it as fast as I can. Oh, Lord!
Let the colours dry fast. Please don’t worry.
The colours will surely dry. I’ll take care of it. The colours will dry
but what if my husband returns before that? Be positive. Come on, Ms. Madhavi!
Don’t worry. We have informed Mr. Abdul. If Mr. Bhide arrives,
he’ll hold him back at his shop. Mr. Abdul. – Yes.
– Let me have a packet of bread. Yes.
I’ll give it right away. The big one or the small one?
– The big one. Here you go.
– Here you go. Mr. Abdul. – Yes.
– Give me the change. I don’t have the change.
– I don’t have it either. Pay it later.
Take it with you. Leave. Mr. Bhide.. Mr. Bhide, please stop. What are you doing, Abdul?
– Please stop, Mr. Bhide. I can’t stop.
I have some work. Mr. Bhide,
even I have some work with you. Not now, Abdul, later. I am starting tuition classes
from today onwards. I have a lot of work pending. As it is, I am fed up
of doing Madhavi’s work. I know it.
– You know it! I know that you are going
to start your tuitions classes. Fine.
– But, Mr. Bhide.. No ifs and buts.
We’ll speak later and that’s it. See you. Mr. Bhide, you have a flat tyre.
– What! What did you say, Abdul? What did you say? You have a.. You have a flat tyre.
– Do I have a flat tyre? Yes, take a look. Which one?
– The rear one. Are you serious? ‘Let me give a missed call
to Tapu and inform him.’ Mr. Abdul’s missed call! Ms. Anjali, please hurry up.
Mr. Bhide is here already! He is here already..
It’s over! Abdul, I don’t see a flat tyre.
It seems fine. I meant the one
that’s towards me. I..
I meant this tyre. Why did you mention
the rear tyre? That is the side tyre, right? I just said it by mistake. ‘I wonder how long Tapu’s gang
will take to fix the board.’ Ms. Anjali, is it dried yet? Wait, Ms. Madhavi,
let me check. – Yes. Almost there. Abdul, this tyre is fine. The front wheel..
– What’s wrong with you? ‘How do I stall him further?
There are no more tyres left.’ ‘Tapu and friends,
please hurry up! Please!’ Guys, the colour has dried.
– Yay! Goli, the board would
have fallen down! Our efforts would
have been wasted. – Sorry.. Forget all that. Quickly
put it back in its place. Yes, give it to me,
I’ll put it there. – Wait. What is it? – What if Mr. Bhide
sees us with the board? What! Oh, dear! Gogi, Mr. Abdul has
stalled him at his shop. Gogi, how many times
do we have to repeat that? Stop wasting time now!
Get going! – Yes, come on. Hold on!
Tapu, handle it with care. Yes..
– Yes, let’s go, friends. Hurry up..
Oh, it’s raining! Hey! Oh, Lord! Mr. Bhide, check it properly.
Take your time. I am, Abdul. Hurry up! Gogi, Pinku, get the ladder. What is this? First you
tell me to take my time and now you are
asking me to hasten. The tyre is fine.
It’s not punctured. But something is punctured.
– I guess, your brain. Go and see Dr. Hathi.
– He’s not home. Then go to Sodhi’s garage.
He also fixes punctures. You are just wasting my time.
Seriously! Tapu! Grandpa.. It’s Mr. Bhide. Grandpa, the board has been
fixed. We just need to hang it. Hang it soon. – Yes,
they are bringing the ladder. Listen, I’ll go upstairs
and remove the sheet. – Yes.. Come on, start. Okay, bye. What! Come on, Sakharam! Come on! Yes. Mr. Bhide, taillight.. What?
– The taillight! Mr. Bhide.
– What happened? Taillight!
– What? Taillight..
– What about it? It’s not working.
– Is it? It’s working, Abdul! I swear, it wasn’t,
just a short while ago. Abdul, it seems,
your sight is weak too. Along with your brain,
get your eyes checked, too. Mr. Bhide,
Mr. Hathi is not home. You..
You are wasting my time. Hey..
– Mr. Bhide! Oh! What is it now, Abdul? What is it?
– Mr. Bhide, come here. What is it, Abdul?
– Well.. Look at this. What do you want me to see?
– See for yourself. Hurry up, he will come here.
– Yes.. It’s nothing, Abdul. Look at this.
It has turned black. That’s fine, Abdul.
It’s rainy season. Something must have fallen from
the tree and so it is dirty. But we need to mend it,
Mr. Bhide. This black spot should
not tarnish the image of our impeccable
Gokuldham Society, right? Abdul! Hey, Abdul, look at that!
– Where? Look up, over there.
– What is it? Look up..
– Mr. Bhide. Look further up. Look up.. Hey, Mr. Bhide! Mr. Bhide! Good afternoon, Mr. Bhide.. Dear, good afternoon. Good afternoon, Mr. Bhide.
– Good afternoon. Mr. Bhide, good afternoon. That’s strange!
Why is everyone wishing me? Mr. Bhide, good afternoon. You were the only one left! But why are you wishing me
good afternoon? It’s noon now so we’ll have to wish you
good afternoon, right? We can’t say good night. Goli.. I know that very well. I meant to say,
why has everyone gathered here all of a sudden? We are enjoying the rain.. Let’s dance.. What are you people doing here?
– It’s nothing. These people were chatting,
so even I joined them. Exactly.. That’s strange! You people
are chatting in the rain instead of gathering
at someone’s house! Exactly! It’s fun! But what’s so important
that you’re talking here? Mr. Bhide, the rain
and weather are beautiful. So, we were talking
about Samosas. You’ve brought tomatoes,
haven’t you? Tomatoes! She had asked me
to bring potatoes and you’re asking me
about tomatoes! Peas..
Did you bring peas? Ms. Komal, I’d called Madhavi
and asked her but she was confused. What’s the confusion? Are you preparing ‘Batata Vada’
or Samosas, Madhavi? Dear, Ms. Komal
doesn’t know it, right? That’s why she said so.
– Exactly. Friends, by the way,
the ladder is still there. What are you people
discussing.. Hey!
Hold on. What happened? Why is the ladder here? Who kept the ladder here? I got worried
upon seeing the situation between Bhide
and Tapu’s gang. There was so much tension! Amidst the tension,
today is ‘Ashad Shukla Dwitiya’ which is an auspicious day. We have two good news
for all of you. Best wishes to all the devotees
who are going to attend the chariot festival
of Lord Jagannath from the entire team of ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Happy new year
to the people of Kutch. Time flies. No matter how hard you try,
you cannot stop it. Time changes everything. The perception of people makes
the failure change to success and vice versa. Tapu and gang
fixed the tuition board and installed it back
before Bhide arrived. But they forgot
to remove the ladder. Bhide saw the ladder and got suspicious. He got to know
that there’s something fishy. The match
between Bhide and Tapu’s gang has come to a tie! Finally,
the decision will be made. Time will tell
how the things will get settled. All I can say is there will be excitement
and tension accompanied by laughter. Keep watching, ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.

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