Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2758 – Full Episode – 21st June, 2019

Come on, Komal.
Goli, come on. I am coming.
Where are the others? The others have not
come yet. We are here.
We are here. Come on. We are late. Is everybody here?
– Yes. Roshan Singh Sodhi is here. Where is the tanker? The tanker is going to come
in our neighbouring society. Let’s go
there. Get on the jeep. No.
Sodhi, you can’t take the jeep. You won’t get the
parking. It’s very crowded. I see.
– Let’s go. Come on. Come on, Aiyar. Let’s go, Mr. Aiyar. Easy. Sorry. Sorry.
– I am hurt. Let’s go, Gogi. Come on.
Let’s go. Come on.
– Ms. Komal, let’s go. There’s a long queue. I am seeing such
a long line for the first time. Yes. Tapu, there will be one tanker
for four to five societies. This is obvious. Yes, whatever it is.. We have to fetch water. Let’s join the queue. Just a minute.
Just a minute, Aatmaram. Let’s form a different line. This is not how it works. You are talking rubbish. How can we form
another line? So.. – They
are all standing in a line. Sorry. Mr.
Champak, don’t panic. Let’s go. Let’s go. Mr. Rushi..
– Tell me. What happened? The
tanker hasn’t arrived yet. It will be here
in 10 minutes. Stand in a line. Bawri..
– What are you doing? Remove this, Baga.. Hey!
Stop. Put it down. Sorry.
Sorry. Come here, Bawri. What are you doing,
Baga? – Sorry.. Are you all right?
– Are you all right? Did you get
hurt? – No. Sorry, sir.
I am sorry. Just stand there. Someone else will
get hurt. How will be able to fetch
water among so many people? We have to do it, Babita. We have no other option. We will get water
if there are 4 to 5 tankers. Dear.. Let one tanker arrive. Dad, we are at the end
of the queue. I think, it will be night
by the time we fetch water. Goli! – Don’t worry. All of us will get water. Friends, I will try to find out as to when will
the tanker arrive. Yes.
– Let’s go. Even I will come. Yes, Mr. Champak. Hey.. Hey!
What is this? What is this? Bhide, you are the secretary
of Gokuldham society. So? – So, it’s your
responsibility to make sure that we get water. Why is it my responsibility,
Popatlaal? Have you come
to my wedding? Everyone has to fetch
water for themselves. Yes, we will. Why
are you getting angry? Why are you saying this?
– Forget it. End this topic here. The water will get over but he will never
stop talking. What? – Nothing.
Absolutely nothing. Move ahead.
– Where should we go? Did the tanker arrive? When will the tanker arrive? When will the tanker arrive? I don’t know. I am fed up. Bawri, take care of yourself. It’s hot outside. Bageshwar, don’t worry. I have applied sunscreen. Stay in the line.. It’s strange. Why are people
standing in a group? We are not able to make out
how long the queue is. Go and find out. Darn. Mister.. Mister..
Ma’am.. Listen to me. Will you please
stand in a line? We are unable
to make out how long the line is. Please form a line. Please stand in a line. Please form a line. Be in a straight line. Stand in a line, okay? Hey!
– Sorry. What sorry. What sorry?
Who are you? I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide. I am the secretary
of Gokuldham society. So what? Nothing. Then stay out of this. Why are you standing
in the middle? Dear.. Mister, you are standing
in the middle. This is the line. Where are you
standing? Look at this. I will stand here. This is my society. What!
– This is hooliganism. Sir. Do you own this society? Hey!
Don’t act smart. We can’t let the residents
of some other society trouble us. We will fetch water first.
Get it? Mister, we never said
that we will fetch first. It’s first come
first service. Right. And we are not
in any society. We are standing out.
– Yes. First of all, maintain peace. And tell me why you would
fetch first? The one who had come first shall fetch water. Right.
– Go from here. We were standing in a line. We were not
coming forward. This is hooliganism.
This is wrong. Right. Yes.
We won’t tolerate this. Hey!
Don’t talk much. Otherwise.. Or else what?
Or else what? Hey! Mister, or else what? Or else.. What, Mister? What?
– No. Nothing. He has gone speechless. Sir, we are the residents
of Gokuldham society. Don’t mess with us. Or else, you will get
in trouble. Right. Did you understand? You have come
to fetch water. He got to know. As soon as you
placed your hand.. Let’s go.
– Come on, form a line. Stand in a line.
Form a line. Well done, Dad. We are not
going ahead. The tanker has arrived. The tanker has arrived. It’s here.
– It’s here. It has arrived. Let’s go.
– Come on. Form a line. Form a line. The tanker has arrived. Where is my bucket? Hey! Hey! Hey!
– Hey! Take it easy.
Everyone! Why are you standing here? Let’s go. We will have to
break the line. Nobody will listen to you.
Let’s go. Is this a joke? Calm down
everyone. Calm down. Step back.. I drive the tanker.
Step aside. Stand in line.
We were all standing in a line. Everyone will get water. Yes.. Why are you moving this? I came here first..
– I was here first. I’ve been standing here
since a long time. I came here first. I’ve been standing
here since a long time. I came here first.
– I came first. I came here first.
– No.. I have to fill it.
– I came here first. You’re breaking
the line.. Ladies.. I-I mean, those ladies.. Yes. They’re fighting so much
for water. Let me fill it.
– No, I’ll fill it. Countries fight for water.
This is nothing. I want to fill it.
– No, I want to fill it. I have no water.
– Go back.. They don’t know the value
of water. Look at how they’re fighting. Hey, you’ll waste water
because of fighting. Yes.. They aren’t listening. We consider a river
as our Goddess. They didn’t hear you. Tell it louder. We.. Stop fighting! Move.. Water is the elixir of life. Look at what you are doing! Move aside.. I don’t think that we’ll
get water today. Hey..
That’s not fair. I’ll try to talk to them. Hey..
– Listen to me. Hey..
– Listen.. Hey..
– Sir.. Hey.. What are you doing? I won’t spare them!
– Wait.. Hey.. They won’t listen to us,
Mr. Bhide. Residents of Gokuldham, attack! Hey.. Hey.. Go there.. Sir, let me fill a bucket. Hey.. Mr. Hathi.. Mr. Hathi! Be careful, Mr. Hathi.. Let me go there, mister. Mister! It’s my turn. Hey.. Hey.. Who pushed me? Remove it! I am stuck! Hey!
Help me! Wait..
– Help me! Hey.. Whose bucket is this? Remove it! Hey.. Help me! Popatlaal..
– Hey! Why did you put this on me? Help me! Listen!
– Mr. Champak.. Let me out! Hey..
– Let me out. Let you out of what? Hey.. Get me out of this bucket! Yes.. Move.. Let us fill it. Move aside.. Move aside.. ‘No one will get
water like this.’ ‘I need to find some other way
to fill water.’ Move.. Move aside.. Move! Move aside.. Hey.. Hey.. Go away.. Go away.. Yes! Roshan! Roshan! Hey!
What are you doing there? Give me the bucket. Call all our friends also. Hey.. Be careful. Very good. Residents of Gokuldham! Ms. Madhavi.
Ms. Anjali. Hey..
Let’s go.. Come.. Hey! Sodhi.. Take it.. ‘Filling water like this
will take a lot of time.’ ‘I need to do something.’ Hey.. Goli..
Take this pipe. Suck the water. Be careful, Tapu.
– Be careful. Do it.. Come on! Did you get it? Wow.. All the water is over. The water is over. The water is over. Hey.. The tanker went away. We all didn’t get a lot
of water. Yes. It’s good that we got
at least this much water. Yes. That’s right. How much ever water we got
is enough for today. – Yes. Let’s go to the apartments. Yes..
– We got at least some water. Give it, Tapu.
I’ll pick it up. I’ll lift it, Grandpa. Let’s go.. Bawri, it’s good that this
bucket is just half full. I wouldn’t have been able
to lift it up if it was completely full. Back then, ladies from villages
used to go and collect water like this.
They used to carry pots. Even women from cities
have to this now. They’re also village women. How? Goregaon! Seeing everyone fill water
reminded me of my village. Yes.
– Yes, sir. You must be tired. You lifted such heavy buckets. No, Mom. One of them is just half filled
and I wasn’t able to fill the other one. What? Oh, my God! Why does this
always happen to me? What have I done to anyone? What happened? What happened.. Look! My bucket is leaking. Oh.. There’s a hole in it. Most of the water has leaked. What can God do about it? You should’ve been more careful. I didn’t know that my bucket
was leaking. I got it in a hurry. All his hard work
is useless now. Why are you wasting time? Save the rest of the water. Go to your home.. Yes.. Go home.. Run.. Run..
Very good. Thank God, everyone has
enough water for today. I am worried that we might
have to struggle tomorrow to collect the water if
the pipeline doesn’t get fixed. I hope it doesn’t come to that. The pipeline has to get fixed
by this evening. Yes. If we aren’t supplied
with water tomorrow I don’t know
how we’ll manage. Be optimistic, Bhide. Forget about tomorrow,
Mr. Bhide. We toiled so much
to collect water today. It feels like we have done
high intensity workout. You are right. I am exhausted. My back is hurting because
I carried these containers. Oh-Uh.. For the first time,
I toiled so hard in order to collect water. It’s a really difficult task. Everyone was behaving so strange
to collect water. Everyone was pushing
and fighting. Yes.. It seemed like they were seeing
water for the first time in their lives. Yes.. Kids, we do not know
the value of water because we live in the city. They are plenty of villages
in our country in which people have to travel
for miles during summer in order to collect water. You’re right. In Rajasthan,
Vidarbha in Maharashtra.. In South India.. Sometimes in Gujarat, the
farmers struggle to get water. The moment the dawn breaks they set out
to collect water. In some places, people face
scarcity of water everyday unlike us. You’re right.
– Indeed.. We do not value water because we open the tap
at home and we get water. Yes. We have to save water.
– You’re right, Bhide. Yes. We have collected water
with great difficulty. Now, we have to use
it judiciously. Yes. Let’s go home now. Please use the water judiciously
and save some water, okay? Okay.. Baga..
– Yes. You can go to the store.
Nattu is alone over there. Bawri..
You can go home. Sir, we’ll keep the water
at your house and we’ll leave after that.
– Yes. Okay. Baga, Bawri.. I,
Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the secretary
of Gokuldham Society.. I would like to thank you both
for getting food for us and helping us
in collecting water. So, thank you very much.
– Thank you.. You don’t have to thank us. If you need any help from us,
just call us and we’ll be here. Yes! Tell us when do we have
to get dinner for everyone. Yes. No, Bawri.
Thank you so much but we have collected
some water now so, we’ll cook dinner
at home. What say, everyone? We have the paper plates
and spoons so we don’t have to wash
the dishes. Come, let’s go.
– Let’s go.. Let’s go, sir.
Let’s go, Gogi. Let’s go.. Come on, let’s go. Come, you can do it!
Good job! – Let’s go.. Come on, dear.. There’s a vast ocean behind me. It is said, that the ocean
is the largest water body. But look at the irony. We cannot consume this water. Even though there’s
so much water in the world we are facing a severe scarcity
of potable water. Right now, the people
of Gokuldham Society have realised about the problems related to the
scarcity of water. But the people of Gokuldham
society are a little happy because they have some water. But we have realised
the importance of water today. The way we collected water
today.. For now, we are happy because
we’ve collected some water but everyone is in a dilemma.
At the same time everyone is hopeful that the pipeline will get fixed and the water
supply will resume. But there’s a fear. What if the pipeline doesn’t
get fixed? The very thought of it
is frightening. If the pipeline
doesn’t get fixed I hope we do not have
to leave Gokuldham Society. Just imagine what could happen
if the situation demands that. We are seeing the example
of the struggles due to the scarcity
of the water. The very thought of is
so scary. Just imagine, what would we do
in such a situation? But one thing is certain I cannot tell you
what’s going to happen but whatever is going to happen,
it’s going to be hearty. The ocean behind me
is vast similarly, there’ll be abundance of laughter coming
to your house. But for now,
an important announcement. ‘Juhu, Mumbai’ The Juhu beach in Mumbai. It’s an impressive sight. Thousands of people
are doing Yoga by the seashore. Yoga is the most valuable
gift to the world, from India. It’s has been our tradition
since thousands of years. These days, the entire world
is benefiting from Yoga. Yoga has been derived
from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’. ‘Yuj’ means joining
or combining. It means the union
of mind and body. Yoga is very crucial in the development
of our physical strength and it is very helpful as well. Yoga is a beautiful combination
of spirituality, reverence psychology
and physical health. It does not only
make our body healthy. It makes us mentally strong
and stable. Some people are very passionate about working for the betterment
of the society. Mr. Manu is one of those people. Along with him, Mr. Raju, Rosie,
Usha and the entire team they were inspired. They practised Yoga
for several years and now, they are teaching Yoga
to a lot of people, selflessly. People come here everyday. People aren’t bound by
any language or religion. Everyone practises Yoga,
together. Today, on International
Yoga Day, I give best wishes on behalf of ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’s’ team. Happy International Yoga Day
to everyone.. Happy International Yoga Day
to everyone on behalf of our team.
Best wishes to everyone! I request you to do Yoga
everyday and not just today. Be healthy, be happy and
we are here to make you laugh. Keep watching.. ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah

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