Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2699 – Full Episode – 1st April, 2019

It was fun!
– Grandpa! Wasn’t it fun?
– Yes.. Take care of your umbrella. What do I do, Sodhi?
It was real fun. That’s the spirit.
– Yes! I was feeling as if I was
driving a racing car. Zoom.. Even I felt the same. I want to do it again. Popat, you spoke my mind.
Even I want to do it again. Shall we do it again?
– Yes! Let’s go. Hello!
Hello, can you hear me? Mr. Jethalaal is enjoying
skyline ride with Ms. Babita. Ms. Babita, are you enjoying? Yes, Mr. Jetha.
I feel like a bird. I mean, I’m feeling as if I’m a bird and flying in the air. Oh, my! Ms. Babita?
– Yes? Had you been a bird for real,
do you know which bird you would have been?
– Which one? Nightingale.
– Nightingale! Yes, because you have
a very sweet voice. Mr. Jetha, you’re too much! I am serious.
– Oh, God! By the way, had you been a bird,
you’d have been a pigeon. What do you mean?
– Pigeon. Innocent like a pigeon. Innocent like a pigeon!
– Yes. Wow, Ms. Babita!
You’ve chosen the right bird for me. I am really like that.
Innocent. I know. That’s why.
– Thank you! Just see the view, Ms. Babita. On one side there’s the sea.
– Yes. And on the other side,
there’s the greenery. I am in Singapore and you
are sitting beside me. “Drummer, play the drums..
I want to dance..” Ms. Komal, Mr. Hathi
is calling. Yes, Mr. Hathi, how are you? I am good, Mr. Jetha.
How are you? We are good. Mr. Jetha, I was trying to call
Komal but couldn’t contact her. Do you know where she is? Yes, she is with us.
Let me give the phone to her. No, Mr. Jetha, tell you what?
Turn on the speaker. I can talk to all of you then. Okay. He’s asking me to turn
the speaker on. He wants to talk to everyone. Yes, Mr. Hathi, say something.
Everyone is listening. Hi, Hans!
– Hi, Komal! How are you? I hope you’re enjoying. Yes, I’m enjoying a lot. Komal, I was trying to call you.
But I couldn’t contact you. Hans, my phone’s
battery is down. I see!
Never mind. See, he’s missing you so much! You’re right, Ms. Anjali.
I’m not even feeling like eating without Komal here.
– What! Komal, I was joking. I am eating ‘Samosa’
sitting here. Okay, Komal, enjoy.
And take care, okay? Yes, Hans, you too, take care. Ms. Komal, he’s a doctor.
He takes care of everyone. He will definitely take
care of himself. Dr. Hathi, this is
Taarak Mehta. Yes, Mr. Mehta, only you
can talk so nicely. Okay, I’ll hang up now.
You guys enjoy. Okay, Hans, bye! Bye!
Bye, Komal! Bye, Mr. Hathi!
– Bye! Hello, sir! Hello! How is Sonu?
– Excuse me! How is Sonu? Sonu, my daughter. Yes, your daughter. How do you know her? We’re close friends. We know
each other on Friends book. Oh, really?
She’s fine.. In fact, Tapu and Goli
are also here. Yes, we already met them. Okay, yes.
What! Where are they? What!
– Where are they? I’ve been waiting here
since long time. We’re also waiting for them. Oh, no!
Where have they gone? Everybody is vanished from here! Aatmaram.. – What is this?
Where were you people? Come quickly.
We need to leave. See, Tapu and Goli
are not here yet! Hey, come on.
Where were you? See, I met Sonu’s friends. Yes, we met them before. They are Sonu’s friends. Is it? I am her mom. Yes, Madhavi.
Come on, let’s go. They are our neighbours.
Sodhi and Sodhi. We met them before..
– Is it? Let’s go.
Come on, guys. Taarak!
– What happened? The view is so nice! Why are you shouting?
You scared me! I’m excited!
Anyway! Taarak.
– Yes. It is so picturesque. Don’t you think you should recite a poetry dedicated
to this breathtaking view Right now?
– Of course, Taarak. 200 feet above the ground if Taarak Mehta recites a poem
to Anjali Mehta nothing like it! Anjali, right now I can’t recite a poetry
but seeing this striking scenery few lines come to my mind. It goes this way.. Oh God! This Earth is such
a beautiful creation.. Oh God! This Earth is such
a beautiful creation.. You’ve filled it
with colours galore. You’ve filled it
with colours galore. The sea is green
in colour. All the flowers in the garden
are colourful too. Some are red, some pink
while others are yellow! These enchanting birds flip their feathers in the air and make the sky seem brighter
than before. These clouds are filled
with water and the trees add to the beauty
of the Earth. Oh God! This Earth is such
a beautiful creation.. You’ve filled it
with colours galore. That’s it.
Are you happy now? Wow.
That was wonderful. Let’s go, Popat.. It’ll be fun.
– Hey Sodhi Where are we going?
First tell me where you are taking me. Popat, my dear I am taking you
to a special place. A special place!
– Yes. You have made arrangements
for a party here, too! It is not a party but just a special place! Where are we going?
– We are going to fly. I mean to say that I am going to make you fly like a bird, today. Sodhi, I think
you have gone crazy. Listen, my name is Popatlaal. But, I am not a real parrot that can fly in the sky! That is exactly my point. You are going to fly
in the sky today. You should try it out.
It’ll be fun. Is that so?
– Let’s go. Just a minute. Champak Sir, Goli, Tapu.. I don’t understand where
but it seems he is taking us
to an interesting place. Let’s go.
– I am taking you all to a nice place.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Look at that, Popat.
This is where you can fly. But, what is this? Popat Sir, this is the biggest
vertical tunnel in Asia. Is that so?
What can we do here? Popat Sir, people can fly here without wings.
– Hey! Let’s go and check it out. I am sure we’ll enjoy.
– Let’s go, Popat. Mr. Popatlaal and group
are going inside ‘I fly’. Let’s go, Popat Sir..
– Don’t feel shy. I don’t want to fly.
I am telling you Come and take a look! Yes.
– Popat Sir take a look.
You’ve to do this. Wow.
– Oh no. Sir, are you seeing that?
– I can see. Tapu! But, he is flying just like
a bird in the sir. He is going here there
up and down. He is going in all directions. Yes. Tapu, how is he flying? Grandfather,
this is an indoor sky diving. A huge fan is throwing air
upwards and this man is flying
with the force of that air. But what if the fan
stops functioning! Won’t he fall down
with a thud! Hey! I am not going to do it. Cancel it.
– What do you mean, cancel it. You do it once. I am sure you’ll have
so much fun that you’ll tell me Sodhi, I want to do it again. Moreover Popat Sir you won’t be alone. A trainer will accompany you.
– Yes. Goli, see for yourself. There’s such a strong wind. If the trainer leaves my hand
even for a moment I’ll break the walls
of the tunnel and come flying down
on the ground. No, please don’t force me.
I don’t want to do it. I am leaving.
– Hey wait. Wait for some time.
– Where are you going? Why are you scared? Muster up the courage
just once and go. You’ll see for yourself
how much you enjoy. No, Champak Sir.
I don’t want to fly. I can’t do it.
– Hey. Popat, don’t be scared. Make up your mind
and let’s go once. Popat all of us have been made
to soar high. How can you give up
without trying? You fly once and see. How much fun it is. But, Sir..
– What are you still thinking? Let’s do something. I’ll accompany you too.
Let’s go. Oh, no! Champak Sir you want to go?
You really want to do it? Yes, of course.
Why not? How wonderful! Look at this spirits, Popat! Sodhi Sir, I am sure
grandfather will do it. He gets up early every morning
and goes for a walk and does Yoga and exercises. He takes care of his health. Yes. I have no doubts
that he’ll be able to do it. Sir, you are great. After all, whose grandfather
is he? Tapu’s.
– Yes. Let’s go, Popat.
– Come on. Go for it!
– Go on.. Oh! Yes. Tapu, your grandfather is cool!
– He is so energetic. Has he done this before?
– No. What!
– Yes. Your grandfather is old
but he is young at heart. Thank you so much. Seeing this, I am inspired to try out sky diving
at least once in my life. Of course you’ll do it,
my dear. Keep it up! What are you doing, Sodhi?
Leave me! What are you doing? Tell me the truth.
Did you enjoy or not? Sodhi, I enjoyed so much that I can’t express it
in words. This is the first time
I have experienced this. I felt as if I have
become a bird. I felt as if I have wings.
And I was flying. I was going up and down.
I was doing stunts. Sodhi, I overcame
my fears of height and flying in the air,
because of you. Thank you, Sodhi.
Thank you, my friend. I want to thank you.
You are so happy. You have made me happy. Sodhi, even I got a chance
because of you. Right.
Mr. Champak! Let’s go. Yes.
– Come on. This beautiful sea
reminded me of a beautiful song. It’s written
and sung beautifully. “Water of the pond
goes into the river..” “River goes into
the ocean.” ‘Where does the ocean go?” “No one has a clue.” “The water of the pond
goes into the river.” “The sun craves for
earth, moon craves for earth.” “Moon craves for earth.” “Everybody yearns
to meet the beloved..” “Everybody yearns..” “My beloved!” “The drop of water
is hiding in which water?” “Nobody has a clue.” “The water of the pond
goes into the river..’ The next line is just superb.
– Go ahead. “The strangers are singing
well-known songs.” “Well-known songs..” “Those who were stranger” “are lovers for life.” “Lovers for life.” Madhavi, tell you what? Singapore has stood
number one in finance, tourism,
infrastructure.. Tapu and Goli
should have been here, right? Why? You would have taken
tuition classes. I was just
giving you an information. General knowledge, Madhavi.
– Here? Just enjoy the view. Sure.
Let’s sit like this. Taarak, here you go.
Eat whatever you want to. What have you got, Anjali?
This is unhealthy. I don’t want to
eat all this fried food. Get me a diet drink.
Get bitter gourd for me. Really?
Mr. Mehta, don’t act smart. Or else, you won’t be
able to eat this. Come on.
– All right. Really?
You want to eat this. Have this as well.
Eat how much ever you want to. Dad! – What?
– Here, Dad. Have some water. No, I don’t want
to drink water. Dad, have some water.
– I don’t want to. Have it, Dad.
– I am not thirsty, Jetha. No problem.
But have some water. It’s very hot out here.
You must sip water. Otherwise..
What is it called? ‘Hyderisation’..
This is what you suffer from. What did you say? The body loses water. Where does it go? It evaporates
in the form of sweat. It’s very hot.
One sweats a lot. The water in the body
gets evaporated. So, it causes weakness.
So you must keep drinking water. All right.
Give it to me. Is that enough?
– Have some more. Please, Dad.
Have some more. Enough?
– Yes. That’s fine. Hold on. I will look for
the toilet. Just hold on. No.
There’s some lady over there. Hold on. Come over here.
Come here. It’s so much fun.
Right, Ms. Babita? Ms. Babita!
– Yes. A snake!
– Oh, my God! Are you scared of snakes?
– O-Of course. No. Let’s get
a photo clicked with it. No, Mr. Jetha.
I am scared of snakes. Come on. It won’t
do anything. This is a pet. No, it’ okay.
Thank you so much. Why?
Do you want to.. I want to get
a photo clicked. Are you sure? When I was young,
I have played with snakes. Really?
– Yes. This snake is harmless. Tell you what?
Click a photo of mine. Here. Click my picture
when I put it on me. Okay? Jethalaal, be careful.
– It will be fine. Look.. Come on.. Look!
Did anything happen? Popatlaal.. Come..
– No way! Come on..
– Just do it. It’s considered auspicious.
– Yes, go ahead.. Hold on..
– This poor guy.. When women see your picture they’ll be impressed
by your bravery. Popatlaal.. If not a garland
he can at least wear this. Well.. Hold on..
Let me come over there. Come on.. It will be fine.
Did you see that, Ms. Babita? I read somewhere that
African pythons eat parrots! Are you serious, Bhide? Pythons feed on parrots,
not Popatlaal. This is an Asian python. The African pythons
feed on parrots, right? – Yes. Very good!
That was brilliant. Wasn’t that fun? Babita, it’s your turn now.
– No thanks.. It will be fine.. – No..
– Jethalaal.. Thank you..
– You didn’t click the picture. Did you click his picture?
– Of course, I did.. Did you click Popatlaal picture? Popatlaal, at least smile.
You look very tense. I cannot smile.. Are you ready?
– Perfect! Awesome! Is everyone here?
– Yes, everyone is here.. Bhide is not here! Where is Bhide?
– Bhide.. Where’s Bhide?
– Bhide.. He was complaining about
everyone and now, he’s missing. Bhide..
– Bhide! Where’s Bhide?
– Dear! When I asked you,
you said everyone was here. He was with me a while ago. He’s here.. We have to follow rules here,
right? Hey!
– I have to follow the rules.. Where had you been.. Where had you been?
– I was here long ago. Where did you go? – I had
to attend a call of nature. Who called you? I went to the loo.
– What? Jetha! Okay, I get it.
– I had gone to the loo. Come on..
– He’s here. Let’s go.. Is the blue sky beautiful
or the ocean? Or is the green grass beautiful? Everything in the nature
is so beautiful. God has blessed us
with such beauty. The earth is so beautiful that we can never get enough
of it. Singapore is one such
beautiful place where the people
of Gokuldham society are having fun
and merry. During such a joyous occasion a lot of questions
cross my mind. Why does the sun
rise in the east? Why does it set in the west? How do the rivers
find the way to the ocean? How do the winds blow? How do the flowers chose
their colour while blooming? There are so many questions
and they don’t have an answer. Well, there’s a similar question
which has no answer. You are probably wondering
the same and me as well. Who is the person
who brought us here on this vacation? Is something bad
going to happen? Why are we talking
about bad things now? When there’s such
scenic beauty around us and everyone is joyous
then we shall just enjoy. Keep laughing and keep watching
‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’.

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