Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2553 – Full Episode – 12th September, 2018

I’ll tell you what. Let’s leave it
to Mr. Champaklaal to decide which couple
will do the veneration first. Right. Whichever
couple Mr. Champaklaal nominates will do the veneration first. Right, darling. So, Mr. Champaklaal, tell us.
Who is that lucky couple? Yes. Okay. So, the first couple
to do the veneration will be Hathi
and Komal. Wow..
– Well done, Dad. Thank you so much,
Mr. Champaklaal. Wonderful, Mr. Champaklaal.
You took a good decision. After all,
whose father is he? Don’t you know? He is your father. Hey, Mr. Aiyar, listen.. I am joking, Jethalaal.
Why are you getting aggressive? I am joking. Your joke is just like you. What do you mean?
– It is hard to understand. Stop it, guys. So, it is decided that this year Dr. Hathi and Ms. Komal will
be doing the veneration first. Okay?
– Wonderful. Great! Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Hail the auspicious one!
– Hail! Hey, Bhide, what problem
do you have with my umbrella? Why are you repeatedly
picking it up from here? This table is meant to conduct
society meetings. It is not meant to keep
your umbrella. But who is it affecting? It is not disturbing anyone. The poor thing is quietly
listening to everyone. It isn’t even
saying anything. Okay, fine. Tapu, we know who
will do the veneration first. And even the rest of the things
for the Ganesh festival celebrations
have been finalised. But tell us, what cultural
programs are you guys planning to organise this year? Right! Mr. Mehta,
just like every year we have kept it a surprise
even this year. Oh, God! He won’t reveal it. After all, whose son is he.. After all, he is my son. We will tell you about
the cultural programs after the veneration. Yes. Seems like Tapu
and his gang of friends have planned something
special this year too. Mr. Bhide, very soon,
you will come to know what fun and enjoyment
we guys are going to have. Very good. Hey, you are still working! Don’t you want to go
to bed? Come, let’s go. Madhavi, I just can’t. Ganesh festival
is round the corner. So many arrangements
need to be done. Madhavi, I have a feeling
that the Ganesh festival celebration this year will
turn out to be a memorable one. Yes. There will be festivities
in the entire society. There will be lights
everywhere, and music too. It is going to be great fun. I’ll have to make arrangements
for all these things, right? Until I finish my work,
I won’t be able to sleep. I’ll tell you what, Madhavi. I will be
able to sleep peacefully only after the
Ganesh idol gets installed. Why so? I know that in the
excitement of this festival you won’t get sleep. But if you don’t
go to bed early then you won’t
be able to rise early. There is a lot of work
to do in the morning. Come, let’s go to bed.
– I know, Madhavi. You go to bed.
I’ll finish my work and come. As you wish. I’m going to bed.
I am feeling very sleepy. Lord Ganesh, wait and watch. The residents of Gokuldham
are going to have a blast and will give You a grand
welcome this year. Aatmaram. Aatmaram. Aatmaram. Who is calling out to me? Aatmaram. Hey, Aatmaram. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide. Who is it? “I bow down to
Lord Ganesh.” “I bow down to
Lord Siddhivinayak.” “I bow down to all the eight
forms of Lord Vinayak.” “I bow down to
Lord Ganesh.” “I bow down to
Lord Siddhi Vinayak.” It is Lord Ganesh! “I bow down to all the eight
forms of Lord Vinayak.” The Lord Himself.. Lord Ganesh Himself
has appeared before me! Yes, my child. It is me! Lord Ganesh.. “Hail Lord Siddhivinayak” Lord Ganesh, You! You’re here at Gokuldham! Why are you standing there?
Come, please come to my house. Please come..
No, hold on.. I will come to receive You.
Lord Ganesh! Lord Ganesh is standing
right in front of me! And I am able to have
a glimpse of Him! I’m blessed, Lord.. Lord Ganesh, bless us! Glory be to You! Lord Ganesh! I give a glimpse
to all my devotees. Lord, You are omnipresent.. Aatmaram, what’s happening
in your life? It’s all Your blessings, Lord! I am a teacher,
and I teach students. I am the only secretary
of this society. I do all the tasks
associated with the society. Madhavi, my wife runs a business
of pickle and poppadum. – Okay. I am leading a happy
and successful life with Your blessings, Lord. My blessings are always
with my devotees. Absolutely, Lord.. Aatmaram, how are
the preparations going on for my welcome? The preparations
are in full swing, Lord.. Is that so? We just had a meeting
in the club house of the society. We discussed the
responsibilities of every person. – Okay. Lord, You’ll be given a grand
welcome at Gokuldham Society the day after tomorrow.
I promise that we’ll put in all efforts to welcome You.
– Okay. The entire Gokuldham Society is eagerly waiting
to welcome You, Lord.. But I have come here
to tell you something. What is it, Lord? Probably, I won’t be coming to Gokuldham Society this year. What are You saying, Lord? You won’t be coming
to Gokuldham Society! – No. How can You say that, Lord? No, that’s not possible.
You should come, Lord.. I might not come.
– Lord Ganesh.. Lord Ganesh,
where are You? Lord Ganesh, You must
definitely come. You must come.. Lord Ganesh! Lord Ganesh. Oh! So, that was my dream. Lord Ganesh had come
in my dreams. But why did He say that He wouldn’t be coming
to Gokuldham Society? Did He come in my dreams
to inform me the same? No.. That’s not possible. Madhavi! Madhavi! Hey, Madhavi!
Madhavi, wake up! Wake up, Madhavi!
Ma.. Madhavi, wake up! Wake up, Madhavi.. I have
to tell you something important. Wake up..
– What happened? I have to tell you
something important. Wake up, please!
– Right now? We’ll talk about it
in the morning. Not in the morning.
Wake up right away. Please, I want to talk to you.
It’s urgent, wake up. Wake up. What is it?
What happened? Tell me. Madhavi, I had a dream just now. Everyone tends to
dream at night. That’s nothing new.
You’re strange.. No, Madhavi,
it was not an ordinary dream. Then? – I saw Lord Ganesh
in my dream. Lord Ganesh! Lord Ganesh, bless us! Why do you look so worried?
It’s a good thing. It is considered auspicious
if God comes in the dream. I know that it’s auspicious,
but whatever the Lord said was not auspicious, Madhavi. Lord Ganesh told me that he wouldn’t come
to Gokuldham Society, probably. W-What are you saying? Not I, Lord Ganesh
was saying so, Madhavi. That’s why I’m worried. What if it turns out
to be true? You are being negative
for no reason. Look, it was just a dream,
so forget about it. Lord Ganesh has been coming
to our society every year and He will be coming
this year too! Madhavi, but..
– Don’t argue with me. What did you tell me
a few minutes ago? That we will celebrate Ganesh festival
with great pomp. You said it, didn’t you?
Sleep peacefully. You are supposed to go to choose the idol
tomorrow morning, right? ‘How do I
make her understand?’ ‘What if the dream comes true?’ ‘What if Lord Ganesha’ ‘doesn’t come
to Gokuldham Society?’ What kind of a dream was that? Lord Ganesh came in my dreams and told me
that He won’t be coming to Gokuldham Society this year. No.. He should definitely
come to our society. What are you mumbling? Madhavi, I am thinking
about yesterday’s dream. You are still thinking about it! I told you to treat it like
a dream and forget it, didn’t I? How will I forget it so easily,
Madhavi? I’m scared that the dream
will come true. Mr. Champaklaal
had a dream recently that Mr. Jethalaal
was absconding after duping a bank
worth crores of rupees. Did the dream come true?
It didn’t, right? Mr. Popat had a dream that he got married
to scary bride. Did he get married?
He didn’t, right? What makes you think that
your dream will come true? Listen, get rid of this fear
and have faith on Lord Ganesh. I have faith on him, Madhavi.
But why did he appear in my dream and tell me
that he won’t come to Gokuldham Society this year? Just because I am the Secretary
of Gokuldham Society? And in that case,
it’s my duty to inform the residents
of Gokuldham Society. What are you saying? Don’t keep such superstitions
in your mind. Everyone is preparing
to welcome Lord Ganesh with so much hope.. So, He will surely
visit our society with pomp and splendour. Promise me that you won’t tell
anyone about this dream. What are you thinking?
Promise me. Okay, I won’t tell anyone
about it. Dad and Mom, I.. Dad, aren’t you ready yet? Yes, but, where are you going
so early? I am going downstairs.
Because Tapu gang will start preparing for the decoration
as soon as they gather. There’s a lot of work.
There’s a lot to take care of. And, Dad, please get
ready, okay? – Yes.. – Bye.. Did you see,
how excited she is? And you’re still thinking
about that dream. Cheer up and smile now. Come on. Just go and
get ready. Don’t we have to go? Where? Don’t you remember?
We need to go and book the idol. Are you coming along?
– Didn’t you announce during yesterday’s meeting
that we’ll leave at 10 a.m. to book the idol?
So, whoever wants to come along should be ready by 10 a.m. Everyone must be waiting for us downstairs.
Hurry up. Get ready. Yes, okay..
Let’s go.. Your tea! Oh.. It was cold. Yes..
Okay.. But, sir, please come fast.
We’re waiting for you, okay? Yes..
– Good morning, boss! Boss?
Why boss all of a sudden? Yes, because Tapu gang
has taken up the responsibility of decoration
for the celebration. And you’re our leader.
That’s why.. Okay. Thank you..
I liked that name. Tapu!
Good morning.. Good morning..
– Good morning, Sonu! Come on..
Let’s start preparing for the decorations. Yes, but why didn’t Goli
and Pinku come till now? Where are they?
– Good morning, friends! Here he is. Good morning!
– Good morning.. Hey..
– Hey.. – What.. So, what’s the plan? But let Goli come first.
He has not come yet. Oh..
He always does this to us. Let’s do one thing. Let’s
go to his home and bring him. Good idea!
– Let’s go.. Goli.. Hello, kids!
– Good morning, Ms. Komal! Good morning!
– Where’s Goli, ma’am? He’s having breakfast. He is doomed!
Let’s go.. – Goli.. Hey, glutton! We have been waiting for you
for so long. Ms. Komal and Mr. Hathi
are going to offer the first prayer
to Lord Ganesh, this year. Do you even know,
how excited we are? And you’re more concerned
about eating parathas. Yes..
– Sorry, friends. Mom has cooked such amazing
parathas today. I am not able to stop myself.
I am so sorry. Hey, kids, why don’t you all
join him for breakfast? Let me get it for you.
– No.. Thank you so much, Ms. Komal.
But we don’t have time to have breakfast.
– Okay.. Yes, ma’am.
Come on, Goli hurry up.. Sorry, my friend.
Give me some time. Let me have some more
parathas. I’ll just need half-an-hour.
Don’t worry. Tapu, he won’t move
until we force him. You’re going to force me
to stand up. Carry on.. Goli, I can lift you
with two fingers. Two fingers.. Tapu.. Will you lift
Goli with two fingers? Yes, now watch the magic
of my fingers. Goli! Hey, Tapu,
don’t tickle me please. Friends, attack! Sorry.. I am sorry.. Did you all see that.. He said sorry..
He got up. This is cheating, Tapu. You shouldn’t take advantage
of your friend’s weakness. What? Why?
– Sorry, Goli.. Why are you laughing?
Tell me, friends what have you planned
for the decoration? What’s the plan? Yes, we need to buy the stuff
for decoration first. And we need to book
the music equipment. By the way, kids,
what are you planning for this year’s decorations? Sorry, ma’am, we have kept it
a surprise. Oh, as always. We are going to keep
the decoration a secret. Yes.. Hey. Who’s playing drums
in the society? I have no idea.
Let’s check it out. Let’s go.. – Yes..
Yes! Someone is playing drums! Hey! Wow, Mr. Sodhi, amazing! We just discussed
at the meeting last night and here you are,
with the band men! – Yes.. Wasn’t that a surprise! This is Mr. Popatlaal’s idea.
– Oh! – Wow! Wow, Mr. Popatlaal,
you’re superfast! Thank you, Tapu’s gang!
People, start playing. The societies nearby
should also know that the preparations
of ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ has begun in Gokuldham.
– Yes.. – Start playing.. Wow. That’s a smashing way
to welcome Lord Ganesh! Great! My dear fellow residents
of Gokuldham! It’s my request
to you all to come down
without any delay. Come down..
– Come down, Ms. Babita.. Come down..
– Yes.. Come down, all of you..
– Ms. Babita. Come.. Come down..
– Well done! Come.. Hey, start playing.. Popatlaal, Sodhi,
what’s going on? Why are you having drums played
so early in the morning here? Well, residents of Gokuldham,
the thing is this year, we have to welcome
Lord Ganesh to Gokuldham in a grand manner! Wow! And we should leave
no stone unturned. That’s why, we’ve brought
this band here for a test. They’ll give us
a live demonstration. All of you,
listen to the band’s performance and tell us how it is. People, start playing! Aatmaram, come. Let’s dance. Stop worrying. Lord Ganesh
will definitely come. Hey, you dance! Hey, wow!
The residents of Gokuldham are all set and excited
to welcome Lord Ganesh to the society, but.. But..
Did you all notice one thing? Even in this atmosphere
of excitement our Aatmaram is sad.
Why? Well, I know the reason
for his sadness. He dreamt about Lord Ganesh
telling him that He might not
come this year. In that case, it’s normal
for him to be sad. Well.. It’s just like when one
waits for it to rain after sowing the seeds,
only to see it not raining. People are eagerly
waiting for good times but no one knows that if there
would be any good time at all. So, it’s quite normal to be sad,
but the biggest question is will Lord Ganesh
come to Gokuldham because all the residents
of Gokuldham are unaware
of Aatmaram’s sadness and are all excited with joy.
But it’s an important question. Will Lord Ganesh
come to Gokuldham? Or will He not?
And.. If He does,
then how will he come here and if He doesn’t,
then what could be the reason? There are a lot of questions
but you’ll get all the answers to them. Keep watching,
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Keep laughing,
and make others laugh as well.

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