Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2527 – Full Episode – 7th August, 2018

Madhavi do you see anything in the
balcony of Mohanlaal’s house? No. Candle, red sari,
shadow, torch.. Can you see all this?
Where? No..
I didn’t see anything. I am just asking you,
if you saw anything. No.
– That’s strange. Then where did Mr. Champak
see all this? I think, he must be scared as he’s alone at home.
He must have had a nightmare. Yes, it’s possible.
– Yes.. Let me call him and inform that there is nothing
as such. – Yes.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. What happened?
– That’s strange he’s not picking the call. Mr. Champak,
please pick up the phone. Hey, how will he hear you? Why don’t you try
to call him again? God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. Hello!
– Mr. Champak, it’s me, Bhide. Bhide, did you..
Did you see it? Yes, I checked everything.
There’s no one in the balcony. The view must not be clear
from your balcony. Do this.
Come here. Check it from my balcony.
I am sure you’ll see it. But, Mr. Champak..
– Didn’t you hear me? Come here and see it! Hello.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. What did he say?
– He’s so strange. He thinks that the view
is not clear from my balcony so he wants me to take
a look from his balcony. I would say,
you should go there.. What do you mean, Madhavi?
Did you not notice the distance between both the balconies? We can see the same thing
which he can. Why are you getting annoyed?
He’s all alone at home. He is scared. If you go there and assure him
that there’s no one he’ll feel relieved.
Please go. Yes, you’re right. But Madhavi, at this hour.. Even Mr. Jetha and Ms. Daya
are not at home.. Don’t we have some
responsibility as his neighbour? Yes, you’re right, Madhavi.
But you know him, right? It’s very difficult to convince
him to change his mind. I can’t convince him. I’ll tell you what.
Take Mr. Sodhi along. That’s a good idea.
Let me take Sodhi along. Yes, it’ll give him courage
if you both visit him. You’re right!
Let’s go.. Roshan, go and open the door.
It’s the milkman. What are you saying?
Milkman.. Sodhi, it’s me.. Say your name. Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
Gokuldham.. It’s me, Bhide.. Roshan.
Wake up. It’s Mr. Bhide’s voice. Bhide?
That’s strange. Did he start supplying milk
along with giving tuitions? Roshan,
it must be something serious. Or else, he wouldn’t
have come here at this hour? My friend is in trouble?
Let’s go, dear. – Let’s go. Sodhi! Bhide! Ms. Madhavi!
What’s the matter? Ms. Madhavi, everything’s fine,
right? Yes, everything’s fine. If everything’s fine,
then at this hour.. Actually, something’s wrong
with Mr. Champak. What?
What happened to him? No, nothing serious.
He’s all right. He’s a little scared.
He called me a while ago. He said that he saw someone
at Mohanlaal’s house. What? I mean he saw a lit candle,
a shadow of someone wearing a red sari.. He also said that the shadow
flashed the torch on his eyes. What?
– Oh, my God! No, Ms. Roshan.
It was just lightning and not torch.
– I know, Mr. Bhide. But isn’t that flat
locked for years? – Yes! We know it..
– And we told him the same thing but he’s not ready
to listen to me. Yes. – Is there
a thief in that house? Thief?
A thief in Gokuldham.. This thief might have entered
our society but I won’t allow him to leave
on his two feet. I won’t spare him! But.. Sodhi!
– Listen.. Where are you going, Sodhi? I’m going to the balcony.
– Calm down, Sodhi. You don’t need
to wake everyone up. I’m not going to wake anyone up. I’m going to beat the thief. We looked from our balcony,
Mr. Sodhi. We didn’t see anything.
– Right. You’re right, Ms. Madhavi
but Mr. Champak himself saw it. I won’t be satisfied
unless I myself check it. Oh..
Let’s go.. Oh, my God. It’s such a stormy night. I’m very scared. You’re Roshan Singh Sodhi’s wife you shouldn’t be afraid
of anything. I can’t see anything, Roshan. Can you see something? I can’t see anything either. That’s what I told
Mr. Champak but he didn’t listen to me. I still think
that he had a nightmare that’s why, he got scared. I feel the same,
Ms. Madhavi. – I think that Mr. Champak is scared
because Tapu, Ms. Daya and Mr. Jetha aren’t at home
and the weather too is stormy. Exactly what I told you.
– You’re right. Sodhi, let’s go
and meet Mr. Champak and encourage him.
– Yes, pal. He isn’t alone. He is a member
of Gokuldham Society. He doesn’t have to be afraid
as long as I’m here. We’ll go and meet Mr. Champak,
Roshan. Okay, but come back
soon, Roshan. I’m a bit scared.
– Why are you scared? I’m not scared,
but come back soon. – Good. Ms. Roshan. I’ll stay back here
until they return. I am also a bit scared. Scared?
Why are you scared? You are Marathi!
How can you be afraid? No, I’m not scared as such. I’m just a bit..
– Worried. – Yes. Go fast..
– Yes, let’s go. Let’s go..
– Don’t be afraid.. Give him courage..
– Yes, I will. Strange!
A cat scared you. You’re the secretary
of Gokuldham Society. What would the residents think if they find out
that you got scared of a cat? I wasn’t scared. I just heard a noise
all of a sudden so.. Don’t lie.
You were scared. Forget about me.
Let’s take care of Mr. Champak he is very scared.
Let’s go.. Let’s go..
Come on. God, please protect me
from the evil.. Who’s there? Who’s there? It’s me, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide Gokuldham Society’s secretary. It’s me, Roshan Singh Sodhi. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please..
– Mr. Champak.. Mr. Champak.. Mr. Champak..
Why did he run away? I don’t know. God, please protect me
from the evil.. God, please protect me..
– Hey Mr. Champak..
What’s wrong, Mr. Champak? Did you see..
– Yes, I did. Did you see, Sodhi?
– I saw it too, Mr. Champak. See..
I told you, Bhide. Do you believe me now? No.
– What? You don’t believe me
despite seeing it, yourself. What I meant to say was that I checked
and there was nothing. Yes, Mr. Champak.
There was no candle, no red sari no shadow nor any light.
– Yes. What? I said that there was no candle,
no red sari no shadow nor any light. He didn’t say ‘What’
because he didn’t hear you he said it out of shock. Oh, is that so?
– Yes. What I mean to say is how can there be a shadow
if there is no light? Yes.
– What are you both saying? We’re telling you what we saw. We saw it with our own eyes,
Mr. Champak. Not only us, but Madhavi
and Ms. Roshan also checked. There is nothing.
– Yes. How is that possible? It happens, Mr. Champak. It happens when you are sleepy you tend to imagine such things. What do you mean? You must’ve had a nightmare,
Mr. Champak. – Yes. Don’t worry and go to sleep. It wasn’t a dream, you idiot. I saw the candle, red sari
and a shadow. Someone had even
flashed light on my eyes. I saw it.
– Okay, I agree that you saw it. You saw it in your dream. Yes.
– I didn’t see any dream. I was wide awake
when I saw all this. Okay, we’ll decide it right now. Let’s go.
– Where? To the balcony. Why?
No.. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to go
to the balcony. Why do we need to look again? There was nothing
when we checked. And you are saying
that you saw something. Let’s do this.
Let’s go together and check. Everything will be clear. Don’t you trust me? Even you don’t trust us. Mr. Champak, there’s only
one option now. Whatever you saw we didn’t see it. So, when we go out together
and check it will be clear that why
we didn’t see what you saw and why you didn’t see
what we saw.. – Sodhi.. Sodhi, he has understood. He has understood?
– Yes. Mr. Champak come along with us.
Nothing will happen. What if something happens? Mr. Champak, you are
with Roshan Singh Sodhi. I won’t let anything
happen to you. Mr. Champak, there’s nothing
to worry. Come on.
Come on, Mr. Champak. Please, come.
– Both of you go ahead. Come on. Mr. Champak, don’t worry.
Come with me. Come here.
– Please come. Take a look.
– Come on. Is there anything?
There’s nothing. Look over there. Look over there.
There’s nothing. Did you see?
There is nothing. There is nothing over there
now. But..
How is this possible? Mr. Champak, this is possible
because that flat is vacant. It is locked. And the keys
are with Mohanlaal. Hence, no one can enter
the house. So there can’t be any candle,
sari or shadow over there. Right.
– But.. There is nothing.
You have seen it. Let’s go inside.
– Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Come on. – Let’s go. But, I saw someone over there. There is no one here,
Mr. Champak. – See.. There is nothing. If there is anyone,
I won’t spare that person. Come on. There is no one..
– Let’s go. Go inside. I am telling you
that there’s no one. Exactly..
– I don’t understand anything. I agree that there is no one
right now. But there was someone
when I saw. You are repeating
the same thing. Mr. Champak,
I have another idea. You will be assured. What should we do now? Let’s go over there
and check. – Where! Let’s go to Mohanlaal’s house. What!
No! I won’t go there. I don’t want to go there. Mr. Champak!
– I don’t want to go. I won’t go there. Mr. Champak!
– I won’t go there. What are you doing? Why are you behaving
like a child? I don’t want to go there. I won’t go there. Mr. Champak,
what are you doing? Come out.
– Mr. Champak nothing will happen.
I am with you. Come on.
Come out. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want
to check anything. Mr. Champak, we’ll have to go
there and check. If there’s someone the security of this society
will be at risk. Mr. Champak, what you saw whether it’s true
or your imagination.. We have to find out.
– Let’s go. No.
I don’t want to go anywhere. Do this.
Both of you may go. Then you can come back
and tell me. Come on!
– Mr. Champak, we will go there and we won’t find anybody there. Then we will come here
to tell you that there is nothing.
And you would say that you saw someone. I saw someone over there!
That’s why I’ll say so! Yes..
– Yes, Mr. Champak. That’s why, I am telling you
to come along with us. Bhide is right. Let’s us go there
and check once. – Yes. I don’t want to go there.
I don’t want to know. I don’t want to go.. This is unbelievable.
You are being adamant. Bhide!
He is right. But..
– Bhide, he is absolutely right. Let us go there and check. Mr. Champak, come out. Bhide, let’s go.
Mr. Champak, lock the door. Yes, lock the door. I will have to go to the door. Yes, come on.. Do you want us
to leave the door open? No!
I am coming. – Come.. Come on.
– Come out. Please, come. Mr. Champak!
Wear your slippers. Oh, yes. Come on..
– Let’s go. Please come. You walk ahead.
– Okay. I’ll walk ahead. Mr. Champak. – Wait..
– We’ll leave. Just two minutes. Okay? – Okay?
– Let’s go, Mr. Champak. Yes.
You both go. Both of you go and check. Yes, Mr. Champak.
– Come on.. Come on, go.
– Mr. Champak! Just..
– Come on, go. Come on, Mr. Champak. Let’s go.
– What are you doing? Come on..
– What are both of you doing? Mr. Champak, we will help you
overcome your fear. Come on. – Yes, we’ll make sure
you overcome your fear. Okay.. You go ahead.
I’ll join you! Let me get my umbrella. Sure..
Are you sure you’ll come there? I’ll come there for sure.
Let me get my umbrella. I already have an umbrella. Come on, let’s go.
– Come on. Lock the door.. – Let’s go. Come on, let’s go..
– Let’s go. Come on, let’s go..
– Come on.. Hey!
Mr. Champak! Mr. Champak, what happened? Look over there.. Oh, my God! It is moving this way. Yes..
– Let’s go.. Let’s run.
Let’s go from here. Yes, Let’s go.
– This way. – No, this way. Mr. Champak, this way.
– Come on.. Let’s go this way. Stop!
There’s nothing to fear. I never run away out of fear
nor will I ever. I will find out who he is. Both of you stay here.
– Okay. I will not spare you. Sodhi, it is me, Popatlaal. What are you doing?
– Popat! Mr. Champak, Bhide,
he is Popatlaal. What! Popatlaal, it’s you! Popat! Why are you roaming around
with a torch at this hour? We use torch at night. We don’t need it
during daytime. Where are you coming from? I am coming back
from the office. Where else? Why are you dressed like this?
You look so scary. Gumboots, black coat.. Where had you been?
– Where were you? I had gone to cover a story. I had taken a disguise
so that no one recognises me. Popatlaal,
you had a narrow escape. Had Sodhi not stopped himself and if you had got
beaten up by him he would have
disfigured you permanently. Exactly.
Idiot. This is strange.
You didn’t notice us. I was looking down
so that I don’t slip. Forget about that. Where are all three
of you going? We are going
to Mohanlaal’s house. – Yes. Why?
His house is locked. You come along.
We’ll tell you on the way. Come on..
– Yes, let’s go. Come on. Come on, Mr. Champak! Come, Mr. Champak.
– Don’t get scared. Come on. Mr. Champak, his flat
is locked since a long time. No one can go inside his house. That’s what we have been
explaining to him. We are taking him there
to convince him. Let’s go.. Hurry up.
Come on, Mr. Champak. Please come.. Come on, Mr. Champak.. Be careful.. Be careful.
– God, please protect us. God, please protect us. Don’t worry.
We are almost there. God, please protect us.
– Easy. Mr. Champak, don’t worry. Come on.. – God,
please protect us. – Come on.. God, please protect us. Fear! Friends,
fear is like a sapling. The more you think
about it, the more it grows. It might grow as big as a tree. The same thing is happening
with Mr. Champak. I wonder what he saw as such at Mohanlaal’s house
that he is terrified. And his fear is growing.
What can be done? Bhide, Popatlaal
and Sodhi are going with him to Mohanlaal’s flat to check if there
is actually something. What do you all think?
Will they find anything and will Mr. Champak’s fear
come true or will they succeed in
helping him overcome his fear? There are many questions
but you know the answer. We answer all the questions
in a light-hearted way. You will get the answer
while having fun. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Don’t be scared.
Keep smiling.

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