Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2416 – Full Episode – 5th March, 2018

“Lord Raghuveer is playing
Holi in Awadh..” Oh.. Careful..
What’s with you? What happened? What have you done?
The tea is too hot! You’d asked for tea.
Not for ice-tea. Tea is served hot. And why are you drinking
the tea in such a hurry? Please take time. I’m sorry that I reacted.
I’m sorry! And, Madhavi, I’m drinking
in a hurry because I have a lot of work to do. It’s ‘Holika Dahan’
tonight, right? So what?
– Why are you asking? I need to get wood for that. Careful! Yes. Then I need to get ingredients
for the veneration and colours. Careful!
– Fine.. Then we need to get
colours, water guns and specially, the water tank. “Bhide..” I have a lot of
pending work, Madhavi. If I make any mistake,
they won’t spare me. Okay, I’m leaving. Excuse me, the cup.
– What is it? Yes. Strange! Yes, Jethalaal, tell me.
– Mr. Mehta how are the preparations
for Holi going on? Don’t ask me.
I’m so busy! My boss has allotted me so much
work today that I’m in a fix. To heck with your work
and let’s play Holi. I hope you remember that we’re
celebrating ‘Holika Dahan’ tonight in the society.
Reach on time. What are you saying? You’re
asking me to come on time. Jethalaal, but I don’t think I can even join you today
as I have loads of work. And, Jethalaal,
if I don’t complete this today then maybe,
I’ll have to work tomorrow and I won’t be able
to play Holi then. No way!
Finish all your work. You can’t give
excuses tomorrow. – Sure. You’ll have to come tomorrow.
We’ll play Holi tomorrow. Finish it.
Finish all your work today. Okay. ‘Tomorrow is Holi.
It’ll be great fun’ ‘with Ms. Babita and others!’ I’m ready..
Let’s go. Babita,
why are you so late? I’m so sorry! I wasn’t
able to find the earrings. Everyone must have turned up
for the bonfire. And I don’t want to be late
like Jethalaal. – I know. I’m so sorry! But, Babita, just pray that I get a call from the International
Conference of Science. Of course, I’ll pray that you
get a call as soon as possible. Shall we go now?
– Sure, let’s go. Grandpa!
Grandpa, I’m ready. Okay, great, dear! Grandpa, isn’t dad ready yet? Seriously! Jetha! Let’s go.
How long will you take? Yes, Father!
I’m coming.. Strange! What is this?
Why are you holding the plate? Has Daya come back
from Rajkot? How will she come back
so soon? She’s going to return
after Holi, right? Who arranged the plate then? It got arranged on its own. I arranged it. Why did you, Dad? You could
have asked me to do it. Is it?
– Yes! Don’t talk nonsense! You take so much time
to get ready. How could you have
arranged the plate? Had I asked you
to arrange the plate you would have
started thinking first. ‘Where can the plate be?’ You would have
ransacked the entire kitchen. Then you would have
ransacked the house. But you wouldn’t have
found anything. Then you would have called up
Daya in Rajkot. Then you would have asked
her everything. And by the time you would
have arranged the plate forget ‘Holika Dahan’ even Holi
would have got over. That’s too much.
Maybe, the bonfire would have.. Come on now.
We’re getting late. Let’s go. Yes.
Let me hold the plate.. Tapu, hold it. You just hurry up!
– Yes, let’s go.. – Let’s go. Ms. Madhavi, where is Sonu? Why are you asking?
Are you fooling me? What!
– It’s not possible that you guys don’t know
where Sonu is. Am I right? – Right.
– See, they are joking with me. No, Ms. Madhavi, we really
don’t know where Sonu is. – Yes. Really?
– Yes. Maybe, you don’t know.
You see, she has exams.. So, she has gone to her
friend’s place to study. Oh, I see!
– I see! I thought they are joking.
They are always aware.. See! Sonu has texted me. See! She can’t hide anything
from them. Ms. Babita, are you ready
to play Holi tomorrow? I’m ready.
How about you? I wait the entire year for Holi so that I can.. I mean, so that we can
play Holi together. I know. – What is it, Jethalaal? You seem rather
excited to play Holi. Holi is my favourite festival.
– I see! Come, Babita. The bonfire
is going to start. – Sure. Listen, everyone!
Jethalaal, Aiyar, Ms. Babita Sodhi! Please come.
It’s time for the bonfire. Tapu and gang!
Come. Mr. Popat!
– Yes? You see, the flames
of this bonfire.. This is very pious. If you wish for something
while circumambulating this fire then that wish of yours
definitely gets fulfilled. Thank you, Ms. Madhavi..
I’m also sure that the pious flames
of this bonfire will definitely fulfil my wish. Absolutely! Last year, Popatlal refused
to play Holi. Something else happened
the previous year, too. Every year there’s some
or the other problem. Thank God
there’s no problem this year. We can play Holi
happily this year. Yes, we’ll enjoy
a lot this year! Oh!
Excuse me, please! Hello!
– Hello, Mr. Krishnan Aiyar! There’s a good news for you. Yes, sir? You will be representing
our country in the International
conference for science. Sir, thank you!
Thank you so much! This is a very big
opportunity for me. You really deserve it. And we wish that you make
us and our country proud in this conference. I will try my best, sir. Good luck.
Prepare to go. Thank you. Babita! Babita, come.. Mr. Aiyar, you were on
the phone since so long. Who were you talking to? Jethalaal, it was an
important call from my office. Come on, Mr. Aiyar. You’re getting calls from office
even on a holiday. Yes, at least forget
about work on a festival day and enjoy. Sodhi, my boss had called me
to give me a good news. Wow, what happened, Aiyar? Babita, whatever I was waiting
for has finally happened. I’m going for the conference. Oh, really?
– Yes. What’s the good news?
Share with all of us. An International
conference of science is being conducted in Chennai. And it will be attended by great scientists
from all over the world and I’m representing India
at that conference. How nice..
– You did it! Congratulations, Mr. Aiyar..
– Wow, well done.. I wonder when I’ll get a chance
to give a good news to everyone. Come on, Popatlaal, Mr. Aiyar
is sharing his good news and you’re feeling sad
about yourself. I was just saying. Hey, don’t say it. This is neither the time, nor
the place to say such things. Why did you hear me?
I was praying to God. I’m telling you on God’s behalf. By the way, Ms. Madhavi..
– Yes? You were absolutely right.
– What? These flames are really
very auspicious. Soon after we finished
the circumambulations Mr. Aiyar gave us
such a good news. Yes, that’s right.
– Yes. Aiyar, make us proud
in front of the world. Yes, Mr. Champaklaal. I want to show the world how advanced we are in science
and technology. Ms. Babita,
this calls for a party. Yes. – Yes. – Yes. Of course, this calls
for a celebration. Yes! Yes, of course, Jethalaal, we’ll
have a party after I return. Mr. Aiyar,
we’re very proud of you. Thank you!
– Three cheers for Mr. Aiyar. Hip, hip!
– Hurray.. Hip, hip!
– Hurray. Hip, hip.
– Hurray.. Thank you.. Thank you.. Well done.. The boss has called again. Yes, Mr. Krishnan Aiyar. Yes, sir? I need some passport size
photographs of yours. Passport size photos? I need total eight photographs
for eight different forms. I don’t have the photographs
right now. The last two photographs
that I had, I pasted them on the application forms
of the conference. Look, Aiyar,
if there are no photographs then the forms will be rejected. What?
– And you won’t be able to go. No.. Sir, I’ll get
the photographs right away. Okay, do whatever you can. I want your photographs
latest by tomorrow afternoon. And if I don’t get it,
I will have to cancel your name. No..
Sir, you won’t have to do that. I’ll send my photographs to you. Okay, all the best. Okay, thank you.. Sir. What happened?
– I’ll tell you. Aatmaram!
– Yes? You have Sakharam’s keys, right? Yes, why? I have to get passport size
photos urgently. Sakharam’s? Not Sakharam’s,
I want to get my photos clicked. But, Mr. Aiyar, all the studios
must be closed by now. Yes. Tomorrow is ‘Dulheti’
so the shops will be closed. You can get the picture
day after tomorrow. No, Jethalaal.
I need the pictures by tomorrow. I need eight pictures. Or else,
they will reject my form. and my trip will be cancelled. Dear God! Dear God! Oh, no..
– Oh no! This is a major problem.
– Yes. But how can they cancel it all
just for a picture, Mr. Aiyar? It does happen, Jethalaal. The rules for the conference
are very strict. A slight mistake in the form
and it gets rejected. Aatmaram, let us go now.
We may find a studio open. No point in going now,
Mr. Aiyar. You may go to see for yourself
but I do not think any photo studio
will be open this late. No
studios work this late. What just happened? Babita, what will happen now? Mr. Aiyar, do not lose hope. Pray to Goddess
and everything will be fine. There will be a way out. Oh, no! How can I forget Tinchu! ‘Hey, mister..’ Aiyar, do not worry. Consider it done. Tell me, Sodhi.
What is it? Tell me now. Please. – Yes..
– Speak up, Roshan. I have a friend named Tinchu.
He is a photographer. He will click
your pictures. Splendid, Sodhi!
You saved me. Mr. Sodhi, please call
your friend right away. – Yes. Sure, right away. Yes, Mr. Sodhi.
How are you? Greetings, Tinchu.
I am fine. Tell me, how are you?
– It is all great here! What made you think of me? I have a friend named Aiyar. We need his passport sized
photographs urgently. Certainly, we’ll do it.
Tell me when can we get it done? How about now? It will not be possible now.
– Why is that? I am in Pune.
I will come to Mumbai tomorrow. Can we celebrate Holi
together tomorrow? We can take the pictures
on day after tomorrow. No, Tinchu.
It will be too late. It is really urgent. I’ll do it for you. We’ll celebrate the festival
tomorrow afternoon and then we can get
the pictures done. As many copies as you like. Thank you so much! May God bless you. Aiyar.
– Yes. No need to worry.
It will be done. Tinchu is in Pune
he will be here tomorrow. You will get the pictures
by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you, Sodhi! Thank you so much. Most welcome!
Most welcome! Babita, now I can rest easy. That’s it, Ms. Babita. I guess, there is no other
problem now. We can play Holi now,
right? Yes, absolutely. We will play Holi now.
We will have fun. It’s Holi! No, no.
I am sorry. Sorry, friends. I won’t be playing Holi. But why? Why? What if any of you smear
some chemical based colour on me and if I can’t wash it off? It is very important for me to get my pictures clicked
by tomorrow afternoon. How can that happen,
Mr. Aiyar? In Gokuldham Society we play
with natural colours, right? Right. Yes, Aiyar,
it is a rule in our society. If Holi has to be played then it will be
with organic colours only. I know, Aatmaram. But sorry. I don’t want to play Holi. Babita.
– Yes. You play
my share of Holi too. Hey! That’s fine.
That’ll do. No, Aiyar. If you won’t be playing Holi then I too
don’t want to play. Babita,
what are you saying? Why aren’t you playing
Holi because of me? Right. Aiyar,
if you won’t play Holi then I too won’t
be able to enjoy it. That’s why,
I’ll give you company. And both of us won’t play Holi. Hey!
Ms. Babita.. Mr. Aiyar, you needn’t do
all this. Why do you want
to do this? Bhide told you that we play Holi with natural
colours in our society, right? Right. Last year,
even I was scared to play Holi fearing adulterated colours. But nothing
of that sort happens. See.. Do you see?
Even he is saying so. He is confirming.
So, come on. Natural colours can
be easily washed off. Both of you play Holi
without any worries. Nothing will go wrong. No, listen
you guys don’t force us. Babita, tell you what?
– Yes. Let’s go out for a day.
– No! You guys won’t go anywhere. Guys, will it look good if you people go out
on the occasion of Holi? Dad, isn’t it? No, no..
Y-You stay here. And will play
Holi with us. That’s final. Right. Listen,
attending this conference is really very
important for me. I don’t want to take any risk. Yes. Mr. Aiyar, but there
is no risk involved in it. Bhide told you, right?
Everyone is telling you that we play Holi with natural
colours in our society. Mr. Aiyar, I don’t
want any more excuses. You will have to play Holi.
That’s it. That’s right.
Absolutely. You guys try
to understand my point. Mr. Champak,
try to make them understand. Listen this is a very big opportunity
for Aiyar. That’s why,
if he doesn’t want to play Holi then none of you
will force him. But, Dad..
– Jetha! I said that no one
will force him. And yes, Babita and Aiyar you needn’t
go away from the society. No one will smear colours
on you. Thank you, Mr. Champak.
– Thank you, Mr. Champak. Friends,
let’s go to the club house and plan as to how to celebrate
Holi tomorrow. And most importantly we will plan about
the food arrangements. Okay, bye, everybody.
Let’s meet tomorrow for Holi. Okay, bye. Good night.
Good night, see you. Come on, Babita,
let’s also make a move. Okay.
Okay, bye, everyone. Happy Holi to you. Why are you wishing us
a happy Holi, Ms. Babita? You and Mr. Aiyar won’t
be playing Holi then how will the Holi
be a happy one for us? This year, Holi will not
be a colourful one for us instead,
it will be a very boring one. I’d say, Ms. Babita Mr. Aiyar, think once again. Please! Please!
Play Holi with us. Please! Jetha. Dad.. Okay, thank you,
everybody. Good night. Let’s go, Babita.
– Okay. Bye, good night. Okay, good night.
Good night. Sodhi, remind Chintu
about the photographs. It’s not Chintu,
it’s Tinchu. Tin-chu! Tinchu.
Right, Tinchu. Please remind him, okay? Sure, I’ll definitely
remind him, pal. Jetha, you are impossible. When they don’t want
to play Holi then why were you forcing them? It won’t be fun, Dad. If everyone joins
the celebrations.. Friends, so what if Ms. Babita
and Aiyar won’t be joining us. We all are here.
We all will play Holi together. In Gokuldham Society we will smear colours
not just on our family members but to all the residents
too. We will sing, dance,
eat and have fun. If anyone gets offended then we will
tell that person not to take offense.. …Since it is Holi!
– It is Holi festival! ‘Holi won’t be fun
without Ms. Babita!’ Jethalaal,
who was so excited, so eager and so keen to play Holi has lost all interest in it. He lost all his enthusiasm. Because Ms. Babita,
with whom he was so eager to play Holi,
won’t be playing Holi now. And the reason
for it is Mr. Aiyar. He is not playing
Holi in fear thinking he might not be able
to wash the colours off. So, what will happen? Won’t Mr. Aiyar
and Ms. Babita play Holi in Gokuldham this year? Will
Jethalaal let that happen? Will he be able
to convince them to play? There a lot of questions. But you’ll get the answers
to all the questions in a colourful
and a funny way. Just keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta ka
Ooltah Chashmah.’ Keep watching,
keep laughing.

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